My son, Will.........

became a Christian at about 1:30 AM this morning. Apparently, like his mother, he does his best thinking at night, and when he decided he was ready, we weren't going to let a little thing like time of night stand in our way :) Rejoice with us, and pray for your new brother! (and I hope I can get him to join us on Pleo soon!)
  • on_eagles_wings
    Way to go, Will! Come on over to Pleo, now! You'll be glad you did!
    by on_eagles_wings at 01/04/07 7:50PM
  • deusvitae
    Good to hear. :)
    by deusvitae at 01/04/07 7:50PM
  • falco
    Yay!!!!!! The next step is pleonast!!
    by falco at 01/05/07 1:21AM
  • crackle
    by crackle at 01/09/07 8:10AM
  • prov3110
    Actually no - I have pretty short periods. I was charting temp and other fertility signs, and have a pretty good idea of when I ovulated. I am not even "late" ... The "modern" pregnancy tests are sensitive several days before a missed period. :)
    by prov3110 at 02/21/07 4:25PM
  • prov3110
    My last period was Feb. 2, 2007.
    by prov3110 at 02/21/07 4:26PM
  • mmswife
    Thanks! We're pretty excited too....overwhelmed. Wow.
    by mmswife at 05/14/07 12:14PM
  • littlelamb
    I must admit I was a little surprised they let him go- but the surgery was last August and his health is pretty good right now.
    by littlelamb at 05/22/07 8:48PM
  • samsclub
    Hi ! Just saw your note on the other blog; if you come Thurs AM, we won't be there unfortunately; have a dr appt in Nashville. We've been there every other morning; anyway, when I get a chance, I'll have to look at your other blog. It was nice to meet you too at the wedding !
    by samsclub at 06/07/07 9:51AM
  • cdillman23
    We would love to have you!! If you come, I will be the lady with 3 girls. Shouldn't be too hard to spot.
    by cdillman23 at 06/09/07 8:48AM
  • vols_fan
    check your email i need to know is you need anythings from stampin up
    by vols_fan at 06/24/07 8:47PM
  • beep_girl
    Jennifer. My name is Lynn and Martia told me to get in touch with you! She said you have a cochlear implant. I'm deaf myself. I live in Franklin and attend Franklin CoC. How old are your kids?
    by beep_girl at 06/26/07 8:23AM
  • snuggles
    Yes, I saw the pics on your blog! They were soo cute! Claire and Alexis were so great!
    by snuggles at 06/27/07 3:14PM
  • vols_fan
    I'll try that Mayfield icecream sometime anything with caramel in it has to be good.
    by vols_fan at 07/11/07 11:01AM
  • sunshinykate
    Hey, how are you all doing? This is Kate Hodge. Great news about Will.
    by sunshinykate at 08/30/07 10:01PM
  • curlie
    by curlie at 09/09/07 12:29PM
  • anne
    What wonderful news! I'm happy for all of you.
    by anne at 11/26/07 11:18AM
  • valorie
    Hey, Jennifer! Why don't you post on here? Love you, and miss you!
    by valorie at 04/25/08 9:05AM
  • granna
    Well, thanks for adding me to your list. When I see the date of you post I don't feel bad about not noting things on mine very often. Just teasing! I know you have said before that you have several webpages or blogs etc. and I don not know how you would handle all that with work, children and everything else. Anyway, wanted you to know I was thinking about you. :)
    by granna at 04/29/08 10:24PM
  • curlie
    by curlie at 05/10/08 6:24PM

My daughter......

wanted her own blog, so I'd like to introduce you to Katie. She's a beautiful girl inside and out. Go say hello! :)
  • tomboy_in_tennessee
    Thank you for calling me beautiful the only people who call me beautiful anymore you and granny Katie
    by tomboy_in_tennessee at 12/05/06 1:00PM
  • falco
    by falco at 12/06/06 3:38PM
  • snuggles
    Yes, yes, write down the date! You are definitely invited! :)
    by snuggles at 12/07/06 11:18AM
  • deusvitae
    Hope you have a happy holiday season and a good new year. :)
    by deusvitae at 12/23/06 9:39AM

Just to let you know....

