Thank you ploenast for not deactivating my account for inactivity. This will be my first post in almost 2 years. Facebook would probably not be as kind. I can't spend much time here this morning so I'll simply mention that life and more importantly God has been so good to me. Thank you to all those who continue to encourage through your posts and good examples of godly living. That all for now.
  • vande
    P.S. I'm finally going to get married to the women of my hopes and dreams. Only problem is she still has a hard time spelling my last name.
    by vande at 01/15/11 8:40AM
  • whipsmile
    Hahaha! That's great Josh! Congratulations! And your name is kinda hard, so don't hold it against her. I hope to hear more from you on here. Miss you!
    by whipsmile at 01/15/11 9:41AM
  • sportsfan
    Congratulations!!! Will I see you @ Lectures???
    by sportsfan at 01/15/11 2:09PM
  • littlebit
    by littlebit at 01/15/11 11:35PM
  • mjintexas
    Whoa! You posted! :)

    I'm super happy for you and Heather. As you know. :)
    by mjintexas at 01/16/11 3:33PM
  • crazy_mama
    Hey Josh! How exciting! Does this girl have a name????
    by crazy_mama at 01/17/11 3:16AM
  • entheos
    (tracy) I really think you should only marry one womAn :) several would be a problem for so many reasons...
    by entheos at 01/19/11 10:01PM
  • navydoc
    I give people 2 yrs to post then I delete them from my friend list. I'm glad I didn't have to delete you. Welcome back, hope you're doing well.
    by navydoc at 01/23/11 3:11AM
  • advisor
    YEAH!!!! Joel and I are so happy for you two. We heard you were heading to Key Largo, but we never saw you. We'd like to take you to dinner or out on the sailboat would be better. GIve us a call.
    by advisor at 06/28/11 2:10PM

Main Vein

How vain is your main vein? If all I did was write for a living I might be able to come up with a better title than that but just so that we can be clear this post is about our main goals.

Sometimes I feel like I am living far beyond my needs. Not outside my means but above and beyond what's necessary. I have an apartment that most would consider luxury. I have a vehicle that is paid for and I have more hobbies than I know what to do with (mostly because I enjoy being with people). When it comes to food I eat out at "fancy" restaurants several times a week. I know... I'm single so it's ok right? Well, maybe not. Not everyone who is single enjoys the same kind of life that I do. There are greater things I could be doing with my money and spare time because after all... I am single. How many times do you hear people say, "I would do that if I were single." Perhaps we lack confidence to do the things we aspire to do because we don't have the support system to hold us up. I'm talking about a relationship; a relationship gives you strength and courage to face the day. Without God in our lives we would be without a friend. Of course the marriage relationship brings strength and confidence too but what about when she's gone? God will be there to lift you up.

My main objective (vein) is blurred when I lose sight of moderation with respect to earthly possessions. I need to be more and constantly improve my life and not just my way of life. Agree?
  • whipsmile
    I don't enjoy those things, and i am single. It seems you have done better with your money then I have in that past though.
    I have been "forced" into a more moderate way of living, but i STILL feel sometimes that I have too much and should simplify even more.
    by whipsmile at 04/30/09 8:43AM
  • superstar12
    The fact that you even consider things like this shows you're a good person who knows true values. : ) A lot of times just the time we give to others is more valuable than money. I'm sure through your friendships and your fellowship with brethren you are giving quite a bit of encouragement and strength. Don't forget that.
    by superstar12 at 04/30/09 9:42AM
  • rica5219
    This is very interesting and definitely something to think about. I don't have a lot of money, so what I do is I try to spend what "time" I have helping and doing for other people. I'm not great at it, but it's definitely something I'm trying to do because I am single and it's easier to do things for others when you don't have anyone but yourself to think about. So I suppose my "time" is my "money"...and I have a lot to work on. I like post Rooster! It's good things to think about. and I'm sorry you don't like that fact that I'll be gone EVERY weekend in May. I suppose you'll just have to get over it. (jk) I'll see you in June. haha.
    by rica5219 at 04/30/09 10:26AM
  • maucknot
    And you were just doesn't seem possible.
    by maucknot at 04/30/09 3:24PM
  • mjintexas
    You have an interesting perspective. God blesses us each differently, both materially and in relationships.
    I heard an interesting study on NPR recently where they were talking about happiness. In sum, people were either given money to spend on themselves or to spend on others, and those who spent it on others were by far happier. Interesting, hm?
    by mjintexas at 04/30/09 3:48PM
  • iamjane
    I have been thinking on this as well... I just hadn't put a name on it :) It's definitely something I am working on. Good thoughts!
    by iamjane at 04/30/09 6:28PM
  • aucowgirl
    wow. no i'm not scared of the whole idea of it. i would like to make sure i had the right person. i've seen so many marriages of people i would have never dreamed crumble around me. so no definitely not scared. it's just a very intense thing. one person for they rest of your life. just emphasizing.
    by aucowgirl at 04/30/09 6:48PM
  • aucowgirl
    also, i really liked this post. the end.
    by aucowgirl at 04/30/09 6:54PM
  • elizabethb
    God has truly blessed me too. And sometimes I also feel like I spend way too much of my money and time on myself and earthly things, and not enough to help/serve others. It's so easy to get caught up in fun earthly things, distracting me from the spiritual things. It's definitely something I have to work on.
    by elizabethb at 04/30/09 10:20PM
  • shadow
    save some of that money bro. you're going to want it when you're not single
    by shadow at 05/01/09 8:21AM
  • timstarr
    *high squeaky voice screaming over the road noise associated with driving 70 mph* "Hey! You goin' to (octave higher)church?!?"
    by timstarr at 05/16/09 11:29PM
  • miss_cleo
    thanks for the encouraging message
    by miss_cleo at 05/22/09 4:24PM
  • tickets
    good thoughts...
    by tickets at 05/27/09 7:48PM
  • fullofgrace

