08/22/08 11:56PM

Hey everyone, I just wanted to let you know I have a new phone number, so if you want it let me know.

Another day, another change in plans

Hey folks,
Some of you know this already, but for those of you who don't, I don't plan to return to FC. The short version of why is because I decided that it didn't make sense to get an AA, which wouldn't help me get a particular job, if there was something else I wanted to do that would. That something else is dental assisting, which will be much cheaper than FC, and I'll get my certificate for that within a matter of months. I'm planning to go to school for that in the Chicago area so I can actually see Josh on occasion. :) I hope no one feels slighted for not hearing about this earlier, because the decision has just been made in the past week or so, and things have been really nutty around here, so I haven't had time or energy to do much by way of communication.
I'll really miss all you folks down at FC, so please keep in touch, whether on here, Facebook, or e-mail me. (supremebookworm @together.net) Lord willing I'll be down for lectures.
  • kendrad
    I hope to see you while you are in the Chicago area. Best of luck.
    by kendrad at 08/16/08 8:28PM
  • jjorangeswirl
    Good luck!
    by jjorangeswirl at 08/17/08 1:54PM
  • ineptspy
    I hope everything works out like you want it to, and that your life won't be too crazy for too long! I'll try to call you soon.
    by ineptspy at 08/17/08 7:18PM
  • bibbit18
    I hope you do make it down for lectures that would be a lot of fun. I LOVE Chicago. I hope you enjoy your time there.
    by bibbit18 at 08/21/08 3:15PM
  • kattath
    I don't like you not having a phone because I can't call and tell you about my exciting news!
    by kattath at 08/21/08 3:20PM
  • super_swillis
    So are you going to go up and get married suddenly too? :( If you do I at least want pictures. Please lol
    by super_swillis at 08/23/08 1:34AM
  • kattath
    I want it! call me!!!!!
    by kattath at 08/23/08 10:07AM
  • mrsfionacharming
    miss you! say hi to josh for me
    by mrsfionacharming at 08/24/08 8:28PM
  • super_swillis
    YES! lol So how have you been?
    by super_swillis at 08/27/08 3:05PM
  • mintifudge
    AH! man, now i dont feel so bad about not coming back. you know what i miss that i never thought i would? those rides in jim's truck on the way to and from services when we sat awkwardly in the back because they were being gross. remember the wreck?! someone rear-ended ME yesterday! it made me think of you guys. i miss and love you!!
    by mintifudge at 08/31/08 1:48PM
  • kare_n_huggs
    Hey Rachel! I am doing well. It was so good to meet Bethany and Stephen (right?) at Chicagoland camp. How is everything going for you?!
    by kare_n_huggs at 09/01/08 2:52PM
  • roseofsharon
    Rachel, sorry about your grandpa. Give your mom and dad a hug for me, please. :(
    by roseofsharon at 09/04/08 12:16PM
  • seashelll
    Could I have your number?
    by seashelll at 09/08/08 10:39PM
  • matthew_and_brooke
    Willl do, it might just take me a couple days. :)
    by matthew_and_brooke at 11/15/08 12:17PM
  • bibbit18
    I miss you guys!
    by bibbit18 at 11/24/08 7:46PM
  • kattath
    you're getting married in two hours!!!!!
    by kattath at 12/30/08 11:57AM
  • kendrad
    by kendrad at 12/30/08 3:37PM
  • curlie
    CONGRATULATIONS! You were a beautiful bride! :)
    by curlie at 12/31/08 2:11PM
  • smallgreenbug
    I think you need to update...even if you are married, there is still time to update on here...
    by smallgreenbug at 01/19/09 3:23PM
  • dare2dv8
    so...my phone died. literally. so i have no numbers. call me sometime? i love you.
    by dare2dv8 at 05/22/09 5:29PM


In case you don't know what the below post means...



*this message has been brought to you my your local suitemate*

**you may now return to your regularly scheduled blog**

I've been told I should update...

