A Despairing Weekend

This past Friday evening, my dear friend and a faithful Christian passed from this life and into paradise. The complications from the annurism surgery was to much for him to overcome.

This afternoon, another dear Christian, a lady who has been with our congregation for many, many years gave up her battle with Alzheimer’s.

Even though they will no longer be with us, and we will miss them dearly, I have every reason to believe that the promises of God are theirs and that their habitation is now with our Lord.

I sincerely appreciate your prayers for us. Continue to pray for the families.
  • milly
    by milly at 02/04/18 10:21PM
  • misssonja
    Tremendous loss this week for you, friend.
    by misssonja at 02/04/18 10:49PM
  • ceoltoir
    I'm so sorry for you and the church there. I will continue to pray for you, brother.
    by ceoltoir at 02/04/18 11:13PM
  • joc
    So very sorry to hear. Will continue to pray.
    by joc at 02/05/18 11:20AM
  • lovescats
    I'm sorry for your loss but happy for their gain!
    by lovescats at 02/05/18 7:49PM
  • kailua
    Sending prayers, love and sympathy for you all. (((hugs)))
    by kailua at 02/07/18 12:31AM
  • lovescats
    Just read your post on Sonja's page about the contractors, your cabinets, etc. That's nice you're being a light in their world right now!

    Continued prayers.
    by lovescats at 02/21/18 7:39AM

Please Pray......

This has become a very trying week for us. Earlier this week a dear friend and member of our congregation was rushed to the hospital with an abdominal aneurism. They performed emergency surgery but he is not recovering very well. There appears to be other complications that could result in further surgery. He is in ICU recovering, but they are having trouble regulating his blood pressure and this is causing other serious problems He has been through a lot these past few months. His house was flooded by Harvey, his wife fell and broke her hip and he has been trying to rebuild and take care of her. This is something that the family does not need.

Soon after we received a call about my wife's brother-in-law's sister. She has been battling muscular dystrophy over the years. She was admitted to the hospital and is in ICU. The prognosis is not good and the hope for recovery is bleak. Muscular Dystrophy is a horrible disease. Especially when it robs a person of so much of their life.

If that weren't enough, another good friend of our family and one who worshiped with us many years ago before moving succumbed to cancer this week. This came as a shock to us for we did not know that he was ill. His funeral is this Friday.

Then last night the son of another member of our congregation was admitted to the hospital with severe pneumonia. He is in ICU and is battling fluid build up in his lungs.

I thought hard about posting all of this. It is not my intention to be one that brings sorrow to this forum. I don't do this to depress people, but it is because I covet your prayers on their behalf. I have stated before that I believe in prayer and I know that the prayers of the saints avail much in the sight of God. If you would, over the next few days, pray for these people and their families. It would mean so much to us. Even as we were so richly blessed by the help of the saints after Harvey, I seek the blessings from your prays for these people. I know that when you do, I know once again, we will receive the riches of your faith.

May God bless you in all that you do.
  • misssonja
    Glad you posted because we also need to pray for you, because as an elder you carry the weight of praying for these folks, imparting wisdom and encouragement, etc. I know how much I appreciate our elders (after many years with no elders!) and I know that your family, church family, and friends appreciate your loving support, especially during weeks like this.
    by misssonja at 02/01/18 10:54AM
  • ceoltoir
    I'm glad you told us all of this. I will certainly pray. I just prayed for you last night because I know you continue to carry many burdens.
    by ceoltoir at 02/01/18 11:02AM
  • milly
    by milly at 02/01/18 12:31PM
  • lovescats
    I so agree with the posts thus far. May God bless you and each of these individuals. You have prayers!
    by lovescats at 02/01/18 1:52PM
  • joc
    by joc at 02/02/18 1:12AM

Flue Season Statistics.....

In other news..... I just paid my Gold Membership for Pleo. Have you? :-)
  • joc
    Trying my best to stay away from those flues!!! I have an arsenal of supplements and just checked with the holistic doctor to see if I was on the right track.
    by joc at 01/29/18 12:03PM
  • misssonja
    Gold is a must
    by misssonja at 01/29/18 8:22PM
  • ceoltoir
    Yes, I'm gold too.
    by ceoltoir at 01/29/18 11:49PM
  • this_old_man
    by this_old_man at 01/30/18 4:13PM

Update On The House Boat

Things continue to move along with the ol' house. Not as fast we would like, but progress is being made. When I compare where we are at with other houses in the neighborhood, we seem to be right along with everyone else. We finally got the sheetrock up, floated and textured, most of the interior doors hung, and trim work with closet shelves are currently being installed. About a month ago we we got the last two windows installed. All in all I am happy with their work. The craftsmen tell me that they are so busy that they just can't get a break. In a way I feel sorry for them, but I am happy that they are making a good income for their families. The guy that textured my walls lives in our neighborhood and he said he won't be able to start on his house until everyone else is finished. He accepts it and is grateful for the abundance of work.

Physically, Im'm doing pretty good. Ive got a sever case of "tennis elbow" in both arms. The meloxicam was doing pretty good, but I was not liking the side affects so I stopped taking it. Hopefully it will get better over time. We are still frustrated not being in our home, but thankful for the help that our dear brother in sister in Christ are doing for us. Good people are in abundance these days!

The hard part still looms over us. Color coordination of paint, floors, and tile! Decisions, decisions, decisions! I'm color blind but the wife is not. So what looks good to me doesn't always look good to her. Anyway, it will come together eventually.

Here's some pics of the progress.

  • ceoltoir
    Doors! Yay!

    It's looking good!
    by ceoltoir at 01/15/18 8:42PM
  • misssonja
    Wowza, it is going to look great!
    by misssonja at 01/15/18 9:11PM
  • joc
    Looks like big progress! Happy things are going along well for y'all.
    by joc at 01/15/18 9:37PM
  • this_old_man
    Glad things are coming together. Tennis elbow stinks. Hope you feel better soon.
    by this_old_man at 01/16/18 8:27AM
  • chickadee
    Looks like it will be beautiful. So many decisions at once would push me over the edge. Lol.
    by chickadee at 01/16/18 10:52AM
  • ceoltoir
    By the way, frequent application of ice really helps with tennis elbow.
    by ceoltoir at 01/16/18 7:51PM
  • lovescats
    How nice it will be for you all to be settled again!
    by lovescats at 01/17/18 9:57AM

Happy New Years and Happy Birthday!

Isn’t he the most adorable little guy you ever saw? Hard to believe that he is 59 this New Year’s Day!

Hope everyone has a happy new year and one that brings you peace and prosperity!
  • misssonja
    May 2018 be a happy one for you & yours!
    by misssonja at 01/01/18 8:50AM
  • lovescats
    Happy 59th! I was 59 - once!!

    Happy New Year!
    by lovescats at 01/01/18 9:57AM
  • ceoltoir
    Happy birthday and happy 2018! May it be a far far better year than last year.
    by ceoltoir at 01/01/18 11:21AM
  • chickadee
    Happy birthday, Ted.
    by chickadee at 01/01/18 12:52PM
  • joc
    Happy Birthday!!!
    by joc at 01/02/18 1:48AM