    by fullofgrace at 12/24/09 2:10PM

Twists and Turns

Well I've selected a position to pursue at work. Turns out my company is in desperate need of field superintendents. I've always leaned toward that direction but hesitated due to the crazy life style that is expected of you. I was encouraged to buy a house in the city that I wanted to live in and be available to work anywhere in the country. We'll see how it goes.
  • nina
    so what city did you choose?
    by nina at 04/07/09 8:12AM
  • whipsmile
    wow. that's pretty exciting though.
    by whipsmile at 04/07/09 9:19AM
  • rica5219
    wait- does this mean you're leaving us?!
    by rica5219 at 04/07/09 10:09AM
  • littlebit
    Dallas is a great area for that... just in case you're taking suggestions ;-)
    by littlebit at 04/07/09 10:17AM
  • mjintexas
    Cool! I love field work. :)
    by mjintexas at 04/07/09 10:37AM
  • yo
    that would rule:) get me a job working with your company:p
    by yo at 04/07/09 5:11PM
  • rica5219
    by rica5219 at 04/07/09 11:14PM
  • simpwildcat
    dude, i don't care where you go, as long as you're at Opelika Middle School on thursday nights, then i'll be happy! :) and btw, my thumb STILL hurts!!!
    by simpwildcat at 04/08/09 9:21AM
  • zani128
    And the chosen city is......
    by zani128 at 04/09/09 12:48AM
  • elizabethb
    soo...does this mean you're moving back to colorado?!
    by elizabethb at 04/09/09 11:34PM
  • ryanandnancy
    I guess now is a good time to buy! Good luck!
    by ryanandnancy at 04/11/09 11:46AM
  • musicgurl251
    Haha I should probably expand my vocabulary some ;-)
    by musicgurl251 at 04/13/09 10:29AM
  • elizabethb
    no worries!
    by elizabethb at 04/14/09 11:22PM
  • tickets
    so where'd you choose?
    by tickets at 04/20/09 7:10PM
  • aucowgirl
    i have no idea? my friend allison just sent it to me and so i had to post it. i love the sound of music so the fact that tons of people dancing to it in a public area is amazing.
    by aucowgirl at 04/25/09 1:36PM
  • aucowgirl
    since i live in birmingham no. that would be very cool though. let me know how it goes!
    by aucowgirl at 04/26/09 3:06PM

Urban Dictionary

1. jipology
Jipology is the study of being jipped. Jipology can only exist when a "jip" has occured. It is arguable that being jipped is a jip in itself. Eg: If a man fears that he will be jipped, then he is jipped for fearing that he will get jipped, because he will not be able to perform some tasks in fear that he will become of the jipped. There is a strong corolation between fear and jip. Being jipped can be also described as a paradox and is very hard to comprehend, but once it is comprehended and understood, the one can ascend from being of the jipped, to becoming the jipper.

