is the time and the house is quiet for at least a few more minutes.....hopefully. ;-)

I have figured out that Chloe very much needs a set routine. Our family is anything but on a set routine. Every night before bed, Jason and I go over what is going on the next day and we are tired before that day even begins. :) So for me, setting a schedule has been challenging but fun. I have set things for her every morning, afternoon and evening. I won't bore you with all the details but I do need your help....especially anyone who has raised or is raising an older (than 9)child.

Part of her morning is to do Bible work. After this last year of school I have determined that Good Character does not come naturally to 3rd graders. So, I started targeting her issued points, along with issues her friends have that I don't want to become an issue for her.
I was at a Dr.'s appointment the other day and over heard an older lady talking to another older man about how young families are doing it all wrong these days and not teaching their children this and that, on and on. I wanted to move closer so I could hear.....PLEASE......fill me in!!!! I am at a point where I feel like Chloe is very impressionable as a young lady and a lot is going to be shaped and reshaped over the next several years and I want to get first dibs on what she knows about this life we are living and why we are living it. It is all for GODS glory, this is what she has been taught but how do I teach her to live it and be strong in it, to own it when we aren't around.

So I ramble on and on to ask this....
1. If you are older and read this, please give me one thing you would have done differently in bringing up your children. (along with any other advice).
2. If you are a mother of girls, (especially older than 9) what advice do you have.

Please don't misunderstand, Chloe is a wonderful little girl. I am just terrified of messing up and not raising her to be a wonderful, Godly young lady. We only have her for a certain amount of time. I don't want to waste it full of regret.

So....please, don't hold back....feed me your knowledge as a mother!!!!!!
  • shelbee
    I had more than a few minutes.....8:18 and I just now hear running feet!!! ;)
    by shelbee at 06/24/10 7:18AM
  • ektustin
    Just so you know, Chloe amazes me with the poise and quiet, sweet heart she has as a 9 year old! She has an incredible example in her Mama! You two are doing an amazing job...with all 3 of your girls!
    by ektustin at 06/24/10 9:06AM
  • snickers63
    In a hurry right now, but want to come back and read replies.... for Ems - needing it too. I think with older kid, I missed it on the discretion, being a lady, etc... as far as secular things, although that is rooted in scriptural concepts, if you think about it. I'll have to come back to this, and see what I am missing on this one. And there is much! Because we have plenty of issues. Character does not come naturally to 3rd graders - so so true.
    by snickers63 at 06/24/10 10:04AM
  • funsahm
    I don't have any "older children." Nor am I the mother of girls so I'm not sure if you want my advice or if it is any good. However, since you asked the question and I don't see to many other responses yet I'll add my two cents:) Then you can sift through and discard what you don't like.

    I believe that raising godly children starts with being godly parents and glorifying God in your marriage especially. You can teach your daughter to glorify God by glorifying Jason and in essence that also glorifies God.

    She is learning from you daily on how to react to others and how to behave chastely. She will start making mature choices in dress/hair/makeup and friendships because her parents guide her in her choices. Our children are going to make mistakes. Its about teaching them HOW to choose and letting them make the choice. Create in her a heart that loves and seeks God first and all this other stuff will come.

    Mark and I are reading "A momentary marriage" by John Piper. Its quite good. The concept I keep reminding myself of daily is this: What we receive in our vertical relationship with God (Mercy, grace, forgiveness, love, and patience to name a few things) we give out in our horizontal relationships to all others. First it starts with our spouse and then to others. Its a very humbling concept really. God puts up with a lot from me. I am such a selfish person. But when I realize this and then become an extension of Him to others its amazing. When Mark does something annoying (like forget to take the trash to the road for pick up and it sits in our yard yet another week) I need to put it in perspective to myself realizing that there are characteristics and habits I have that others look beyond and accept in me anyway...especially my heavenly father. We can teach this same concept to our children to mold their spiritual character.

    You are already a great mother and a wonderful wife. Keep growing in grace and knowledge and your children will follow you and Jason into Gods arms.
    by funsahm at 06/25/10 2:46PM
  • mayflower
    I was just married a month ago, so I don't have any children at all, :) but while I was preparing for marriage, a Christian woman gave me the book For Women Only for Shaunti Feldhahn. I read a lot of bible-based books on marriage and relationships before the wedding, and that one was hands down the single best book I've found.

    There is a version for girls called For Young Women Only. I'm not sure a 9-year-old needs it, but when she it about 12 or 13, I would highly recommend it. I plan to have my daughters read it some day. :)
    by mayflower at 06/28/10 7:02AM
  • pooky
    Not sure if you got my voicemail message or not, but how does the 15th look? Allison can request it off but she'll need to know in the next day or so. I didn't want her to go ahead without asking you first.
    by pooky at 07/01/10 3:48PM
  • marie
    Shelly, I admire you a great deal. I think you are a great person in many ways including being a mother. I don't think that you will have any major problems with Cloe.

