I haven't been here in a year and a half. I forgot how to sign in.

  • theaunt
    That is sad. Some of us are still here.
    by theaunt at 07/13/10 8:21PM
  • laughing_eyes
    that's a long time
    by laughing_eyes at 09/03/10 11:56PM


Praise be to a merciful Father who loves us all, we'll be coming home on Monday. I. can. not. wait.

I'm going to bed for a week when I get home. I can't wait to love on my dog and snuggle with Poopee the cat.

If only the world will let me sleep and stay in bed for a very long time. LOL Life must go on. I've got kids to teach and a family to feed.

It's been a very long 3 weeks.

Good news is...I'm coming home with lots of fabric. Let's sew! Yippee!
  • textilet
    I'm glad you're returning to normalcy, whatever that is. I've been thinking about you and your family.

    Are you bringing home your mother-in-law's stash?
    by textilet at 01/03/09 12:01PM
  • laughing_eyes
    by laughing_eyes at 01/03/09 12:42PM
  • motherofall
    How are you feeling about our end-of-unit finale next Friday? That is when we are supposed to do the Olympics and end-of-Greece. Do you vote to go ahead or postpone? Have you all been doing any W of A while away? I'm going to send out an email tonight, since I haven't heard from anyone. It happens that I go to IL this Wednesday (for 11 days) to help my dad. Check your email for my W of A note tonight! SO glad you all are coming home!
    by motherofall at 01/03/09 6:46PM
  • dragon_rider1
    go look at my playlist
    by dragon_rider1 at 01/07/09 5:41PM
  • joes_wife
    Missed you tonight :( I have wanted you to meet Laurel and she met me after services to find you. She is such a sweetheart and one of our Christians that was baptized last year (in Jan.). She has started quilting and I'd love for her to see all of your handy work! Can we make a date some time for me to bring her over? I could do something like Banana Bread and we could make tea and have a look at Michal's quilts tea party :) I've told her all about you and she is anxious to meet you. Have a great school week!
    by joes_wife at 01/11/09 9:41PM
  • emmylou
    I am learning to knit. Let's get together and I can knit and you can quilt and we can have sewing parties!
    by emmylou at 06/03/09 8:59AM
  • nornie
    I just wanted to say thank you so much for all of your hard work this week at camp. Aleigha had a blast and is talking about next year.
    by nornie at 07/04/09 10:54AM
  • laughing_eyes
    I was wondering ... do I need to do bleed tests on all the fabrics before quilting? Or is washing them before cutting/sewing sufficient?
    by laughing_eyes at 11/28/09 8:43AM


I hope you all will keep praying for us, that everyone will behave as mature Christian's, that the fruits of the spirit will be evident, as we divide everything up. It's already getting....well, I'll just leave it at that. Everyone said this family wouldn't fight and I thought to myself, "I've seen it before and it happens all the time". After a death people are in a panic to grab a piece of her or him. I've seen Christians behave very badly in the past. Needless to say, Tim is upset. He's the baby and he's the boy and so far they've done the picking by birth order. So hopefully when they come back in January to finish up, people will be more at peace.

We're still in Grandma's house. Everyone else is gone now. We stayed behind for a day or two so we could grieve in peace and alone. I laid in her bed yesterday and stared at the butterflies on the wall paper for a long time. It's horrible around here without her cheerful presense.

I guess we're leaving tomorrow for St. Louis again. I wanna go home real badly, but our plane tickets say we're supposed to leave on January 5. Sigh.

Who will go with me for coffee when I get home?

Funny to call Florida home. Ha. It's not really, but I'm in an agreeable mood. :)

  • jerzgirl
    by jerzgirl at 12/29/08 7:24AM
  • joes_wife
    We miss you all. I'll go to coffee with you :) Soon, very soon!
    by joes_wife at 12/29/08 3:21PM
  • laughing_eyes
    take care
    by laughing_eyes at 12/31/08 5:16PM

Merry Christmas

The funeral was beautiful.

Robbie did an excellent job.

Merry Christmas everyone. I hope you have a beautiful day with your families.

I'm exhausted and ready to come home. I miss my dog and cat and want my own bed.

It's stressful here.
  • joes_wife
    We are ready for you to be back. Who is taking care of the pets?
    by joes_wife at 12/25/08 8:59AM
  • motherofall
    Missing you and praying for you in FL. Get some rest if you can.
    by motherofall at 12/26/08 8:15AM

Funeral planning

Robbie Gabhart is gonna preach at Mom's funeral. My husband and I wouldn't have each other if it weren't for Saundra interfearing (providentially interceding) in my life. LOL How do you spell interfear? enterfear? I'm too lazy to look it up. So it only seems appropriate that Robbie speaks at her funeral, because Billie Joyce prayed for 15 years for Tim to find a Christian wife...then Saundra came along and helped make Mom's prayers finally come true. :) God is cool how He works like that. I grin every time I think about Him setting it all up. LOL

God is so good. God is so good. God is so good. He's so good to me!!!

We tried our hardest to get a Texas natural wildflower look for her flowers covering a casket. Do you know how hard it is to get flowers at Christmas? Everything is red and white. There was hardly anything to order. We went with yellow roses (cause she's our yellow rose of Texas, dontcha know) and mixed in blue flowers for accent and some wheat and heather type stuff so it would look like a natural field found in Texas.

All of Tim's sisters are here with all their kids. Only one grandchild can't make it. You know, Tim and I have been married 15 years almost and this is the first time EVERYONE will be together. Can you believe it?

I'm going down to my sisters house for Christmas day. My brother and two sisters will be there. This will be the first time in a decade we've all been together for Christmas.

It's a family reunion week.

I'm exhausted but blessed and happy. Tim sure is suffering. He cried all day yesterday. Ally is happy the cousins are here and Jonah is withdrawn and not talking to anyone.

That's the state of things here at our house. What's going on over at yours?
  • textilet
    Last year we tried to have a reunion with all my husband's family because we didn't want our reunions to only be at funerals. Why don't families take more time with the living?

    You are all so blessed to have had a woman like this in your lives! You'll all be in my prayers.
    by textilet at 12/22/08 7:50AM
  • motherofall
    Thinking of you and praying for you all, Michal. Please give Jonah a kiss for me. Tell him Jesse is praying for him.
    by motherofall at 12/22/08 8:02AM
  • curlie

    We are praying for you. HUGS
    by curlie at 12/22/08 9:19AM
  • mullenpatch
    M, Tell Jonah that Ariel is thinking about him. Your family will be in our thoughts and prayers. Sheila
    by mullenpatch at 12/22/08 10:59AM
  • joes_wife
    You are all in our thoughts and prayers daily! Tell Jonah he is a very cool kid and not to worry about being with folks he doesn't know that well. Sending our love to all of you. Tell Tim about what I wrote privately above :)
    by joes_wife at 12/22/08 12:36PM
  • laughing_eyes
    I'm so sorry for your loss :( hugs all around
    by laughing_eyes at 12/22/08 10:15PM
  • rebecca_mckay_howell
    Your post before this one brought tears to my eyes. I am sorry for your loss, but so thankful that you had someone in your life like that!
    by rebecca_mckay_howell at 12/24/08 9:21PM