East Shelby Singing

Today was our first annual singing. We had 289 people attend. The singing was fantastic! What a great time to sing songs together for almost two hours...
  • vetter
    it was great. we'll see you at the meeting this week.
    by vetter at 04/27/09 1:14PM
  • lostntn
    It was good, all except for that one song leader that, well, you know...He needs some work :)
    by lostntn at 04/28/09 12:51PM
  • dressednyella
    Wow - sounds awesome!
    by dressednyella at 05/19/09 12:55PM
  • beckylboyer
    I don't know how often you check this thing but I wanted to thank you for your sermons at the VBS last week. They were the shot in the arm that I needed to get busy in our area. I also wanted to say that I love your kiddos and wife. You are very blest. I really enjoyed talking with DewAnn (sp?). And Luke loved your kids too. He told me Jillian was his new best friend. I like to be around other people whose kids are real. Makes us smile. Hope your work in Collierville keeps prospering with the Lord's blessing.
    by beckylboyer at 06/29/09 5:16PM

Long Overdue...Jillian's soccer game

Follow the ponytail..

PhotobucketIf you look closely you'll see a white sleeve sticking out in front of the blue player closest to the goal. That's Jillian scoring her first goal...
  • all_gods_children
    YAY!!! Jillian!!! That's so neat! What great shots!
    by all_gods_children at 04/24/09 9:10AM
  • kevin
    Pitching certainly lends itself to getting better photos. Less movement and the pitcher is isolated from everyone else. Some decent action shots though :)
    by kevin at 04/24/09 2:58PM
  • kevin
    As a side note, I will let my kids play whatever sports they want to play, but I will do WHATEVER I CAN to influence them away from Soccer. I'd almost rather watch grass grow than watch soccer :)
    by kevin at 04/24/09 2:59PM
  • terryfrancis
    I am actually coaching her team. DewAnn took the photos...
    by terryfrancis at 04/24/09 4:51PM
  • nacmacfeegle
    I have coached soccer several times, and while it is far from my favorite sport I like a lot more than coaching volleyball or softball.
    by nacmacfeegle at 05/12/09 8:38AM
  • nacmacfeegle
    Go jillian!
    by nacmacfeegle at 05/12/09 8:38AM

The other athlete...

Jillian played in her second soccer game today. The big news is that she scored her first goal!!!!

Pictures to come soon...
  • jdb1972
    The question: Did she score it for her own team?
    by jdb1972 at 04/19/09 4:17PM
  • terryfrancis
    Yes. My team has not scored a goal for the other team all year.
    by terryfrancis at 04/19/09 4:32PM

Pitching Pictures

  • turner120995
    Very fun! Ross will have this year and next with machine pitch. He will not be old enough for player pitch until 2 years from now. Meanwhile, Ross has really shown growth since last season. His team has played and won 2 games so far, but they are also showing more discipline and eagerness to learn. This season is going to be fun!
    by turner120995 at 04/16/09 9:12PM
  • deusvitae
    He's wearing the right uniform. :D
    by deusvitae at 04/16/09 9:46PM
  • ucnclmeal
    You can tell how much he's concentrating by the way he's biting his bottom lip! Looks like you have a growing athelete there.
    by ucnclmeal at 04/16/09 10:01PM
  • txwhittlec
    So cute! What a pro! He is a little Terry. :)
    by txwhittlec at 04/16/09 10:10PM
  • crazy_mama
    Awesome pictures. He's very into what he's doing. He looks so tough.
    by crazy_mama at 04/16/09 11:50PM
  • kevin
    He is most definitely NOT wearing the right uniform! Go Cards! Great pictures. Good arm angle. Maybe bend the knees a little more (can't tell by the pictures) :) Let me know how the season goes. Those first few years of pitching were just absolutely awesome! One of the best feelings out there, striking someone out :)
    by kevin at 04/17/09 9:00AM
  • orangemachine
    He looks so serious...and soooo much like you!! :)
    by orangemachine at 04/18/09 4:16PM
  • dressednyella
    Great pictures! He looks so grown-up! It was really great seeing you and your family in Memphis. It just made me happy. :)
    by dressednyella at 04/18/09 4:51PM
  • joyinthejourney
    Love these pictures.
    by joyinthejourney at 04/18/09 9:35PM
  • create_a_way
    these are GREAT pics! heather was right--he is definitely ALL boy!
    by create_a_way at 04/18/09 11:08PM

Peyton's Pitching Debut

One inning

Four Batters

One Walk

He also got the assist on the first out bare-handing the ball.

Overall, it was a great night! We won 6-4.
  • beckye2
    way to go Peyt
    by beckye2 at 04/09/09 9:45PM
  • kevin
    Sweet! Are you coaching? Team name? Don't let him start throwing curves too early :)
    by kevin at 04/10/09 8:28AM
  • kevin
    THE CUBS! I'm glad I never had to be on the Cubs :) Scorekeeping is how my mom met my dad. She was the scorekeeper for the baseball team at FC and he was the catcher. Right now I'm not coaching the 15-16 year old team that I coached the past two years. I'm playing on a men's competitive softball team with my dad and having a blast.
    by kevin at 04/10/09 10:13AM
  • all_gods_children
    Woot! That's awesome! :)
    by all_gods_children at 04/10/09 10:19AM
  • create_a_way
    Do we have another Bo Jackson/Deion Sanders type in the making???
    by create_a_way at 04/15/09 9:06AM