I am not blogging here much anymore. I do nearly all my blogging here: . I have been keeping this blog up for nearly two years and I just don't do well keeping two :) Come visit me sometime :)!
Love you all....
  • falco
    Congrats 400th comment!!!
    by falco at 11/22/06 3:45PM
  • sarahsellsshacks
    Happy Thanksgiving!
    by sarahsellsshacks at 11/23/06 10:37AM
  • crackle
    I really hope you didn't think it was you I was upset about. Its people that have no clue whats going on and think that they know. I'm sorry if you thought it was you.
    by crackle at 12/05/06 7:59AM

Hey :)

Quick update: It's been a hectic few weeks...fixing to get hectic-er. I like it when it's busy, so I'm not complaining :)!
Of note: Sarah and Ethan are leaving tomorrow to head down South. Ethan will be delivering the womenfolk to Shelbyville and heading up to Bowling Green for the week. Sarah, Julianna, and Maia will be here from tomorrow night through Wednesday around lunchtime. I think there's plans in the works for a meeting of the Middle Tennessee Pleonasters Tuesday around lunchtime. Anyone that wants to come, let me know, and I'll tell ya then when and where when we figure it out! :)
For a further, more detailed update of my crazy, wonderful life, go to my "other" blog.... not knowing how to hyperlink on here, sorry :(
*edited* It might be Wednesday now. Still trying to iron out the details. Who can do it Wednesday?
  • littlelamb
    oooo...I want to come!
    by littlelamb at 06/25/06 7:42PM
  • brewer
    It was very nice to meet you and your husband tonight. We enjoyed having you all for dinner.
    by brewer at 06/28/06 9:41PM
  • deusvitae
    Thanks for occupying the girls for the past couple of days. :)
    by deusvitae at 06/28/06 9:43PM
  • jmetzger
    Hey, Jennifer! It's Julianne. It was cool sitting by you at church. You guys should come back next year, too!
    by jmetzger at 06/29/06 10:29AM
  • crackle
    Yes he talks through movies. Especially movies that make you cry. I tried to get him to watch Ladder 49 and he talked through the whole think asking me who was gonna die and what was gonna happen next. it was aweful.
    by crackle at 06/30/06 12:42PM
  • crackle
    I was just reading on James' page about the spiders. Its hard to believe that was eight years ago. I remember that. Where does the time go?
    by crackle at 06/30/06 12:49PM
  • crackle
    Thanks for wishing me happy b-day(even if it is late). Thanks for being there for me Sunday night. It really halped a lot.
    by crackle at 07/18/06 1:14PM
  • snuggles
    halped? Define please! :)
    by snuggles at 07/18/06 4:28PM
  • crackle
    bad news. we may not get to go to the concert. We think it is at a club. Do you know anything about exit/in?
    by crackle at 07/19/06 10:25PM
  • crackle
    I went to the web site last night and I think it is gonna be best just to call the radio station and have them give them to somebody else.
    by crackle at 07/20/06 2:19PM
  • crackle
    I can't believe that ellie swallowed a penny!
    by crackle at 07/20/06 4:14PM
  • crackle
    I saw the picture of the new car.I don't think I like it as good as the other one but I think its for the best.
    by crackle at 07/20/06 4:15PM
  • falco
    Thanks for the comments!! Not exactly deep, I just am curious about things.
    by falco at 07/22/06 7:21PM
  • falco
    But,(not to brag) I'm not exactly average ;)
    by falco at 07/22/06 7:23PM
  • matermagistra
    You're going to Gburg next week?! Aww, man! Where are yall staying?
    by matermagistra at 08/24/06 12:18PM

