Granny "squared" :)

As the time draws near for the birth of my second precious grandbaby (thank you Sherri and Jarret!), I find myself thinking about Eve. I wonder about her thoughts and her feelings as the time for her delivery drew near. She had no mother to talk to, no girlfriend or neighbor to chat with about baby things. Yes, Adam was there, but I can't imagine that he knew any more than she did about the unfolding of this new blessing.

Did God provide her with information? Did she seek His infinite advice? And dare to reveal to Him her fears and uncertainties? I don't suppose we can know the answers to those questions now.....maybe later. But He is the One who gave her life, and He gave her the ability to give birth to new life. No doubt, He was with her....watching over her....providing for her needs. (Gen4:1) God is unchanging.

My dear Sherri, and other young women, God brought you into this world and He will be with you, watch over you, provide for your needs, and bless you as you bring your child(ren) into this world too. Nothing escapes His observation. Rely on the Great Physician, and rest your cares in Him for He will provide for you. Motherhood is a tremendous blessing as you will soon experience. And my wish for you, dear daughter, is that this child will be as much of a blessing to you as you are to and always.

  • curlie
    Beautiful! :)
    by curlie at 01/30/13 4:05PM
  • MexicanJewel
    So sweet! :)
    by MexicanJewel at 01/30/13 4:36PM
  • bestill
    I had never thought about Eve in that light before! Thanks for that post. It must be very special as a mother when your daughter becomes a mother!
    by bestill at 01/31/13 5:19AM
  • azuresky42
    Love this! We have just been talking about Eve in Bible class recently too. Praying for Sherri's smooth delivery.
    Love you guys!
    by azuresky42 at 02/13/13 3:53PM
  • azuresky42
    Hey Lynn! We had a baby boy named Ryden =) He's almost 6 months now. I wish I could post a pic on pleo but I can't reduce the jpeg size so that it will show up. Are you on facebook? I have lots of pics on there! So good to hear from you.
    by azuresky42 at 03/02/13 11:21PM
  • granny
    beautiful words, Lynn. Thank you.
    by granny at 03/11/13 4:14AM
  • bestill
    I'm chickening out a little (chicken-little??) I've realized some complications. Since the outer organza layer is sheer, the seams will show so they need to be finished. I don't have a serger. I've thought about doing French seams. Another complication is that the silver fabric is too light for the skirt patter. I've wondered about iron-on light-weight interfacing? I may be in over my head. I asked an experienced dressmaker at Paris Avenue and she isn't doing any big projects any more. She gave me the name of a tailor in town but I've been hesitant to call him.
    by bestill at 04/30/13 6:58AM
  • bestill
    Yes, you need to come see little Jessica. She is a special little girl! (And I can say that objectively!)

    The wedding is June 28 in St. Petersburg.
    by bestill at 04/30/13 4:19PM
  • bestill
    Oh, I would so appreciate your help! And, it would be fun to work with you. I don't feel like I have a few days to be away, though. Brian and I are going to Florida for a week in May.. I have a lot I have to get done before the wedding. Do you have any trips here planned? I changed my mind earlier today and decided to try to make it myself this weekend. The worse that could happen is that I have to buy more fabric and see if the tailor can do it....or buy something else. I have a very small investment in the fabric.
    by bestill at 04/30/13 10:33PM
  • bestill
    Oh, thank you for offering to help over the phone. I plan to make it Saturday. Will you be available? Would you message me your phone number? Thanks!
    by bestill at 05/01/13 3:11PM
  • bestill
    Well, I didn't get positive feedback about my fabric choices from the bride's mom. Maybe I need someone to save me from bad fashion choices. So, I found a dress in Tampa that is suitable. It is the color the bride wanted, it is my size and it's modest. What a rare combination. I am so glad to have found it!
    by bestill at 06/01/13 4:47PM


"...But let every man be swift to hear, slow to speak, slow to wrath:
for the wrath of man worketh not the righteousness of God." James 1:19,20

Have you ever caught yourself doing something silly, then asking, "What was I thinking?"....only to realize that you WEREN'T thinking! Surely we all have. At least I hope I'm not alone in this! Our thoughts are so very important for they determine the path we decide to take.

