07/01/11 11:34PM

After reading Becky's current blog, it made me want to go back and look at all my old posts also...well, I only got about half way through because it was taking forever, but wow, what a trip down memory lane!!! It's been about 5 years ago now that I started blogging on pleonast and it's so crazy to me how much can change in just a few short years. When I was younger, I used to always imagine what my life would be like when I "grew up." What would my husband be like? How many kids would we have? What kind of house would we live in? etc etc...and it's just so crazy to see my life unfolding right in front of me. I always wanted to be a stay at home mom, and here I am living out that dream! It's not exactly like I always imagined, but it's wonderful, and I am so thankful to God that He has given me this opportunity. It's so strange how your perspective on life changes as you get older, and I'm sure that 5, 10, 20 years down the road, I will continue to feel the same way (if the Lord allows me that much time!) As a child, you can only see and understand what is right in front of you. And as you grow up and experience more of life, your view gets bigger. People always say that hindsight is 20/20. But even still, it's just amazing to me to think that my tiny, miniscule little point of view of this life is nothing compared to God's! I always think about how God knows EVERYTHING!! He knows how each and every thing that happens in our lives will effect us, others, our futures, other's futures. It's so amazing and it always makes me feel so tiny, and it reminds me to give it all to God!!! I'm so glad that He's in control! Sometimes I lose that FIRE that I need in order to be a better Christian, and I just want it back! Lord, light the fire in my heart again! Well, Lord willing, I will get to experience even more of this life, have more children, experience growing old, and as I do, I hope I will appreciate every second of it. (I know that it won't always be easy or enjoyable, but hopefully I can at least appreciate it!)

Well, just for a quick update...Emerson is over 7 months old now! It's crazy that he is getting closer to a year old!! He is so much fun to interact with, smiling, laughing, rolling around all over the floor! Jesse is working part time and going to school full time, so he stays busy busy busy. And I am at home with my baby boy all day. :)

My baby sister just got married!

Happy 4th of July. God bless. :)

  • kendralulu
    Your post brings to mind one of Jacob's favorite songs "He's got the whole world in His hands"! I think it's really good & necessary for us to remember how tiny we are and that we NEED God! Thanks for the reminder! :)
    by kendralulu at 07/06/11 9:14AM
  • pistal77
    you speak the truth little girl!
    by pistal77 at 07/08/11 11:30AM
  • juliagulia
    thanks so much, tiff- i'm so glad to get some positive feedback about the name! i know it's different so i was a little nervous about sharing it :)
    by juliagulia at 07/19/11 11:42AM
  • csusoftballgirl
    I know what you mean about reading old posts. I feel the same way! :)
    by csusoftballgirl at 07/21/11 3:26PM
  • sherry_everett
    I highly recommend the route we took through Arizona and California! We really loved the whole trip! Hope you guys will get to go someday!!
    by sherry_everett at 08/03/11 9:52PM
  • juliagulia
    that is such a wonderful compliment- thank you so much, tiffany!!
    by juliagulia at 08/22/11 11:26AM


Life is different...you obviously know that your life will completely change when you have a baby, but you never REALLY know until it actually happens. :) Emerson is about 10 weeks old now. You know the weird thing is, I was so worried about labor. I think all first time moms are nervous about that part. Everyone always tells you how difficult and terribly painful it is. And let me tell you, YES, it is!!! But I went into it knowing that, expecting that. And I also went into it expecting that when Emerson was born, I would be so happy, so in love, so in bliss. I knew I would lose a lot of sleep, but hey, I thought that would be the worst part. No one ever tells you that the first couple of weeks are almost like a nightmare. No one tells you that you might be thinking "What have I done?!?!" No one ever tells you that you might not be as in love with that little bundle of joy as you thought. It was tough. I was having A LOT of difficulty breastfeeding, battling emotions and the baby blues, trying to figure out how to live a normal life. I kept thinking, "How in the world does everyone else do it?!!?" Finally I realized, it just takes some time....If I had to give some advice to new moms, I would say, let yourself take it easy for as long as you need!!!! Don't think you have to go to the store or make a meal or do any kind of chores those first few weeks. Don't let anyone make you feel guilty about it either. And don't feel like a horrible mother if you aren't loving being a mommy at first! Someone called me up the second Sunday after Emerson was born wondering why we hadn't come to church...it made me feel guilty, like I should have gone. And now I'm thinking, seriously?!?!?! I just went through 17 hours of labor and now I'm trying to sort through this whole new life. Where do you think I was??!! The first place we went (besides home) was to church, and I have to admit, I was sooo nervous. I didn't want people coming up to me, talking to me, trying to hold him. I was so scared he was going to cry, and then what would I do!?! Or that he would get hungry, and I was scared to feed him there, and having trouble with it anyways. My heart was beating fast the whole service, and I kept telling Jesse that I wanted to leave early. I don't know if any other first time moms went through that, but if so, no one ever told me.

