taking a survey

Don't be shocked, I'm actually posting...... I tend to do Facebook more. BUT I feel that my survey is best shared with a much small audience. Ok, at what age did you go through menopause, either naturally or by hysterectomy. This peri menopause things is driving me crazy!!! Today I've wanted to cry if anyone looked at me and then the next minute I was ready to tell the same people, "to get out of my face" I'm not even sure I'm even in peri-menopause....... I still have period every month, regular as clock work. I'm 49 years old, will be 50 in march. I have to hang out with the 25 years olds at work.... in case I need extra supplies during that time of the month!! (might as well make jokes about it because I can't change it) I feel like I'm going to be having to buy Kotex with my social security checks!! I know from a health standpoint the longer I have a cycle, the better it is for my bones, my weight etc.... but I'm really getting tired of it. FYI, I have no reason to have a hysterectomy, physically everything "looks good"

Any words of advise?
  • shaken
    Sorry, Patsy, but I didn't quit having periods until I was 60. The last 5 years were the hardest, and I almost had to have blood transfusion because I lost so much. I was beginning to think I would be the only 90 year old still able to conceive. lol. You get through it, just work extra hours to pay for Kotex! Know this is not what you wanted to hear, but you do get through it, and glad I did it naturally, too.
    by shaken at 10/09/14 6:59AM
  • theaunt
    This made me smile in a demented sort of way....I have wondered the same thing and just slightly older than you. I am ready for this to be over! Thanks for being brave enough to ask!
    by theaunt at 11/01/14 4:45PM

Merry Christmas

To all my pleo friends, Merry Christmas, Happy Holiday or what ever you chose to call it. Enjoy!!

Rejoice Again

Tonight, we had a very moving baptism. Chelsea is 17 a senior in high school, she is a friend and a basketball teammate of our preacher's daughter Sara. Chelsea started coming with Sara about two years ago, she would come with Sara on Wednesday night straight from basketball practice. She became a "regular" and we all loved her, she even came by herself when Sara was out of town. She was baptized tonight, her family was there one of the few times they have come to services. Never underestimate the power of the gospel. Sara is such a great example, last year during the height of basketball season, 4 of 5 starters were coming to services with her! We had a large group from our congregation that were at the basketball games to cheer them on. Another one of Sara's teammates from league ball, father was baptized last year, he and our preacher (sara's father) had coached together and started studying together, hopefully his family will follow at some time along with Chelsea's family. Two precious soul were brought to Christ and it all started with little girls playing basketball. You never know how a connection to Christ can start.
  • aleta
    What a great story and a refreshing bit of news!
    by aleta at 09/09/13 6:56AM
  • monk
    this makes me so happy!
    by monk at 09/09/13 10:27AM
  • derbydi
    That's great! Some of our young people are great about inviting friends.
    by derbydi at 09/12/13 6:56PM


My nephew Ben was baptized last week. Ben is 15 and has Down's syndrome, he is very high functioning and is able to read and write. My brother is law has been studying with him for a while, he told him when he could answer all his questions he would be ready. One may argue that he really didn't need to be baptized due to his mental capacity but he felt the need. It just does to show you how simple the gospel is to understand.
  • aleta
    That's wonderful! I'm sure he understands the love of the Savior and a responsibility toward Him. Praise God for his tender heart!
    by aleta at 09/02/13 5:00PM
  • textilet
    by textilet at 09/03/13 12:35PM
  • derbydi
    Happy for Ben and the family!
    by derbydi at 09/03/13 12:46PM
  • monk
    I love this great news!
    by monk at 09/04/13 11:01AM

How come....

No one every told me about the part of menopause/peri-menopause that makes you feel like YOU ARE TOTALLY GOING CRAZY!!!
  • aleta
    Because crazy people can't remember stuff like that!!!
    by aleta at 08/11/13 5:03PM
  • monk
    hmmm....crazy....yep, that sums it up!
    best wishes, girl.
    it's just the beginning.
    by monk at 08/11/13 8:40PM
  • derbydi
    by derbydi at 08/14/13 2:36PM
  • derbydi
    Probably the same reason why we are told that our precious little babies are going to grow up to be teenagers!
    by derbydi at 08/14/13 2:37PM
  • derbydi
    ^NOT told...
    by derbydi at 09/03/13 12:47PM