I've missed this place....

I know I am not on here much and on that evil Facebook too much, but I just wanted to wish everyone in Pleo land a



  • justg
    and back to you and your precious family!!
    by justg at 12/22/15 6:41PM
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    by whipsmile at 12/23/15 9:23AM
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    Merry Christmas and Happy New Years to you to!

    Hanging out on Facebook doesn't mean you can't stop by for a couple of minutes each day! :-)
    by tgatzajr at 12/29/15 8:01AM
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    I was just thinking that today. I need to start writing again.
    by srching4trth at 03/14/16 3:36PM

In honor of my grandmother....

Two days ago we lost my grandma Brinegar. She got an infection that is usually routine procedure and treatable, but it appears that her system was overwhelmed and unfortunately, it took her life. She lived many years on this earth and did many deeds that I know God the righteous judge will weigh when she meets him. In her honor, I wanted to repost this that I wrote a few years ago. I have to admit that I looked it up when I heard of her death and my mother told me that she also had pulled out her copy and it had brought comfort to her.

An old cast iron skillet....
at 01/31/10 12:23PM
There it was, right on the counter. Black, well seasoned and more valuable than any non stick skillet you can buy at Williams Sonoma, my grandma's cast iron skillet. And not just my grandma's, before it was her's it was my great grandma's. It is nothing fancy. It has a handle with a hole that you could, if so chosen, hang it upon a nail for easy access. A number 8 is etched on the back of the handle. Access was the key for it was needed for so many good recipes. It was a pivotal item in my grandma's arsenal.

During a recent visit, I was doing a few dishes after dinner. I noticed it sitting there in all it's black, sprayed with Pam history and I felt something funny. A fondness that can only be felt from a family heirloom. Now it is not a beautiful hutch or a worn and well polished dining room table nor is it a set of china or silver, but it is classic and historical. It's story successful to it's very core aided in the beauty and expression of the culinary arts.

My grandma grew up on a farm. A fact that is like most stories of her era, but her mother my great grandma was a woman who even in the 1980's when I was little, wore braids, or a bun and a dress with an apron. She looked very much like granny on "The Beverly Hillibillies." She took me to her house, just a short walk from my grandma's, and ushered me into her kitchen. She did not talk much, but her presence was oddly comforting and familiar. She was part Cherokee Indian and was little with high cheek bones. Her kitchen was like stepping back in time. Clean, simple with no "decor." She had a table in the middle and a huge cast iron stove. I was, at the time, horrified and amused while I watched her feed the mice from the traps to the cats just outdoors meowing for them.

My grandma, her daughter, was a wonderful cook, always having to serve a crowd. She had six daughters and prior to that she had a family of 7 or 8. That skillet was used to make milk gravy, fried potatoes, eggs, pork chops, fried chicken any southern comfort food you can think of. My mom remembers her cooking in it and as a little girl visiting her, I remember my favorite breakfast being fixed in it. You see whenever Andrea, Ashley and myself visited grandma and grandpa B in Kentucky we wanted nothing more than a breakfast of biscuits and gravy and fried apples. We begged grandma to make it and eventually it just became what we had the morning after we arrived. She broke out an arsenal alright! A few skillet came out. One for milk gravy, one for eggs, one for fried apples and sometimes one for a breakfast meat. It was a breakfast fit for little girls who were going to explore the country for the day. Being from the "city" and having very protective parents who put our safety as a top priority at all times, exploring was very limited to our own fenced in backyard. To be able to wander from the house and hear cows and walk to Aunt Donnas and go splash in a creek and ride in the back of grandpas old truck on the gravel road, well....it was just about heaven.

Women of my grandma's and great grandma's generation did not have the easy access to education that I was able to obtain. My grandma only had an education that amounted to about a fourth grade level. But, oh, how they were smart and artistic. She was in survival mode most of her life. Which sometimes led to rough patches at times. But talent abounded! She cooked, sewed, crocheted, quilted, raised livestock, canned, all with imagination and a touch that radiated beauty in all she did.

Who would have thought that all would have flashed through my head while glancing at a cast iron skillet!
  • whipsmile
    I am so sorry that you lost your Grandma. I know how you feel.
    by whipsmile at 10/17/14 9:56AM
  • justg
    :) A precious tribute to your grandmother.
    by justg at 10/17/14 12:10PM

Baby Girl....

For those that only keep up with me on here.....

We are having a baby girl. I am thrilled and truth be told, was relieved to find that I knew instinctively what each of my children's genders were before they were confirmed to me. A mommy just knows!

Blessings have poured in on us and in my overwhelming moments of I'll be 47 when this child turns 10 and can I really start this all over again, I remind myself how easy God has truly made this thus far. For those of you that have not followed me for a while, my first two babies were early and my health was a chief concern for the duration of the pregnancy. This pregnancy has been going well. Made easier in part to the 40lbs I had lost due to boot camp and lifestyle diet changes. My prayer is that this last pregnancy can be a blessing and a good "going away" from the childbearing years!

Baby Girl will be named Charlotte Hope.

Charlotte, because I love the name and I think it matches in a Jane Austinish sort of way with Emma Faith. And Hope, because I had hope that I would have another child and even prayed for one and I want to always remember that the hope is a pure joy and blessing while waiting on answered prayers.....even if that answer was NO!

Hope these words meet you in a state of wellness! I must now return to those matters and tasks that I was using this as a diversion for!

  • whipsmile
    Like I told you, this was on our short list if we were to have a girl. I LOVE that name!
    by whipsmile at 09/19/14 1:57PM
  • justg
    So happy for you and your precious family!
    I'm a bit partial to the name Charlotte! :)
    by justg at 09/19/14 8:34PM
  • curlie
    I am very impressed. We predicted four boys and have one... ;) Love the name!
    by curlie at 09/21/14 11:10AM

how many?......

Table of 5 please, for Pickard. The Lord has answered a prayer. I feel like Hannah when she says, "for him I prayed to The Lord." Funny thing is I had stopped praying this year. I had become a bit content with how life was with the four of us and it was in that attitude and frame of mind that The Lord choose to bless me.

And even after a well meaning but tackless comment by a lady at church about my age, I have come to find that I am not the oldest pregnant woman in record....not by a long shot!

We would still appreciate your prayers for my health and the babies till his or her arrival.
  • whipsmile
    Gonna be honest. This one surprised me when you announced it. :-)
    So happy for you.
    by whipsmile at 06/24/14 3:44PM
  • justg
    Happy for you and Tommy.
    Most people, in my experience, are well-meaning.
    Enjoy this pregnancy....it's an adventure! xoxo
    by justg at 06/24/14 8:11PM
  • tgatzajr
    Congratulations! I will be praying for you guys! We only had two little girls (well not little anymore) and I know it will be wonderful with a house full. I'm really glad to hear the good news!
    by tgatzajr at 06/24/14 10:05PM
  • curlie
    I'm happy for you. :) Congrats!
    by curlie at 06/26/14 12:58AM
  • heatheronthehill
    Really, really happy for you! This is a wonderful blessing from God!
    by heatheronthehill at 06/26/14 12:53PM

Stopping in.....

I'm still here!

Spring has sprung!

I love azaleas!

Bugs are back.....

I'm surviving motherhood, well today anyway.

I really wish I had a Starbucks coffee in my hand right now! Maybe I should go back out for coffee. ;)
  • whipsmile
    YAY FOR SPRING!!!!!!
    by whipsmile at 04/21/14 11:23AM
  • justg
    Yes...Zach takes great delight X 2!!!
    Hang in!
    by justg at 05/30/14 6:51PM