OK i went Monday to an interview at Arby's and i got the
Job i go to orientation Tuesday, i'm going on a 3-day
snowboarding trip feb-29 - mar-2 i can't wait! ,Oh yeah
and mar-3 i'll get my permit

God bless
  • frozenfish
    Sweetness! Yeah, jobs and income are great to have. lol Good luck on the driving test... :)
    by frozenfish at 02/22/08 8:20PM
  • yourstruly
    Yay! congrats! (on the job and permit.) and a humanities degree is just like you study whatever you want to, taking classes from all different subjects. It's pretty general. also, you need to get on aim more. for sure. you are like never on! what's up with that??!?! :-O
    by yourstruly at 02/22/08 8:40PM
  • tony
    Wow...Good job man! And good luck with driving... I hope you grow in the nex few days;)
    by tony at 02/22/08 9:49PM
  • yourstruly
    Yep, you too! twas fun ;-)
    by yourstruly at 02/22/08 11:32PM
  • click
    Sweet! Wow, everybody on the roads, watch out! =)
    by click at 02/23/08 8:08AM
  • skimaster
    awesome where are you going snowboarding!?
    by skimaster at 02/26/08 2:22PM
  • frozenfish
    You really should update. Or get on here every now and then...
    by frozenfish at 03/02/08 9:26PM
  • yourstruly
    Sam! You need to get online more often!
    by yourstruly at 06/06/08 11:58AM
  • padfoot
    hey sam its scott
    by padfoot at 08/26/08 10:06AM
  • yourstruly
    I miss you sam!!! For real! I had a dream last night and you were in it! :) you had really long straight hair. It was pretty freaky. haha
    by yourstruly at 09/13/08 3:30PM

Florida was awsome

I got to stay with the Sutherland, It was awesome we played V-ball
We went to lectures, swam in there grandpa's pool and me and abe swam in the gulf

so yeah it was pretty much the best vacation ever

There was alot more that i didn't say
because I stinck at typing

God bless All

Hail to the Lord
  • frozenfish
    Volleyball!! I had fun playing!
    by frozenfish at 02/09/08 9:35PM
  • yourstruly
    Yay! This week was awesome! Glad I got to hang out with you so much, and yes, they do rock ;-) I have AIM but I don't get on all that often, but it's yourstruly62492 :-) How was your trip?
    by yourstruly at 02/10/08 7:45AM
  • yourstruly
    haha that's fun.
    by yourstruly at 02/11/08 6:51AM
  • curlie
    Glad you had a good time!
    by curlie at 02/11/08 9:08AM
  • frozenfish
    LOL, not bad! :)
    by frozenfish at 02/11/08 2:30PM
  • click
    FL is awesome! And super warm! =) Ha!
    by click at 02/11/08 3:19PM
  • tony
    How old are you?...:D
    by tony at 02/11/08 4:39PM
  • frozenfish
    Guess who showed up in the backyard today... Another Duck! I guess he wants to be with his friends. lol :)
    by frozenfish at 02/12/08 3:42PM
  • skimaster
    haha that was fun at the southerlands!
    by skimaster at 02/15/08 7:50AM

detasseling corn

i'm starting my first real job it's detasseling corn.
i leave about 5:15am & get home 2-4pm it's pretty hard
I GOT MY HAIR CUT VERY SHORT so it won't get to hot
that is a big change for me.