Now I don't want to make it sound all negative. The only reason I can even admit to all of that is because now things have completely changed...I am sooo in love, and I am in such bliss. He seriously melts my heart. And I absolutely love being a mother!!!! But that feeling didn't come as quickly as I had expected! I went to the grocery store the other day to buy diapers, and it just thrilled me! haha...I know that sounds strange, but it was like, wow, I feel like a real mom! I am buying diapers now. lol. And I am soooo glad that I get to stay at home and be with my little man all day. Jesse asked what my typical day is like and I told him that I mostly just snuggle and play with and feed Emerson all day. Every now and then I can get a few chores accomplished. Before having a baby, I thought that if I was a stay at home mom that I would always be able to keep the house clean, make dinner, and take care of everything at home, but honestly, it's actually more difficult now to stay on top of chores and to make dinner than it was when I was working full time!!! But that's okay...because taking care of Emerson is most important. He is at that age where he smiles and coos, and it is so wonderful!!!!! He knows his momma, and it's the best feeling in the world!! Who cares if I haven't dusted in a few weeks. I just have to let that go. ;) He will grow up so quickly, so I want to cherish these times! I love snuggling with him, co-sleeping with him, playing with him, rocking him/feeding him to sleep. I was reading a book where mothers were upset because they HAD to rock their baby to sleep, he wouldn't just go to sleep on his own, and this book was discussing solutions for getting your baby to sleep on their own... what?!?! I LOVE rocking him to sleep!!! I'm his mom. He's 2 months old!!! Do I really want him to be independent right now?? I want him to need me! It feels almost empowering that I am still his life source. :) I am learning and growing as a mom, and it didn't take long to realize that I can't expect to do things the way I used to before he was born. Like I said, you know your life will change, but you never really know until it happens. Someone told me that being a mom is always more difficult than you thought it would be, but always more wonderful than you ever thought it would be too. And it's so true. :)
  • kaceyatthebat
    Great post!
    by kaceyatthebat at 02/05/11 12:20PM
  • smallfry79
    I don't know you, but I identify with every single word that you wrote. That's exactly how I felt & exactly how I would have written it! lol My little girl is 13 months now. :-)
    by smallfry79 at 02/05/11 2:47PM
  • blueeyes
    I am so glad things are better! The first six weeks are pretty hard! You made me smile when you said you would be able to keep up with the house after he as born. I thought I would be able to really do some deep cleaning after Robbie came along and I stayed home full time! Being a mom is wonderful, but some days you just have to take a deep breath and remember what is important! :) Thanks again for the pictures! Enjoy being a mom!
    by blueeyes at 02/05/11 5:46PM
  • pistal77
    so when is that second baby coming??
    by pistal77 at 02/05/11 7:10PM
  • iloveponds
    Loved reading your post. You'll go through lots of spells or periods of difficult times, but now you know those times are temporary and all worth it in the long run. You'll also find that the next one (whenever that is) will NOT be so difficult. You'll jump right in with all the experience and sail!
    by iloveponds at 02/05/11 8:32PM
  • violet
    Sorry, it was 1st MONTH, 2nd MONTH, 3rd MONTH wedding anniversary. I forgot to type MONTH. lol, I made my hubbie read your post last night, so in a few years when it's our turn to start a family, he will understand WHY the dishes may not get done everyday...etc.
    by violet at 02/05/11 8:43PM
  • firebolt
    Awww...this makes me happy! :D
    by firebolt at 02/05/11 10:29PM
  • sherry_everett
