You can tell I'm procrastinating ...

When I post on pleo. :) It's not that I don't love you all, but ...

Soooo ... we're still plugging along. It's the winter of the interminable snow. We've already gotten over 50 inches of snow this winter ... they're predicting another 2 feet this week alone ... In between (or sometimes simultaneous with) snow storms we're having bitter, bitter cold - like, cancel-school-cause-wind-chills-are-so-bad cold. :( This morning, I had a bit of trouble seeing up and down the street to back out of the driveway because the snowpiles are so high. Anytime winter wants to be done, I'd be A-OK with that. Really.

It's not all bad, though. The kids have gotten lots of in-the-house quality time. They've discovered Disney movies. They typically watch Little Mermaid once a day. By request. :) If we're feeling sorry for them because they're cooped up for the bajillionth day in a row, they'll sometimes get Ariel AND Rapunzel. Those are banner days. :) Zoe asks on a regular basis if it's her first day of preschool yet - she is SO ready to be in school. I do some pseudo-educational stuff with her sometimes, and she gobbles it up. She is really turning into a little lady, with a HILARIOUS way of speaking sometimes. She cracks me up. :) She's a great helper, and loves her brother SO much when she's not beating the stuffin out of him. :) Marky is definitely still all boy. Lately, he's taken to walking around the house with a huge grin on his face, insisting "Yar! Yar! Yar, Mateys! I'm a pirate!!" It's the cutest thing ever. Marky is my little lover lump - he's a snuggler always, and even though he's rough, he will often drop what he's doing, run over and hug my leg, and say "I want you!" We're certainly settling into the terrible twos with him - his defiance is sometimes whinier and poutier than Zoe's was, but the defiance is still there. It's my favorite. :)

Matt's staying busy with sermon writing and such, as well as his usual run of hymn writing and hymn editing. On top of all that, he's also been working on material with which he hopes to start a blog sometime this spring. I'm excited for him - I've thought for a while that he should write for the general public. Among other things, he hopes to review bibles on his blog - which he hopes means he'll get free review copies from publishers. He's over the moon at that thought.

I'm doing well, too. Officially my spring semester has begun, though due to holidays and weather cancellations I haven't actually been to class yet. :) I'm still *loving* my internship, and refining my idea of what exactly I want to be when I grow up. I'm about 5 1/2 months out from my surgery, and feeling GREAT. I have tons of energy, I feel healthy, and I'm down about 93 lbs as of today. :) Still one of the best decisions I've ever made!

So, that's what's going on with us. What's going on with you?
  • sjean
    I love the toddler all boy pirate one minute then touching base for mom hugs the next!
    Congrats on the 93 pounds. The surgery helps, but you have to be determined to keep loosing. Good for you!
    by sjean at 02/03/14 11:30AM
  • mockinbird
    yea, I'm pretty much done with the whole snow thing, AND the minus too high for me to count degree days. And the groundhog saw his shadow.......sigh
    by mockinbird at 02/03/14 5:53PM
  • whipsmile
    i don't want it anymore.

    none of it.

    the snow.

    the cold.

    all be gone!!!
    by whipsmile at 02/04/14 10:10AM
  • jenn
    Ha! productive! ha! ha! I just look productive because I leave off the list stuff like the 5 loads of laundry (!!!) that aren't folded and are just sitting in baskets, the kitchen that isn't clean, etc. etc. ;)
    by jenn at 09/06/14 9:15PM
  • jenn
    Oh yeah, and I got the 3rd Throne of Glass book this weekend so my productivity has taken a sudden nosedive.
    by jenn at 09/06/14 9:15PM
  • jenn
    I agree completely. I feel like every chapter is that she's training AGAIN. And I don't know how I feel about the witch's stories.
    by jenn at 09/07/14 9:04PM
  • jenn
    So since there are going to be at least 6 books altogether, I think this one is suffering from what would be 2nd book syndrome in a trilogy - it's a lot of set-up and not a whole lot of action (at least until the last 100 pages). I really like the series, but I have to admit, I did miss this romance in this particular book.
    by jenn at 09/10/14 4:42PM
  • meditationis
    Feel free to use the song!
    by meditationis at 07/16/15 7:34PM

And now I have a 2 year old and a 3 year old!