    You know all my grown girls. I am so very proud of them. I am confident that they are very grounded spiritually. They encourage me more than they can know. How that happened, I'm not sure. I made many mistakes with them but I think that they were anle to see that being a child of God was ALL that mattered in the end. They saw my 'bad side' and forgave me when I messed up. I think that I succeeded in letting them know that they could talk to me about anything. I was always very aware of where they were, who they were with and when they wouuld be home. I trusted them until they gave me reason not to, and it took time for them to regain my trust. I don't think there is a formula to give you other than do your best to be the best Christian that you can be. Let them know that you are not perfect, that you make mistakes but God ALWAYS, ALWAYS knows what's best. I have a 14 ywar old daughter that I have the same concerns and fears that you have for Cloe. I'll do my best and leave the rest in God's hands.
    by marie at 07/03/10 12:46AM


That is the number of years Jason and I have been married. That seems like such a long to time. I am so lucky to look back at those 12 years and see how much we have grown as a couple and am blessed to be able to say I am looking forward to the next 12+ and not dreading them. He is the best man I have ever know.

When we got married I thought I knew what love was! We were 19 years old, 19! I look at our girls often and wonder if one of them comes to us at the ripe old age of 17/18 ;) and says they want to marry their boyfriend that we are able to take a lesson from our parents and handle it as well as they all did. Never once (to my knowledge) did either of our parents try to discourage us from getting married so young. I am so thankful for that because had someone changed our minds I am not sure where I would be today. Yes I do.....LOST!! Jason is everything to me. Every time he leaves for a meeting, right before I close his car door I say, "Be careful, my whole life is in that car!!"
Being a parent now, I can see how it had to have taken a LOT of praying and tongue biting to not say something to caution us. I pray that I have the same kind of faith in God when the time comes (and not take her by the hand to her room and lock her up). :)


Happy Anniversary Jason!
I love you more today than ever before.

  • rissaj
    HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to two of my most favorite people. I love you both very much!! Congratulations :)))
    by rissaj at 05/22/10 12:01PM
  • split_rock
    Happy Anniversary!
    by split_rock at 05/22/10 12:20PM
  • dsh
    As the U-Haul pulled out of the driveway I thought, they're just 19! I thought, they're moving to Ohio! We don't know anyone who lives in Ohio! So happy for the experiences you've had, thankful for the churches you've had to work with, for the lives you have touched and for all the Christians who have come into your lives. You are a team, a hard working team and I'm so thankful for the blessings God has showered down upon you both. Happy 12th Anniversary!
    by dsh at 05/22/10 12:51PM
  • dsh
    AND, I will never forget you standing there by the U-Haul truck, heading off to be a preacher's wife, holding your Bible and saying, "I've got my Bible!"
    by dsh at 05/22/10 1:30PM
  • tesnus
    Way to make me cry with that mushy stuff! I hope you guys have a wonderful, peaceful, dinner tonight! Love you both!!

    Happy Anniversary!
    by tesnus at 05/22/10 2:08PM
  • shelbee
    I don't remember that at all! That day is kind of a blurr for me. :)
    by shelbee at 05/22/10 2:27PM
  • lorileigh
    Happy Anniversary! It does a heart good to see you both so much in love.
    by lorileigh at 05/22/10 10:04PM
  • dcroush
    Congrats ;) Jason is a pretty nifty dude, I agree. Haha, I'm very happy for you guys!
    by dcroush at 05/23/10 6:58AM
  • snickers63
    Congratulations you two! Can't believe it has been 12 years!
    by snickers63 at 05/23/10 10:17PM
  • ektustin
    Happy Anniversary! Thanks for the amazing example you set for the rest of us! Love you guys!
    by ektustin at 05/24/10 10:47AM
  • pooky
    12 years??? You CAN'T be serious. At least he's not putting dirty diapers on your head any more. :)
    by pooky at 05/24/10 3:31PM
  • alp1926
    Happy Anniversary!!
    by alp1926 at 05/24/10 3:48PM
  • funsahm
    Happy Anniversary. You are both special people.
    by funsahm at 05/25/10 7:40AM
  • shelbee
    by shelbee at 05/25/10 8:45AM
  • madam_librarian
    missed you also--quilt is beautiful--I have a wonderful mom.---Sun. morning was Bob's last sermon at BS (I didn't know that ahead of time so it was kind of neat to be at home.)
    by madam_librarian at 05/25/10 5:52PM
  • crysi
    Happy Anniversary a little late. All I really remember about your wedding is Brad and (was it Evan?) that kept trying to light the candles and they kept going out. Ok not all I remember but that was kind of funny.
    by crysi at 05/26/10 10:47AM
  • ektustin
    love the picture of you guys in the corner!
    by ektustin at 06/07/10 10:45AM
  • rissaj
    Tell little miss crazy the next time she comes over she's not aloud to sit on my kitchen table to 'hide' from Clark, HAHAHAHA ;)
    by rissaj at 06/14/10 11:59AM