"I thought on my ways, and turned my feet unto thy testimonies." Psalm 119:59

Just THINK about it...... ;-)

  • holly_ann
    Oh goodness, ALL time! One of my biggest struggles! Thanks for the encouragement to do better :)
    by holly_ann at 03/15/12 11:32PM
  • bestill
    SamaritAnn...cute pun!
    by bestill at 03/21/12 8:57PM
  • mommarn
    Great thoughts!
    by mommarn at 04/19/12 12:23AM
  • dear2deer
    Shelley has had our girls over a couple times to make homemade pizza with her. They LOVED it and she is such a good influence on them. We had people over during our gospel meeting last week a couple times and our oldest, Kelsey, was in charge of making lunch. She enjoys all of it....looking at recipes, making a grocery list, the preparations and all. Makes my heart smile watching how much she enjoys it.
    by dear2deer at 04/23/12 5:01PM
  • bestill
    Is Jared home? How is he?
    by bestill at 06/04/12 3:22PM
  • granny
    And feel so right while saying/doing it!
    by granny at 06/21/12 8:21AM

Random Pondering.....

"Ye are the salt of the earth...." Mt. 5:13

"Ye are the light of the world...." Mt. 5:14

"Even so let your light shine before men; that they may see your good works,
and glorify your Father who is in heaven." Mt. 5:16

When you attend a social gathering, or are just out in the public,
what is it about you that indicates to others that you are a christian?

Please share your thoughts.

"By their fruits ye shall know them." Mt. 7:16
  • MexicanJewel
    How you treat others and more importantly, how you react to others. Also, the way you are dressedor not dressed. Those are the first things that come to mind
    by MexicanJewel at 03/02/12 11:03PM
  • bestill
    You have such an inner (and outer!) beauty that just radiates! Your manner of dress and how you gently speak indicates that you are a Christian. I know you asked about your readers but my thoughts went straight to what indicates to others that YOU are a Christian!
    by bestill at 03/03/12 7:40PM
  • worker_at_home
    Thank you to all TWO of my pleo friends! ;-) I appreciate your input.
    by worker_at_home at 03/14/12 2:51PM


Jesus loves me,
this He shows,
for one by one our family grows.

Jesus loves me,
of this I'm sure,
a heart now beats so new and pure.

Jesus loves me,
praise His name,
new life now grows in my daughter's frame.

Jesus loves me,
He's made it known,
with a precious grandchild to call my own.

Jesus loves me,
this love I'll return,
by helping my grandchild of Him to learn.

For Shelley and Billy
L. Schaufel Dec. 2011

Psalm 127:3~~~
Lo, children are a heritage of Jehovah;
And the fruit of the womb is His reward.
  • MexicanJewel
    : D !!!
    by MexicanJewel at 12/30/11 6:11PM
  • curlie
    Love it! I'm so happy for your family!
    by curlie at 12/30/11 6:28PM
  • apbooklover04
    Aww...I love this!
    by apbooklover04 at 12/30/11 6:37PM
  • dear2deer
    Beautiful! I'm sure Shelley could not read through this without crying. What a blessing to their children to have grandparents that want to teach them God's pure word.
    by dear2deer at 12/30/11 11:49PM
  • bestill
    That is so sweet!! Congratulations, Grandma!
    by bestill at 12/31/11 8:11AM
  • mommarn
    Congratulations!!! Grandchildren are so precious!
    by mommarn at 12/31/11 3:04PM
  • bestill
    Yes, I'm happy to be gaining a daughter! I've told a few people this already: When we had Brian and were thinking we may not have any more children, my grandmother was disapointed that I would not have a daughter. She said, "But when your children are grown, you won't have anyone to shop with and do crafts with." I smiled and said, "Oh, but I'll have daughters-in-law to do things like that with!"
    by bestill at 12/31/11 9:26PM
  • onelittlecandle
    Very nice, Mom. :) Love you!
    by onelittlecandle at 01/02/12 7:41AM
  • sallyanne
    by sallyanne at 01/03/12 1:12PM
  • holly_ann
    Congratulations to you and your family!
    by holly_ann at 01/04/12 10:45AM
  • azuresky42
    Very beautiful =)
    by azuresky42 at 01/05/12 9:41PM
  • bestill
    I enjoyed my brief time with you at the reception. I'm so glad you were there to enjoy the celebration with us.
    by bestill at 01/08/12 7:17AM
  • heidiw
    Yes, I did. I haven't had the chance just yet to reply. :) But I have been thinking about it.
    by heidiw at 01/18/12 12:58PM
  • bestill
    Yes, I would enjoy seeing our picture! I regret that Jada and I never got one taken just the two of us that evening.
    by bestill at 01/23/12 10:21PM
  • rebekah
    It is amazing how months can fly by, yet mornings pass SOOO slowly! ;) Thanks!!
    by rebekah at 01/27/12 10:09PM