Marky's 2nd birthday was about a week and a half ago. He is such a sweet boy - very loving and snuggly, but definitely still all boy. :) Zoe is 3 1/2 now, *finally* coming out of the terrible twos, fully potty trained, and so energetic. :)

Things are busy as usual for Clan Bassford. I've started my fall semester in my second (of four) years of my master in Social Work program. This year, in addition to classes one evening a week, I'm also working at an internship 14 hours a week. I'm assigned at a senior homecare agency called Visiting Angels, and I love it!! I could see myself doing something like this when I get out of school, so I'm really enjoying myself.

The other big recent news for us, if you're not on facebook, is that I had lap band surgery about a month ago. I'm down about 35 lbs, and I feel great! I still have a ways to go, of course, but I really feel like this is a good solution for me!

So, what's up with y'all?
  • smallfry79
    All sounds great! We're moving, so that in & of itself is craziness. Great about the surgery! Hope you get the desired results from it.
    by smallfry79 at 09/11/13 11:14AM
  • holly_ann
    Your kids are growing so fast! I'm sure I didn't need to tell you that :) Glad your internship is going well! Yay for losing 35 pounds! I hope you are feeling well after the surgery.
    by holly_ann at 09/11/13 11:29AM
  • sjean
    I have heard the ads for visiting angels. I wondered at times if we might need someone like them to help with my aging parents, but we were blessed by being able to care for them in their home until my mom passed and family was able to support my Dad in his home and ours after my mom passed. That seems like a really fulfilling place to work.
    by sjean at 09/11/13 3:45PM
  • simon_says
    Wow. Our terrible twos are continuing into the threes.
    by simon_says at 09/11/13 5:35PM
  • dawnmk23
    Sounds great! Keep up the hard work! Congratulations on your weight loss!
    by dawnmk23 at 09/12/13 9:27AM
  • sarahmarcelle
    Sorry, I missed your note! Haven't been home, but I think the weather is decent. There's some construction between little rock and Memphis, but I don't think you are coming that way. Roads otherwise should be good.
    by sarahmarcelle at 12/24/13 7:47AM
  • whipsmile
    with as often as I get to see you, I didn't realize it's been awhile since you've updated here.
    by whipsmile at 12/26/13 9:22AM
  • mister_c
    Oh we have already pushed the party to next week. Snow cancelations and a lot of puking within various families decided that for us.
    by mister_c at 01/31/14 1:48PM

I have a 3 year old.

This blows my mind.

Happy birthday to Zoƫ!
  • mister_c
    Happy Birthday Zo-Zo!!
    by mister_c at 03/29/13 9:30AM
  • sarahmarcelle
    Aw, Happy Birthday Zoe!
    by sarahmarcelle at 03/29/13 9:36AM
  • dawnmk23
    Happy birthday!
    by dawnmk23 at 03/29/13 9:54AM
  • sjean
    And she was that sweet little girl in that picture over there. Happy day!
    by sjean at 03/30/13 3:33PM
  • whipsmile
    whoop! whoop!
    by whipsmile at 03/30/13 7:26PM
  • mister_c
    I just might...yes it is highly possible.
    by mister_c at 04/09/13 1:16PM
  • meditationis
    We talked about those types of teams, in a couple of different sessions actually, including the planning for mass fatality session. There is a response team called IMERT -- Indiana Mortuary Emergency Response Team, I think -- which responds to mass fatalities when requested. Like a plane crash or, well, whatever. And the team includes a psychological care component for the responders. Also on the list: massage therapists, also to help relieve stress.

