I enjoyed Meeko's first snow with her this morning. :)
  • rissaj
    I can't wait to be with Krypto for his first snow, I think he's going to love it! :)
    by rissaj at 12/10/09 10:33AM
  • dcroush
    I didn't know you had a pet racoon :P
    by dcroush at 12/14/09 7:12PM
  • emmybear
    you remember Gwen from our cabin? I stopped at Park St in Columbus and she went to church there-and she was baptized Sunday morning:) I was pretty happy I stopped there! It was great to see you the other day:):) Thanks for sharing some time and a irrationally large fudge brownie sundae with me ;) i'll be back for more of the mansion!! i think i shall buy it and make it my summer home-since it is a very informal sort of place....
    by emmybear at 12/15/09 2:56PM
  • take_the_wheel
    that is fantastic news! i'm glad you made it home, Em. love you.
    by take_the_wheel at 12/17/09 4:47PM
  • rojo
    Hope all feel better!
    by rojo at 01/03/10 6:59PM
  • rissaj
    by rissaj at 03/30/10 6:56AM
  • brooklyncutie98

    OK this is how it work's you copy & past this in a to a new entry \/
    And you TAG a bunch of other people and if you get TAGGED 2 times you put TAGGED

    1. What is your favorite animal?
    2. What do you want to be when you grow up?
    3. What do you like to do in your free time?
    4. What is your favorite subjects in school?
    5. What is your favorite sports?
    6. What is your favorite colors?
    7. What is your LEAST favorite animal?

    by brooklyncutie98 at 04/08/10 10:13AM
  • timthe2lman
    Haven't been on pleo in forever ... just looking around and had to say, ya'lls picture is absolutely wonderful. You two make such a lovely couple and we are so happy for you. Miss you.
    by timthe2lman at 04/12/10 3:37PM
  • turbo6
    Just wanted to drop by to say you are all kinds of crazy.... and it's awesome. =D Good to have you as a fellow Akronite finally.
    by turbo6 at 08/09/10 10:00PM
  • friedaj
    If it were not for you family in Ashland, I would have thought you dropped off the face of the earth. Make a post and catch us all up one the happenings of the last year and a half.
    by friedaj at 03/10/11 10:51PM

A happy ending.

*I stopped going to the chiropractor and found someone who I feel I can trust with my neck and back issues. I saw him today after work and I was very pleased. My neck is a little messed up (according to x-rays :/), BUT treatment has been making it feel better, so it's a very positive sign that things may stay in the positive. :) I am thankful I trusted my instincts and had so much helpful advice from friends and family. Thank you all for caring.*

Neal and I were having a pretty rough morning. He hasn't been feeling well and my neck has really given me the fits. It was nice to listen to Acts on the way to work. A very encouraging book for christians. It set a focus. We decided that we were going to have a good day.
When he stepped out of the car at school, we noticed how cold it was. Looked up to see 37 degrees. "Wouldn't it be so special if it snowed today, Emily? Even if just a few flakes."

About an hour later as we were both settling into our work day it snowed. We shared a cheesy text from our phones with eachother. I don't think I stopped smiling from then on. It was a nice moment and a nice day.

We made it to my appointment right on the nose after work, almost late from traffic. But stayed possitive. :)
We ate chicken nuggets tonight from one plate and we both had our special "chip" snack 10 minutes before we had to leave for our teacher's class. Running late .... We giggled the whole time.

Tonight we had our last teacher's class with Bob Dickey. (Made it with time to spare. :)) I continue to just enjoy the heart and energy this man puts into teaching the gospel. We did a group exercise on finding joy and rejoicing in the book of Phillipians and where it was focused vs. the world focus on joy. Talk about a focus set on where it needs to be. I enjoyed pleasant fellowship after the study with friends and with people I haven't really been able to talk with yet. It was nice, seeing how that congregation seems so very big to me sometimes. Little by little it gets smaller as I meet one more brother or sister... :)

I encourage you all to set your focus and aim true. Turn your wrong side of the beds into a adventure to find the right. Or the wall in my case, cause I sleep by the wall. ;P So....something, but nothing like that. ;) :)

"To live is Christ..." Phil 1:21 How true.

If you're a christian I hope you feel blessed and encouraged and if you aren't I pray you decide to be. There is only empty happiness without and true joy and rejoicing in none other.


I laughed and smiled so much more than I thought I would when I got out of bed this morning.
It's nice when a not-so-great day turns into a blessing simply when you just stop and start to realize that it is.

Sweet dreams.

