07/29/11 5:43PM

Had fun at DOV camp this week!!!! learned a lot!!!!! Now Elaine is here for the week. Yay!!!!!!
  • nthnswmn
    What kind of things did you learn about there?
    by nthnswmn at 07/29/11 6:34PM
  • you_and_me
    ^Lots of good things. It was very very very encouraging.
    by you_and_me at 08/01/11 2:15PM
  • zsha_zsha
    Had a great time!!!
    by zsha_zsha at 08/02/11 9:04AM
  • happy998877
    Hay Tessa! I had no clue you had a pleonast!
    by happy998877 at 08/24/11 2:17PM
    Hay Tessa!
    by LIVE_LOVE_LAUGH at 08/25/11 12:20PM
  • you_and_me
    Yeah I had fun too. You left me satisfied, and smiling.
    by you_and_me at 08/28/11 2:55PM
  • you_and_me
    Ahem, hello my lovely ;D You should post. Like, NAO. I don't mean to be demanding or whatevs, but you haven't posted in forevaar!! It's like you ditched Pleo for FB.. *tear* And as you know, I'm not on FB. *deep sigh*
    I miss you. Terribly. I wish I could move in with you or something. And we need to get together soon. Maybe you could come to IL over March 23rd, and we could go see The Hunger Games OPENING NIGHT! (Which, is March 23rd).
    And then after DOV camp, I could go to your house for a week. Remember LAAAST year?? That was awesome. I had so much fun when we went to that park, and I wore those volleyball shorts, and there were those skater guys... Yeah. I hope you remember that. Because I do. It was funneh. I was also really scared, because.. Yepps.
    Well, you probably won't read this until like, DAAAYS from now. But I just thought I'd let you know how much I miss you best friend. *sigh*
    Lataa broseph.


    p.s. ... HEALTHCARE!! ;D
    by you_and_me at 01/11/12 11:10AM
  • tessa_1314
    Elaine... you are stupid... and i love you. :D
    by tessa_1314 at 03/13/12 5:11PM

07/02/11 4:21PM

i'm so ready for kamp!!!!!!
  • zsha_zsha
    Which one? Are you going to DOV?!? I hope so!! I am!!!
    by zsha_zsha at 07/02/11 8:34PM
  • nthnswmn
    HS camp? We're very excited about it, too!
    by nthnswmn at 07/02/11 9:14PM
  • thimbletack
    No, Tessa and I are going to kamp kenneessee!!!!!!!
    by thimbletack at 07/03/11 7:49AM
  • you_and_me
    I'm guessing Kamp Kennessee because "camp" is spelled with a K. :)
    But I'm super excited for DOV, and HSC! :)
    by you_and_me at 07/03/11 3:44PM
  • dellkim
    i miss you already!!!
    by dellkim at 07/09/11 3:43PM
  • tessa_1314
    miss you too!
    by tessa_1314 at 07/29/11 5:42PM

06/03/11 8:35PM

my family is reading, but i am watching napoleon dynamite. lol
  • zsha_zsha
    by zsha_zsha at 06/04/11 9:00PM
  • dellkim
    hey if you still get on this is Kimberly Shelton (i used to go to the homeschooling thing and i saw you at kamp.)
    by dellkim at 06/17/11 2:35PM

05/30/11 7:52PM

emily and sarah shaffer spent the night and we watched the three muskateers and then we watched barbie movies. we are so weird.
  • zsha_zsha
    Haha! Fun!!! I MISS YOU!!!! Are you doing to DOV?
    by zsha_zsha at 06/01/11 7:47PM
  • tessa_1314
    i miss you too!! and yeah i am. are you??
    by tessa_1314 at 06/03/11 8:34PM

04/13/11 1:45PM

saw diary of a wimpy kid 2: rodrick rules yesterday and i loved it! absolutely hilarious!!
  • you_and_me
    Yay!!! Man, I wish I could see it! :P
    by you_and_me at 04/14/11 6:02PM
  • zsha_zsha
    by zsha_zsha at 04/15/11 4:05PM