    I know you've got tons and tons on your plate already, but looking into doing this kind of work (disaster response, not necessarily mortuary response) is a good idea. You probably can't spend a week on-site two states away these days, but if you can respond nearby for a day? Hey, every little bit helps.

    Okay, I'm gonna get off my soapbox now. It's almost permanently attached to me feet these days....
    by meditationis at 06/29/13 10:54AM
  • meditationis
    Caring for responders is a relatively new concept. Or, at least, it's been getting more attention recently. According to one person, it's still not getting enough action though ....
    by meditationis at 06/30/13 11:25PM

So ...

How's it going?
  • mjintexas
    by mjintexas at 02/20/13 10:29AM
  • whipsmile
    by whipsmile at 02/20/13 10:49AM
  • simon_says
    by simon_says at 02/20/13 12:12PM
  • sjean
    How's it going with you.
    Slow on Pleo, but I do like to hang out with my friends over here at times.
    by sjean at 02/20/13 1:47PM
  • kendrad
    Good. School's going well. Looking for a preacher for this fall. Still kinda sad. Great news there tonight, eh?!
    by kendrad at 02/20/13 11:00PM
  • cnh42 need to change your tickers over there...for a moment I thought I had missed an announcement :) Hey, I said I was tired!
    by cnh42 at 02/21/13 6:22AM
  • holly_ann
    Kind of fail-y. But tomorrow is a new day!
    by holly_ann at 02/26/13 11:18PM
  • neenee
    I just started my spring break. So it's all good. :)
    by neenee at 03/09/13 12:20PM
  • kendrad
    From what I understand, they only celebrate Jesus' death on Nisan 13, so annually. And only the 144,000 that will actually go to heaven take it.
    by kendrad at 03/14/13 1:56PM

Another year ...

I remember very little of 2012, and it's not even over yet! :( Mommy brain ... I'm telling ya ...

Anyway, we're almost done with Christmases - one more to add to the 3 we've already had, and then we're done! I'm wrapping presents this afternoon, since we haven't given the kids their gifts from us yet. Then sometime this week we'll start taking Christmas down and figuring out how to fit all these new toys into our house!!

We're doing a Progressive Dinner tonight with a bunch of folks from church ... Matt's taking tomorrow and possibly Tuesday off ... and I'm thinking New Years Resolutions. I want to do them differently this year, but I'm still looking for ideas ...

How do you do your New Years resolutions? Do you categorize? Random? Anything unique? Throw me some ideas here.
  • kendrad
    I have a post-baby weight goal and a financial goal, but I wouldn't categorize either as "New Year's Resolutions." I do have a New Year's Resolution to read through the Bible again this year. I did it a couple years ago and only made it to Sept/Oct/the end of Acts. I have a great chronological reading list. The Christians here usually have a New Year's Eve party, so I'm hoping to get a couple more on board with me for accountability's sake.

    Isn't your progressive dinner usually in the summer??? What's the theme this year?
    by kendrad at 12/30/12 8:00PM
  • simon_says
    Joshua and I did one last year to read the bible through in a year. We have tomorrow left and we're done! We're doing it again for 2013 but we're using a different plan. Other than that, I have found that I don't do well with New Year's resolutions. Too much pressure and I end up failing.
    by simon_says at 12/30/12 8:36PM
  • whipsmile
    I don't have any resolutions this year. I have the normal become healthier and work on your finances, but I go through that all year long.
    by whipsmile at 12/30/12 10:23PM
  • kendrad
    I saw pictures of the Minute to Win It games. I was dying. :D
    by kendrad at 01/01/13 10:17AM
  • sarahmarcelle
    Sounds like fun! I'm not very good with New Year's resolutions. I do better with different goals throughout the year.
    by sarahmarcelle at 01/01/13 2:36PM
  • simon_says
    So, I changed my mind. I'm making a running goal (not a resolution) to run 500 miles this year.
    by simon_says at 01/01/13 3:18PM
  • kendrad
    You're kidding about the stew, right???? Wooooooooow.
    by kendrad at 02/09/13 8:16PM