10/08/09 6:45PM

Well, not much is new except my belly is getting bigger and bigger every day. I'm now 19 weeks and the Dr. says I'm measuring 25cm. Yikes!! Anyway the pregnancy is going wonderful so far. I've really had it easy. No morning sickness or other major problems. Just the headaches once in a while and I felt tired a lot in the first trimester, but all that has pretty much passed. I can't wait to find out what we are having. We have an ultra sound next week so if it works out we will find out then.

Wow it has been a while

Wow, I can’t believe it has been 2 years since I have been on here. That is crazy!! A lot has happened over the past 2 years. So to give a quick update for those of you who aren’t on facebook. Jon and I bought a house in September of ’07. I graduated from nursing school this past may, and started my job as an RN in June. Best of all Jon and I are expecting twins. We have been praying for a baby for a long time so we are both super excited. I’m about 12 weeks…and haven’t had hardly any sickness. I’m so lucky. I hope everyone is doing well. I’ll try not to wait 2 years for my next post.
  • beckyroo
    Twins! I thought I saw something about that on Facebook! :-) That is so exciting! Congratulations. :-)
    by beckyroo at 08/24/09 12:16AM
  • maddieandiansmama
    Congrats! We had a set of twins born to someone from church last October (girls) and there is another set coming in December (boys). I am going to stop drinking the water around here!
    by maddieandiansmama at 08/24/09 11:49AM
  • sar
    :) How exciting to be having twins....I always wanted twins!
    by sar at 08/24/09 6:56PM
  • butterflyhomerachel
    I was shocked to see you posted! I'm so excited for you!!!!!!!
    by butterflyhomerachel at 09/01/09 3:33PM


It has been forever since I’ve updated my blog so I thought I better get on it. I’ve been really busy at work and other stuff. Since I got back from WI I’ve taken over as the lead teacher in my classroom. My boss hasn’t been able to find anyone to fill the position, so I’ve been doing it for about a month. It is a lot more work but the extra money is nice.

I got my hair cut and highlighted a few weeks ago. I had about 5 inches cut off. My hair is still below my shoulders. I can’t believe that my hair was that long. Here is a few pics for you Jaime…She asked me to post a pic of my new hair. Before and after I styled it.

Not much else is new. I’m getting ready for Rachel Cox’s wedding only one week away. Wow this summer has flown buy. Soon I’ll be back in school and then the fun is over.

Well I guess that’s all for now. I hope everyone is doing well.
  • jaimer
    You are so pretty!
    by jaimer at 07/27/07 11:35PM
  • jodimn
    Love the new haircut! Wish I could see you at the wedding:(
    by jodimn at 07/28/07 11:15AM
  • flychic
    Ooooo Tonya! You look hot!
    by flychic at 07/28/07 7:20PM
  • flychic
    When are you flying into Tampa?
    by flychic at 07/28/07 7:20PM
  • butterflyhomerachel
    Very pretty!!! Actually, Bitty's right..."You look Hot!"
    by butterflyhomerachel at 07/30/07 9:36AM
  • littledieman
    by littledieman at 08/01/07 1:37PM
  • jodimn
    Thank you so much for sending wedding pics. I'd been anxious to see some!
    by jodimn at 08/06/07 3:49PM
  • curlie
    You are gorgeous!
    by curlie at 08/06/07 9:08PM
  • ambermarie
    Hey, we're having a party for Jenna Sept 1 at 2:30. That's Labor Day weekend and the Chandler boys are coming too and staying through Monday. Plan for lots of partying that weekend if you can!
    by ambermarie at 08/11/07 6:01PM
  • flychic
    Happy New Year! Time for a new update :)
    by flychic at 01/02/08 9:58AM

Caitlyn is finally here

After about 5 miles of walking yesterday Caitlyn is here. We went to the hospital last night at about 11pm and she was delivered at about 6:36 am this morning. It was a rough night. I slept for about 30 min. Jake slept a little more. We were going to take shifts helping Jaime, but I couln't sleep anyway. Jaime did wonderful...all natural...no meds. I don't know how she was abot to handle it so well after being awake for nearly 24 hours straight plus all the walking we did the day before.

Caitlyn is beautiful and healthy! And the boys love her. I will let Jake and Jaime tell you the details on the rest. Thanks everyone for your prayers! Here is one Pic.

  • butterflyhomerachel
    AWWWWWEEE...SOOOO glad you were able to be there! What a sweetie!
    by butterflyhomerachel at 06/11/07 10:44AM
  • tamerten98
    my beautiful neice
    by tamerten98 at 06/11/07 7:30PM
  • rachiedoom
    yay for a new niece!!...i just got back to lexington, so you should give me a call when you get back...be careful!!
    by rachiedoom at 06/11/07 10:10PM
  • butterflyhomerachel
    I'm a little biased, but the dress is gorgeous!
    by butterflyhomerachel at 06/12/07 8:32AM
  • flychic
    Oh cute. Congratulations Jaime and Jake!
    by flychic at 06/13/07 11:05AM
  • steph
    thanks i think i did good on them
    by steph at 06/15/07 6:22PM
  • jodimn
    Congrats Auntie!!!!
    by jodimn at 06/26/07 9:45AM

Wisconsin...still no baby

Well I'm still in WI. There is no baby yet, so we have been trying to keep busy doing other stuff. We have done a lot of walking and things but I guess Caitlyn will just come when she is ready. I had a flight back to Ky on Monday night, but I talked to my boss and she said I could have off the rest of next week so I'm going to stay one more week. Lord willing Jon is going to come up next weekend and I will ride back with him.

I have still had a lot of fun we went to the gymnastics gym yesterday with caleb and Josiah. They had a lot of fun and so did I. We went to the library and the mall today, and if there still isn't a baby Jaime and I are going to go to a bead show tomorrow, but we'll see.

I hope every thing is going well for everyone.
  • butterflyhomerachel
    I hope you get to see the baby! Hurry up, Caitlyn!!!
    by butterflyhomerachel at 06/08/07 1:34PM
  • butterflyhomerachel
    Too bad you won't be there at the end of June! :(
    by butterflyhomerachel at 06/08/07 1:35PM
  • jodimn
    Glad you having fun! Hope the baby comes soon. It's so hard to wait...
    by jodimn at 06/08/07 2:48PM
  • tamerten98
    maybe jaime needs to jump on the trampoline or something
    by tamerten98 at 06/08/07 4:08PM