Time for my annual update...

Where has the year gone? I am constantly reminded of how quickly this life speeds by.

I won't even begin to cover all the events of the last year, but one major change is that we have a new addition to our family. :-) Nathaniel Lee Tosti was born the 15th of June and our lives are so incredibly blessed with this sweet little treasure from God. He is such a sweet baby, we are very thankful for the three little souls God has given us to treasure.

Last month (August 3rd) my last living grandparent, my mother's father, died at the age of 82 after being in poor health for a long time. I was blessed with the opportunity to attend the funeral in Oklahoma (even though we had a 2 month old baby and it would be 30 hours one way). We visited the churches who support us as well and some friends along the way. By the end of the month we had traveled over 5000 miles and spent a grand total of 7 days at home (but not even those days were consecutive). The children did really well, and the baby was the best traveler of all. We are so thankful to have a safe trip and have no mishaps along the way. We have been able to be home for over a week now, and we are enjoying being in one spot again very much. :-)

We are still very happy and grateful to be working with the church here in Upstate New York. What a wonderful group of Christians we have here. I am so thankful to be a part of such a loving group of God's people.

We will be spending the holidays at home this year since we were away for so long last month (and got to visit most of my family for a bit at my parents house). It will be our first time to be "alone" for the holidays and we are excited to be able to enjoy that time of year in our own little house. We have been in our house almost a year (Nov. 1st we moved in) and LOVE it. The kids are outside playing all the time. The house is not "finished" and may never be, but it is very live-able and we are finishing it as we go. Next month Lee hopes to insulate the kitchen (which was the only part of the house he hadn't gutted last year) which should make the house much warmer this winter, and he hopes to add a window so I can see the kids easier as they play outside.

I could ramble on, but won't.

I hope you all have had a wonderful year!

  • jaydon
    oh, I would love to hear you ramble on - what a wonderful, happy, sweet post.
    by jaydon at 09/10/12 9:27PM
  • zsha_zsha
    It was good to see Mr. Lee, you, and your wonderful little family in MO!!!
    by zsha_zsha at 09/11/12 8:42PM
  • praguer
    No wonder I haven't heard from you lately. :) Sorry to hear about your grandfather (well, assuming he's a christian, I'm happy for him). Glad things are going well for you. We spent Xmas day in our house last year, and I loved it! This year we'll be with my family. I'm sure I'll love that too!
    by praguer at 09/12/12 10:48AM
  • grandmadiane
    I am so sorry about your grandfathers. I didn't know Mr Buchannan very well but youknow we miss Guy very much. But of them went through so much and you parents were so strong and determined through it all! Your mom had her hands and heart full. May God continue to be with them and you.

    You have a beautiful family and you and Lee are doing a great job with them as your parents did with you! I am so glad I was finally able to meet the kids!
    by grandmadiane at 09/13/12 5:36PM
  • praguer
    I've been drinking fennel tea. Maybe I should add ginger tea to my routine. Do you think it will work??
    by praguer at 09/20/12 12:23PM
  • praguer
    I've never heard of that book. I'll look into it. If you know of anyone coming this way, please let me know. :) Thanks!
    by praguer at 03/04/13 1:48PM
  • praguer
    Are y'all coming this way anytime soon? Isn't it about time for us to meet your youngest? :) Ours turn one at the end of the month. Where does the time go??
    by praguer at 07/03/13 10:48AM
  • praguer
    Nice to find fresh apples so close and FREE! :) We ended up planting two pear trees and one mulberry tree. They're quite small, so we'll have to wait before we actually have fruit to eat.
    by praguer at 10/27/13 10:06AM

It's been ages...

...since I updated.

Life is a blur!

Life is good, and very busy. We did a lot of traveling this year.