  • crazyk94
    u changed wow lol
    by crazyk94 at 08/24/06 11:03PM
  • abrahamp
    Sam's In Illinios right now.
    by abrahamp at 09/20/06 10:30PM
  • ashley05
    Hey! i didnt know you were on her. but i guess you are so hi!
    by ashley05 at 10/19/06 4:02PM
  • ashley05
    by ashley05 at 10/19/06 4:02PM
  • lakeisleofinnisfree
    hey sam, it's me, jermeiah, guess who im seeing in 8 days.....PLACEBO!!!!!!!!! that's right buddy, brian molko, stefan olsdal and steve hewitt, im goin, i'll take pics for you guys, see ya around
    by lakeisleofinnisfree at 10/24/06 1:23PM
  • jman90
    my hair is shorter....
    by jman90 at 12/12/06 10:15PM
  • deusvitae
    Hope you have a happy holiday season and a good new year. :)
    by deusvitae at 12/23/06 9:21AM
  • jessie06
    wow that is so exciting
    by jessie06 at 12/30/06 4:22PM
  • birdflu
    hi my name is Dakota Randleman from camp.
    by birdflu at 03/08/07 8:41AM
  • pink_ladybug
    Hey, Sam, I'm Deborah(Deb). I'm one of Sarah's(reesescup)friends.
    by pink_ladybug at 05/24/07 12:58PM
  • pink_ladybug
    It kinda looks like you've completely abandoned your blog!
    by pink_ladybug at 05/24/07 1:00PM
  • pink_ladybug
    Hey, what's up Sam! Do you like your job?
    by pink_ladybug at 06/12/07 2:36PM
  • fanged_fairy
    Hey what is up sam???? Its Jenny Ewbank....ya know from Ohio tasha and reesys friend.
    by fanged_fairy at 09/15/07 11:36AM
  • brownblackeyes
    Hey Sam! It's Lydia.
    by brownblackeyes at 09/25/07 2:18PM
  • skimaster
    is this sam peters?
    by skimaster at 10/03/07 5:08PM
  • skimaster
    isn't that awesome!
    by skimaster at 10/10/07 3:30PM
  • click
    Hey Sam! It's Miriam W from Hscamp!
    by click at 10/10/07 3:34PM
  • soccerluver
    ya what she said. Is this sam peters??
    I am Rebekah H frm HS camp
    by soccerluver at 10/15/07 3:08PM
  • nanna
    yeah, what he said!!!
    by nanna at 11/25/07 2:40PM
  • skimaster
    haha if you ever get back on here sam drop me a message
    by skimaster at 11/25/07 6:56PM

my top 5 Bands and Songs


1 placebo
2 Mae
3 The All-American Rejects
4 Anberlin
5 The starting line


1 Specal Needs (Placebo)
2 paperthin hymn (anberlin)
3 36 degrees (placebo)
4 don't leave (The All-American Rejects)
5 Sound track for a movie (Mae)
  • forgetmenot
    I really like paperthin hymn too....pretty good stuff there :)
    by forgetmenot at 07/05/06 11:08PM
  • reesescup
    All-American Rejects are pretty cool. :)
    by reesescup at 07/06/06 12:16AM
  • thedoctorisin
    Heard alot about PLacebo recently...I shall have to download that song :)
    by thedoctorisin at 07/07/06 12:24AM
  • palindrome90
    I listened to Paperthin Hymn so much when I got the album that now I don't like to listen to it anymore :P Actually...I pretty much did that with the entire album :)
    by palindrome90 at 07/07/06 10:21AM

i got hirt

he everone i went with chris snowboarding and
i fell two times on the same hand ya it hirt
i had to get my hand fixed i can't do enything
the doctor poped it back in place well c u later

  • palindrome90
    that sounds rather painful :-) hope it gets all fixed and maybe next time don't fall on your hand twice :-D
    by palindrome90 at 03/22/06 9:25PM
  • tony
    Haha...you're so crazy:P I'll fix it for ya when i see you tomorrow...Muahahaha...*cough*
    by tony at 03/22/06 9:50PM
  • reesescup
    Aww poor Sammy Wammy! ;) it does sound like it hurt tho...
    by reesescup at 03/22/06 10:42PM
  • abrahamp
    Dude the kid's a baby! I fell more than he did. I just didn't stick out my wrists
    by abrahamp at 03/25/06 2:25AM
  • steph
    by steph at 03/28/06 3:26PM
  • frolick87
    aww my little buddy! are you ok now? i forgot you guys are in rockford! i totally have to visit!
    by frolick87 at 03/30/06 1:31AM
  • sammi
    this is really old,sam please do as kari asks and POST!!!!
    by sammi at 04/17/06 6:05PM
  • almostlucky7
    Hey Sam
    by almostlucky7 at 04/20/06 3:24PM
  • crazyk94
    man plz like change urs like every1 in a while plz!!!!!
    by crazyk94 at 05/06/06 2:50PM
  • almostlucky7
    by almostlucky7 at 05/30/06 12:00PM
  • almostlucky7
    by almostlucky7 at 05/30/06 12:01PM
  • almostlucky7
    o the baby!!! LOL! Whats up
    by almostlucky7 at 05/31/06 10:44PM
  • reesescup
    Happy 4th! :)
    by reesescup at 07/04/06 4:58PM