Update On The House Boat

Well, things are looking up.

We finally got the junk pile removed from the front yard. These guys made quick work of it. The had it scooped up and hauled off in about an hour. It was kind of sad seeing it go. I had spent numerous hours digging through it looking for the few remaining items that could be salvaged. However, I did not find the two or three things I was hoping to find. It was really crazy. I would find everything that was right next to it when it was in the house, but not in the pile. Anyway it's gone and my wife had one last cry as they were hauling it off. A lot of our lives' history is now gone. It made me sad to. I still feel like I should be going home after work and digging through it. All that's left now is picking up the small debris left behind and raking out the front yard.

Our above ground swimming pool almost did me in. It was flooded with river water for days and was full of filthy water and fish. Yes fish! I had a school of mullets and a couple of chads shimming around in it. Anyway, as I drained it, I found that the liner on the bottom had buckled in two places all the way across the pool. It took me the whole of one day on my hands and knees to pull it all back out straight and the next day to scrub the entire liner clean. And the heat was unbearable. I got lucky, when I refilled the pool it all flattened back out and looks like nothing happened to it. Me, on the other hand couldn't even stand up to walk for days. I was sore in place I didn't know I had. Thank goodness the doctor refilled my Hydrocodone! Hopefully I can get it closed down for the winter in a week or two.

On the house, I've got the new windows, doors and master bath tub ordered. The plumber installed the new tub in the shared bath and should be finished with his stubbing in and modifications today. I had our yard guy come over and pressure wash the house and mow the yard. This guy really worked hard for us. I couldn't have found a better guy to do my yard. And finally, the contractor brought in a ton of sheetrock for the living room and study and they are waiting on the cabinet maker to tell the electrician what to do with some wires. Hopefully the walls will start going up pretty soon.

Now the really good news. The flood claims adjuster finished his assessment Friday and, with a 35 page report, is recommending that the flood insurance pay the full face value of the policy to rebuild my house and replace the furnishings. Now there will be about a two week wait to see if FEMA agrees and cuts me a check. Cross your fingers and say a prayer for us.

Things don't seem to be moving as fast as we would like, but then they never do when you want something back as soon as you can get it. But I am happy that it dried out nicely, and there are no apparent foundation problems. We will be happy, I hope, with the few modifications we are making and that everything will be back to normal before long.

And the saga continues.....
  • misssonja
    What an undertaking, ugh. I'm surprised your pool was salvagable.
    by misssonja at 10/31/17 12:21PM
  • sirtarin
    I'm glad things are starting to improve for you all.
    by sirtarin at 10/31/17 1:48PM
  • this_old_man
    Yay! Normalcy is greatly desired in abnormal conditions! :)
    by this_old_man at 10/31/17 2:34PM
  • ceoltoir
    You continue in our prayers.
    by ceoltoir at 11/01/17 8:19AM
  • lovescats
    I just simply cannot imagine.

    My heart breaks for you at the emotional loss you are feeling over so much of your history gone.

    I am delighted for you on the financial aspect. That is just great. Prayers that will all work out. What a blessing!
    by lovescats at 11/01/17 11:47AM
  • chickadee
    I agree with all the above. How is your friend Chris doing?
    by chickadee at 11/06/17 2:04PM
  • tgatzajr
    He is still stunned by it all. Chris seems to be doing ok considering everything that he has lost. Right now, I think that he just can't imagine life dealing him anything else that can be worse than what he is going through. We are trying to keep his spirits up and not let his faith waver. Talking with him, it is his faith that is keeping him going. As much as he is going through, I admire him nmoire than anyone I know. If I were in his situation, I think that it would destroy me both mentally and physically. Pray for him that he can get through this and find happiness once again. Thanks for asking. That means a lot to me.
    by tgatzajr at 11/07/17 7:44AM
  • misssonja
    4-5 hrs of sleep is about half what you need. It's probably near imoossible to manage all that you're coping with, so we need to be praying for God to hold your health in his hand and to supply you with the strength you need. Argh.
    Your friend is very much in our hearts, too. Life sure is doling out some powerful blows lately.
    by misssonja at 11/07/17 9:13AM

Please Pray For My Brother in Christ

Please pray for my brother in Christ, Chris Lisenby. This man has had to bear more tragedy in his life than any man should have to. A few years ago his wife was tragically killed. When hurricane Harvey hit a few weeks ago, he lost everything he had to the flood waters. He waded down a flooded road while safely guiding his neighbors keeping them on that road. He spent most of the night soaking wet on a park bench shivering in cold wet clothes. Now, this weekend his youngest son was tragically killed in a motorcycle accident. We laid his son to rest yesterday afternoon.