In May we visited Lee's parents for a week (they live in Belize, Central America). What fun! It was exhausting (traveling in a third world country usually is), but the kids did NOT want to come home. They still talk about it. :-)

This summer we spent almost 6 weeks in Europe visiting Christians we knew when we lived in Hungary and spending 3 weeks in Russia trying to encourage the Christians in Nizhny Novgorod (there are 6 of them who meet now). It was a wonderful opportunity and I always come back with my attitude reset. We have it made here in the States and often we don't even know it. Materially speaking, yes, but I'm referring to spiritually. One example of many I could give is that we were the first Christians with small children to ever visit these Russian brethren. They had never seen someone else trying (emphasis on "trying") to raise their children as God instructs us. Can you imagine that? The two mothers there have no one to look to as an example or to ask, "is this normal?" or "do you struggle with this too?" They have never seen it done before. I can't count how many people I know who are trying to raise godly children or who have already done it. I am blessed beyond measure and I pray that I never take my privileges for granted. We did our best to help then came home. As ready as we were to be home, it was hard to leave them. Pray for the Christians in Russia and in places less fortunate!

In other news we are still not in the house, but, our move-in date is November 1st. I bought paint today for the first time in my life. That was fun. :-) Only the downstairs is going to be (mostly) finished when we move in. Upstairs should be livable by December (though probably not painted or finished completely). It will be very nice to be there. The kids absolutely love it. One of our nearest neighbors used to run a zoo, and still have camels, llamas, peacocks, geese, horses, and who knows what else. We have fun walking to see the camel. :-)

The fall colors are starting to really show, but the trees in our yard are taking their time in changing, which is fine. I think they will be really nice once they do turn though. I'll try to post a picture at the peak (whenever that happens).

Lee's parents are coming soon. We are so excited!!! Nicolai talks about all the things he will do with Oma and Opa. :-)

That's all for now.

Have a great Fall!

  • grandmadiane
    Nice to have you drop in for a pleo visit! We usually keep up with you through Janet but I so enjoyed reading your version of your life as well. I am impressed with the courage, faith and attitude of those who are pressing on with little example or encouragement. I am also impressed with those who travel so far with little ones to help provide the example and encouragement. God bless you.
    by grandmadiane at 10/04/11 7:12PM
  • thewifeofbud
    Thanks for the update!! We miss you guys!!!
    by thewifeofbud at 10/04/11 8:27PM
  • beulah
    Yes, we are keeping you all in prayer (those here and those abroad). Thanks for the update. It is always wonderful and necessary to hear of your trips. It keeps our thoughts and lives in perpective. My love to you all.
    by beulah at 10/05/11 5:39AM
  • enyek
    ^ I agree! VERY nice to hear from you, Marcie! Our love to your whole family! Hoping someday to get to visit you guys!
    by enyek at 10/05/11 10:48AM
  • purky
    Great to hear what you have been up to. May God bless your move and work.
    by purky at 10/12/11 9:40PM
  • praguer
    Good to see you had a moment to breathe (and post). :) Got your card - thanks! The stickers were a great hit, as you can imagine.

    Will pray for the brethren in Russia. Though we have few christians here, we certainly have it better than those folks! I need to remember that. :)

    Our moving date is Oct. 28. Woohoo! Painting should be completed this weekend. Flooring next week. Who knows on the kitchen - latest early Nov. I might be cooking with a microwave, slow cooker, and 'frig. for a while. So glad I got my new slow cooker!! Have fun painting!
    by praguer at 10/14/11 7:13AM
  • praguer
    Congrats to you, too. I hadn't heard your good news. :) And no, I won't be traveling anywhere in August. Nor will Robert, for that matter! :)
    by praguer at 03/26/12 12:10PM

Our new home:

As of yesterday we are privileged to own* this cute "little" house (1200 square feet = mansion status in most of the world) in Upstate New York.

**as much as you actually own when it's a loan, but on paper it's ours.

It comes with 6.4 acres, is within 1800 feet of a lake (we don't border the lake, but can walk to it).
It is 35-40 minutes from downtown Watertown, and is very peaceful and quiet with no houses in sight (trees and small hills block them from view).

We probably won't move in it until April, but we are very excited.

We are very blessed!

