The suspense is driving me crazy!

I want to knoooooow if this little person is Alaric or Violet. I want to seeee this little person! I want to snuggle their soft skin instead of just poking at random body parts through my bulging (and uncomfortable) tummy.

The end of October is approaching rapidly, but for this mama, some days it's not rapidly enough...

(yes, yes, I also do know that I need to appreciate this time where 1 out of my 3 children is never getting into trouble.)
  • cyber_space_cadet
    :) :) :)
    by cyber_space_cadet at 08/14/13 11:17PM
  • misssonja
    I am chuckling because this post doesn't sound like you -- You always seem patient and not anxious (as in super eager). MAybe there was a pregnancy hormone rush today! :) I think I am voting for Violet, based mainly on the names, but I do warn you that "Violet" demands a PASSIONATE, VIBRANT personality (afterall, Violet is no pansy, pardon the pun!), so beware what you ask for.
    by misssonja at 08/14/13 11:34PM
  • tryphena
    Violet. That's my vote. But not too soon! :-)
    by tryphena at 08/15/13 8:49AM
  • sirtarin
    by sirtarin at 08/15/13 11:47AM
  • misssonja
    Regarding below, you will be interested in the article I posted today -- Never ceases to amaze me how people capitulate to evil, even people you think surely will stand. So much for NRTL...
    by misssonja at 08/17/13 9:47PM
  • sirtarin
    Congratulations! =D

    (I'm rather surprised that no one's said that to you yet. But I suppose they may all be doing it on Facebook. :P)
    by sirtarin at 11/02/13 10:23AM
  • misssonja
    How is our new baby doing? Eager to hear from mommy!
    by misssonja at 11/06/13 10:57AM

Yay on the prayer request! And a weighty advice request.

+ Mark went to the retailer today, accompanied with a print out of the purchase date. They immediately and cheerfully printed a receipt, so we're good (so far). :) Friday is the Day of Evaluation for our dishwasher, so I foresee being dishwasherless 'til some time next week. Oh, well.

+ Advice Sought: I'm still building up eBay stuff and want to take advantage of a program they offer ~ you can set a certain percentage of your sales to automatically go to a charity. There's a list of charities they work with and I was delighted to see that there are several pro-life organizations on the list. Here's my dilemma though: none of them are local to me, so I'd have to just assume they live up to everything they say they do. Obviously being a pro-life org isn't exactly one that leads to instant worldly favor, so I am betting they are trustworthy... just wondering if I should pursue further methods of checking up on them.
OR I considered contacting Sacred Selections and seeing if they wanted to pursue getting registered on the page so things could be sent their way. Pros: I know they're a wonderful organization and I know I agree with them on things like baptism (all the same, I will also admit to being a bit uncomfortable with the wording that funding would only be given to members of "conservative" churches of Christ).
OR I could see if one of our local crisis pregnancy centers wants to see about getting set up with the program.
OR do any of you know of a church of Christ connected pro-life/crisis pregnancy center organization?
OR should I just go with one of the ones already there?
OR other suggestions?

Feel free to leave your words of advice privately too, if you wish, as I know there's a lot of delicate stuff wrapped up in all of the above. :)

Thanks, friends!
  • sirtarin
    Glad you got a receipt. :)
    by sirtarin at 08/13/13 11:42PM
  • chessman the customers see your targeted donation organization? Do you think it would increase sale amounts? If not, why not just manage the donations yourself? Do you have tax issues you'd also be letting eBay deal with? I would check up on any organization you choose, or work with a group you know to get signed up.
    by chessman at 08/14/13 12:59AM
  • tryphena
    Personally, I like to help organizations with whom I have some connection--for instance, Sacred Selections has personal meaning to me, since I know several families who have benefitted from it. I agree with you about the wording of their qualifications to receive funding.

    It would be good to give to an organization that you are most comfortable with, so I would pursue enrolling a local or familiar group in the program.
    by tryphena at 08/14/13 8:54AM
  • deputyheadmistress
    I would guess it's because while still dealing with reams of paperwork from Keegan, it's just easier to set things up in a single, one time act of setting things up, and then let e-bay handle the donations off the top of all her sales, instead of her keeping track of it and taking the extra steps to keep track of it all and donate herself each month. it's also good for eBay and the prolife movement for ebay to see how many of their users support prolife groups.
    by deputyheadmistress at 08/14/13 12:19PM
  • cyber_space_cadet
    ^^ All GOOD reasons. It's particularly neat to think that the prolife movement could have such a simple but important avenue of exposure.
    by cyber_space_cadet at 08/14/13 12:32PM

Very Minor Prayer Request...