Even though his faith in Christ is keeping him going, he is struggling with the "why, why me." This man has been the greatest inspiration of hope and faith to me, and it is more than I can bear to watch him go through so much pain and agony. Loosing your home is nothing compared to loosing your wife and children. My love and respect for this man knows no bounds.

This is a good man and one that deserves to have peace in his life. Pray that God will give it to him. Please, pray for him.
  • ceoltoir
    I prayed.
    by ceoltoir at 10/19/17 10:29AM
  • sirtarin
    by sirtarin at 10/19/17 11:22AM
  • joc
    by joc at 10/19/17 12:28PM
  • misssonja
    How devastating! I cannot imagine his suffering and heartache. I am thankful that he has a loving brother & shepherd in you.
    by misssonja at 10/19/17 3:28PM
  • lovescats
    Oh this is just so sad. I am so, so sorry. I will pray for him. I cannot even begin to imagine.
    by lovescats at 10/20/17 8:10AM
  • this_old_man
    by this_old_man at 10/20/17 11:17AM
  • chickadee
    I agree with Misssonja... can not even imagine.
    by chickadee at 10/20/17 9:42PM

Update On The Waterfront Property

Well, things are looking up some. We got the house cleaned out, sheetrock stripped to the ceiling, nails pulled from the studs, the studs have been treated for mold and termite remediation, electrical outlets and switches replaced, and outside AC unit replaced, wood floor and tile stripped out and the rest of the floors scraped and cleaned. I thought about being the contractor for the work myself but then I started a list of things that had to be done. At 130 line items I said "I don't think so." Just dealing with the electricians and AC repair guys found me going to work, just to have to leave and come back home, then back to work and then on the phone half the day. Not worth my sanity. I talked with a local contractor last Friday and hired him to do the job. He came well recommended by several people. I'm glad that he is local because he uses local craftsmen and deals with local businesses. Maintaining a reputation where you live and work is important to him so I believe that he will do me a good job and if there are any problems, it will be easy to get them resolved. With a major flooding like we had in our town, a lot of "experts" from all over the country are showing up.

I can't tell you how taken back I have been to see the response that Christians from around the country, Germany and Canada have responded to the Church's situation in Vidor. We have received so much in basic supplies that it has literally filled up every room in our church building. We have received a constant financial support for those of our congregation that were effected and even people have driven in from around Texas, Washington state, Mississippi, Georgia and Missouri to help us. All of this has literally brought me to tears!

I would be amiss to tell the world what wonderful people we have here on Pleo. Ceoltoir came down with Mathias and Ben to help us for a couple of days. They were a big help! Those two boys worked pretty hard for us and are, in my opinion, two great guys that are destined to be great husbands, fathers, and leaders. I will never forget what they did for me. Great Guys! And I would be amiss if I didn't mention what This Old Man and his wife did for us. The personal sacrifices that these people made for me and my wife will never be forgotten. Even when I get Alzheimer's! Thank you so much!

And my love and appreciation goes out to all who have prayed for us and shared in our sorrows. I have such great friends on Pleonast!

We finally got our cars replaced and here is my new ride! It will probably be my last. At 58 years old, and doing the math, if I keep it for 15 years, we will probably become a one car family. It is the second truck that I have ever owned. In our family my wife always got the new one and I received the old "hand me down" cars. So I never really had an opportunity for a truck. Its the first Nissan I have owned, but I really like it. Besides, I got about 3,5000 off the sticker price and they let me charge 5,000.00 so I got a lot of flyer miles added to my credit card! Sweet!

Well, things continue to look up. Lots of work still left to do, but hopefully it will pass quickly and we can move back home and establish some kind of normality in our lives. Still looking to retire at the end of next year. Hopefully sooner if everything works out.

