It seems I only post on here if I have something important to have something important to share!

  • missysnapp
    Yay!!! Congratulations to your adorable little family!
    by missysnapp at 02/01/11 8:09PM
  • katie_fitz_steinback
    by katie_fitz_steinback at 02/01/11 11:12PM
  • sparker
    by sparker at 02/02/11 6:53AM
  • heatheronthehill
    Congratulations Shelley!!! So happy for your new little Blessing!
    by heatheronthehill at 02/02/11 10:04AM
  • the_earlys
    so happy for you!
    by the_earlys at 02/02/11 8:36PM
  • crazy_mama
    Oh how fun!! Congrats to you guys. Seems like everyone is pregnant these days. Very fun time to be having a baby. When are you due?? I'm due the end of Sept.
    by crazy_mama at 02/02/11 9:06PM
  • mjintexas
    Yaaaaaay! How exciting!
    by mjintexas at 02/03/11 8:14AM
  • zani128
    Heather...I am due in September as well! :)
    by zani128 at 02/04/11 11:18PM
  • navydoc
    by navydoc at 02/19/11 11:43PM
  • dawnmk23
    :0) So great to hear! I hope everything is going well for you!
    by dawnmk23 at 03/11/11 7:50AM
  • meg
    I hope your pregnancy is going well and baby is doing well!
    by meg at 06/08/11 2:50PM
  • navydoc
    I think you have some big news that happened about 4 months ago...where's the update?
    by navydoc at 01/07/12 7:01PM

My Ultimate Friend

So, lately, I have been longing to say, " So and so has been my best friend for 20 years." I long to have a friend that is faithful and true...that doesn't lie to me, hurt me or use me. I long to have a friend that loves me and my family. One whom I enjoy spending time with when it is just us girls or when it is our families. I have found friends that our my friend for a time, but none that ever stick. As, I was thinking about this, I realized that I do have a best friend like that....Jesus. He is more to me than I could ever be to anyone. He is faithful and true and loves me in spite of myself. So, why, when I am so blessed, do I long for that earthly friend? Maybe if I take more time to be thankful for that ultimate best friend I do have, I will see better results on earth.
  • missysnapp
    Good thoughts. People do let us down. You are right, though. Maybe if He becomes your friendship focus, things will look different. Or maybe not that you have realized this, something will come along. If you'd had that earthly friend before truly realizing the worth of Jesus, you might have overlooked what you already had.

    Hang in there!
    by missysnapp at 05/16/10 7:31PM
  • mellj
    Sometimes....I think God brings people in our lives that help us "through that period." Different people help us through different things. We learn, we grow, and sometimes we let go. You know. But you are right...Jesus is the only one that will always truely be there for us ALWAYS.

    We still need to get together. Sorry I have been so unreliable. School, life, it is so crazy. But...I am here.

    by mellj at 05/18/10 9:25PM
  • mjintexas
    Good thoughts from both Missy and Mell. I do think it's interesting that at this point, the friends I made while we were at FC- you included- have now been my friends for over 10 years. I think that's neat.
    by mjintexas at 05/20/10 5:41PM
  • crazy_mama
    Funny you should mention that because I was unhappy with that red. I had to use SOOO much coloring and it just wasn't red enough for me but I got over it and no one complained about it!
    by crazy_mama at 06/01/10 11:14PM

I miss her....

Twenty-two years ago today, my mom went home to be with the Lord. It is amazing how much I still miss her to this day. I wish she could have been there for some of the most important days in my life...graduation from high school and college, my wedding, the birth of my sons...etc. Most of all I just miss not being able to talk with share the things that mothers share with daughters, to feel that unconditional love. Let's face it, sometimes you just need your mama! I hope that she would be proud of the woman I have become and whom God is shaping me to be. I hope she is smiling down at her beautiful grandsons. I look forward to the day that I can see her again. Today is just hard.
  • heatheronthehill
    *hugs* Beautiful thoughts... she would DEFINITELY be proud of you! :) Saying an extra prayer for you now.
    by heatheronthehill at 02/16/10 8:31PM
  • lisarene
    Aww I hate this for you. You have definitely grown into being a woman that your mom would be proud of. Its hard to do, but praise God for his plan and all-knowing ways even when we can't see the purpose in them. Love you.
    by lisarene at 02/16/10 8:39PM
  • katie_fitz_steinback
    Thinking of you Shelley!!
    by katie_fitz_steinback at 02/16/10 10:00PM
  • crazy_mama
    Thanks for sharing this Shelley. I never knew you lost your mother when you were a child. So sorry to hear that. I think she would love to know you. I can't imagine how hard this is for you. Mother and daughter is a very special bond. Thinking of you.
    by crazy_mama at 02/17/10 5:08AM
  • missysnapp
    I'm sorry, Shelley. You are right. Some days we just need our mamas. Your boys will be lucky to have you for theirs. Hoping God puts comfort into your heart today!
    by missysnapp at 02/17/10 1:27PM
  • mellj
    Love you so much! Reading this brought tears to my I can imagine how hard this day was for you. I am sure she would be very proud of the woman you have become!
    by mellj at 02/18/10 5:06PM
  • mjintexas
    I think your mom would have much to be proud of. And ironically, you probably have a much better appreciation of something so many of us take for granted. Thinking of you!
    by mjintexas at 02/18/10 10:58PM


It has been a long time since I have posted. Today, I am dedicating this post to my firstborn. He turned 4 today. I can't believe how quickly the time has gone by. He is such a blessing in my life. I am so grateful that God has given me time on this earth with this precious little boy. So, Happy Birthday, Kaeden!
  • missysnapp
    Happy Birthday to him. Sons are a gift from God!
    by missysnapp at 12/04/09 7:50AM
  • laughing_eyes
    Happy Birthday! Wow, 4 is big! :)
    by laughing_eyes at 12/06/09 2:43PM
  • nolongerwise
    Happy Birthday, Kaeden!
    by nolongerwise at 12/17/09 4:09PM
  • fullofgrace

    by fullofgrace at 12/24/09 2:12PM
  • mjintexas
    It has been a long time since you posted, and apparently a long time since I've gone around checking blogs! Can't believe he's 4.
    hope all of you are doing well... Merry Christmas!
    by mjintexas at 12/25/09 1:00AM

Out of the mouths of babes....

So, tonight Kaeden had to take a book to bed (like every other night!). After our prayer time he told me he couldn't find his book. (The book was right in front of him) I asked him if we needed to take him to the eye doctor to get his eyes fixed. His reply; "No, Mommy, I am not OLD like you!" So, apparently only old people go to the eye doctor! :)
  • nolongerwise
    by nolongerwise at 04/17/09 11:03PM
  • laughing_eyes
    I wish that was so...
    by laughing_eyes at 04/18/09 11:08AM
  • meg's funny how perspective changes over time!
    by meg at 04/18/09 12:37PM
  • lisarene
    love you
    by lisarene at 05/08/09 7:27AM
  • crazy_mama
    it is expensive to fix. Bummer huh! The guy we go to is a Christian so we are in good hands too. I think we are reaching a solution pretty quickly!
    by crazy_mama at 05/28/09 11:34PM
  • crazy_mama
    We still can't afford things. Funny how things don't change too much over the years!!!!
    by crazy_mama at 06/02/09 12:23PM
  • sunnytab
    I'm thinking $20-$30 depending on how many pieces I find. I'm still looking for the mobile and crib sheets.
    by sunnytab at 06/04/09 7:40AM