camp was basically amazing and im still suffering from its buzz

yeah thats basically all it was AMAZING!... i kinda dont see how people believe camp is boring... i loved it... and i cant get over it...! i miss walking with chip to the showers in the morning...i miss all the walking from bucks.... i miss pretty much everything and everyone

im good i guess...

well mi family is gone... its just me and me mom... also ive happened upon spraining mi ankle which ticks me off... also ive been roofing with a friend of mine... its slow but i get good pay... with not taxes... also ive been trying to find a job... i stooped to a low level and put in an application at McDonalds... trying to become a mcworker... lol... ok peace yos...
  • abrahamp
    by abrahamp at 06/22/06 9:18PM
  • abrahamp
    McWorker... Dude that'd be so funny.
    by abrahamp at 06/22/06 9:18PM
  • jusplayin
    guess what??? i get to see you in less than 2 weeks!
    by jusplayin at 07/10/06 8:00PM

Something New For Once...

well, i finally graduated! yeah i graduated 2 years early... as one friend said i was an overachiever... o well... well... yeah the whole weekend was crazy... juat to let u know, paul peters, PP, is not comin to camp this year because he works at UPS... and he has no leave soo.... yeah just cry... i know i have... jk... well peace
  • jusplayin
    wow thats not cool about Paul. i'd rather hold off on full time jobs until i've lived my childhood, but thats just me. what are you doing now? thats something else i want to do-go to school living my childhood there too!
    by jusplayin at 05/22/06 8:15PM
  • deusvitae
    Congratulations, sir.
    by deusvitae at 05/22/06 9:09PM
  • curlie
    Congratulations! :)

    This makes me feel VERY old. What are you going to do now?
    by curlie at 05/22/06 9:39PM
  • nancer23
    way to go kyle!
    by nancer23 at 05/24/06 3:25PM
  • sammi
    by sammi at 05/25/06 8:39PM
  • abrahamp
    i'm gonna do that.
    by abrahamp at 05/25/06 10:58PM
  • abrahamp
    LOL i hope u become a good man some day.
    by abrahamp at 05/25/06 10:59PM
  • abrahamp
    Dude all the ladies are gonna be mad that Paul is not there.
    by abrahamp at 05/25/06 11:03PM

Duke (upset) by LSU

Yeah they lost last night... Redick scored 11 points and they couldnt convert without him... LSU played a hard defensive game and the refs were well... they were refs (kinda bad in my opinion). So i was thoroughly upset lastnight... so yeah... watever now the tourney means nothing to me now... so yeah
  • abrahamp
    Sorry dude, Is OSU still in it?
    by abrahamp at 03/25/06 12:34AM
  • nancer23
    that sucks.
    by nancer23 at 03/25/06 10:49PM
  • frolick87
    haha! jk i havent been paying much attention this season. . . opps! well long time no talk, yeah its been a while. i should stop by out in your guys' hood sometime!
    by frolick87 at 03/30/06 1:26AM
  • thediesel
    hey everybody jj redick won AP POY... its super cool
    by thediesel at 03/31/06 3:16PM
  • deusvitae
    He didn't deserve it, but good for him.
    by deusvitae at 03/31/06 4:04PM
  • abrahamp
    R u one at TN?
    by abrahamp at 04/09/06 9:35PM
  • nancer23
    hey thanks! we won tonight too! 2-0. its the first time in like 10 years we've beat bettendorf for fresh-soph!
    by nancer23 at 04/18/06 9:49PM
  • nancer23
    hey im keeping our record updated on my site so check it out!
    by nancer23 at 04/20/06 8:58PM

Applications... Aplications...

well i got off school... got a snack/lunch... and then i went to run... played a little (emphasis on a little) :(... and then picked up mi mom... then i went to the applications... i put them at pacsun... kmart... bergners... marshalls... and i think thats it... i wanted to get one from gordmans... and i walked in and was like oh no... that place was like completetly ghetto... and i didnt like it and walmarts was on a comp. and i wanted to get home... so yeah fun fun... Duke wins championship and JJ Redick for POY
  • curlie
    Bergner's is a really good place to work. I liked it a lot, and the discounts have gotten even better in the past 8 years, from what a friend of mine has said.
    by curlie at 03/20/06 9:11PM
  • frolick87
    isnt bergners closing?
    by frolick87 at 03/30/06 1:25AM