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my old one went crazy
  • thethreat
    u went crazy dont blame ur computer. lol miss u :P
    by thethreat at 09/27/10 1:54PM
  • hoose
    Ha. Good one.
    by hoose at 09/27/10 2:10PM

...i think i'd pay ten billion dollars to see this live

  • hoose
    That was hypnotizing.
    by hoose at 09/21/10 1:08PM
  • sarah_seaton
    whoah that's awesome!!!
    by sarah_seaton at 09/21/10 10:11PM
  • madtomkidd
    exaggerate much? (^_^)
    Ridicule of your hyperbole aside, that was pretty impressive. I can only imagine it's like watching the bellagio fountains live vs. a video. Live is REALLY impressive, video, not so much. So, this would probably knock your socks off!
    by madtomkidd at 09/22/10 9:28AM
  • friedaj
    That is so cool. Wish I could see how it is done
    by friedaj at 09/22/10 8:04PM
  • funsahm
    Thats really cool
    by funsahm at 09/27/10 10:39AM

I want one....really, really bad.

  • splitmesoup
    (also see previous post for a cool and rather unbelievable video)
    by splitmesoup at 08/22/10 11:49PM
  • thethreat
    i cant see it wat do u want really bad?
    by thethreat at 08/23/10 9:34AM
  • pooky
    Wasn't too impressed with the Air can't ride it or anything??? Booooring. :)

    Now the video below - that's a different story. I like anyone who can say that they inhaled Alice and remain as calm about it as that guy did.
    by pooky at 08/23/10 11:53AM
  • splitmesoup
    party pooper
    by splitmesoup at 08/23/10 5:58PM
  • hoose
    Oooh... i want one, too. But it should have a multi-colored light in it and follow me around my house.
    by hoose at 08/23/10 7:21PM
  • sarah_seaton
    haha that is just the weirdest thing ever
    by sarah_seaton at 09/17/10 12:22AM

the last five seconds are my favorite.

  • hoose
    I don't believe it. And that guy is weird.
    by hoose at 08/22/10 10:47PM
  • splitmesoup
    i thought he was way cool
    by splitmesoup at 08/22/10 11:45PM

just tired of looking at the old entry....

carry on.
  • funsahm
    When are you going to come see ME???????????
    by funsahm at 03/04/10 12:03PM
  • hoose
    This post is a joke.
    by hoose at 03/05/10 3:03PM
  • pooky
    I am really disappointed in your recent lack of creativity. Post about something to make laugh. And then juggle for me.
    by pooky at 03/05/10 3:52PM
  • splitmesoup
    I love sharon AND serena! and whoever wants to provide income for me so i can quit my job can come be my playmate every hour of every day.
    by splitmesoup at 03/05/10 11:41PM
  • thethreat
    i could help u out if u want lol even though im 13 1/2
    by thethreat at 03/06/10 3:57PM
  • cdawg
    nix them i gave you back rubs
    by cdawg at 03/09/10 8:06AM
  • cdawg
    i'm waiting too, what are you waiting for?
    by cdawg at 03/12/10 8:58AM
  • marie
    I've been waiting longer than all of you.^^^
    by marie at 03/13/10 12:24AM
  • mimi
    I am addicted to Bookworm too!! I love it!
    by mimi at 03/25/10 7:17AM
  • marie
    How's the vacation plans coming along?
    by marie at 03/25/10 12:53PM
  • rissaj
    Ha-love it! Yes, I still look at songs written by Mr. Pounds and giggle. You're right, we would have lost it if we were together, for sure! Love that you thought of me.....i love you.
    by rissaj at 04/05/10 10:27PM
  • thethreat
    oh shut it im almost out of school i ment it that way wat now?!
    by thethreat at 06/08/10 9:47PM
  • rissaj
    You smell like jolly ranchers.
    by rissaj at 06/09/10 8:02AM
  • hoose
    Hahahahahahaha. Yes, do it!
    by hoose at 06/11/10 1:12PM
  • pooky
    New post, Allison. Surely you have something of interest to add to our online community.
    by pooky at 06/11/10 1:16PM
  • fredtheorca
    Just checked with Allison she is currently hand raising some egrets and sends her regrets.
    by fredtheorca at 06/14/10 1:24AM
  • thethreat
    shut up i never said that
    by thethreat at 06/22/10 3:38PM
  • marie
    How far did you ride today?
    by marie at 07/20/10 9:11AM
  • thethreat
    when do u think that is allison?
    by thethreat at 08/21/10 10:10AM
  • thethreat
    o shut it
    by thethreat at 08/22/10 8:32PM