"Whilst studying jipology, i got jipped"
  • tu_madre
    i always thought it was spelled "gypped"...
    by tu_madre at 02/21/09 12:25PM
  • tu_madre
    i always thought it was spelled "gypped"...
    by tu_madre at 02/21/09 12:27PM
  • sheliandbrettsmom
    by sheliandbrettsmom at 02/21/09 10:04PM
  • mjintexas
    by mjintexas at 02/23/09 10:59AM
  • kcrxgirl
    I'm confused! :-S lol
    by kcrxgirl at 02/24/09 11:37AM
  • globetrotter
    I have been studying 'jipology' myself whilst experiencing my annual spring car problems.
    by globetrotter at 02/24/09 10:35PM
  • lefantstaf
    where did you get this info?
    by lefantstaf at 02/25/09 11:08AM
  • create_a_way
    Can I get a Master's degree in Jipology?
    by create_a_way at 02/27/09 9:23AM


It's not healthy to argue in a relationship all the time but sometimes a heated discussion brings out our true feelings that would otherwise not ever be discovered. Arguments can bring the core issue to a boil so that something can actually be done about the problem.

e.g. a co-worker of mine was describing to me how difficult it has been lately to explain to his wife why it's so important that he work all of the time. His position is a very high position in the company so his work IS very important so of course he has a valid point. One day he's in San Diego the next in DC, so traveling is a big part of his job as well. His wife's perspective is of course much different.

In her view, if he's so high up in the company why can't he assign other people to travel all the time and work the ridiculous hours? Well that wouldn't be fair he responds, they both have young children at home, "how could I ask them to give up that kind of time with their families?" Here's where the real stinger hits, the wife drives the final nail in the coffin with this one, she said, "why not...? You always gave up time with our kids for work?" Nough said, he loses the argument but gains a very important perspective on what’s been going on in her mind for the past 10 years. I guess since arguing is unpleasant we tend to avoid it, but if you’re arguing with someone you love sometimes its plum necessary.

That’s what I think.
  • megan
    Interesting...I guess he didn't anticipate that response!
    by megan at 01/31/09 8:44AM
  • joe
    work is a choice...
    by joe at 01/31/09 12:49PM
  • beckylboyer
    Well arguing might be more effective if we stuck to the point and didn't resort to pulling out all the old baggage. Since most of us do that I don't think its very effective.
    by beckylboyer at 01/31/09 4:13PM
  • nina
    I'm sure she probably mentioned it at the time, but he probably wasn't listening back then:-) How's the cooking going?
    by nina at 01/31/09 8:02PM
  • lw
    Thank you so much Josh! I am doing pretty good. I have been very good of my new eating plan (no sugar and no yeast..uhg!) still trying to tweak a few more things but all is well so far. It's easy to start the hardest part is sticking to it (having endurance)! How are things going for you?
    by lw at 02/01/09 3:27PM
  • mjintexas
    Agreed. A lot of it is about different priorities. :)
    by mjintexas at 02/02/09 12:44PM
  • maucknot
    Conflict can be both good and bad depending upon the attitudes and behavior of the participants. Sometimes, conflict brings knowledge, clarity and resolution to problems. Sometimes, it just creates more problems. The old adage of "disagree without being disagreeable" has some merit.
    by maucknot at 02/02/09 4:23PM
  • create_a_way
    that's really quite a story.
    by create_a_way at 02/03/09 9:32AM
  • butterflyhomerachel
    I agree with you.
    by butterflyhomerachel at 02/04/09 7:45PM
  • angenymity
    Alright! You have learned a biggie married truth WITHOUT having to figure it out the hard way! Ok, single ladies, pay attention here...
    by angenymity at 02/05/09 4:01PM
  • rica5219
    Yeh, Kelly has been really sick through the whole pregnancy- and the doctors have given her some more medicine since she lost the baby that's continuing to make her sick, but she said hopefully they'll be at church Sunday morning, kind of depends on how she's feeling. They've been there, but they normally jet out real quick afterwards.
    by rica5219 at 02/06/09 9:26AM
  • miss_cleo
    without conflict, there can be no growth...I should be around for at least most of the summer :)
    by miss_cleo at 02/06/09 6:10PM
  • nina
    Yum...sounds like a great start! Hope you are doing well.
    by nina at 02/09/09 9:37PM