Veteran's Day thoughts

Laundry is my household nemesis. Currently, Mount Wash Me is again enjoying a period of great power, occupying the floor in my laundry room - the entire floor. On my unmade bed, a pile of clean laundry awaits further attention. Now, clean laundry (even piled on an unmade bed) is, for me, a small skirmish won. I sought out and captured a section of the enemy, temporarily imprisoned it in the washing machine, wrestled it into the dryer without neglecting it so long that it had to be reprocessed through the washer again and even marched it to a neutral area for processing to more permanenent type holding. So, I am grateful for small victories.

In this particular load, there is a lovely, soft , lady-sized, nightgown belonging to the rapidly and impressively maturing young lady growing in my household. There is a brightly embroidered pair of play pants for the spunky little miss who so often makes us all smile with her antics and contagious giggle. There is a homeschooling shirt displaying a suit of armor and an encouraging message to Stand Firm and Fight on the side of Godliness that is a favorite of my soft-hearted, strong willed pint sized champion for Right. There is a long, wrinkle resistant sensible, serviceable, stain hiding brown skirt belonging to yours truly. Lastly, there is this uniform.

Believe it or not, we seldom see this uniform in our household -because my husband is a wise and humble servant. He does not serve in the military for the glory or for heroism. He has no desire to be recognized in public for his work, his fears, his sorrows and sacrifices. He does not bring his work and its stresses (or rank) home with him. He keeps clean uniforms at the office, bringing them home in a bag to wash them himself, grabbing a few other items belonging to the family to complete the load. If he stops during his commute home (as he did earlier this week) to help someone in difficulty and provide a meal and transportation home for them, he does it as a humble man, proclaiming no obvious affiliation, but endeavoring through his behavior to always proclaim himself a simple Servant of the Most High. He carries so much, so responsibly -with dignity, strength and compassion. That uniform, lying on my bed, fills me with so much emotion. I am so grateful that he is here, safe, home to dirty uniforms in our native land. I am so proud of his willingness to fight for Right and for rights. My hero will fight on 3 fronts (don't forget it was he, mot me, that fought and won the laundry skirmish in question - he even fights some of my battles). I am equally proud of his humility. He is an inspiration and an encouragement to me. I am grateful for the blessing of having him as my leader and my supporter. I am grateful for the example he is to my children.

I am grateful for the reminder of extreme gratitude and contentment that I have found in my housekeeping enemy. I am also grateful that my hero fights along side me at home.

  • crazy_mama
    Mount Wash Me is always present at my home! We are heading to my parents' house for Thanksgiving and I am going to begin packing for the family next week so I am just focusing on washing and I am going to fold it all later net week as I pack it all up. That way I am focusing much more on school work this week than laundry! But currently my entire couch is full of clean clothes and our entire laundry room floor is covered in dirty ones. Ugh! It's really the story of my life! I think the only time my laundry is "caught up" is when my mother comes to visit. I never ask her to help me with it but she always just does it and helps fold it. I think it's the best gift she ever gives me!!
    by crazy_mama at 11/11/16 8:17PM
  • mountaingirl
    I love you all SO MUCH!!! Jensie, you know I am thankful God has given us such a "First and Honored Son", but I hope you also know how BLESSED I know I am that he brought you to us! (Notwithstanding Mount Wash Me!) 3
    by mountaingirl at 11/15/16 4:15PM

Wayfaring Scholars learn that a cup of acid is not a good travel companion...

We have driven 2 hours of today's 12 hour drive with 2 more days of driving to follow. We have stopped twice for the same kid to use the bathroom.

The 12 year old tripped and landed on her large lemonade - which flooded the cup holder and sloshed all over the car. It also splashed the very citrus allergic 7 year old - who promptly panicked and tried through tears to mentally shrink herself inside her clothing so the acid soaked cloth wouldn't touch her skin. Simultaneously she danced in tight circles of sheer terror, resulting in a bizarre convulsive jig. Spectators debated on the most reasonable next course, finally rejecting a round of applause, determining instead, with baffled expressions and raised eyebrows, to inquire as to what type of assistance could be rendered. Napkins. Please. And thank you - sincerely.

Change of clothing provided. Child assured us she could change immediately in the back of the car, which she did ...and crushed her cup of root beer. Cleaning crew moved on to the far back seat.

We are finally back on the road, cognizant of the need for a deeper wipe down of the car interior ASAP and debating a "only water and only in water bottles" rule. Wayfaring Scholars on the road again!

  • mountaingirl
    "I tried to relay this story to the nurse I'm working with, but was laughing so hard I was crying! You Wayfaring Scholars have the wildest adventures and Jensie, you tell the best stories!!!
    by mountaingirl at 10/14/16 1:43PM
  • sirtarin
    ... At least you're not bored... :P

    I hope you a safe and uneventful remainder to your journey!
    by sirtarin at 10/15/16 5:30PM
  • sirjerric
    Ah, the wonders of youths. I hope the rest of your adventure is less adventuresome. =)
    by sirjerric at 10/15/16 8:34PM

I miss using this social sharing site.

So, I'm pretending I'm not alone here on Pleo. ;-)

I read much faster than my youngest can read over my shoulder. As I quickly scrolled through an article, she read 'protest' as "Does that" And 'process' as 'princess?'.

I like my daughter's version so much better.

Sometimes the world can seem so horrible. It makes my heavy heart hurt. But, my loving God gave me children to refocus my energy in a positive direction and to lighten my heart.

Now, I'm off to re-focus on reading, writing and arithmetic as well as Psalms, Proverbs, princesses and Winnie the Pooh.