... but I'd still so appreciate prayers, please.

We bought a brand new dishwasher in April because our decades old one bit the dust. Along with the usual 1-year manufacturers' warranty, we also paid a considerable amount extra for the extended and more in depth warranty from the store.

This is good, because last week our Brand Spankin' New Dishwasher *also* turned up with a major problem (that's what Google tells me anyway, based on the error code it's giving).

What's not good: We cannot find our receipt/sales invoice from the April purchase ~ you know, the one they tell you in Scary Tones to keep in case you need to use the warranties.

This is rather stressful, for several reasons. One, it's not typical. I am not the best housekeeper in the world (by a loooong shot), but Mark is always obsessively compulsively wonderful about keeping receipts in their proper files for the proper amount of time. This particular receipt was temporarily put on a family bulletin board because we needed it for something else, but it's not there now. I may be the reason it's not... and I feel terrible about that, because Mark would not have lost it and apparently I did. :P

(sidenote. bad housekeeper or not, I am so.tired.of drowning in paperwork ~ mostly medical, but other stuff gets wrapped up in it too. ARGH).

Anyways. Tomorrow Mark is planning on going to the store we purchased it from and seeing if they can print up a receipt/access the sale, since it was so *very* recent. If you could please pray that some way is found for us to actually benefit from the warranty instead of having to fork out more cash to get this fixed, that would be wonderful. I know a dishwasher is a luxury, but it's one I love very much at this stage of pregnancy. :-/
  • tryphena
    Did you happen to register it? Even if not, if you call the manufacturer with the model and serial number you might be able to get warranty service.
    by tryphena at 08/12/13 9:34PM
  • sylvanhistorian
    ^ I need to ask Mark about the registering. I thought of it after he left for work today. He called the manufacturer and they told him he'd have to have a copy of the receipt when a repairman came out. If going to the store does not work, I guess the next step would be to call the manufacturer again and ask to speak to a supervisor. It's such a new purchase and so easily traced to us...
    by sylvanhistorian at 08/12/13 9:36PM
  • sirtarin
    Will keep you in mind. :)
    by sirtarin at 08/12/13 10:00PM
  • teathyme
    I am so sorry! I have been in that situation with a brand new washing machine. I hate that feeling! I will include you and your seething swells of paperwork fraught with riptides of Important Papers That Must Not Be Lost, in prayer.
    by teathyme at 08/13/13 3:44AM
  • dawnmk23
    We had the same things happen and they usually know that info. I had lost the receipt to ours but written down the amount paid/date and they accepted that just fine. I would tell them that's fine. The rapairman that came to our home didn't ask to see our receipt.
    by dawnmk23 at 08/13/13 11:04AM

08/08/13 9:09PM

Constant Things In Life

* The mess.
* The constant struggle to control the mess.
* The frustration at being an inept housekeeper
* Sleep Deprivation... having to choose to stay up late for Mark, get up early for the kids, or do both and burn the candle at both ends.

Changing Things In Life:
* Keegan :-D and his therapy needs... we had his last review meeting with the First Steps coordinator last week. He'll still receive therapy 'til his third birthday, but we're done with the paperowrk part with FS.
His speech has improved dramatically and it's been wonderful. During the kids' nap time today, I went back to bed with Mark for a bit so I could have some more rest. Keegan and Summer joined us when they woke up and we had some fun family snuggle time in the bed, and then the kiddos headed to the bedroom door and made it quite clear we ought to join them. "Mommy, Daddy, Up Now?" Keegan said oooh so clearly. Adorable. ;)
Summer bit him today (more than once, actually. *sigh* working on that) and he reported it as, "Mummee bite me!" (mummee=Summer, still).
We've been doing speech therapy weekly, but his therapist thinks we'll be dropping to every other week very soon and I agree with her. There are some sounds he's still not articulating, but it can be normal for kids to not pronounce them properly 'til they're 3-4. We'll just keep tabs on him and re-evaluate things if he gets a bit past that and is still having pronunciation troubles.

Physical therapy ~ mostly going very well. His PT is concerned that his rib cage doesn't seem to have expanded much at all, leaving a very pot bellied look and potential concerns for respiratory issues later. We have an appointment with his specialist next month and we'll talk about that then to see what he says.