    I am glad that you have found your "stride" with mommyhood. It is so different for each person and it is amazing to read how each person takes to being a mother differently! If I have learned anything at all being a mommy of four (and having lots of mommy friends) is that NO two children are alike (and therefore will not respond the same way to parenting techniques) and NO two mommies are alike and will parent in the same way. What works for one family, may not work for another and what one family experiences another may never experience! It is a huge adjustment to go from having no children and it just being you and your husband, to having someone depend on you so thouroughly for everything. Some babies are easier than other babies (but by no means better or more loveable for being easier) and that can sometimes make the change to mommyhood more difficult too. I think I was very lucky to have four very easy babies, but sometimes I wonder if I am not paying for it now with some of their current behavior issues!! ;) I know that sometimes people do judge others, and it always bothers me when they do because being a parent and choosing what you think is best for your child is all a matter of opinion on most of it (except for what we get directly from God!). Anyway, I said all of that just to say I am proud of you Tiffany and I think you are doing a great job with your precious little boy. =D
    by sherry_everett at 02/06/11 11:24PM
  • juliagulia
    tiff, i am so so thankful you shared these thoughts. i know that just reading about other's experiences can't prevent some of the struggles... but as i look forward to someday (hopefully) being a mother, i want to learn and hear as much as i can about possible experiences and to try to prepare myself for many scenarios. i truly appreciate your honesty. i have some OCD tendencies, especially about housework, and need to start preparing myself for not being able to put everything in it's place at the end of the day. i love that you said you don't want to miss out on spending time with Emerson because you're busy stressing with housework- i am going to write that down so I don't forget it! it may not have been easy to share this, but please know it only increases my respect and admiration for you as a mother and a Christian woman.
    by juliagulia at 02/07/11 11:21AM
  • bekahv
    Thanks for sharing Tiffany. I had some of the same experiences you had. Breastfeeding was hard and I also had PPD. I'm glad you are doing great and have found your stride. It just takes a few weeks to find your groove. :)
    by bekahv at 02/07/11 2:45PM
  • beckyd
    I had many of the same feelings, even the second time around. I remember Mother's Day was just two or three weeks after Nolan was born and someone asked me how it was being a mom, and I remember telling her, "I don't actually feel like a mom yet." I was so tired all the time! Like you said, it just takes time. I've described becoming a mom, and specifically a stay-at-home mom, to others as much like starting any other new job; you don't start knowing the best ways to do everything, but the longer you do it, the better at it you get. I'm *so* glad to know things have gotten better for you and sweet Emerson! Hope things keep getting better and better!
    by beckyd at 02/11/11 2:43PM
  • cmdl
    The first 3-4 days I felt exactly like that. Your body just feels trashed! Breastfeeding was insane for me as well, and I had this idea that if I didn't breastfeed I was this horrible mother. On about day 4 my husband had basically had enough of watching me so miserable. It just wasn't working. He finally convinced me I was not a horrible mother, and I gave up the breastfeeding. Even with that right there I felt 100% better. About day 4 we also realized how dumb we had been as far as sleep goes. The night before being induced we both slept literally one hour. Then over the next 48 hours, we literally slept 4 hours. I was so excited I just wanted to stare at Landon all night. Then...the adrenaline wore off when we arrived home, and the next two days were AWFUL. It's amazing what no sleep can do to you. I mean really...insane. So the same day I gave up breastfeeding we started doing sleep shifts. He's a police officer and was able to be off the whole first month. SO since neither of us had to go to work or do anything for a month he stayed up all night (he's used to a night shift at work) and I got 7-8 hours of sleep. And then he went to bed that morning for 7-8 hours while I had Landon solo. Then the three of us had bonding time in the late afternoon/evening until starting over again. That made a HUGE difference. I was suddenly a happy mommy. The whole first month suddenly became amazing.

