T Minus 20 And Counting

Seems like I'm only making monthly posts these days and not visiting others as I should. Not much happening in my life other than the same-o-same-o.

Work has been insane. All I can say is that the inmates are running the asylum.

There's been talk at the plant of putting several of us on a 9-80 work schedule instead of the 4-10 schedule I'm on. This will effectively make me work every 2nd Friday. Personal time I really can't afford to loose.

In 3 months mom will be 90 years old and still an active hand full.

On the positive side of things:

We did add a 10 x 20 sunroom on the back of the house. Going to be nice when I retire.

I started scanning my late father in law's sermons and posting them on the internet archive. A preservation project I have been wanting to start for some time. I've scanned 37 so far and 37,000 to go. You can view what I have done so far here: Jack Thompson's Sermon Outlines

Current Stats:

134% coverage of needed expenses
99.36% of personal goal
20 (or less) months to go

  • misssonja
    If you can walk now, GO & start enjoying that sunroom now. The last couple weeks in the garden have been divine.
    by misssonja at 05/01/17 9:18AM
  • tgatzajr
    ^I've been plotting a garden out in the back of my mind. My only fear is it will probably look like the one on the old "Green Acres" show! :-)
    by tgatzajr at 05/01/17 10:25AM
  • ceoltoir
    You have lots to look forward to.
    by ceoltoir at 05/01/17 9:59PM
  • kailua
    A 10x20 sun room sounds like a divine addition!

    That is a lot of Jack's papers to scan. You can do it - just like The Little Engine That Could.

    90 years - WOW! She is blessed to have a son like you. (((hugs)))
    by kailua at 05/03/17 11:47AM
  • this_old_man
    How are you liking "Sword Bearer?
    by this_old_man at 05/05/17 10:16PM
  • tgatzajr
    ^ Sword Bearer has turned out to be a pretty good book. It's classified as an adolescent book, but the writer write in pretty good descriptive detail. So far the story is very imaginative and flows pretty good. I'm half way through it right now and it's keeping my interest peaked. I'm pretty sure I will be buying the next book in the series.
    by tgatzajr at 05/08/17 11:41AM

T - Minus 21 And Counting.....

One thing about working with big companies is that the great processes of yesterday is considered foolish and unbelievably messed up today. Hundreds of thousands of dollars is spent on consultants and their recommendations followed only to be thrown out the door when a new manager comes on board. I've been through many "new and the best" things in my career. What I have found out is that what works the best is the process that can done safely, planned quickly, and executed without a lot of effort and expense.

What has worked extremely well in the past is now being redeemed "unbelievable" and a "new, better process" is being setup. Well, we shall see how it goes. I'm always good with change. Breaks the monotony, even if it does break the bank. I'm not to terribly concerned. My career is coming to an end.

Speaking of career, I had a "one on one" with my new boss yesterday and he asked me what my career objectives were. I answered quite honestly, "Sit on my back porch every morning drinking Community dark roast and watching the squirrels." We laughed because he knows I'm a short timer. I did tell him though that I would do my best to implement the "new way" for those who follow me. That's the least I can do for my replacement.

Current Stats:

132% coverage of needed expenses
98.28% of personal goal
21 (+ or -) months to go

I better start stocking up quick on Community Coffee!
  • joc
    Congratulations on your preparedness! Have you watched any of the Squirrel and Slinky youtube videos? They are very entertaining. Artie got a chuckle out of them.
    by joc at 04/05/17 9:41AM
  • kailua
    Wow, you've got a lot going on. Sometimes even things we have planned on and worked toward can be stressful.
    I will pray for your continued success and a great transition. Hang in there pal - you've got this covered!
    by kailua at 04/05/17 3:56PM
  • ceoltoir
    It looks like your last working days won't be boring. I'm very excited for your retirement!
    by ceoltoir at 04/06/17 11:00AM
  • lovescats
    Been there ... done that ...
    by lovescats at 04/12/17 9:03AM

Darth Vader's Wife

  • ceoltoir
    Hah! And their kids? Vader Tots.
    by ceoltoir at 03/20/17 9:37AM
  • tgatzajr
    ^You catch on quick!
    by tgatzajr at 03/20/17 9:46AM
  • kailua
    I think I heard Redd Fox say this the other night.

    The picture is great - pretty funny!
    by kailua at 03/20/17 1:35PM

A Good Day

My boss told me to have a good day ... so I went home.
  • ceoltoir
    That'll do it. Every day is one day closer to retirement.
    by ceoltoir at 03/18/17 8:39AM
  • misssonja
    HAHAHA -- good one.
    by misssonja at 03/18/17 12:07PM
  • kailua
    Good one - made me smile!
    by kailua at 03/18/17 1:26PM
  • lovescats
    by lovescats at 03/18/17 3:23PM

Filling Up The Car

I went to QT to buy a Dr. Pepper. I walked up and saw these two policemen looking at a woman who was smoking while filling her tank with gas, I’m looking at this stupid person thinking what an idiot. And the police right there too?!

So I go in and grab my Dr. Pepper & while I was in there, I hear someone screaming. I look outside and that woman’s arm was on fire! She was tossing and waving her arm around and just going crazy!

I ran outside and the policemen had put her on the ground and was putting the fire out with an extinguisher!!!

I go back in to get my drink and when I come out and I'm walking by, the policemen start to put handcuffs on her, and they were about to put her in the police car. I’m like what in the world is really going on?!

So me being the concerned citizen that I am (nosy) asked the policemen what are they were arresting her for?

Already figuring that her arm catching on fire would be punishment enough, Nope! One cop looked straight at me and said,

‘for waving a firearm’!
  • this_old_man
    Love it! Shamelessly stolen.
    by this_old_man at 03/06/17 8:47AM
  • kailua
    Shhhhhhh! What's that sound I hear?

    Oh - it's just the bad joke police coming to haul you away.
    by kailua at 03/07/17 3:25AM
  • lovescats
    You and John Sugg - HA HA!!
    by lovescats at 03/07/17 8:28AM
  • misssonja
    by misssonja at 03/07/17 10:05AM