It's snowing....

It isn't really accumulating though. I thought it was starting to but it is melting now. It is supposed to be 28 tonight and with an 80% chance of rain it might accumulate a little. We'll see.
  • ittybitty
    SNOW?? May I have pictures?
    by ittybitty at 12/04/09 12:40PM
  • aleta
    Snow is accumulating here. It's a winter wonderland!
    by aleta at 12/04/09 1:36PM
  • sallyanne
    I miss the snow--I love it!!
    by sallyanne at 12/04/09 4:37PM
  • ittybitty
    It really was. :)
    by ittybitty at 12/05/09 8:16AM
  • sallyanne
    Yay! I was so excited to see it :)
    by sallyanne at 12/07/09 9:00AM
  • pyro9
    lucky =(
    by pyro9 at 12/16/09 3:08PM
  • jkmram
    thank you, dear one... yours, too. :o)
    by jkmram at 12/19/09 10:22PM
  • sallyanne
    Thanks for praying for my parents!!
    by sallyanne at 01/22/10 1:46AM
  • granny
    Hello Edna Texas! Such a nice side way to find me. I'm glad you commented. I'm really hoping I indeed met you during my visit back to the States last year.
    by granny at 01/30/10 12:22AM
  • jkmram
    thank you ♥

    (I know about you not stamping... such incredible self control. :o)
    by jkmram at 02/01/10 9:57AM
  • sallyanne
    Thank you so much, Anna.
    It was a mini hscamp of sorts, huh? I think I'm feeling the after camp blahs a bit ;) ... a bit lazy and not quite ready to work hard just yet!
    by sallyanne at 02/18/10 11:15AM
  • sweetie2
    I will not be at Kleinwood actually. I wish I could but not this year. I hope yall's year goes well as well!! :) We should keep in touch throughout the year. :)
    by sweetie2 at 08/05/10 9:59AM
  • Pocahontas♥
    It was so good to see you this weekend. Love you, too!
    by Pocahontas♥ at 08/10/10 10:41PM
  • bandmom
    Yes, yes, yes! Enjoy every moment of Aaron's last year. It passes in a blink of an eye!
    by bandmom at 08/31/10 10:12PM
  • granny
    Thank you, thank you for your encouraging words.
    by granny at 09/01/10 1:24AM
  • granny
    I tried answering your question on my page...
    by granny at 09/11/10 2:51PM
  • ittybitty
    I miss you! :) *hug*
    by ittybitty at 04/17/11 10:34PM

See ya soon!

Heading out for Tennessee on Friday to pick up Sherri and her kids. We are heading to the home school camp out in Indiana! The weather is supposed to mild during the day and cool to cold at night. We can't wait!!!!

  • kristianbunny
    woo hoo!!! yea-a!
    can't wait...a whole week with ya! :)
    by kristianbunny at 09/24/09 8:53AM
  • pbnj
    have a good time!!
    by pbnj at 09/24/09 1:50PM
  • stitchinmom
    :) Be safe!
    by stitchinmom at 09/24/09 10:08PM
  • Pocahontas♥
    So excited!! See you then, Lord willing :)
    by Pocahontas♥ at 09/25/09 1:21AM
  • scottishceli
    We're going to miss you!
    by scottishceli at 09/26/09 10:01PM
  • coffee_girl
    Hi Anna! If you don't mind giving me your email address, I'll try to send it to you this evening. It's a Martha Stewart recipe and that woman can bake! :)
    by coffee_girl at 10/05/09 11:35AM
  • coffee_girl
    Great! I'll send it your way when I get home this afternoon. They are delicious, I'm so excited for you to make them!
    by coffee_girl at 10/06/09 12:08PM
  • pyro9
    by pyro9 at 10/09/09 8:42AM
  • pyro9
    you gonna stop by are house
    by pyro9 at 10/13/09 5:28PM
  • pyro9
    it is ok us kids are going to edna on the 22nd
    by pyro9 at 10/14/09 3:17PM
  • zfrazier20
    hmm...I remember seeing some pretty sights in that area...not a bad idea :)
    by zfrazier20 at 10/14/09 11:02PM
  • pyro9
    by pyro9 at 10/16/09 5:45PM
  • ittybitty
    Yes, you will! :)
    by ittybitty at 10/17/09 2:00PM
  • pyro9
    we are in texas at nannys
    by pyro9 at 10/22/09 9:02PM
  • ittybitty
    Love you too, Miss Anna! ♥
    by ittybitty at 10/27/09 6:05PM
  • sallyanne
    It was amazing! Answered prayers!
    by sallyanne at 11/06/09 4:13PM
  • jkmram
    Have you moved to facebook, too? :o)
    by jkmram at 11/13/09 8:43AM
  • angelkiss
    have fun!
    by angelkiss at 11/14/09 8:16AM
  • jkmram
    thank you! until this summer, I backed them up regularly... I just started taking sooo many pics, I couldn't keep up! I think they can retrieve the info, but I am on pins and needles waiting (a few more days). ♥
    by jkmram at 11/16/09 7:33AM
  • sallyanne
    I hope you had a wonderful thanksgiving!! :)
    by sallyanne at 12/02/09 12:38AM