Darth Vader's Wife

  • ceoltoir
    Hah! And their kids? Vader Tots.
    by ceoltoir at 03/20/17 9:37AM
  • tgatzajr
    ^You catch on quick!
    by tgatzajr at 03/20/17 9:46AM
  • kailua
    I think I heard Redd Fox say this the other night.

    The picture is great - pretty funny!
    by kailua at 03/20/17 1:35PM

A Good Day

My boss told me to have a good day ... so I went home.
  • ceoltoir
    That'll do it. Every day is one day closer to retirement.
    by ceoltoir at 03/18/17 8:39AM
  • misssonja
    HAHAHA -- good one.
    by misssonja at 03/18/17 12:07PM
  • kailua
    Good one - made me smile!
    by kailua at 03/18/17 1:26PM
  • lovescats
    by lovescats at 03/18/17 3:23PM

Filling Up The Car

I went to QT to buy a Dr. Pepper. I walked up and saw these two policemen looking at a woman who was smoking while filling her tank with gas, I’m looking at this stupid person thinking what an idiot. And the police right there too?!

So I go in and grab my Dr. Pepper & while I was in there, I hear someone screaming. I look outside and that woman’s arm was on fire! She was tossing and waving her arm around and just going crazy!

I ran outside and the policemen had put her on the ground and was putting the fire out with an extinguisher!!!

I go back in to get my drink and when I come out and I'm walking by, the policemen start to put handcuffs on her, and they were about to put her in the police car. I’m like what in the world is really going on?!

So me being the concerned citizen that I am (nosy) asked the policemen what are they were arresting her for?

Already figuring that her arm catching on fire would be punishment enough, Nope! One cop looked straight at me and said,

‘for waving a firearm’!
  • this_old_man
    Love it! Shamelessly stolen.
    by this_old_man at 03/06/17 8:47AM
  • kailua
    Shhhhhhh! What's that sound I hear?

    Oh - it's just the bad joke police coming to haul you away.
    by kailua at 03/07/17 3:25AM
  • lovescats
    You and John Sugg - HA HA!!
    by lovescats at 03/07/17 8:28AM
  • misssonja
    by misssonja at 03/07/17 10:05AM

A San Antonio Shave

This past week me and the wife went to the TMEA convention in San Antonio (Texas Music Educators Convention.) As always, the downtown area was beautiful and with the hotel on the river walk, well, who could ask for more. I really like these conventions because it gives me an opportunity to hear the All State bands and Orchestras practice and perform. It's really amazing what high school kids can do with music! We also attended several clinics, browsed the exhibits and enjoy great Mexican food.

Shaving, however, is a different story. San Antonio has nice hard water. My first shave told me that the water out of the tap does not lubricate as nicely as my soft water back home. It tends to cause the razor to drag and doesn't interact with the soap very well. I had packed Van Der Hagan Luxury soap for the trip and face lathering was a little more difficult. The lather produced was not well developed and did not offer much lubrication for the shave. I also think that the Merkur Classic razor with a Voskhod blade were not good choices. I think something a little more aggressive and sharper would have done a better job.

Well Groomed Guy

Packing a pre-shave oil was a good idea. I almost made a mistake when I first chose the Shave Secret oil.  Second guessing myself I packed my Pre Shave Oil For Gentlemen made by The Well Groomed Guy. This actually helped some with the lubrication problem. It absolutely helped with the after shave feel and razor burn.
I think next time I go back to San Antonio, I will need to do more research with hard water problems and be better prepared to pack for it.

  • ceoltoir
    I never realized there was so much science in shaving.
    by ceoltoir at 02/15/17 3:56PM
  • kailua
    If it helps you feel relaxed, luxurious and special, go for it!
    by kailua at 02/15/17 5:01PM

I Hate The News

Is anyone else tired of trying to read the news and all you see is stuff about protest?

Personally I'm tired of it.
  • misssonja
    Maybe we should organize a protest to protest all the protesting?
    by misssonja at 02/06/17 8:30PM
  • joc
    Oh yes! I would like to join that ^ LOL!!!
    by joc at 02/06/17 8:37PM
  • ceoltoir
    Let's start a trend: law-abiding, God-fearing American. I'll make the t-shirts.
    by ceoltoir at 02/07/17 10:59AM
  • lovescats
    YES! YES! AND YES!!!
    by lovescats at 02/08/17 11:55AM