Wedding Sneak Peak!

Go to Alex's page to see the sneak peak of our wedding. Alex did an amazing job of capturing our special day!

We've been married 2.5 months and we love it!
  • grace
    Congrats! You're wedding looked beautiful.....and fun! I love the red!
    by grace at 03/30/10 11:55AM
  • uogir
    Wohoo!!! I was hoping to see pictures! It looked like a wonderful day!
    by uogir at 03/30/10 9:02PM
  • spike427
    by spike427 at 04/02/10 10:25PM
  • anne
    I'm so glad to know you're happy in love!
    by anne at 04/11/10 3:03PM
  • leyvaleyva
    by leyvaleyva at 06/08/10 9:27AM
  • planethead
    by planethead at 06/11/10 10:06PM
  • el_magnifico
    So happy for you!
    by el_magnifico at 08/12/10 5:04PM

We're now into the single digit days countdown...

  • sar
    YAY! I am so happy for you. Wish I could be there to celebrate with you. Can't wait to hear all about it!
    by sar at 01/07/10 3:16PM
  • it_doesnt_matter
    Almost there!!!
    by it_doesnt_matter at 01/07/10 6:55PM
  • uogir
    Wow. Take time to remember everything. Congrats early!
    by uogir at 01/08/10 12:33PM

I need to vent.

Now this just goes to show the complexity of tax law (in this particular case the complexity of Texas state tax laws). (And by complex, I mean someone did not think something thru and make it simple because well that would just not be right, right?)

For those not familiar with Texas State Law: A Texas domiciled business has to file a Texas Franchise Tax Report (TFTR) each year. (We accountants like to abbreviate everything and then walk around discussing CPAs, AICPAs, TFTRs, 1040s, IRS as though we're smarterr than the rest of the world when in fact we're just as normal as the next person...) anyway, back to my annoyance....

A TFTR is much like a Form 1040, which most of you are familiar with. It is a document used to indicate business income for a year and thus be taxed by Texas. In 2008, laws taxing Texas businesses were changed and new forms and regulations were passed creating a new learning curve. But this one just baffles me.

There are 4 terms on these various forms that when at first glance would be the EXACT SAME THING, but alas are not in fact the same things nor do they even follow logic.

Reporting Period
Accounting Period
Privilege Period
Report Year

Reporting Period: The year which you are 'reporting' income for. (I know to not end a sentence in a preposition but this is easier for me)
Accounting Period: The year which you are "accounting" income for.
Privilege Period: The year which you are filing the TFTR. Allows you the 'privilege' of continuing to do business in Texas for that period.
Report Year: The year which you are filing the TFTR.

Now wouldn't logic tell you that a Reporting Period and a Report Year would be the same thing? I mean seriously? Or is that just too simple? Or too complex for my wee little brain?

Why couldn't they have 2 Periods? Accounting and Privilege? Wouldn't that still cover all the bases? So as to not confuse me? So as to not get a letter in the mail sent to my client telling them something is wrong and their Texas Business Privileges will be revoked if they don't fix this problem...oh and they're given a week from the date the letter is mailed (mid-December) to receive the letter, fix the problem, mail the letter back and be processed by the very understaffed Texas Comptroller Office, I mean is this really that difficult? No!

Man am I upset. I know, I know. I'm breathing.

Anyway...18 days!!
  • anne
    I'm with you. As usual.
    by anne at 12/29/09 12:12PM
  • michelle
    I feel your pain! I'm out of tax now that I'm a stay-at-home mom, but there are neverending frustrations with the TFTR! I am friends with Joanna Dickens and I like reading about your accounting life. Hope that's okay. Best wishes on your marriage, too!
    by michelle at 12/29/09 4:05PM
  • orangecrush
    eek 18 days! goes so fast!
    by orangecrush at 12/29/09 10:22PM
  • planethead
    I don't remember voting on that language. Wow. Something that didn't have to be an amendment to the state constitution.
    by planethead at 01/01/10 8:52AM

Engagement Pics!!

Alex posted a sneak peek of our Engagement Pics! Go Have a look see!! He did such a GREAT job and we love them all! Hope you like them too.

Thanks Alex for you hard work!! You Rock!!

Have a great day!
  • alex
    You're welcome! It was so much fun!
    by alex at 10/19/09 9:53AM
  • missy
    Those are really good!
    by missy at 10/19/09 10:01AM
  • texanmandy
    They look awesome!! I love that shirt on you! :)
    by texanmandy at 10/19/09 10:09AM
  • sarahfay
    SO cute!! i love them!!
    by sarahfay at 10/19/09 12:17PM
  • anne
    My personal favorite: The black and white with your backs against the wall.
    by anne at 10/19/09 10:11PM
  • uogir
    by uogir at 10/20/09 12:44AM
  • sar
    Wow, those are great! You guys look so cute together!
    by sar at 10/20/09 8:14PM


Jeremy asked me marry him last night. And I said YES!

He proposed where we first met on the eve of our anniversary...Go here for pictures...
  • aepage
    by aepage at 06/05/09 1:26PM
  • muldoon202
    by muldoon202 at 06/05/09 2:11PM
  • bulie
    congratulations!! :D
    by bulie at 06/05/09 2:25PM
  • marcylyn
    yay!! that's so wonderful :)
    by marcylyn at 06/05/09 3:05PM
  • skidget
    yay! How exciting :-)
    by skidget at 06/05/09 8:38PM
  • joelmoore
    by joelmoore at 06/05/09 9:17PM
  • joelmoore
    But I think I'll still be calling you Yost. ;-)
    by joelmoore at 06/05/09 9:17PM
  • techietortuga
    by techietortuga at 06/05/09 11:25PM
  • dhudgins
    That's wonderful. many congrats to you both! when is the wedding?
    by dhudgins at 06/06/09 9:36AM
  • sharbyheart
    Congratulations...not having met him, I'll hope and pray that this is the young man who will help you along the way to heaven ;-)
    by sharbyheart at 06/06/09 5:04PM
  • nathant
    Joel Moore brings up a good point ... I will call you Tom.... LOL ROFL!!
    by nathant at 06/06/09 6:37PM
  • heartsintexas
    Congratulations!!!! Beautiful ring! I can't wait to see it and you in person!
    by heartsintexas at 06/07/09 1:55PM
  • heather1084
    by heather1084 at 06/09/09 9:48PM
  • emilyp
    congrats!!! i'm so happy for you! being married is awesome!!!
    by emilyp at 06/12/09 10:33AM
  • wilbur
    Congratulations!! That is great! I came across my I heart TX shirt last week!
    by wilbur at 06/15/09 9:17AM
  • aleta
    Hey, I'm a little late, but congratulations on your engagement!
    by aleta at 06/15/09 1:03PM
  • alex
    YAY!! This is great news!
    by alex at 06/16/09 9:00AM
  • plattin
    I am late, too, but we are so happy for you!
    by plattin at 06/23/09 10:41AM
  • sunshinelc
    Yall are adorable! What a cute couple!
    by sunshinelc at 07/07/09 6:40PM
  • doctork
    Pigs in a blanket.
    by doctork at 08/13/10 10:29PM