The book released in 2008 in paperback, Behind The Preacher's Door - soon to come out in Kindle.

  • wberk
    Kindle users - check the Kindle store for this title;
    Nook users - later this week, check the Nook Shop.
    by wberk at 05/15/12 11:28AM
  • wberk
    Both books - Letters to Young Preachers & Behind The Preacher's Door - now available in digital format (both Nook and Kindle).
    by wberk at 05/18/12 7:33PM

03/01/12 1:23PM

Our mother, Olive Woodbridge, fell - broke her hip - then surgery, now in rehab. She is 90. We ask for your prayers.

Hope to see some of you in Florida in a week or so

  • didow
    We were planning on going this year. Plans have changed -- car troubles. Maybe next year. Have fun.
    by didow at 01/27/12 8:18PM

Curtis Pope preaching here in McAllen, Jan. 20-22

New Book Out
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    Sorry. Forgot how to set up the link.
    Thinking a friend will plug a comment in below with a link.
    Kindle owners - check in Kindle Store for this book.
    thanks, web
    by wberk at 12/16/11 3:05PM
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    by sullivan at 12/17/11 4:25PM
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    ^ Thanks.
    by wberk at 12/20/11 7:00PM
  • didow
    We got it for Andrew for Christmas. Thanks for taking the time to put it together. I'm sure it will benefit many. Now I just need to read it before he heads back to Florida.
    by didow at 12/28/11 1:13PM