12/15/06 9:31PM

R.I.P, Tasha's blog :-P
  • deusvitae
    Hope you have a happy holiday season and a good new year. :)
    by deusvitae at 12/23/06 9:40AM
  • lah90
    I saw pictures. You have red hair now!
    by lah90 at 12/26/06 11:12PM
  • napoleon
    dont leave!
    by napoleon at 12/27/06 2:31PM
  • flychic
    Tosh, take my quiz!! :)
    by flychic at 12/27/06 10:50PM
  • mr_gates
    hey ill program the guys in halo to give ur blog a 21 gun salute
    by mr_gates at 01/03/07 11:44PM
  • mr_gates
    umm ur blog was in teh military right???
    by mr_gates at 01/03/07 11:44PM
  • ctburks
    shall we commence mourning?
    by ctburks at 01/04/07 7:08PM
  • the_extreme
    I'm pretty rad! What's up with you?
    by the_extreme at 01/06/07 6:26PM
  • jesseruns
    Hey call me sometime!! Please! :)
    by jesseruns at 01/08/07 12:34AM
  • kytar_heel
    i was in clarksville the other day, that's why i tried to call you.
    by kytar_heel at 01/19/07 2:13PM
  • kytar_heel
    i havent' talked to you in a while, i hope your doing good.
    by kytar_heel at 01/19/07 2:14PM
  • kytar_heel
    well i was actually driving a delivery truck. but it occured to me that i hadn't talked to you in a while.
    by kytar_heel at 01/20/07 9:33PM
  • el_magnifico
    So....I thought you died or something
    by el_magnifico at 01/23/07 11:20PM
  • silly_nickel
    Are you ever going to come back? I miss you.:'(
    by silly_nickel at 01/27/07 6:20PM
  • flychic
    Do you every get on here to check your blog? If you do, call me sometime sis!! I miss you :(
    by flychic at 02/28/07 4:51PM
  • preciousgoldring
    Hey Natasha! I just now found you and you're leaving? (BTW This is JoAnna)
    by preciousgoldring at 03/12/07 11:19AM
  • fudge
    aww... I miss you..
    by fudge at 04/16/07 10:49PM
  • whisperam
    Hello???? R U there??? You need to get on your blog again!
    by whisperam at 09/23/07 9:39PM
  • whisperam
    by whisperam at 09/29/07 8:25AM
  • flychic
    Hello? Is anybody home??
    by flychic at 10/30/07 9:10AM