  • smiley_face
    :) I love Philippians ♥ God is so good. It's so encouraging to know that you can find the good in a bad day. Love ya!
    by smiley_face at 12/08/09 4:02PM
  • emmybear
    hey em:) I'm thinkin I'll be spending Friday night and Saturday with my parents in their hotel because I'm not sure how late the festivities will be going on for the rehearsal dinner and wedding-however, I was planing on going to church in Columbus on my way home in the morning-could I meet up with you guys in Akron and follow you to the same church you are going to? Or if you gave me directions I could meet you there from Medina?
    by emmybear at 12/09/09 9:27AM
  • emmybear
    oh, and of course I mean to come over on Saturday as early as you will let me ;) can you give me directions and a good time to stop on by? do you think you would want to go on a run too, or no? I don't know how healed you will be by then!
    by emmybear at 12/09/09 9:31AM

Sly little buggers....

So...maybe some of you have had some good chiropractor stories, but I am not impressed.

My pain has pretty much tripled. And I now hurt in 4 more places than I did. I only went in for my neck and a headache. I'm a little (maybe a lot) frustrated.

I enjoyed seeing the x-rays of my spine. Those kinds of things fascinate me! :D It was rather neat to see my spine and to see that it was a bit out of whack. However, I am lucky that I know a little something about my body being that I do physical therapy. So, x-ray review and an adjustment up and down my spine was yesterday. Today was my first "real" treatment. I was feeling pretty gross last night before bed and even worse today. Hard day. (I'm sure any of you with a lot of back pain can relate.) I decided to give it one more try and just see what a normal treatment would be like, seeing how I hadn't actually had a "normal" treatment...just an eval, xrays, xrays report, and a heel lift. Besides, they do things different than I'm used to. I thought I would see how she took to my pain complaints and what she did to treat them. However, after this appointment, things just did not add up to me. I am a little saddened and disapointed to say the least. And still hurting. :(

I am not frowning on going to a chiro...I'm sure some of them are most excellent. :) However, this just isn't my cup of tea. :( I am going to see how I feel within the next couple of days and make a final conclusive decision on whether I'll go back and it doesn't look favorable, sigh. :(

I am still doing okay and still counting my blessings. I apologize for this blog if it sounds like I am complaining. I didn't write it to do such, I am more just disapointed and want to give you the heads up just in case you might try a chiro. I didn't go into detail with my experience, but if you're considering going and you have some questions, I'll try to help with my experience and few knows about ouches and pains. Perhaps, you can prove me wrong and know a pretty fantabulous chiro. If so, do share. :)

God obviously thinks I can handle this, so I can't let Him down. :) I'm going to pig out on those green tree cookies we made last night, rest, and ice up. :)

Moral of THIS story? See a physical therapist. (Kidding.) ;) Lol.

  • lorileigh
    I'm so sorry that you are in so much pain. I'm impressed that you are at least trying it. How about lining up a good family doctor? Maybe they can refer you to someone.
    by lorileigh at 12/03/09 5:39AM
  • emmybear
    aw, poor em:( sorry you're in pain-the most parallel experience that i can relate was when I slipped and fell on my tailbone-3 times in one week! I couldn't move without a twinge for like 2 weeks! and i was on vacation! thats tought for a 10 year old! if you're not better in a couple weeks, i'm going to come over there and annoint you with oil-i've heard that helps;) love you!
    by emmybear at 12/03/09 7:39AM
  • matthew_and_brooke
    I know a good chiro in ohio... southern ohio, though. The 3 hour drive (one way) would probably not be worth it though.
    by matthew_and_brooke at 12/03/09 11:46AM
  • funsahm
    You also need a massage therapist:) Chiropractors are like any other doctor...they may have the degree on the wall but may not have graduated top of the class. Know what I mean. They take a lot of research to get a good one. So I like chiropractor work, but only if their good.

    Honestly, massage therapy would be beneficial if you go to a medical massage facility. Even at chiropractic offices the massage therapist may not be licensed. Be sure they have a license and know what they are talking about. You have a medical knowledge so you should be able to judge if the person knows what they are talking about.

    I hope you feel better. If you need me to make a trip up I will. I hope you feel better soon.
    by funsahm at 12/03/09 5:24PM
  • katiebee
    I am with Sharon on the medical massage. However, as you know from working in pt, there is pts that will do medical massage. I know from experience that in order to get out the knots sometimes you are in more pain for a while. For me and my pt it was very important that we had good open communication about where it hurt and how it hurt. I am not a fan of chiropactors though to be honest, but if I were to go to one I would go to one that was a do or a md.
    by katiebee at 12/03/09 9:52PM
  • take_the_wheel
    thanks for all the comfort and advice guys. i think i have de-dramatized from the night i posted. i still have pain in my back. i am not big on doctors or the medical field (i know i'm in the medical field), it's hard for me to trust that kind of thing. i will probably get a second opinion, but my whole body hurts right now and i really just wanted to address my neck and headaches, since that was the only thing that hurt-i just felt like i got taken advantage of. it's a hard time of yeah to hurt. lately, i've been teaching Neal some massage and a few other things and basically how to be "my hands". he's been doing a really good job. very patient and a real trooper. i'm thankful for him and for you all who posted some comfort. thanks. :) i'll keep you posted.
    by take_the_wheel at 12/05/09 8:33AM
  • dragonmyst
    I would just caution to be careful with a chiropractor...Bill had numerous visits to a chiro for the same pain which kept getting worse, and it wasn't until he insisted on getting an MRI that they found what was wrong. The scariest thing is that the chiro was likely making it worse, and he could have ended up being paralyzed! So yes, doctors are helpful, but it's up to us that we make sure we're getting the care we need for our bodies! Take care of you, Ems. If this guy won't listen, go to someone who will be patient and helpful in figuring out exactly what is going on with you. Your health isn't something to mess with!
    by dragonmyst at 12/07/09 9:56AM

