"I Was Glad" Sumphonia, August 2016

Singing in groups to make profession quality recordings of hymns, new and old, is such as wonderfully beautiful experience; singing in praise to the Creator, singing to teach others hymns, so that they may in turn learn them so they can be used in worship to God in congregations across the country, and possibly the world. It's hard to surpass that in this world. This time a group came in and shot professional video showcasing the Sumphonia recording this last August. You get to hear snippets of 3 or 4 of the tracks in the video. The album, "I Was Glad", is going to be released in a few days. :)

Bonus points if you can spot Didymus and I! If you know them, you can find a number of hymnists among the singers as well, including some of those who wrote and/or arranged some of the hymns on the album. :)

P.S. Here's a link to roughly 30-second snippets of each of the tracks on the album: https://soundcloud.com/mizc-2/sets/i-was-glad
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    Thanks for sharing!
    by cyber_space_cadet at 11/16/16 7:30PM
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    Happy New Year to you, as well!
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    Lovely recordings.
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After Nearly 18 Months....

The digital album is finally available! =D


Oh, and if you decide to get it, the .flac file download is definitely worth it, especially if you have a nice set of speakers. =)

Lower Than the Angels

Sorry, I've been neglecting posting on Pleo again. Admittedly, it certainly didn't help to have my account suspended for a few weeks in there because of a mistaken spam filter.

Anyhow, another new year is here, and we again traveled to Granbury — this time over New Year's weekend — for the second Sing to the Lord recording. Last year's recording has not yet been released, though, Lord willing, it will be soon. The second album should be released some time later this year.

Here's a link to a sample from the first recording. Bear in mind that this was a recording from one of the singers' iPhone, sitting in the bass section. This is not what the 8 professional mics were picking up, nor was it edited.

Now, here's a video taken on New Year's Day during part of the full group recording:

This time, we had Didy's new DSLR taking video (Sorry, he didn't have a wide enough angle lens to get everyone. You only get to see 2 of the 8 tenors, and 5 of the 9 altos.), with my portable recorder feeding it's audio in. Again, this has no editing done to it (other than adding the informational slides to the front and back, obviously.). The final sound on the CDs will sound even nicer, since they're layering voices into it, as well as all the other audio engineering that goes into production of a CD.

I found it to be a great blessing to take part in these; not only is spending time with Christians from across the country wonderful, but singing with them, and learning new hymns that were recently written, many by some of the singers, or the director. It is a great learning experience for training yourself to sing better. But more than that, it is a great way to help train yourself to really *listen* to those singing with you. And if we're supposed to be teaching and admonishing one another is psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs, we have to listen to each other for it to do any good.

I hope you all enjoy, and if you are a good singer and would like to join us on the next album, or know others who meet that description, please let me know. We'd love to have more singers join us.

Have a blessed year!
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    Well, at long last, a post! And a very good one, too. I love singing, too -- so glad you had fun participating.
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    Beautiful! How neat to be a part of that.
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    Well, it took me a while to get back here and check out the video but it was definitely worth it. Thanks so much for sharing.
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The Perzons Are Coming, the Perzons Are Coming!

Lord willing, tomorrow night, the Perzs will arrive. And Mr. Perz will be presenting lessons for us throughout the week. =D

I haven't seen any of the aforementioned family since 2010. Jonathan II I haven't seen since fall camp the year previous to that. I am thrilled, despite the absence of the three eldest progeny. =)
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    Enjoy your time together!
    Oh, and please say hello for us.
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    Thank you. We will!
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    Thank you for sharing the cookie recipe. Sounds delicious! I am a huge pb and chocolate fan.
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    Need that cookie recipe.....sounds wonderful. All my husband's favorite ingredients, just never thought about putting them together in a cookie.......
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    Thank you very much for the recipe. Will let you know how they turn out but I don't see a problem. I may have to do them tomorrow with my granddaughter.
    Thanks again. I didn't think of looking on the recipe exchange but I don't have that on my page.
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    One question about recipe....Do you used quick cooking oats or regular?
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    Thanks.....I know I am being a pest......sorry!
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    Thank you for the comment on the lyrics. I've come up with five verses, and since they aren't very long, I would like to think I could get by with that many. But song leaders would probably feel driven to omit a couple, so I've had to decide which 3 are most significant. :)
    by anne at 11/16/15 7:00PM
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    Just make sure the shave sticks are glycerine based. If not they wont melt and you will have mess. Most I've seen such as Arko, Derby, etc. are tallow based and wont work. However they are pretty good by themselves as it is.
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Welcome, Theodore Lewis Hamilton, to the World!

Yes, I now have a nephew! =D

He was born sometime this morning (Mother sent the message at 9:50.), 9 lbs. 12 oz. and 21 inches.

Last May, Andrew and I went to a concert (A very rare occurrence for us. It was probably around a decade or more before last May.) of Final Fantasy music. We managed to convince one of the middle-aged couples at church to go with us, and they were quite surprised at how nice of music games can have. I was just informed by email that you can listen to the live recording of the London concert online for free. Enjoy!

A New World: intimate music from FINAL FANTASY
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    Congratulations! Nephews R Kool.
    by misssonja at 02/20/15 5:16PM
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    Congratulations, how exciting! Very happy for your family.
    A lot of the video game music Rob listens to is really good. I think he likes the Final Fantasy music. I'll try to send him this link.
    by cyber_space_cadet at 02/20/15 5:52PM
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    ^ You could also mention that it is Nobou Uematsu (i.e. the composer for the first 10+ Final Fantasy games.) himself playing the electric organ in track 5. ;)
    by sirtarin at 02/21/15 10:00AM
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    ^ Oh, cool, I'll definitely let him know!
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