  • thewifeofbud
    Yay! It's so cute and I'm so happy for you!
    by thewifeofbud at 02/12/11 9:31AM
  • comade
    Looks perfect!
    by comade at 02/12/11 10:56AM
  • homeschoolmomma23
    Very cute. Love the snow!!
    by homeschoolmomma23 at 02/12/11 11:20AM
  • purky
    So excited for you guys! Sounds like a wonderful place to raise a family.
    by purky at 02/12/11 11:34AM
  • praguer
    Yeah! Very excited for you! We're hoping to get *a little* yard sometime next year. We'll see if it happens. :)
    by praguer at 02/12/11 12:42PM
  • angela
    So nice! I'll have to come visit!
    by angela at 02/12/11 1:38PM
  • angela
    Oh, wait! I thought I was commenting on Jody Tosti's page. Oops! Still very nice!
    by angela at 02/12/11 1:38PM
  • shaneg
    Oh boy, that's nice. Email the address so I can check it out on google earth.
    by shaneg at 02/12/11 3:31PM
  • beulah
    Congrats! May God bless you with many beautiful, quiet, happy, and prosper days there.
    by beulah at 02/12/11 4:04PM
  • tweedledee
    That sounds just about PERFECT!!! I love how close you are to civilization yet not TOO close! And having land is lovely!
    by tweedledee at 02/12/11 4:29PM
  • zsha_zsha
    Love it!
    by zsha_zsha at 02/14/11 7:07PM
  • enyek
    I love it too! Congrats!! Our house is "only" 1100 square feet. Small has its advantages - my house is SO quick to clean! The grounds sound great for the kids too. I know you will make it a lovely home! I am so excited for you! Maybe sometime we can come camp in your yard...
    by enyek at 02/15/11 9:19AM
  • kerrielee
    Looks like paradise,on earth,anyway! Congrats.
    by kerrielee at 02/24/11 10:26AM

Picture update

  • beulah
    Love the pictures. They are sooo cute! Glad I got a chance to see you all face to face!
    by beulah at 12/29/10 10:24AM
  • shaneg
    Just love 'em!!! You guys got any snow?
    by shaneg at 12/29/10 10:30AM
  • purky
    Such cute little ones! Love your little girl's eyes in the black and white shot!
    by purky at 12/29/10 2:05PM
  • zsha_zsha
    SOOO CUTE!!!! I miss Nicoli already! Do you think he remembers me?
    by zsha_zsha at 12/29/10 5:07PM
  • jaydon
    Awwwww~ such cuteness!
    by jaydon at 12/29/10 6:11PM
  • thewifeofbud
    So cute! Next time you're here we need to have a play date!
    by thewifeofbud at 12/30/10 3:47PM
  • nycami
    Love these. Thanks for posting
    by nycami at 12/31/10 12:22AM
  • tweedledee
    Love y'all!
    by tweedledee at 12/31/10 6:56PM
  • mattmanua
    The second one of just Ivy looks like a mug shot! Too funny!
    by mattmanua at 01/03/11 9:18PM
  • enyek
    by enyek at 01/04/11 1:47PM
  • jess
    How SWEET!!
    by jess at 01/08/11 8:54PM
  • praguer
    Love the pictures! Hope y'all are doing well. We're fine, though a bit chilly!
    by praguer at 01/28/11 8:41AM

Time marches on...

By the way, in my previous post Nicolai was on the left, and Ivy on the right. :-)
  • _sylviaanne_
    adorable! Ivy is so cute! She looks like Mr.Lee!
    by _sylviaanne_ at 07/07/10 3:05PM
  • purky
    Too Cute!!!
    by purky at 07/07/10 3:59PM
  • lindseymarie
    Oh, she is so cute!!! I love her smile! :)
    by lindseymarie at 07/08/10 6:45PM
  • nycami
    Just precious!
    by nycami at 07/09/10 6:00AM
  • jess
    So cute!!
    by jess at 07/10/10 11:10PM
  • comade
    Love them! Enjoy your visit this week. Meredith wanted to go to Nicolai's house too.
    by comade at 07/11/10 2:50PM
  • shelbysmom
    What a beautiful smile! I missed the previous post but WOW they look so much alike!
    by shelbysmom at 07/23/10 10:12PM
  • praguer
    Yes, made it safely back! Long and hot, but had a good time. Still trying to get around to writing a post about it. But first, I have to prep for our Ladies' Bible class at Kamenice. Will miss you there!
    by praguer at 07/25/10 2:04PM