03/17/07 9:59PM

  • waynezworld007
    by waynezworld007 at 03/19/07 7:31AM
  • tortilla
    happy birthday post to chloe, huh?
    by tortilla at 03/20/07 10:08PM
  • tortilla
    itzabout time, bro. can't even believe you missed the show...whatever.
    by tortilla at 03/20/07 10:08PM
  • a_diamond_is_forever
    post or i will hunt you like cattle
    by a_diamond_is_forever at 05/17/07 1:36PM
  • haleyalyse
    you hunt cattle?
    by haleyalyse at 05/20/07 9:41PM
  • missgwenny
    huh? you hunt cattle Deej?
    by missgwenny at 05/22/07 9:33AM
  • thecarguy
    Hey Dallas. Its James Jensen.
    by thecarguy at 05/07/08 6:05PM

I am fine to the bone and I don't mean ham bone...

If any of you girls out there are looking for a fine young man to date then you really should meet me. Lots of extras at no extra charge.

Ask my sister for more details if you don't trust me!
  • a_diamond_is_forever
    haha i found you!!!
    by a_diamond_is_forever at 10/12/06 9:01PM
  • a_diamond_is_forever
    on the back put a one eyed smiley face. by the way call me
    by a_diamond_is_forever at 10/12/06 9:21PM
  • tortilla
    MUST ADMIT: I TOTALLY SABOTAGED MY LITTLE BROTHER'S BLOG! IT WAS PAYBACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    by tortilla at 10/12/06 10:17PM
  • rstimy
    cupid is at it again... she does this kinda stuff to me, too
    by rstimy at 10/14/06 4:47AM
  • rstimy
    tortilla you sly dog you
    by rstimy at 10/14/06 4:47AM
  • texas_kandikane
    lol miss ya
    by texas_kandikane at 10/18/06 8:09AM
  • a_diamond_is_forever
    howd you do your pic?
    by a_diamond_is_forever at 10/19/06 8:29PM
  • chimichanga
    haha my sisters free...i think... :O)
    by chimichanga at 10/20/06 2:06AM
  • tortilla
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY dear brother! change your dumb blog!
    by tortilla at 12/14/06 8:47PM
  • tortilla
    by tortilla at 12/15/06 12:48AM
  • lil_miss_track_star
    hey dallas
    by lil_miss_track_star at 01/01/07 12:25PM
  • sweetie2
    hey! i'm Sarah, i'm Sarah and Charlotte's friend. i was trying to do the cool tricks with the soccer ball lol
    by sweetie2 at 01/02/07 7:38PM
  • haleyalyse
    hey dallas
    by haleyalyse at 01/03/07 10:40AM
  • kristianbunny
    haha....nice advertisment! :P This is Shanna-Kaye from camp...idk if you really will remember me, but hi anyway!
    by kristianbunny at 01/04/07 11:47AM
  • mkluvspink
    this is mk...must be great meetin all these people on one entry...lol
    by mkluvspink at 01/04/07 10:09PM
  • runningblind17
    question! how did you do that picture up there?
    by runningblind17 at 01/05/07 4:51PM
  • amanduhhhh
    Ok, i think i know who you are. Like, do you have these really cool shorts? Because i might have you mixed up with this other person.
    by amanduhhhh at 01/08/07 1:02AM
  • missgwenny
    hey kim got ya good
    by missgwenny at 01/31/07 10:10AM


So ya...I havnt been on here in ages and I would like to apologize...school has just been hectic and I havnt been able to find time...I hav been missing everybody on here and the uplifting feel of this whole site! Well hopefully I'll get back into the groove of this site...
  • texas_kandikane
    lol miss ya
    by texas_kandikane at 04/01/06 8:59PM
  • tortilla
    finally, dog! i miss hearing from you since i don't get to see you too often. love you!
    by tortilla at 04/05/06 10:51PM
  • tortilla
    twas nice to see you yesterday, though! have fun camping this weekend...wish i could go!
    by tortilla at 04/05/06 11:40PM
  • krazyqwilt
    used to attend O'Conner Road many years ago...before you were born I'm afraid. Hadn't heard anything of the group in a long time.
    by krazyqwilt at 04/14/06 8:30PM
  • missgwenny
    hi my uncle dallas
    by missgwenny at 05/03/06 3:32PM
  • mojofosho
    hey man~ wow havent talked 2 you in a wile~ hope ur doing good and have a great summer!!
    by mojofosho at 05/30/06 1:48PM
  • mojofosho
    *HAPPY 4th*
    by mojofosho at 07/04/06 9:38PM
  • cattleman
    yes, it most certainly does have to do with the olivia tremor control
    by cattleman at 07/13/06 10:28AM
  • tortilla
    twas nice to see you, dearest brother. you need to stop looking like an abercrombie model right away! i noticed way too many girls looking at you and wishing!!!
    by tortilla at 07/20/06 11:09PM
  • elrossman
    hey man, it was great seein you this past week
    by elrossman at 07/22/06 3:53PM

Net Timout!