    But I have to say this second month has been what's been hard for me. My husband did just as much with Landon as I did the first month. Then suddenly he was gone! So now I get no sleep again. Haha. It's quite an adjustment. But I like this post, it's true not everything is amazing at first, and every has different experiences too!

    P.s. In response to Julia up there. Since we have the SAME OCD problems. I try...and try...to work on that. Sadly I end up depriving myself of sleep because I just have to get things put away. Lol. I have gotten a little better with my husband's help. Sometimes he was to force me to just go to bed and let it go!
    by cmdl at 02/20/11 10:30PM
  • iloveponds
    Did you have your baby there? I saw someone with the cutest baby boy, but never thought of it being you!
    by iloveponds at 02/26/11 7:57PM
  • kaceyatthebat
    I agree that buying a house is really, really fun. Selling one is not exactly that fun. Keeping the house clean all the time, praying for bites and not hearing anything, hoping it brings top dollar, not being able to afford to list it with a realtor, etc. All not exactly fun. But the end result is good!
    by kaceyatthebat at 03/01/11 7:48PM
  • pistal77
    that is a cute picture of Emerson!
    by pistal77 at 03/11/11 3:49PM
  • kendralulu
    I needed it too! :)
    by kendralulu at 04/14/11 2:40PM
  • pistal77
    Tiff, I have to admit it, I come to your page to look at my adorable sweet nephew!!
    and talk to you too!
    by pistal77 at 05/06/11 6:54PM
  • juliagulia
    yes, so true- it takes so long to adjust from moving! hoping to get through the adjustment phase quickly :) about my job- it's kind of a sticky situation. i worked for my department for 2 years in the office, and that's really the only reason they let me work remotely. as far as I know, there are no open positions at all, but they will also not be hiring remotely again. the only other two remote employees also used to work in the office, and I have a feeling if/when I quit my job, I could never have it back, it will just be eliminated and replaced by an in-office job. being remote kind of poses some complications for our system and some hassles... I'm thankful for everyday they still let me know do it. Also, I'm on the phone most of the day, so when I have a baby at home, I know they will not allow me to keep working with him or her at home, to prevent crying being heard on the line. i wish i knew of something available that was more at-your-own-pace, rather than minute-by-minute-productivity-monitored. if i do hear of anything like that, i'll let you know!!
    by juliagulia at 05/09/11 11:55AM
  • linz_foster
    So glad the book is helping! I know it definitely helped us - I couldn't take the crying, especially if I wasn't sure it would actually work (or how long it would take to work)! :)
    by linz_foster at 05/15/11 10:57PM
  • juliagulia
    thank you, tiff! i'm so glad i read what you wrote about the first few days at home with baby... i don't know that i would have thought of that scenario if you hadn't shared your experience. i know there is only so much preparation a woman can do without actually experiencing it all personally, but i'm trying to consider lots of different circumstances and prepare my heart as much as possible ;) i've had a tendency in the past to create really high expectations in my mind and then be so disappointed when things don't work out the way i envisioned, but i've been doing better at breaking that habit! :)
    by juliagulia at 06/10/11 10:27AM

11/04/10 7:05PM

I went to the doctor today at exactly 38 weeks pregnant. I have been having cramps quite a bit lately, so I went in thinking that my body must be making some progress! Well, nope, it's not... I am not dilated yet, and the nurse said Baby is still pretty high. I guess I just felt bummed. In fact, I got in the car and started crying. BUT, having said that, it's all good...absolutely no reason to be upset about it! So I'm not really sure why I was upset, I guess emotions are just super high right now!!! And besides, things could change at any moment.... I still have 2 weeks until the official due date. No reason to rush it. I think right at the end, expecting moms just get so anxious. But God has His timing. Actually, after finding out that I have made no progress, I decided to look at it positively!! These are the last few days that I get to spend with my Jesse alone, like, for the rest of our lives!!!!!!! There are some movies I'd like to see. I'd like to schedule a pedicure and one last prenatal massage if possible!! :) Sounds delightful! Plus, it would be nice to have a few days off of work to relax and just veg before Emerson gets here. My last day of work is the 10th. yipppeeeee!!! God knows absolutely what He is doing, and I trust that COMPLETELY!!!!
  • a_soldiers_wife
    aww... I KNOW it can be frustrating. I was a week late with Jaden and had the BAM contractions from the very beginning (1am) at 6am i went to the dr and i was barely dialated 1 cm. talk about crying!!!! hahaha Of course i went home and labored there till 8ish pm and then went back.
    Good way to stay positive-- that will help a lot!! Enjoy your alone time!!! We should plan a girls night soon!!
    by a_soldiers_wife at 11/04/10 7:27PM
  • kendralulu
    Great attitude Tiffany!!! Enjoy your alone time with your Hubby! :) :)
    by kendralulu at 11/05/10 10:31PM
  • juliagulia
    sounds like a perfect period of time- anxious and looking to the future, but grateful for the time you have now :)
    by juliagulia at 11/06/10 9:49AM
  • ally
    Cherish your alone time!!:) Emerson will be here before you know it! And we should do a girls night..I agree Rachel...it's been too long!!
    by ally at 11/07/10 4:17PM
  • pistal77
    one day at a time sister!
    by pistal77 at 11/09/10 6:22PM
  • janarrod
    that's a good idea! You can really play around with things on shutterfly...move your picture around to fit...choose colors and sizes of font..it's fun. i know you are ready for you new baby boy...I've been thinking about you...waiting to hear some news.
    by janarrod at 11/19/10 8:18AM
  • juliagulia
    thank you, tiff! it has been really helpful to grow up with one parent who was raised in the Truth and one who found it on her own- they have such neat perspectives :)
    by juliagulia at 11/23/10 10:48AM
  • pistal77
    congrats sister!! Emerson is sooo cute!!
    by pistal77 at 11/26/10 3:43PM
  • beckyd
    Congrats to you!
    by beckyd at 12/01/10 9:57AM
  • kendralulu
    Can't believe Emerson is a month old!!!! :)
    by kendralulu at 12/28/10 5:07PM
  • kendralulu
    I gave Ryan a bag of stuff for you last night; hope you can use some of it. :)
    by kendralulu at 12/30/10 3:26PM
  • kendralulu
    No problem! I sent along a cute book that a friend gave me after Jacob was born called "Your Marriage Can Survive a Newborn". :) :)
    by kendralulu at 01/03/11 9:22AM
  • kaceyatthebat
    Posted on Mothers_Milk to you. :)
    by kaceyatthebat at 01/09/11 11:13PM


