"Marriage is designed to make you Holy, not happy." - unknown

I really enjoyed pondering this quote I came across from a friend. It can sound cynical if you want it to, but the more I ponder it, the more I appreciate it. It reminds me just how important our relationship is, to help each other get closer to our Creator every day. The good thing is, we get to be happy because we share that common goal through the good times, bad times, sickness, and health... :) I know marriage is not easy, but I am so glad God blessed me with such a wonderful man/leader for our family.
  • aleta
    Great thoughts, and you have such a beautiful little girl now! She is absolutely adorable!
    by aleta at 04/23/13 2:56PM
  • squeaky
    Somehow I missed your having that sweet little girl. She is a cutie.
    by squeaky at 04/24/13 10:05AM
  • ginnyann
    Hi! we are auburn fans and saw this blog and thought I would say hey! I am Ginny who are you?
    by ginnyann at 10/06/13 5:24PM



Coming Soon...February 2013

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  • aleta
    Congratulations!!!!! That is wonderful news!
    by aleta at 06/23/12 7:21AM
  • squeaky
    How exciting. Congradulations.
    by squeaky at 06/23/12 7:58AM
  • missysnapp
    That's so awesome! Congrats to you both!!
    by missysnapp at 06/24/12 2:45PM
  • uogir
    Awww...happy pregnancy!
    by uogir at 06/24/12 11:11PM
  • wise
    by wise at 06/25/12 10:13PM
  • michelle
    Oh, congratulations!
    by michelle at 07/06/12 10:34AM
  • justjoey
    I miss you guys! Naming after me, right!?
    by justjoey at 09/06/12 8:34PM
  • tickets
    Yes, Joey...we picked a name with a 'J' :)
    by tickets at 04/01/13 11:43PM

Our Wedding, 12/17/2011

Wedding Slideshow –

Part 1 (Pre-wedding & Ceremony) –

Part 2 (Post-wedding & Reception) –

Gettin' married! :)
  • squeaky
    You don't post very often but when you do you have great post. Congradulations.
    by squeaky at 12/08/11 1:10PM
  • aleta
    I'm so happy for you and Dave!!!! Gene and I will be attending a wedding on that day and I'll be thinking of you, too!
    by aleta at 12/08/11 10:46PM
  • mjintexas
    Congrats! :)
    by mjintexas at 12/10/11 11:30PM
  • lynny
    Oh Laura!! Congratulations!!!
    by lynny at 12/11/11 5:34PM
  • wise
    by wise at 12/13/11 7:49AM
  • tickets
    Hi mr_and_mrs_berry, yes they are now my family! The little girl's name is Alayna (mom is Jessica) and they actually don't even love in PA anymore! I showed her your comment though and they say hi! :) Thanks for writing!
    by tickets at 06/22/12 11:12PM