A Mother's Path

Psalm 37:23~~
The steps of the righteous are ordered by the Lord. He delights in each step they take.

Who Knows a mother's path better than her Maker?
Who better to prepare her for the journey which lies ahead?

The way is NEW...
a path I've not yet walked,
yet I need not walk alone.

The way is EXCITING...
a path I've only dreamed of,
yet there is One who already knows my dreams.

The way is UNCERTAIN...
a path not always clearly defined,
yet its navigation is not solely dependent upon my vision.

The way is JOYFUL...
a path marked by Divine purpose,
yet deeply experienced by my earthly being.

The way is TIRING...
a path, at times, mostly uphill,
yet His strength motivates my upward climb.

The way is HARD...
a path of fears and unknown dangers,
yet I walk with One who knows all things.

The way is PAINFUL...
a path littered with sorrow and heartache,
yet a heavenly Son shines through breaks in the clouds to provide healing for my soul.

The way is SHORT...
a path seemingly just begun,
yet covering a span of many years, it is brief when viewed from His eternal perspective.

The way is REWARDING...
a path of curves that lead past meadows of unexpected joys,
yet I did not create them..... they are a gift from my Father.

The way is ENDLESS...
a path before me stretching out as far as I can see,
yet I feel renewed in strength knowing He walks with me.

Who knows a mother's path better than her Maker?
Who better prepared to take the journey with her?

L Schaufel/10-2011

Deuteronomy 31:6~~
Be strong and of good courage,
fear not, nor be afraid...for Jehovah thy God,
He it is that doth go with thee;
He will not fail thee, nor forsake thee.
  • curlie
    Thanks for sharing. :)
    by curlie at 10/27/11 10:38AM
  • marmee
    Well said. Good scriptures to keep close in heart.
    by marmee at 10/27/11 11:08AM
  • sallyanne
    by sallyanne at 10/27/11 11:10AM
  • onelittlecandle
    I like that, very much. :)
    by onelittlecandle at 10/27/11 11:39AM
  • holly_ann
    That is so beautiful!
    by holly_ann at 10/28/11 11:27PM
  • holly_ann
    Thanks so much for your comment! Hoping Jarred's appointment goes well on Wednesday.
    by holly_ann at 10/31/11 3:46PM
  • holly_ann
    I'm sorry to hear that! I hope all goes well on Tuesday. We miss Jarred!
    by holly_ann at 11/04/11 3:42PM
  • racheldean
    Thank you for your kind words. Its always a joy to spend time with you. Love you!
    by racheldean at 11/18/11 11:20PM
  • azuresky42
    Good stuff! Thank you for the inspiration
    by azuresky42 at 11/20/11 12:49AM
  • OurHope
    This poem fits my situation so well. do you mind if I copy it over to my page? It's nice to meet you and thank you for your prayers.
    by OurHope at 11/22/11 7:22AM
  • mommarn
    Hi Lynn, thanks for stopping by and for your prayers on behalf of my daughter. I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday. I'll keep your son in my prayers too.
    by mommarn at 11/30/11 2:37PM
  • azuresky42
    We are doing well! Tristan has been talking up a storm and he's really into cars and trains right now. How are you all?
    by azuresky42 at 12/02/11 3:48PM