  • misssonja
    Nice lookin' truck! You sound a little better and that relieves my heart somewhat.
    by misssonja at 10/05/17 12:15PM
  • chickadee
    Please copy this and message it to Kennon. He needs to be reminded (in my opinion) just what he started here :)
    by chickadee at 10/05/17 12:51PM
  • this_old_man
    Sweet ride! Glad things are looking up! Our prayers will continue.
    by this_old_man at 10/05/17 9:23PM
  • lovescats
    I am so glad to read things are looking up for you and coming along and you have a reliable and trustworthy contractor.

    How sad all these "experts" come out and take advantage of folks at a time like this.
    by lovescats at 10/06/17 9:40AM
  • joc
    So glad to hear that things are getting better! And to hear of all those good Christians helping.
    by joc at 10/06/17 2:44PM

Quick Update

A lot has transpired since my last post. My sister had her surgery in Houston last Friday and is doing well. She should be coming home n a few days.

Our home had 5-1/2 ft of water in the house. When we returned and opens the door... well it was not good. Not good at all.

The day of my sisters surgery there was a group of about 15 breathren from Lugkin that came down and cleared out the house and started tearing out the Sheetrock. I was in tears. They worked so hard for someone they did not know simply because we were Christians. They were such wonderful people.

I have been swamped with emails and phone calls for the last week. I have stayed up all hours at night trying to answer them all. When sleep finally came it was in short segments and waking up with anxiety stacks. The weight of my own problems and the weight of our congregation was bearing heavily upon me.

But things are beginnng to look up. The breathren from all over are helping us in so many ways. It's just overwhelming. And that's a good thing!

The pics below were from yesterday. We have increased the size of the mound and the Sheetrock is getting trim end. There is just do much to do both for myself and for the congregation I serve.

Thank you all for your prayers! It's comforting to know that do many people care! God bless you all!

  • misssonja
    Awful!!!!!! But so good to hear from you and especially to hear that you are receiving such lovingkindness and physical help. Our elders are looking for a home for the $4500 offered yesterday. Most there are not wealthy people. Sweet to worship with generous hearts!
    by misssonja at 09/11/17 2:12AM
  • joc
    Oh, wow! So glad you are getting the good help. Our one tree that fell is nothing compared to what so many are going through. Praying for you and your family and your sister.
    by joc at 09/11/17 10:35AM
  • lovescats
    Oh wow! I'm glad some things have happened to give you cause to feel better. I don't know if you have tile floors or not. And if so, if they are being completely removed and redone? I ask because I just saw someone posting pictures of where their house had been "cleaned" but they removed tiles and discovered all kinds of yuckiness beneath them because the water had gone through the grout.

    Continued prayers as you clean up and heal.

    We don't have elders where I am, but the men decided to send a check each month for the remainder of the year to help Christians in Texas. I don't know which ones in particular.
    by lovescats at 09/11/17 11:30AM
  • ceoltoir
    We'll see you tomorrow!
    by ceoltoir at 09/11/17 2:25PM
  • kamille
    Was directed here from ceoltoir's blog. You & everyone in TX have been in our prayers.
    by kamille at 09/11/17 3:12PM
  • kailua
    I will continue to pray for you and J.

    I am sending a hug to you via her.

    Love you Brother!
    by kailua at 09/11/17 8:43PM
  • friend2all
    I been think of you and every one in vidor, I am send you and Junelle a hug through Mrs. Kathy
    by friend2all at 09/11/17 11:07PM
  • sirtarin
    I'm so sorry you and everyone down there are having to go through that sort of thing, but it is also so encouraging to see how much brethren all over the country, and even in other countries, are finding ways to help. You all have been in my prayers, and will certainly continue to be! God bless!
    by sirtarin at 09/12/17 11:36AM
  • misssonja
    Another pleo post reminded me how vile the smell is after a flood. Having cleaned up after flooding in Eastern KY, I can almost smell it now, ugh. I think about you every day and my heart is heavy with your burden but hopeful that our love for you helps just a little.
    by misssonja at 09/12/17 7:16PM
  • lovescats
    ^Yes. some smells stay with you - ugh.
    by lovescats at 09/13/17 11:10AM

My Home

My Honda CRV is parked in front of the garage under the water. The other CRV and my son in laws Prius is in the garage.

The Neches river is expected to crest today. The weather channel said it will take about Seven days to recede.