He's probably always going to be a little bit physically weak, and that's okay. Physical skills aren't the only ones that matter, I keep telling myself. It's been so much FUN to watch his imaginative play develop recently... he's taken two sticks and told me it was a violin and pretended to play one stick with the other. He sits in a chair in the middle of the floor and tells me it's a boat. Then he hops on to the floor and tells me he's swimming in water. I read him one book with a picture of a cello in it and he ran and grabbed another book with a cello. He was doing a long floor puzzle with a therapist recently and flipped the connecting pieces on their side to call them a train.
Basically, a joy to watch.

Also fun to watch how he and Summer play differently. His toys get into wrestling matches constantly. Summer's get wrapped up in whatever piece of cloth is laying around (blanket, cloth napkin, headcovering), and get rocked to, talked to, and put to sleep. Adorable to see Someone Smaller Than Pint Sized taking such good care of her babies. ;)

Time to get back to the Never Changng Stuff while the Ever Changing Littles get some sleep.
  • misssonja
    That was so sweet to read :)
    by misssonja at 08/08/13 9:35PM
  • sirtarin
    Nice read. =)
    by sirtarin at 08/08/13 11:47PM
  • tryphena
    I have similar issues with kids vs. husband and sleep habits. I usually do both (up late with kid[s]* and up early with hubs) and end up severely sleep-deprived. Someday, it will end...
    *Younger daughter has moved back home to finished college locally. Also, my house has been Grand Central Station all summer, with various young adults/teens in and out, all night owls.
    by tryphena at 08/09/13 7:22AM
  • dawnmk23
    Glad to hear things are going better. Just do the best you can with housework. Don't forget to congratulate yourself when everything is nice and clean, and you have little victories.
    by dawnmk23 at 08/09/13 9:37AM

ehrm. hello.

It would be so lame to write, "It's been a while..." that sort of indicates a few weeks... not almost two months. Ridiculous.

Went to Tennessee for a friend's wedding.

Three weeks later, went to MA to visit Mark's newly married sister and her husband. Also got to see heatheronthehill and her sweet family. :) Spent an afternoon in Maine and I pretty much fell in love (or re-fell in love. The sea, oh, the sea!).

26 weeks pregnant and very much feeling it. This is the stage where everything hurts... oh, no, wait... that would be every stage. THIS is the stage where baby and I start playing poking games with each other and say sappy things in response to the wriggles the little one makes (three months 'til we find out if it's Violet or Alaric :) ).

Minor medical frustration: the infection in the bone behind my gums has returned, which means I need to schedule the surgery I thought I'd escaped. Peeled back gum and scraped bone - yay, me!

the children are doing brilliantly well... Keegan's medication got decreased another 25%, but then his next blood test was elevated again, so we're back to 75% of the original dosage. He's still charging around doing everything a 2.5 year old ought to be doing (including, paradoxically enough, things he ought NOT to be doing). This week included baby powder all over the couch, a huge bucket of dog food dumped in a toy chest, water from a tea kettle dumped on the living room floor, a heavily salted kitchen counter, opened and consumed teething tablets, and who knows waht else.
Summer is adorable, active, affectionate, and mischievous. Rather like her brother. :) She's started talking too and that's been fun. I suspect that there will come a day where I will need to tell her mommy needs silence for a couple minutes, but right now I love to hear everything she says.

There was supposed to be more, but it's midnight and I'm turning into a pumpkin...
  • misssonja
    Regarding the misadventures of Master Keegan: Have you read your mother's post? Do you realize that her post is your future? Buahaha, it is good to be AUNT Sonja! :)
    by misssonja at 07/25/13 11:21PM
  • milly
    ^^^ O^o ^^^ LOL!

    What are teething tablets???
    by milly at 07/26/13 12:12AM
  • sirtarin
    I saw a picture of the dog food in the toy chest when I was at your parents. And after being at your house and seeing said toy chest not long beforehand, it particularly seemed an impressive feat for him. =)
    by sirtarin at 07/26/13 2:05PM
  • onelittlecandle
    by onelittlecandle at 07/27/13 8:06AM
  • dawnmk23
    Sounds like a day at my house with my newly turned 2 year old! So sorry! I'm sure he's a joy mostly, but picking up messes can be frustrating for sure.
    by dawnmk23 at 07/27/13 8:12AM
  • misssonja
    No one is bring songbooks yet, so yes, that would be GRAND :)
    I can't wait!
    by misssonja at 08/08/13 8:25PM