Crooked as a question mark.

So, last week, my husband and I were driving to work and got in a little bit of fender bender. We stopped, the guy behind us didn't. I, in the front seat navigator position, was reeeeally getting into a made up serenade to my handsome husband as we were stopped at a red light. I was turned to face Neal for the final belt of one horrific ending note...CRASH.

Now, first off, everyone is okay. Very little damage to our car and an unfortunate crunch on the driver that hit us, but he is okay. Neal and I really counted our blessings that morning.

Because I was turned to look at my husband...this little neck of mine..on impact...decided to sprout it's evil revenge for belting out the horrific note. It was an interesting first thanksgiving as husband and wife. :P But we couldn't have had a better time. It was so wonderful to see my family and have Neal by my side and I am incredibly blessed to be married into such a great NEW family side. Good times. Full belly. ;)

So, I didn't go to the emergency room. I am much too stubborn for that. :/ However, I did set up an appointment with a chiropractor. Yesterday was my first appointment and she pretty much bent my head in every which way and took a bzillion x-rays.

Today...I went back. Survey says? My spine is kind of messed up. Things that are supposed to point one way point another, alignment is off, and one leg is shorter than the other throwing off my hips, my shoulders, chest, practically my whole body (which is the probable result to why certain things don't point the way they should). She was pretty much surprised to see that I am a healthy functioning adult with just some increased neck pain from the accident the way my spine looked in the x-rays. I've only had knee pain when I was younger with sports (it has gotten better with time so I rarely have troubles with it now) and only started my neck stuff with that most awful "swiss ball" accident up in MI. I think that exciting saga is in previous pleo posts...

So, I am puzzled as to how I don't have more chronic pain than I do, but chalk it up to being blessed that it has been caught now instead of years down the road when these "special treasures" could really cause some problems.

I am okay. It does not seem to be affecting my vagus nerve like last time. I get a cool heel lift in my left shoe now and go snap, crackle, pop 3x a week.

In the mean time...we've been decorating our house like nobodies business and baking GREEN cookies. :D

Oh, and no more serenades. :/ :P

Sweet dreams.
  • hoose
    A word of warning: some chiropractors are notorious for taking normal misalignments and everyday problems and making them sound horrendous so that you continue to see them. I'm not saying ALL chiropractors are this way, but I worked in worker's comp for several years and saw a lot of it. I would HIGHLY suggest that you go see an MD or DO to get a second opinion on all of the problems the DC found.

    I am glad that you are both okay! And I'm so happy for you... you seem so happy it is absolutely disgusting. :-)
    by hoose at 12/01/09 11:19PM
  • emmybear
    glad you are all ok! and perhaps the slight adjustment will help a lot fo stuff. So I don't know all the details about Saturday yet, but I just registered for the mini marathon here in Louisville. I'm gonna run/walk it-so I'll do it the pansy way, but at least i'm doing it! :) anyway! that to say-I will need to get my run in on that saturday, porbly just 4 miles, but maybe you would like to take me somewhere to run in Akron if I showed up in the mornin? If not thats fine, I don't want to interfere with your normal schedule, whatever that may be:)
    by emmybear at 12/02/09 7:25AM
  • dragonmyst
    I'm sorry about your neck, my Emmy. :-/ Glad you're both okay after the axie-dent, though! And super much lookin' forward to comin' to sees you in a coupla weeks!!! What time do you guys get home on Fridays? We'll prolly try to get there shortly after you get home so's we have mosta the weekend to play. :-)
    by dragonmyst at 12/02/09 1:38PM

I'm happy.

I'm enjoying the glow of our christmas tree.

And really counting my blessings.

  • split_rock
    So happy you're happy!
    by split_rock at 11/29/09 12:30AM
  • smiley_face
    :) You're always so happy and I love it! :) God is so good! Love ya!
    by smiley_face at 11/29/09 8:15PM
  • brooklyncutie98
    I have a purple christmas tree in my room, and MY BIRTHDAY IS IN THREE DAYS ...... but my birthday party sleepover isn't till next week, I think its going to be the 11'th

    well bey.
    by brooklyncutie98 at 12/01/09 11:09AM