Not that I have the time or energy anymore, but this place has held my attention with some pretty interesting memories. I probably have all of you on the facebook at this point, but for those whom I don't have there:

I'm married to a lovely lady named Tiffany, with an adorable 10 month old son named Lucas. I work for Honda Manufacturing of Alabama and will be attending school again soon to pursue the remainder of a degree in Materials Engineering

Until next time.
  • sirjerric
    I'm not much of a Facebooker, so it is good to hear from you. =)
    by sirjerric at 12/05/17 8:29PM
  • swiftedge
    Aye, and vice versa, hope you have been well.
    by swiftedge at 12/07/17 4:08AM


It's been a long time.

Lots of changes.

Maybe I'll update you fine folks soon.
  • sirtarin
    A long time indeed, my friend. Welcome back. :)
    by sirtarin at 06/28/14 3:30PM
  • cyber_space_cadet
    Whoa. I thought I was seeing things when your name turned white. :)
    Hope you're doing well!
    Say hi to the family for me. I'm not on FB anymore so I never see them. :(
    by cyber_space_cadet at 06/28/14 5:59PM
  • sirtarin
    ^ You were seeing things. You were seeing his name turn white. ;P
    by sirtarin at 06/28/14 11:44PM
  • cyber_space_cadet
    Ha! Good point. ;)
    by cyber_space_cadet at 06/29/14 12:18PM


so my picture is totally old-school - and awesome. but it's replacement time, cause that's like 3 years old or something. Lol.
  • dragon_blade
    Bahaha... You know that's right. XD
    by dragon_blade at 08/25/11 4:02PM
  • juliamiriam
    ^Agreed...^ ;D
    by juliamiriam at 08/25/11 5:14PM
  • leahabigail
    lol. You haven't been on here in a really long time, huh? =P
    by leahabigail at 08/25/11 9:21PM
  • _fire_of_fantasy_
    Yeeeaaahh. XP
    by _fire_of_fantasy_ at 08/26/11 11:32AM
  • sirtarin
    Heh. :)
    by sirtarin at 08/29/11 1:41PM
  • phyllisophical_mom
    Yes, but aren't those two girls just as cute as ever!!? (oh, and I guess the guy is too! ha)
    by phyllisophical_mom at 08/31/11 10:27AM
  • lauriw1030
    I agree with Mrs. Phyllis!
    by lauriw1030 at 09/03/11 12:28PM


I forgot about this place again. Lol.

Work in 2 hours. Fun. now to finish the lawn.

  • juliamiriam
    I don't think you ever said where you worked on here either! :D
    by juliamiriam at 08/23/11 4:55PM
  • swiftblades
    Whoa... it's like you're back from the dead! :P
    by swiftblades at 08/23/11 9:50PM
  • israel
    he's ALIVE!!!! (of course i'm not really one to talk. XD)
    by israel at 08/24/11 9:17AM
  • sirtarin
    Apparently! =P

    ^^^ I don't think I ever heard that he was working, much less where.
    by sirtarin at 08/24/11 12:15PM
  • sirtorin
    Work can be fun. =)
    by sirtorin at 08/24/11 4:39PM
  • swiftedge
    I work at Lil Ceasars now heh - good stuff.
    by swiftedge at 08/25/11 3:51PM

It's been awhile.

....A long while. I forgot 'bout this place. Haha.

Enjoying FC. I'm a month and a half or so into my second semester and still loving it. Have to do better with school though, and really learn how to balance stuff.

Made so many new awesome friends here so far too. It's sweet.

Really loving the generally spiritual atmosphere down here too, mainly in the form of so many spiritually minded people. I definitely have some work to do in that area, so I figure I should start going to more devotionals and stuff when I have the time and spend less time goofing off. That would be good.

I also have pretty good classes. Really enjoying American History and Programming right now. Oh yeah, PE too - even though Ultimate Frisbee can't exactly be counted as a class, I love it, it's incredibly good cardio exercise and also extremely fun. Definitely Programming too - some people would think working through lines of code is boring, but the end result makes it all worth it, and it's surprisingly interesting - it's honestly just learning another language. :D

Anyways. It's a little bit late, so it's bed time, because of church tomorrow, because I would really like to stay awake and get the most out of praising the Lord and learning about him. :)

And I'll leave you with a song. :D

Ready For Love by Cascada

  • mtnestr
    Great to see your update, Jonathan!! Keep working on the balance - I had a hard time with that the first time around college, and it actually took Andy a few years. So many opportunities for getting together with good people is a blessing and yet hard to resist when it is necessary to study. Glad that you are enjoying your year!
    by mtnestr at 02/13/11 8:25AM
  • sirtorin
    Glad you appreciate your time there so much. =)
    by sirtorin at 02/13/11 8:56PM
  • cyber_space_cadet
    Enjoyed hearing from you. Glad to know that you're doing well.
    by cyber_space_cadet at 02/14/11 11:50AM
  • dawsonlover10
    At least this way I know you are doing well, Jonathan! I don't ever get to talk to you anymore, and we MUST catch up soon!
    by dawsonlover10 at 02/15/11 12:49AM
  • horselover13
    tell nathan i said hi! :)
    by horselover13 at 02/15/11 2:28PM
  • sallyanne
    I'm so glad we got to see you last week...enjoy yourself, but work HARD.
    by sallyanne at 02/15/11 4:14PM
  • juliamiriam
    by juliamiriam at 02/18/11 2:50PM
  • sirtarin
    I think you seem to have forgotten about Pleo again. ;P
    by sirtarin at 03/26/11 4:15PM