My, oh, my, November is here!?!?!!! Back in March when I very first found out I was pregnant, November seemed far away, and now here it is!!!! Baby boy is due in 18 days!!!! aaaahhhhhhhhh!!!!! Hardly feels real!!! I only have a week and a half of teaching left and then maternity leave begins Nov 12. So exciting!!!!! I hope that Emerson comes either early (like right now...lol) or on time, but I would rather him not come on the 12th, because it would be nice to have a few days of RELAXATION, no work, no children, just relaxation before he gets here.

Jesse thinks he will come on either the 12th or 22nd, not sure why, but those are his guesses. I guessed the 16th. But who knows!!! I just hope he isn't late. I am already starting to get really uncomfortable, for one thing, and for another, I want him to come BEFORE Thanksgiving, so that I can still have Thanksgiving with the family and be able to show him off! The good Lord has a plan, though, and He knows best! So whatever happens will be wonderful, whether it's tomorrow, or still 30 days away! I have been getting more and more aches lately though, cramping and such. Today my hips are starting to hurt, so I'm pretty positive he has dropped. The nurses haven't checked me yet to see if I'm making any progress, but I have a doctor appt on Thursday. I will be exactly 38 weeks on Thursday, so they are supposed to check at that point.

Well, Halloween weekend was a lot of fun!! Friday night we had the annual costume party at the Everett's house, which is always a lot of fun!! I dressed up as a bumble bee, and Jesse dressed up as one of the Jonas brothers. Together with two other teenage boys from church, they made the whole Jonas brother band! lol...It was hilarious! Then Saturday morning we went out to Belton and Salado to have maternity pictures taken by Sherry. It was a lot of fun, and she is an awesome photographer. She has lots of cute ideas for poses, and takes beautiful pictures. Some of them are on facebook if you want to check them out! We plan to have her take some newborn pictures too, and then we'll make a collage to send out as Christmas/birth announcement cards. :) Anyways, Saturday night, Jesse and I had a date night, which was sooo nice. I will definitely miss the ease of which we can just get up an go on dates any time we want. I still plan to have dates with my hubby as often as possible, but it won't be as easy considering we will have to find a sitter first or take Emerson with us. But it will be worth it. Sunday was a wonderful Lord's day, as always. We had several trick-or-treaters on Sunday evening, but not too many. It was just enough to still be fun, but not too overwhelming.

