I am no longer the author of my life. I had once thought that I was in control. No matter how much outside/external influence there was, I was still the one making the decisions, making things happen and making my life. If I'm in control then there is no one else to blame but myself when things go wrong. I know I've said this before but sometimes I need to say it a few times in order to get it ingrained in my head.

God is an incredible author. He and His invisible pen and paper – tells our stories and takes care of us. Just sit back and watch the story unfold. Stop worrying about what's going to happen next and trust that the author is brilliant and loves us and will always make a fascinating story with a happy ending.

Hebrews 12:2
looking unto Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith…

1 Corinthians 14:33
For God is not the author of confusion but of peace, as in all the churches of the saints.

Sheri Maass
  • jaimer
    The tough part is puting all our trust in God and doing his will. Knowing that doing his will brings us the ultimate reward.
    by jaimer at 01/27/08 2:47PM
  • kahleyp
    Do I know U?
    by kahleyp at 08/11/08 2:48PM
  • hollygrace
    Would you please add me in the scrapbooks group. I have been waiting for months and I have to go seek it out on the list of groups hen I want to get to it. When you get a chance, could you please help me out with that.
    by hollygrace at 12/04/08 2:41PM


I feel so redundant and somewhat ridiculous. Every time I have written blogs I say how busy I am and every time I do it again I realize that I am more busier this time than I was the last time I wrote. School has been much harder since I’m getting further into it and I’m taking a full load of credits to try to get done faster. This takes up so much of my time – I barely have time to breathe. Add the priority of my girls (which always comes first), and my job along with the other million of things that need to get done and you get me.

Everyone – please do NOT worry about me or my girls. We are handling things just fine – things are just crazy busy and I appreciate everyone’s respect and understanding of my busy life as well as my desire for privacy. Just because I do not have time, energy nor desire to share my business with everyone – does not mean that I am struggling, falling away or having problems. We are all doing very good spiritually and otherwise. Thank you all for your concern and willingness to help.
  • sararschick
    :) I'm glad to see you update. Praying for you and your girls that things may continue to go well!
    by sararschick at 11/19/07 8:51PM

09/25/07 9:00PM

I created the below online survey for my class. It would be EXTREMELY helpful to have you complete this for me. Feel free to pass on to friends and family!

All answers are completely confidential!

To take the survey please go to this link:

P.S. It should bring you back to a log on page at the end of the quiz - you may think it is trying to sell you something - it is not. Just ignore it. When you've answered your last question and hit "submit" your survey is done - even though it doesn't specifically say so.
Thanks! -Sheri
  • jdieman
    by jdieman at 09/25/07 9:31PM
  • aimes
    I copy and pasted the link and it didn't work for me.
    by aimes at 09/27/07 11:50AM
  • sararschick
    Completed! :)
    by sararschick at 09/29/07 6:52PM
  • bama_nanny
    Hi. I am a member of the Parenting group, and would like to invite another member to join. Could you help me know how? Thanks!!
    by bama_nanny at 11/05/07 11:32AM


I'm planning another jump from a plane. June 2nd in East Troy. My step brother and 3 of my friends are doing it as well. If you are interested ... let me know. The bigger the group the bigger the discount. It is usually about $180 - we can get it for about $150 - $160 per person depending on how many join us.

So fun!!
  • jdieman
    I'm out.
    by jdieman at 05/21/07 7:26PM
  • jaimer
    Count me in!! Just kidding, though I have a good excuse for not doing it this time I don't think I would ever have the courage.
    by jaimer at 05/22/07 10:59AM
  • dare2dv8
    very cool! good luck.
    by dare2dv8 at 05/31/07 1:45PM
  • tonna
    Sounds fun, but I'm too chicken
    by tonna at 06/11/07 10:47PM
  • sabrina
    heyy momma! lolz im accually on this thingly lolz LOVE U
    by sabrina at 06/23/07 10:12AM

California Dreaming

I am pretty set on the idea of living in California. Not sure how or when or where but it's calling my name. Maybe in like 5 years or so.

In my more recent future I want to go on a relaxing, tropical vacation somewhere with someone I like to be around. Maybe around the end of June. Any ideas where?

I will probably be going skydiving again in May with my Step brother when he gets back from India. Tandum this time - so I can enjoy the ride.

Off to work now!

Love you all!!! Have a great day!
  • fudge
    Howdy... Yay for being friends... And woops for not recognising you... I sorry... :-/
    by fudge at 04/18/07 10:13AM
  • aimes
    hmmmm...where would you go, who would you go with??!!
    by aimes at 04/21/07 6:33PM