I Know, I Know. Three Entries in Two Days?

But this was a bit too cool to pass up. Dad just showed us this video he came across (where, I'm not sure).
"Adds a new meaning to 'drum roll'."
  • magnolia
    That was REALLY COOL. My brother said, "I didn't know you could DO that much with drums!" Wow.
    by magnolia at 03/19/10 10:23PM
  • somebodystolemybday
    Almost unbelievable!!! wow....
    by somebodystolemybday at 03/21/10 8:37AM
  • sallyanne
    Thanks....just put more up ;)
    They are not perfect, though, don't look too closely!
    by sallyanne at 03/23/10 3:57PM
  • JavaJoeDude
    wow.did you see the extra drumsticks and the one on the ground.I'd like to see it in the day time.
    by JavaJoeDude at 09/23/11 12:50PM

Caption Contest!

The goal: come up with a fun caption for me to use in my blurb to caption this picture:



  • engelishgentleman
    Hi, Face here!

    Here's lookin' at you, kid.

    You will take me to Jabba now.
    by engelishgentleman at 11/28/09 5:09PM
  • somebodystolemybday
    1) I WAS trying to get a afternoon nap in....

    2)Would you please stop flashing that light in my face?
    by somebodystolemybday at 11/28/09 5:09PM
  • ittybitty
    **Sigh** Why do these stupid humans keep flashing weird objects in my eyes? It makes me see weird objects...and, on the other side, it hurts. Why can't they just leave me alone?
    by ittybitty at 11/28/09 8:22PM
  • tanja
    "Thinking of you."
    by tanja at 11/30/09 9:46AM
  • chessman
    Posted a few here.
    by chessman at 11/30/09 11:14AM
  • narnianheart
    Everyone is better now, thanks!!! Riley didn't get it. . .yet.
    by narnianheart at 11/30/09 9:10PM
  • sallyanne
    Love the picture! Thanks!
    by sallyanne at 12/02/09 12:39AM
  • phyllisophical_mom
    Here's Lookin at ya!
    by phyllisophical_mom at 12/02/09 1:11AM
  • sylvanhistorian
    Well... there's painting... and then there's painting. And doing a 700 square foot room with high ceilings comes under the latter category, I think. ;)
    by sylvanhistorian at 12/03/09 12:11PM
  • ryguy
    "Those people have got it all wrong. That's not what I'm thinking at all!"
    by ryguy at 12/06/09 2:56PM
  • leahabigail
    =) Enjoy the snow!!!
    by leahabigail at 12/06/09 9:20PM
  • sallyanne
    Yay for LOTS of snow. We won't see that, but I'll take any amount I can get! :)
    by sallyanne at 12/07/09 9:11AM
  • stevenbraman
    Sony DSC-H20
    by stevenbraman at 12/09/09 1:00AM
  • milly
    My caption:

    WHAT???? What you mean??? There's another one that looks EXACTLY LIKE ME???
    by milly at 04/30/11 8:47AM
  • JavaJoeDude
    by JavaJoeDude at 09/23/11 12:53PM


Sometime earlier this week, Anthony found his tatting shuttle (both of ours had been missing since our Alaska trip) in my backpack when he was loading it with college class materials. We'd checked that backpack at least three times, I think.
But anyway, I now have hope that mine might be somewhere in the recesses of my backpack's digestive tract. We'll see if it shows up. =P
  • engelishgentleman
    What is a "tatting shuttle?"
    by engelishgentleman at 11/05/09 10:18PM
  • swiftedge
    ^That is what I would inquire as well.
    by swiftedge at 11/05/09 11:04PM
  • tryphena
    Is this a lace-making device? "Tat" is often an answer in my crossword puzzles.
    by tryphena at 11/06/09 6:46AM
  • sirtarin
    Here's what a tatting shuttle looks like:

    As for what tatting is, it's tying knots it a piece of string to make a form of lace. Such as these:
    by sirtarin at 11/06/09 11:15AM
  • magnolia
    I did indeed, thanks! =)
    by magnolia at 11/06/09 10:28PM
  • the_rainy_dog
    Alas, and how things can hide! :)
    by the_rainy_dog at 11/07/09 11:18AM
  • engelishgentleman
    Dude! I was not aware that lace-making was among your numerous talents. Let me see...photography, cooking, cake decorating, and now lace-making. And I'm probably forgetting something. You have mad skillz. :-)
    by engelishgentleman at 11/07/09 9:04PM
  • sirtarin
    Those, by the way, are just random pictures off of the internet. I haven't actually sat down long enough to make a full doily yet. I believe Didymus got a bit further than me, but he hasn't made a full one either.
    by sirtarin at 11/07/09 10:58PM


...with those who rejoice.... =D
  • _fire_of_fantasy_
    Yup! I'm SO excited for all of them!
    by _fire_of_fantasy_ at 09/19/09 4:24PM
  • dragon_blade
    I've been rejoicing all day!! It's so pleasurable to think of a new life joining that happy family. :D
    by dragon_blade at 09/19/09 8:27PM
  • sallyanne
    We are rejoicing, too!
    by sallyanne at 09/19/09 9:07PM
  • chessman
    Indeed :-)
    by chessman at 09/19/09 9:40PM
  • schmidtkins
    Exciting news..!
    by schmidtkins at 09/19/09 11:27PM
  • ethantweedie14
    We are rejoicing, also!!!
    by ethantweedie14 at 09/20/09 4:31PM
  • missy_my
    by missy_my at 09/24/09 1:47PM
  • missynopet
    Hiya!! It's nice to meet you too. :)
    by missynopet at 10/13/09 6:13PM


I'll just leave it at that.

That video being brought to my attention is also thanks to Kim Komando's video of the day.
  • juliamiriam
    I wasn't! :D
    by juliamiriam at 08/28/09 6:31PM
  • dragon_blade
    That. Is. Crazy. xD
    by dragon_blade at 08/28/09 7:49PM
  • tryphena
    pretty amazing!
    by tryphena at 08/28/09 9:01PM
  • stevenbraman
    This is cool, I posted the link on my Facebook page :-).
    by stevenbraman at 08/28/09 9:07PM
  • august28rose
    Wow! Those girls have got an incredible amount of balance!
    by august28rose at 08/28/09 11:57PM
  • tia
    That scares me. Wow.
    by tia at 08/29/09 12:30AM
  • rose_of_sharon
    Wow! That is so cool!
    by rose_of_sharon at 08/30/09 3:24PM
  • tabitha
    by tabitha at 08/31/09 9:55AM
  • tweedledee
    by tweedledee at 11/04/09 9:46PM