We have about fifteen families effected by the flooding. I have been talking with Mark LeGendre, the preacher and fellow elder with the North Main congregation and he was telling me of the response from the breathren around the country is unbelievable. Financial assistance, materials and labor is being organized to help us and other congregations in our area. The love of the breathren knows no bounds! And our love for them and our gratitude for them is equally great!

I have posted what information I do know on our website last night.

North Main Church Of Christ

I appreciate everyone who has commented. Please understand my lack of replays at this time.
  • ceoltoir
    Is the church bldg flooded?
    by ceoltoir at 09/02/17 12:14PM
  • lovescats
    Thank you for sharing with us and updating when you can. You are in the thoughts and prayers of many.
    by lovescats at 09/02/17 1:44PM
  • joc
    Thanks so much for the update. We have been thinking of y'all and praying for you. I will pass this info on.
    by joc at 09/02/17 2:18PM
  • misssonja
    Oh Ted, I am in tears for your material loss and heartache. That is really hard to even look at -- just makes me sick. That is a real devastating blow to absorb; you (and so many others) must be hurting terribly. We hurt with you! It's "just stuff" but I know you have worked hard for your home and vehicles.

    Please keep us advised of the needs. So many of us are waiting to understand what is needed and how best to help. Know that we really need to do something to be of help! Until then, our prayers are with you all!
    by misssonja at 09/02/17 3:38PM
  • misssonja
    I was thinking this evening that tomorrow morning, you and so many other believers will be gathered, praying and singing praises to the Only True God, remembering our Redeemer, even as you are looking at water 6 feet deep covering everything you own. The Great I AM will be glorified!!! And I know He will bless you for your steadfast trust and worship, even when your hearts are heavy with loss and exhaustion.
    by misssonja at 09/02/17 7:13PM
  • dawnmk23
    Praying! My husband is going to Texas this weekend to help with efforts! You are in our prayers!
    by dawnmk23 at 09/02/17 8:21PM
  • sirtarin
    Praying for you all. I wish I free to come down and help!
    by sirtarin at 09/03/17 12:41PM
  • kailua
    I am overcome with sadness for you and J. My heart grieves for you and all of the pain you have recently endured. I will pray. Love to you all. (((hug)))
    by kailua at 09/04/17 5:25PM
  • misssonja
    We sung this Getty song at worship Sunday and I thought of you and the rest of the folks in TX...

    Jesus draw me ever nearer
    As I labour through the storm.
    You have called me to this passage,
    and I’ll follow, though I’m worn.

    May this journey bring a blessing,
    May I rise on wings of faith;
    And at the end of my heart’s testing,
    With Your likeness let me wake.

    Jesus guide me through the tempest;
    Keep my spirit staid and sure.
    When the midnight meets the morning,
    Let me love You even more.

    Let the treasures of the trial
    Form within me as I go -
    And at the end of this long passage,
    Let me leave them at Your throne.
    by misssonja at 09/05/17 1:02AM
  • sirtarin
    I don't know if you saw it or heard it, but Tim Berman and a few other others collaborated to write a hymn because of the flooding from Harvey which he shared on Facebook (several people said they were going to be reading it at there congregations.):

    Look, O Lord, on Our Distress
    Look, O Lord, on our distress,
    See our devastation;
    Grieve with us in our duress
    Join our lamentation.
    Numbed and broken by the strife,
    Crushed amid the rubble,
    We despair of even life,
    Helpless in our trouble.

    Hold us near in our despair,
    Wrap Your arms around us;
    Bind our wounds with tender care,
    May Your peace surround us.
    When our strength and reason fail,
    When our hope is waning,
    Let Your steadfast love prevail--
    Faithful and sustaining.

    Lift our eyes beyond our grief
    Lift our hands to labor;
    In our search to find relief,
    Help us serve our neighbor.
    So, as others see Your ways
    And Your consolation,
    They will join with us and raise
    Songs of Your salvation.

    —Zachary Olson, Joel Holt, Tylene Berman, Daphene Gibson, and Tim Berman. Lyrics copyright 2017.
    by sirtarin at 09/05/17 11:07AM
  • misssonja
    We sure would like to hear from you, Ted. You are on our minds every day.
    by misssonja at 09/10/17 7:54AM