Warning: username:thecatsmeow has timed out and will be removed from http://www.pleonast.com if this page is not updated in less than 30 days.
  • elrossman
    by elrossman at 12/07/05 7:11PM
  • missgwenny
    by missgwenny at 12/13/05 6:34PM
  • texas_kandikane
    ok what up miss ya love ya
    by texas_kandikane at 12/18/05 4:10PM
  • tortilla
    you are so silly. are you ready for school to get back in!?
    by tortilla at 01/02/06 10:13PM
  • tortilla
    can't wait to see you on sat!
    by tortilla at 01/12/06 7:27PM
  • tortilla
    waiting, waiting.......
    by tortilla at 01/19/06 10:06PM
  • skatebordingrox
    Texas A & M rox!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    by skatebordingrox at 01/25/06 7:33PM
  • missgwenny
    are you ever comin back to pleonast buddy?
    by missgwenny at 02/03/06 3:27PM
  • missgwenny
    and by the way go UT! are you for te steelers or he seahawks.
    by missgwenny at 02/03/06 3:28PM
  • texas_kandikane
    by texas_kandikane at 02/28/06 10:07AM

Howdy! suggesstions please...

  • notcool
    My brother is pretty awesome but he can't play 80's tunes on the sax or do hand massage.
    by notcool at 09/10/05 6:32PM
  • thecatsmeow
    HAHA thanks both of ya'll I truly have great people in my life!
    by thecatsmeow at 09/10/05 10:22PM
  • texas_kandikane
    hi how are?
    by texas_kandikane at 09/11/05 2:59PM
  • texas_kandikane
    hi an a&m ad? what i thought u were a uter?
    by texas_kandikane at 09/11/05 4:09PM
  • mojofosho
    hey..just wanted 2 say hi..cant write much 2 day...doing homework..funfun...but ill try 2 write more later...love ya
    by mojofosho at 09/12/05 9:35PM
  • mojofosho
    heyhey...im at skool and for once i dont have ne homework...parta in the house!!...well i dnt really have much 2 say now either..lol...GO A&M...hope ur going there 2 so we can go 2 gether...hope everythnigs good..hows ur football team...mines not good this year...hope band is good and watever else ur doing...bye devil...lol jk..i love how we talk all the time..its like we are best friends...not...lol well ttyl...which will be never since we never talk...
    by mojofosho at 09/13/05 10:36AM
  • mojofosho
    SoRrY 4 bothering you up there...i was/am bored so ya sorry...
    by mojofosho at 09/13/05 10:36AM
  • davidmccrain
    Hi. Thanks for the greeting...
    by davidmccrain at 09/13/05 11:17AM
  • tortilla
    i love you and can't wait to see you all this weekend!
    by tortilla at 09/21/05 1:12AM
  • sarahpet
    i suggest you visit my blog more often. Then i will know you better and be able to make quality suggestions! ;)
    by sarahpet at 09/24/05 9:43PM
  • tortilla
    i have a suggestion.........new post!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    by tortilla at 09/27/05 5:18PM
  • tortilla
    by tortilla at 09/29/05 4:31PM
  • tortilla
    how cool are we!?
    by tortilla at 09/29/05 4:32PM
  • mojofosho
    love the pic..lol
    by mojofosho at 09/29/05 5:40PM
  • mojofosho
    glad u got 2 see her...cuz im not gunna for a couple weeks...:(
    by mojofosho at 10/02/05 7:15PM
  • missgwenny
    DJ u must (not optional) invite me to one of your thing-a-ma-bobers.i so want to go. i have never been to one of them they look like so much fun. is it just the band or do they play football too?
    by missgwenny at 10/05/05 12:22PM
  • meandyouforever
    sorry neither of us thanked you awhile back for the welcoming.. but thank you! :)
    by meandyouforever at 10/07/05 11:23AM
  • mojofosho
    ~can u say UPDATE~
    by mojofosho at 10/09/05 8:58PM
  • tortilla
    WOW, you must be REALLY busy to not have a new post in so long. I love you sweet brother.
    by tortilla at 10/11/05 10:42PM