Actually, no. Went hunting this morning for the last time this season. Saw three but it was still way too dark to even think about a shot.
  • kattath
    this picture makes me a little sad... :/
    by kattath at 01/05/10 3:18PM
  • redmustang
    hey! that makes two of us.
    by redmustang at 01/05/10 5:01PM
  • broadside
    Ah, man, you got my hopes all up cause I thought you got it. :(
    by broadside at 01/05/10 6:33PM
  • hmjmom
    Poor deer!
    by hmjmom at 01/06/10 4:45AM
  • weekendsongservice
    looks like a dog getting a belly rub.
    by weekendsongservice at 01/13/10 6:47AM
  • click
    ^so true.
    and ahaha thats hilarious. i love it. (re: your comment)
    by click at 01/22/10 12:46PM
  • rose_bud
    I guess just thinking about how much unrighteousness can be so detrimental to our spiritual lives. That seems like an obvious statement..but when you think about that verse, it just makes it seem that much important for us to avoid it, knowing how terrible it is even to be a "little" unrighteous. For in being just a's a lot. I dunno. My thoughts were running somewhere along those lines :)
    by rose_bud at 01/25/10 7:33PM
  • click
    hahaha so good
    by click at 02/09/10 4:40PM
  • click
    haha! I love it! SO hick! definitely sounds and looks like something ya'll would do. and yes, looks fun ;p
    thanks for sharing!
    ...what was that word that I said only hicks would use...?
    by click at 03/23/10 1:46PM
  • click
    by click at 03/25/10 7:09AM
  • ptownflyswimmer
    I enjoyed yelling at you on the phone the other night! :)
    by ptownflyswimmer at 03/28/10 3:59PM
  • sweetgirl_103
    I have a story for you. Oh my. If you thought I was hyper earlier that was nothing :-P Combine caffeine and adrenaline and that's where I am. I feel like my insides are shaking lol. I'm understanding more and more why my parents make me take someone else with me places. I've decided that I like having a male in the car sometimes. I'll explain later. But let's just say I got real lost tonight...
    by sweetgirl_103 at 03/29/10 12:03AM
  • nanna
    Mr. Nathan?
    by nanna at 04/18/10 9:22PM
  • miqueias
    by miqueias at 04/21/10 9:39PM
  • click
    Hey! I don't know how often you check this... sorry I haven't gotten back to your call in forever... we need to catch up... do you use email fairly regularly? at least maybe to see when our schedules would mesh? hah ;p
    by click at 05/03/10 7:57PM
  • nanna
    um. we're seniors. thoughts?
    by nanna at 05/03/10 9:32PM
  • miqueias
    Nice shot
    by miqueias at 05/04/10 8:24PM
  • nanna
    The Cards dominated the Reds yesterday...haha
    by nanna at 06/01/10 12:58PM
  • miqueias
    I TOTALLY can't wait to see you at IN Leadership Camp!!!!!!!
    by miqueias at 06/17/10 3:48PM
  • nanna
    absolutely :)
    by nanna at 07/14/10 5:59AM

11/25/09 9:57PM

  • noby_wan
    by noby_wan at 11/25/09 10:26PM
  • purky
    by purky at 11/25/09 10:28PM
  • weekendsongservice
    this is AMAZING!

    (can i steal this and use it on my blog?)
    by weekendsongservice at 11/26/09 7:01AM
  • souder
    Hey Brother, how are you doing? it's been forever since we've talked. I hope things continue to go well. Send me a line or call sometime. I will be praying for you.
    by souder at 11/29/09 10:21PM
  • swiftblades
    Someone I know was just talking about this a few days ago. Hilarious!
    by swiftblades at 11/30/09 2:01PM
  • sweetgirl_103
    So I was hoping I was wrong when I said I'd be up till 2am...guess I was wrong. Unfortunately I still have about another page or two till I'm finished. Bleh! You would be proud, I'm going to bed with it unfinished...but only because I'm in physical pain and feel sick because of working on it for so long lol. :-P
    Thanks for calling, you always seem to call at the times I need a good distraction. It made me smile, thanks. :)
    by sweetgirl_103 at 12/01/09 1:09AM
  • sweetgirl_103
    Haha, the rough draft went pretty well I think and I turn it in tomorrow and I'm excited...last paper, YES!! And I was wrong, I'm done as of Tuesday night. So if you want to get together sometime let me know, I should be less busy.
    That's good to hear, it's the least I can do. God "blessed" me with a lot of interesting experiences this year. If I can help others through some of the same things, even though they may be unpleasant, it seems like a blessing in disguise. Hard to explain but I think you know what I mean. :)
    by sweetgirl_103 at 12/02/09 2:10PM
  • kristianbunny
    ooohh okay. well thats good!! :)
    by kristianbunny at 12/09/09 1:23PM
  • rose_bud
    Thanks! It should be really exciting! :)
    by rose_bud at 12/13/09 7:38PM
  • swiftedge
    Favorited!!! Amazing! :D
    by swiftedge at 12/22/09 5:11PM
  • sweetgirl_103
    Sounded like *someone* was getting tired of my generic responses last night :-P lol. Makes me laugh...
    by sweetgirl_103 at 01/04/10 11:19PM