  • highwayman
    By the way my perfect woman, as much as I love commenting on the post with your ring, it may be time to add a new post. Just a thought from the one who loves you!
    by highwayman at 03/13/08 4:01PM
  • snoopy
    I know -- we listened to it on youtube -- that was the day that Mrs. Atherton discovered youtube :) it was so much fun!
    by snoopy at 03/21/08 3:18PM
  • mintifudge
    thanks for telling me about the strawberries! it was fun.
    by mintifudge at 03/27/08 10:19AM
  • highwayman
    My wonderful, amazing, beautiful, charming, perfect mate, I say this out of the love that is in my heart...post!
    by highwayman at 04/05/08 6:06PM
  • mintifudge
    haha--yeah, but the original plan was to stay in bed and read sappy novels all day.
    by mintifudge at 04/07/08 12:10AM
  • mintifudge
    and then YOU FORCED ME to risk my VERY LIFE so you could eat pizza. cause thats totally how it happened.
    by mintifudge at 04/07/08 12:11AM
  • adeline
    aw yay marriage!
    by adeline at 04/08/08 11:20AM
  • highwayman
    Just thought I would tell you how much I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!
    by highwayman at 04/17/08 5:40PM
  • highwayman
    In case you can't tell, I love you alot! Pleonast just doesn't express it well enough.
    by highwayman at 04/17/08 5:40PM
  • mintifudge
    its where i take andes mint chocolate, and tape them to days on my calendar, and eat one everyday until its time to go home. my mom used to do stuff like that for countdown until christmas, and it always made it fun.
    by mintifudge at 04/26/08 9:05PM
  • denise
    yup-I'm home! Are you? We drove all night and got into Lexington, MO around 4:40pm Friday.
    by denise at 05/03/08 9:04PM
  • brownie
    yeah it was fun dreaming!
    by brownie at 05/26/08 11:39AM
  • seashelll
    Thanks for the happy birthday message on my blog! I liked that.
    by seashelll at 05/29/08 1:32PM
  • seashelll
    How are you doing?
    by seashelll at 05/29/08 1:35PM
  • mintifudge
    i so am. hows your summer going?
    by mintifudge at 05/29/08 5:35PM
  • dare2dv8
    You do realize that it's been over four months since you've updated? ;-)
    by dare2dv8 at 06/24/08 11:24PM
  • kattath
    You do realize that it's been over four months since I updated your blog? ;-)
    by kattath at 06/26/08 3:41AM
  • mintifudge
    ha, sounds the same here. too many customers, too picky, too much jewelry, not enough of us to satisfy them. garrrrr
    by mintifudge at 06/28/08 1:11PM
  • ohiorajrefreshed
    thanks for being my friend!
    by ohiorajrefreshed at 07/29/08 7:58AM
  • seashelll
    Rachel, do you have aim? (aol instant messenger)?
    by seashelll at 08/04/08 5:59PM

The final post of '07

Well, I guess it's time for another post. I hope everyone's holidays went well. I've been working at TJMaxx for most of my break, so I've been kind of busy, but it's not been as frenetic as it is at school. I've had time to bake some cookies and take walks in the snow while I've been home, which is rather lovely. :)

Christmas here was nice: We found a pine tree in the backyard to cut down and bring in to decorate. It ended up being a bit of a Charlie Brown Christmas tree, but that's kind of traditional. I got a coffee maker for Christmas, which makes me really happy. :) I also got a Taste of Home cookbook (yay!), a Vermont calendar, clothes, and other nice stuff. What did everyone else get for Christmas?

I've done a little reflecting on this past year, and while I won't take the time to post about my entire year, I do think that I've grown and changed quite a bit since last year. Last year doesn't seem that long ago until I look back on all that things that have happened since then, although I know there's a lot of things that I could and should have done that I didn't. I guess that's what the new year is for.

See all you FCers next week. Happy New Year, everyone!

OK, I had to share this with you all. This is from Dr. Dickey's explanation of his marking notations when grading papers:
"Remember that punctuation marks serve a purpose; clarifying the meaning. They are not to be
sprinkled willy nilly throughout the text like paprika."
Well, I thought it was funny.
  • dare2dv8
    :-) Happy new year, Rachel! See you next week, Lord willing.
    by dare2dv8 at 01/02/08 11:35PM
  • smilin_ashley
    Thanks! I'll see you next week!
    by smilin_ashley at 01/03/08 11:07PM
  • highwayman
    Happy New Year my love!!! I'll see you soon! Lord Willing!!!
    by highwayman at 01/04/08 4:20PM
  • snoopy
    lol! Oh Dr. D!
    by snoopy at 01/08/08 8:39PM
  • curlie
    Yeah, that's kind of what I thought too. :)
    by curlie at 01/08/08 9:30PM
  • kattath
    it was funny but you should have put it in a new post!
    by kattath at 01/09/08 1:21PM
  • highwayman
    I finally came to see the ticker! It is so cool! I love you so much! See you soon!
    by highwayman at 01/15/08 9:04PM
  • forgetmenot
    thank you! :) lol, and I like what your teacher said :)
    by forgetmenot at 01/16/08 11:57AM
  • newt
    Yes snow!!!!
    by newt at 01/16/08 3:11PM
  • newt
    Not alot but alot for bama!!
    by newt at 01/16/08 3:33PM
  • bibbit18
    That Dr. Dickey qoute is funny. And anytime before noon is early.
    by bibbit18 at 01/17/08 9:57AM
  • brownie
    what Dickey class did he say that in?
    by brownie at 01/20/08 12:10PM
  • matthew_and_brooke
    Facebook's OK so far, but I like pleonast better... just in case you were wondering. :)
    by matthew_and_brooke at 01/21/08 7:08PM
  • jjorangeswirl
    Two baby racoons. At the same time. With Jen in the car. Crying. It was ugly.
    by jjorangeswirl at 01/21/08 10:27PM
  • michellelb
    Thank you!
    by michellelb at 01/25/08 9:26PM
  • waynardferguson
    by waynardferguson at 01/27/08 9:11PM
  • highwayman
    1 DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    by highwayman at 01/30/08 12:50PM
  • kattath
    by kattath at 02/03/08 1:25PM
  • ominie
    by ominie at 02/09/08 3:18AM
  • smallgreenbug
    I think you need to update this post with the recent happenings of your life and future plans :)
    by smallgreenbug at 02/09/08 11:12AM