Because Tradition Compels Me

New Orleans – Troy
Cure – WKU
Las Vegas – Oregon
New Mexico – Colorado St.
Camellia – Ark. St.
Boca Raton – FAU
Frisco – SMU
Gasparilla – FIU
Bahamas – Ohio
Idaho Potato – Wyoming
Birmingham – USF
Armed Forces – SDSU
Dollar General – Toledo
Hawaii – FSU
Heart of Dallas – Utah
Quick Lane – Duke
Cactus – K-State
Independence – FSU
Pinstripe – Iowa
Foster Farms – Purdue
Texas – Missouri
Military – Virginia
Camping World – OSU
Alamo – Stanford
Holiday – MSU
Belk – Wake
Sun – NC State
Music City – N’western
Arizona – Utah St.
Cotton – OSU
Taxslayer – Louisville
Liberty – Memphis
Fiesta – PSU
Orange – Miami
Outback – Michigan
Peach – Auburn
Citrus – LSU
Rose – Oklahoma
Sugar – Clemson
Championship Game – Alabama

Bowl Picks

New Mexico – New Mexico
Las Vegas – Houston
Camellia – Appalachian St.
Cure – UCF
New Orleans – Southern Miss
Miami Beach – Tulsa
Boca Raton – Memphis
Poinsettia – BYU
Idaho Potato – CSU
Bahamas – Old Dominion
Armed Forces – La. Tech
Dollar General – Troy
Hawai'i – Middle Tennessee
St. Petersburg – MSU
Quick Lane – Maryland
Independence – NC State
Heart of Dallas – North Texas
Military – Temple
Holiday – WSU
Cactus – Boise St.
Pinstripe – Pittsburgh
Russell Athletic – WVU
Foster Farms – Utah
Texas – Texas A&M
Birmingham – USF
Belk – Virginia Tech
Alamo – OSU
Liberty – Georgia
Sun – Stanford
Music City – Nebraska
Arizona – Air Force
Orange – Michigan
Citrus – LSU
TaxSlayer – Ga. Tech
Peach – Alabama
Fiesta – Ohio State
Outback – Iowa
Cotton – Wisconsin
Rose – Penn State
Sugar – Oklahoma
Championship – Alabama

New Book

I imagine that anyone who would see it here has already seen it elsewhere, but just in case...

(Note that the image is a link)

Bowl Picks

So, apparently this is turning into my annual post...

New Mexico Bowl – Arizona
Las Vegas Bowl – Utah
Camellia Bowl – Appalachian State
Cure Bowl – San Jose State
New Orleans Bowl – La. Tech
Miami Beach Bowl – USF
Potato Bowl – Utah State
Boca Raton Bowl – Temple
Poinsettia Bowl – Boise State
GoDaddy Bowl – Bowling Green
Bahamas Bowl – Western Michigan
Hawaii Bowl – Cincinnati
St. Petersburg Bowl – Marshall
Sun Bowl – Washington State
Heart of Dallas Bowl – Washington
Pinstripe Bowl – Indiana
Independence Bowl – Virginia Tech
Foster Farms Bowl – UCLA
Military Bowl – Navy
Quick Lane Bowl – Central Michigan
Armed Forces Bowl – California
Russell Athletic Bowl – Baylor
Arizona Bowl – Colorado State
Texas Bowl – LSU
Birmingham Bowl – Memphis
Belk Bowl – Mississippi State
Music City Bowl – Louisville
Holiday Bowl – USC
Peach Bowl – FSU
Orange Bowl – Oklahoma
Cotton Bowl – Alabama
Outback Bowl – Tennessee
Fiesta Bowl – Ohio State
Citrus Bowl – Michigan
Rose Bowl – Stanford
Sugar Bowl – Mississippi
TaxSlayer Bowl – Georgia
Liberty Bowl – Arkansas
Alamo Bowl – Oregon
Cactus Bowl – Arizona State
Championship – Alabama
  • iamyourfather
    We both have Oklahoma beating Clemson. Huh.
    by iamyourfather at 12/18/15 1:17AM
  • figpicker
    no narrative this year to support your picks. That was the fun How do I know you didn't just flip a coin??
    by figpicker at 12/18/15 7:50AM
  • iamyourfather
    by iamyourfather at 12/19/15 12:25AM


Since I've kept a running update on my continuing education here over the years, I figured that I should check in on that again. As of mid-March, I have finished my coursework. My dissertation proposal is due on May 15, but my goal is to have it done by the end of the month or shortly thereafter (first draft is written and a cold is all that's kept me from finishing it already). As to the dissertation itself, sections of have been done as FC Lectures and I've been deep in Esther study for nearly half a decade now, so I hope it will be pretty quick going. My goal is to get the bulk of it written over the summer and hit the first turn-in deadline rather than having to wait an extra year to graduate.

I was thinking the other day that there are maybe two or three years since kindergarten that I haven't been in school. After completing my BA in Mass Communication at USF, I started working at FC and took a couple of classes per semester until I got a BA in Biblical Studies. I took a year off while Brooke finished her MLS and then started my MA, part time. After that, I took a couple of years off before starting my DMin part time. Accumulating three part-time degrees, including 72 MA hours, takes a really long time to get through. I'll be wrapping up, Lord willing, at 37 ... 32 years after I started.
  • ward
    Proposal submitted yesterday.
    by ward at 03/31/15 6:31AM