06/01/06 9:36AM

Hey y'all....I've been pitiful aout posting here lately! I write on another blog a little more regularly, but I think I'll start copying those posts here, too. I really want to get to know soem of y'all better. Only problem is, I don't know how to write short posts, so I'm afraid I'll run everyone off quick.
For previous posts on the "other" blog, read here:
My biggest issue lately is being TIRED. I have chalked it up to my medication (I doubled the dose about a month ago, I guess). I hope that's all it is. Of course, there's a possibility that I could be getting mono again, but I like the medication theory much, much better (never mind that the biggest side effect of it is "insomnia", and fatigue is not listed. I'm ignoring that). I am SO happy that tomorrow is Rachel's last day of school and I can sleep in on Friday!!!
Hm....last weekend we pretty much stayed in, since the pediatrician quarantined Katie through Saturday. Dicky did a lot of work in the garden, and I worked on the laundry. The little girls went to the beach with my mother-in-law on Monday of last week and they came home on Thursday....they were so happy to be home, and so cute and brown! Of course, I forgot how much they liked to talk until they had been gone nearly a week and returned home. The first couple of days they were back I nearly went crazy with the "Mama! Mama! Mama! Mama!"
Sunday we went to church....I always enjoy the worship and getting to be with my church family. I have a new project: I am designated photographer for our new picture directory! Since my husband is one of the deacons in our congregation, they asked him if he wanted to be in charge of the new directory. I'm tickled....I love projects! I made up a schedule and we started taking pictures Sunday. I think this will be fun! :)
I also volunteered on Sunday morning to have a little one sit with me during worship. We don't have a "nursery class" where mommies take their babies during worship. The mommies take care of their own babies until they're old enough to sit in Bible class, which hasn't ever been an issue for me. One of our couples are foster parents and they got three little ones last week. There are twin babies and another little one. Since there were three littles and only two parents, I asked if one of the babies could sit with me and the foster mom said yes. The baby sat with me all during both worship services. Claire was electrified...she was in love with the tiny little one...she kept saying, "Look at the little hands! Look at the little feet!" The children have evidently been abused, which breaks my heart. They are all so can people hurt their children (especially those who haven't even reached the teen years yet?!?!)(speaking of, I have a hairy teenage boy whining in my face right about now).
Monday we went to my mom's for lunch (fried chicken & fixings) and my mother-in-law's for dinner (cheeseburgers and fried potatoes). I ate entirely too much and attempted to burn some of it off by walking home. Unfortunately, Claire and Ellie both wanted to walk with me, and I stupidly though that Trevor would like to walk along with us, so what should have been a brisk ten-minute walk took twenty-five minutes. Trevor would try to run ahead, then he'd sit his little tan bottom down in the grass, dig in his heels, and stubbornly refuse to walk. I would try to drag him, but Ellie would scream, "You're choking him! You're choking him!" About that time, Trevor would usually take off at a trot for a few steps, then plant his bottom on the ground again. I was hoping fervently that my husband would drive by with our remaining offspring and the van so I could dump Trevor in with them. No such luck. When we got to the highway, I decided that I'd better carry Ellie across the road, so I picked her up, and when there was a break in the traffic, Claire and I hustled across. I had hoped that Trevor would find this an appropriate time to run, but he decided that he'd rather cross the highway bottom first. Maybe he will think twice before he tries that again. I hope his little doggy heinie isn't too sore. I'm not taking him for walkies again any time soon, though. Not with two little girls, anyway.
Today I had lunch with Rachel at school, then after lunch her class had "Author's Day". The kids had all written books and they got to sit in front of the class (and assorted parents) and read their books. I had a great time with them! All the kids were so sweet!!
Tomorrow I take Rachel to school, then load up my van....Katie and Claire have doctor appointments in the morning (Katie has to have her ears and tonsils re-checked and Claire has to have a physical for kindergarden)...then it's off to eat lunch...then Will, Katie, Rachel, and Claire have checkups with the dental hygenist at 1. I will have my five plus my friend Jeanette's Katie. She is such a smart 'un that she didn't have to take her finals so she has been staying with us this week. She is a darling, sweet redhead and I always love having her here (she is spending the night tonight).
We will probably eat at Ellie's favorite restaurant. She shanghaied Will into playing house with her last week (he didn't actually play...he just sat on the couch while she yacked on and on at him) and told him that they were going out to eat at their "favorite restaurant".....Wal-Mart. Our Wal-Mart has a McDonald's and we eat there too much, apparently. Actually, Friday, we had corn dogs and chips for lunch, went to Lowe's, and when we got to Wal-Mart, Ellie said, "Can we eat lunch?" She's always up for eating at Wal-mart!!
Have rambled on long enough. Hopefully I will blog again soon....the next few days will be really busy, but at least I'll have something to blog about! :)
  • snuggles
    Claire is ready for kindergarden?? I feel so old!
    by snuggles at 06/01/06 5:36PM
  • on_eagles_wings
    Hey! Good to see you back! I have been struggling the last week with "more tired than usual" too! I am hesitant to try a mono test,because it will inevitably come back positive since I had it in college. I have just never felt any more like I did when I had it than now! It must be going around town! Hope you get yourself and all your kiddos better soon. :)
    by on_eagles_wings at 06/02/06 12:01AM
  • crackle
    You are welcome to go if you want. Sara and I have appointments next Sat. at the one in Winchester. Were getting manacures, pedicures, masages, and facials. I'm really excited.
    by crackle at 06/09/06 7:57AM
  • crackle
    I've changed my mind. You can't go untill you tell your secret. I'm dyin' to know and I'm not a very patiant person.
    by crackle at 06/09/06 9:01AM
  • crackle
    That is wonderful!! I know you're excited. I think I've just been out of the loop for a while from going to church with my parents on Sun.
    by crackle at 06/09/06 1:46PM