We have shoes coming out of our ears at our house....Not Shelly shoes.....Not Jason shoes......LOTS and LOTS of little girls shoes. I have never had a shoe fetish of my own, but I do have a shoe fetish when it comes to the girls. Little girl shoes are so cute, I can't resist. Its the aisle at any given store that I always hit, even if its just for a drive by. So the reason I tell you this is that I need a way to organize or better yet easily store the shoes where the girls can get to them and put them away. Anyone have any ideas??

Our current situation....their rooms are upstairs. We generally don't walk on the carpet so as soon as we come in everyone puts their shoes by the stairs. The shoes pile up and I put them all in a basket and carry them to their closets. This isn't working out for me anymore!! :)

So any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Remember....I have a 2 year old who can't do steps so the solution needs to be on the main level!!!

Anxious to hear what you've got!!

Hope everyone has a great weekend.
  • hoose
    I don't know how much room you have by your door, but you could buy one of those foyer benches/hall trees that has storage underneath the seat. Like this. My mom has one and the storage space is bigger than what is in the picture at that link.
    by hoose at 04/30/10 4:37PM
  • tesnus
    Is there room to put shelves in the laundry room or garage? Or even something like this could be put behind the laundry door.
    by tesnus at 04/30/10 9:30PM
  • rissaj
    Such a good day! :)
    by rissaj at 05/01/10 6:56PM
  • lorileigh
    I have two plastic tubs that look like baskets for shoes in our closet downstairs, one for the boys and one for Eddie and mine. We usually take our shoes off as soon as we come in and put the ones we are wearing in those baskets. We keep store most of our shoes upstairs in our own closets and take the shoes in the baskets downstairs upstairs periodically when they get too full--like now. It works okay. However, we really need a storage solution in the winter so we don't have to put yucky, snow dripping shoes in there. They tend to pile up in front of the steps in another basket in the garage. Since I don't have a mud room, I'm anxious to hear everyone else's storage solutions. The shoes drive me crazy.
    by lorileigh at 05/02/10 12:13AM
  • mamahastings
    I am really hoping you get some more ideas rolling here. We are in the same boat. Being out here, we have to have "nice" shoes and "play" shoes. Living on a little farm is not nice to white sandals! Each of our three girls have as many shoes as I do. It is crazy!!! But I must say, they dearly love all of them :) Now how do we organize hair stuff???
    by mamahastings at 05/03/10 10:19PM
  • rissaj
    Do you remeber seeing my parents garage? Probably not. Anyway, they have a couple of different shelves right by the door in the garage as you come in and thats where everyone takes their shoes off. It has always worked out really well for us, although sometimes we got lazy and just set them there, the shelving has served its purpose. Since you guys come in through the garage from the van, that would work out really well, I think. You can put the shelving on the front wall or the right side of the garage right by the door. Anywho....my 2.5 cents! :) Stephen and I do not come in through the garage right now....I'm looking for a good idea that would work for coming through the front door. Julie's idea is good, I need to find one of those...
    by rissaj at 05/04/10 7:25AM
  • mimi
    Did you go to Pooky's site and look at the picture? Can't believe how much it does look like me LOL!!
    by mimi at 05/10/10 12:39PM
  • rissaj
    SHELLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love you.
    by rissaj at 05/14/10 11:08AM


Funny conversation this morning....

Emma: I go ni-nite pez Momma??
Me: Okay, lets change your diaper first.
Emma: Okay, Momma.
Emma: I go ni-nite in Momma's crib?

Emma has exploded with chatter lately. She plays by herself so well, always talking to whatever it is she is playing with. I love it.