Anyways, right now life is exciting.... :) And it's about to get even more exciting!
  • a_soldiers_wife
    YAAAAY!!! I havent done hardly ANYTHING towards my PPDoula Certification[b/c ive been feeling so horrible] but if its still OK with you, I can still use you as my first client! There's a lot of reading I feel i need to do first, so i better get crackin' on that since you're almost ready to have the baby!! I am soo excited for you :) If you need anything at all [before the baby or post baby] just let me know!!
    -Date nights are important, but you wont really be worried about those once Emerson arrives. You two will be SO in love with him you wont imagine leaving him (not for the first 6mths anyway. hahaha)
    by a_soldiers_wife at 11/01/10 2:19PM
  • csusoftballgirl
    We are SO excited for you!!! Emerson can't get here fast enough:)
    by csusoftballgirl at 11/01/10 4:55PM
  • juliagulia
    so hard to believe that it's almost time- soon, we'll be seeing pics of that baby in your arms!! can't wait- I still LOVE his name :)
    by juliagulia at 11/01/10 8:04PM
  • littlebitty624
    How exciting! :o) You're going to be such a cute mommy!
    by littlebitty624 at 11/02/10 6:48AM
  • pistal77
    Jesse & Tiffany WHO??

    glad that things are working out for yall!!
    by pistal77 at 11/02/10 5:39PM

Just breath....

Some days I am just completely at my wits end with teaching pre-k. I think it is 2 things- First of all, pre-k is just not for me. I do love this age of children, but mostly in small doses! LOL... For example, I just adore my 5 year old niece and 3 year old nephew. I could spend all day with them. But when it comes to my profession, I am NOT an aunt, and I am not a mother, and I am NOT a daycare provider. I am a teacher. Second, I think it's the fact that I am due so soon, and baby Emerson is on my mind way more than school. So I'm just so ready to be done with school. Counting down!!!!! THREE weeks till my maternity leave starts and FOUR weeks till my due date!!! Almost hard to believe. I didn't know at what point I would actually be ready, but every day I am feeling more and more ready. I am still scared half to death! But so excited. Every time I think about all the emotions of actually having a child in my arms, it makes me almost cry just thinking about it, so I'm sure there will be lots of tears on delivery day! I've spent several hours organizing the baby room, putting clothes in drawers and on hangers and organizing all the wonderful gifts I have received from everyone. Emerson will have more than enough material blessings, that's for sure!!!

In other news, if you haven't heard (sarcasm), the Rangers are playing the Yankees!! Now I definitely have to cheer on the Rangers because I am a Texan. But Jesse, on the other hand, is a die hard Yankees fan!! So we have spent each evening watching the games. It's almost humorous to me how "in to" the games Jesse gets! I'm sure lots of guys are like that, well, some girls too! Even though I am hoping the Rangers win in the long run, I kinda hope the Yankees win tonight....BECAUSE if the series continues, Jesse will get to go to Arlington to watch them play on Friday!!!!! And he is so pumped!! So I hope he gets the opportunity to do that. I have been to both a Rangers game in Arlington and a Yankees game in New York. So crazy! Games like that are always fun. :)

It's almost Friday!!!! And thank goodness! I took off Friday because I just need a break! :) yaaayy!! :)
  • a_soldiers_wife
    YAY for maternity leave being RIGHT around the corner :) I cant even imagine how crazy it can get with all of your students. I only have 4 (2-4) and THEY drive me crazy sometimes...hahaha
    by a_soldiers_wife at 10/20/10 12:23PM
  • sherry_everett
    I am glad you are taking Friday off too! ;) Sorry I had to rush out last night!! I hope the weeks simply fly by now that you are so close!!
    by sherry_everett at 10/21/10 10:05AM
  • beckyd
    I think I am right there with you on the teaching pre-k thing. It's just not my cup of tea, and what a shame to have ME in there when some talented pre-k teacher is rotting away in a third grade room where I would LOVE to be! I've always felt that every teacher has a "niche" age where they are the most effective naturally. Hang in there- just a little longer to go!
    by beckyd at 10/21/10 3:51PM
  • pistal77
    a major play off game would be really cool!! ehjoy things one day at a time. lots of love!!!
    by pistal77 at 10/21/10 6:38PM
  • iloveponds
    I know what you mean about pre-K. I hated teaching that age so much before I had children that I worried I wouldn't like my own at that age. But, yes, it's different when it's family. Hang in there!
    by iloveponds at 10/23/10 6:09PM
  • kendralulu
    Just reading your post about little Emerson makes me relive all the emotions I had before/after Jacob and Avery were born! It's such an exciting time! You're going to be a wonderful Mom!!! :) :)
    by kendralulu at 10/30/10 9:44PM
  • kendralulu
    Thank you! :)
    by kendralulu at 10/31/10 1:51PM