Moving to Blogger

I know, you'll all miss me terribly! No, really, this is a great place, it's a great community, but I just don't seem to be a part of it. Kind of an inside club. You are all great, all 3 or 4 I've read and commented with. Feel free to visit my new blog, Roughcut Gems. I'll re-post a couple of my posts from here, and link back so people there can see what a wack-job I am.
  • curlie
    Hey... don't leave! :(
    by curlie at 03/13/05 10:02PM
  • singerladymom
    I'm not leaving mad, just leaving :o) Come see me, OK?
    by singerladymom at 03/16/05 11:13AM


I got this from Carmen , and commented on her site. I thought it sounded like a fun way to see new blogs. The only thing is, it's hard for non-pleonast members to comment w/o setting up an account. I guess if they really want to play, they will!

The two day Meet n' Greet.

Spread the Comment Cheer.

The site of the day: the person above you and then you.

How to play:

* Leave a comment here that says hello.
* Now, go visit the person who commented above you and say

Hello, Jema sent me.

Please play along.

Note to the first person commenting: simply say hello to me.

And YES, of course you are invited to play as often as you wish.

I don't know, it just sounded fun!
  • singerladymom
    Hmmm. Nobody loves me. :o(
    by singerladymom at 03/13/05 9:31PM
  • curlie
    by curlie at 03/13/05 10:04PM

Comedy March Madness

Via Thinklings, here's a little different set of brackets than you'd typically see in March. Play MSN's Comedy Movie Madness and put your final four, final game, and winner in comments.
  • singerladymom
    There were some toughies there, I had Spinal Tap up against Best of Show in the Smart category. Anyway, my final four were Dirty Rotten Scoundrels defeats Happy Gilmore and Monty Python's Holy Grail defeats Best in Show. Final game: Dirty Rotten Scoundrels vs Holy Grail. Winner: Holy Grail. You just can't beat Monty Python!!!
    by singerladymom at 03/12/05 8:55PM

The History Channel Rejects Homeschoolers

UPDATE: I received an e-mail from them, they have changed the rules to include homeschoolers.

Dear Homeschool Educators,

As a follow up to my earlier email, we have regrouped with
our legal counselors and with The History Channel executives
this afternoon to discuss your concern of allowing
homeschooled high-school students grades 9-12 to enter the
scholarship challenge. The History Channel has decided to
open the scholarship challenge to all homeschoolers (even in
states where homeschooling is not considered "private"
school) in addition to students enrolled in a private and/or
public high school. If you are interested in having your
students participate in this exciting program please see
below for instructions:

You can go to download the FDR: A
Presidency Revealed Scholarship Challenge official rules for
complete details and guidelines . . .


Evidently, a homeschooler applied for an FDR scholarship from the History Channel and was rejected.

I, for one, plan to write a letter. My husband loves the History Channel, and my children (5 and 6) often absorb information or as history questions as they happen to hear things while he's watching. It's a shame that they would ignore or even alienate such a large market, as I'm sure many homeschoolers supplement their history curriculum with shows or series from THC. So ironic, since FDR was homeschooled himself until he was 14.

(sorry, link was broken, it's fixed now)
  • curlie
    You mean The Hitler Channel? I haven't watched in a long time, because for a while the only history they seemed to show was WWII, specifically Hitler and all things Holocaust-related. I'm interested in that, but I felt it was pretty repetitive. Maybe I'll check in sometime to see if they have more variety now. :)
    by curlie at 03/10/05 12:26PM
  • chrisod
    I got an email from them, the rules have been changed to allow for homeschoolers.
    by chrisod at 03/10/05 3:49PM

Not Much Going On

Not much going on recently, but seem so busy! Maybe I'll blog a little later today.