  • mountaingirl
    I LOVE seeing your name light up! I much prefer Pleo to facebook ...sigh...
    and I'm glad you have allowed her to have that better version of things! The world is very hard on us, but I am so thankful that our
    loving Father gives us hope and comfort.... and Wonderful Children, like you (and yours)!!!
    by mountaingirl at 09/21/16 2:30PM
  • crazy_mama
    Thanks! Good to hear from you!!!!
    by crazy_mama at 09/21/16 11:06PM
  • sirtarin
    I miss the times on Pleo of yore as well.
    by sirtarin at 09/22/16 3:45PM
  • quiltedmama
    See, not completely alone....
    I miss our groups here too!
    by quiltedmama at 09/24/16 8:57AM

08/14/13 8:55AM

Little lady asked, "If we went up into outer space and just kept going up and up, how long would it take to get to heaven? Why don't the scientists do that?" Insert brief attempt at explaining that there is no "up" after leaving Earth's gravity as "up" is a relative term. Then, I reminded them of the Tower of Babel...would God allow mankind to travel to heaven on his own pride and power? Then, I tried to explain that we won't be walking around heaven in our bodies. They are earth and will become earth again. I explained that I wasn't sure God allowed earthly bodies in heaven. I also tried to explain the vastness of space and the years and years required to go anywhere and contrasted that with relatively short lifespan of a human. She confidently stated, "Well, then scientists need to send Christians up so they can shed the bodies and just keep on going!" Duh. Why didn't the adults think of that one? ;-P

AND, there is a Doctor Who episode featuring a worm that causes you to forget the last few minutes if you touch it. I told the kiddos about it and said that I think we must have such a creature in our house. Today, the Lady said, "Mom, I know what your worm is. It's your iPad."

It must be nice to be 9 and to have such perfect mental clarity and complete understanding. Humph.
  • sirtarin
    Hehehe. One of the older ladies at our congregation keeps a notebook with her entitled, "My Brain". =)
    by sirtarin at 08/14/13 9:52AM
  • teathyme
    THAT ^ sounds like a good idea...
    by teathyme at 08/14/13 3:11PM
  • quiltedmama
    You know how you have to "name" your computer when you're setting up a network? Mine is Mneme, Greek muse of memory. :)

    Obviously forgetting is one of the fears that Dr Who plays on repeatedly, like the dark too.
    by quiltedmama at 08/14/13 5:35PM
  • quiltedmama
    I can understand the logic kids use for Heaven somehow being up, in space, or beyond it. There are multiple images in the Bible of rising to or descending from Heaven. Trying to separate the spiritual world from our physical understanding is hard, and more so for kids who are so concrete and literal.
    by quiltedmama at 08/14/13 5:37PM
  • mountaingirl
    makes sense to me! gotta love her reasoning!
    by mountaingirl at 08/14/13 10:50PM
  • chessman
    She's amazing. You're amazing.
    by chessman at 08/15/13 2:01AM
  • praguer
    Love it! And good to hear from you again. Hope you're all doing well.
    by praguer at 09/01/14 9:29AM
  • col_graff
    For most of my life I've had a knack for not being able to remember a word when I've needed it . Since the stroke it's become a plague. I'll want to say something, by the time I can insinuate my self into th conversationI've forgotten it. I can picture it, provide a 200 word description and remember 4-500 inexact synonyms for it, Finally when everyone turns his/her back and walks away and gets out of hearing range- I remember the word and 100 exact synonyms.
    by col_graff at 09/09/14 5:38PM
  • granny
    Oh, my! What a clever lady. But I'm sure you had a good comeback for the lady!
    by granny at 07/11/15 12:52AM

My birthday, my style...

I do not doubt that, had I been in good health, we would have gone out. However, as the entire family is still battling chest congestion and the baby still has an elevated temperature, no one kicked against the idea of staying in. So, I reclined on a sofa in a nicely air conditioned hotel room and read the 39 Clues juvenile fiction series. It was so wonderful to kick back and just devour one book after another with no guilt and little responsibility. Dearest brought my favorite Thai dishes for lunch. My family presented me with a matryoshka salt and pepper set wrapped in white paper that my eldest had decorated very stylishly with blue flowers and artistic squiggles. Seriously, it looks like paper you could purchase in the store.

A day with no housework (Dearest handled kids and dishes), one of my favorite meals, and I got to read more books in one day than I have in the last couple of months! Additionally, I did not have to get out of my pajamas, my fever seems to finally be gone and I had no fears of strangers in a restaurant surrounding my table and accosting me with singing and clapping while encouraging an eatery full of customers to join in.

Happy sigh.
  • misssonja
    Nice. Except for the air conditioning part, because it's about 22 degrees here and just reading that made me COLD(ER). :)
    by misssonja at 01/14/13 8:12AM
  • bradford_rebekah
    That sounds lovely. My kind of day. I've been sick too. I've been battling chest congestion/sore throat since Thanksgiving. I am finally better. I hope you and yours get well quickly.
    by bradford_rebekah at 01/14/13 2:00PM
  • sirtarin
    Sounds fairly nice. I hope you all feel better soon.
    by sirtarin at 01/14/13 7:54PM
  • crazy_mama
    So much yuckies are going around. Everyone seems to have something. I don't know of anyone else having a fever so you seem to be alone in that. Hopefully we'll get to see you soon since we're in the same city! Get better soon! And hopefully we'll all stay well long enough to see each other!! Hope you had a great birthday!
    by crazy_mama at 01/15/13 10:23PM
  • firebolt
    That sounds like a good birth, minus the sickies.

    Happy late Birthday! :)
    by firebolt at 01/25/13 11:36PM
  • granny
    SUCH a happy birthday indeed. May you have a great year.
    by granny at 03/11/13 4:49AM
  • praguer
    Hey! I sent you two emails, but maybe you haven't gotten them?? Please let me know. Thanks!
    by praguer at 06/13/13 1:22PM