I hope everyone has a great start to their weekend. Enjoy the first day of Spring tomorrow.
  • funsahm
    Jason puts you in a crib at night? That's not nice J.
    by funsahm at 03/19/10 9:39AM
  • shelbee
    Could you please talk to him for me Sharon????
    by shelbee at 03/19/10 9:43AM
  • ektustin
    Happy Birthday to Chloe and Emma tomorrow! You have such great girls (that includes Jadyn, too)! :)
    by ektustin at 03/19/10 11:17AM
  • rissaj
    love my emma, yes I do!
    by rissaj at 03/19/10 11:49AM
  • tesnus
    Super cute! and too funny! You have a great weekend too!
    by tesnus at 03/19/10 1:16PM
  • crysi
    That's so cute.
    by crysi at 03/19/10 1:43PM
  • friedaj
    That is so funny!
    by friedaj at 03/20/10 8:11AM
  • boysrus
    Tell Chloe and Emma Happy Birthday from Uncle Jonathan and Aunt Angel!!! Hope that they had a great birthday!
    by boysrus at 03/20/10 7:47PM
  • pooky
    Happy Birthday Chloe and Emma!
    Oh, and we need to talk about our date. :)
    by pooky at 03/20/10 11:14PM
  • rissaj
    Hi Shellwee!!
    by rissaj at 03/22/10 9:44AM
  • ektustin
    Thanks so much! I'm still hoping, but not feeling very lucky that it's not turning to croup....
    by ektustin at 03/24/10 4:11PM
  • ektustin
    Oh, I just saw you guys are sick, too! I'm so sorry! I hope Emma's terrible cough isn't anything more than a cough!
    by ektustin at 03/24/10 4:12PM
  • ektustin
    Thanks so much! He didn't feel well yesterday afternoon/evening, but feels much better today. He seems to have avoided the worst of it, thankfully!
    by ektustin at 04/12/10 10:08AM
  • tesnus
    Thanks :) We missed being there! I hate when we're sick :/ Dewayne and I both had low fevers yesterday and Tori threw up last night around dinner. Today no fevers and no vomit...today is a good day!
    by tesnus at 04/12/10 11:15AM
  • tesnus
    Missed you last night! Have a safe trip this weekend!
    by tesnus at 04/22/10 11:06AM
  • mimi
    Thanks for all of your help. I love you bunches and bunches. Glad the girls are feeling better - hope you and I don't get it. One day down - two to go ;) ;)
    by mimi at 04/27/10 1:01PM


Wow....where did February go??? Seems like someone can always says that about any given month but really....for me, February came and went in what seemed a week. CRAZY!!

March is a great month for several reasons but my 3 favorite things about March all happen on the same day.

March 20th.....

1. Birth of First born Chloe
2. Birth of Third born Emma
3. First day of Spring!

I hope you are having a fantastic day.
  • rissaj
    Yes, home....safe and sound!

    March IS a good month....so far!
    by rissaj at 03/01/10 10:23AM
  • dcroush
    What a cool coincidence! I forgot about Emma being born on Chloe's birthday!
    by dcroush at 03/01/10 11:54AM
  • rissaj
    hey, can you keep the bachelor on dvr, i want to make sure i see it all since 24's on too. thank you spank you!!
    by rissaj at 03/01/10 3:34PM
  • crysi
    Busy day for you, huh?
    by crysi at 03/01/10 8:41PM
  • shelbee
    I didn't record it Rissa!! I am sure its on ABC's page.
    by shelbee at 03/01/10 11:20PM
  • rissaj
    It's alright, I ended up watching it. BOO!!! He was dummer than I thought! :(
    by rissaj at 03/02/10 7:33AM
  • tesnus
    Hmm, I'm not hot on fish, but Dewayne would have loved it! How are you doing?? Keeping Rissa on track?
    by tesnus at 03/02/10 10:55PM
  • rissaj
    i found a "2" candle for a birthday cake when we were cleaning last night, want it? I'll bring it tonight, it's green.
    by rissaj at 03/03/10 10:54AM
  • tesnus
    I love seafood! Just not fish and lobster. I'm more of a middle seafood eater, lol :) There is an all you can eat buffet in Va Bch that Dewayne and I went to all the time!! Ahhh, that was AWESOME!! I LOVE Red Lobster too! Joanie was saying we should get a group together and go out to dinner...hmmmm.... :D
    by tesnus at 03/03/10 1:09PM
  • tesnus
    Missed you tonight!!!
    by tesnus at 03/03/10 10:26PM
  • matermagistra
    I didn't realize Chloe and Emma shared a birthday. Ethan and Trina are a day apart...November 6 and 7.

    Thank you for your message. I've been sick and haven't been on much but I appreciate you thinking of me. We will have to talk soon and update. :)
    by matermagistra at 03/03/10 10:50PM
  • matermagistra
    P.S. Just so you know, I think you are a very special person and I am glad you are my friend. ((hug))
    by matermagistra at 03/03/10 10:50PM
  • boysrus
    My gold membership ran out. I keep forgetting to update it.
    by boysrus at 03/07/10 8:21PM
  • rissaj
    yeeess I did! Your answering machine just didn't tell you ;) See you later....!
    by rissaj at 03/11/10 7:58AM
  • rissaj
    hey, there is a really cool vintage school desk on craigslist, chloe would love it for her 'school' downstairs!
    by rissaj at 03/12/10 8:12AM
  • rissaj
    $25 ^
    by rissaj at 03/12/10 8:12AM