Switchin' it up a bit....

Well, I am switching my user name. Most of you know that my nick name is Shelby. When I originally found Pleonast the user name Shelby was taken so I thought I would be creative and use the "6" as a "b". Since then, I have had people call me Shel...sixy. :) So I guess my attempt to be creative didn't work. :)

Anyway, if you want to follow me I will be over here at Shelbee. Come and visit me!!!!

Hope you are all having a great day!!!!
  • nightingale
    I always wondered where you got shel6y! LOL Shelbee works better! (:
    by nightingale at 09/17/09 3:35PM
  • orbitsweetmint
    I totally got shel6y
    by orbitsweetmint at 10/19/09 10:36AM
  • mattdevore
    I always said shel-sixy in my head.
    by mattdevore at 10/20/09 1:02PM

09/15/09 6:23AM

Good morning!

As Chloe's principal would say, Let's make it a good one!!!
  • tld
    Good Morning !! to you too. Sound advice !!
    by tld at 09/15/09 6:50AM
  • tesnus
    Good day to you too!
    by tesnus at 09/15/09 8:18AM
  • dcroush
    by dcroush at 09/15/09 8:41AM
  • shel6y
    Emma loves that Devin!!^^
    by shel6y at 09/15/09 9:46AM
  • thethreat
    it was great seeing you
    by thethreat at 09/15/09 1:52PM
  • tesnus
    Hey! Give me a date that you guys would be free to come over in the next couple weeks. I've been itching to play some hand and foot!
    by tesnus at 09/15/09 2:01PM
  • ektustin
    they never said anything about Katie crying! I finished cardio and then did a few weights before leaving. it had been so long that I didn't want to overdo it. they never came and got me; I'm surprised!
    by ektustin at 09/15/09 2:01PM
  • madam_librarian
    Joshua and Megan's elementary principal ended every announcement with "remember to be your very best self".
    by madam_librarian at 09/15/09 4:29PM

09/14/09 9:10AM

I hope everyone had a great weekend! We really did!! Jason, Chloe and I were in a wedding of some very close friends of ours. It was a beautiful outside wedding. The wedding was up near Cleveland so we got to see and catch up with so many friends that we have made over the last 11 years. I am so happy for Stephen and Carissa and wish them all the happiness in the world.

So many good things are happening in our lives right now. Do you ever feel surges of blessings from God? I have had so many days lately where I have been so incredibly happy and have stopped to wonder why I am so blessed. I don't deserve the life God has given to me but am so thankful for all the love He has shown me by putting the people in my life that He has.

I hope everyone has a fantastic day!!

  • dcroush
    by dcroush at 09/14/09 9:29AM
  • shel6y
    :)....Devin.....^^^you always put a smile on my face^^^. Have you looking up "dicker" in the dictionary??? Well, I did....
    1. To deal, swap, or trade with petty bargaining; bargain; haggle. :)
    You should now adapt it to your everyday vocabulary!!

    We got you pretty good Friday night with it didn't we! :)

    by shel6y at 09/14/09 9:54AM
  • dcroush
    I found ^her to be quite disturbing...so much so that I couldn't help but laugh. And don't worry, I've stirred "dicker" into the scrumptious batter of my vocabulary. I plan on baking many a sentence containing this delightful word.
    by dcroush at 09/14/09 10:08AM
  • dcroush
    They got Jason Budd to use the word "dicker" in a sentence without me knowing it was staged. So when he said it I'm like "what did you just say?" Haha
    by dcroush at 09/14/09 12:02PM
  • mimi
    Still not feeling well - this too shall pass! Loved being with all of you this weekend.
    by mimi at 09/14/09 12:32PM
  • shel6y
    ^^I'm in!!!
    by shel6y at 09/14/09 9:06PM


I can smell fall in the air! That really excites me.

I like summer, but I love the fall. I can't wait to start going through our clothes and changing from short sleeves to long!

Whats your favorite season?
  • kristindoula
    BTW...I keep meaning to tell you that I don't think you could look ANY more like your mom than in that avatar pic!!! ;-)
    by kristindoula at 08/31/09 4:53PM
  • madam_librarian
    Fall!!!! Pumpkin is my favorite scent also^ but you'll never see me in a Steeler's Hoodie!!!!!!
    by madam_librarian at 08/31/09 6:40PM
  • friedaj
    Spring and Summer!
    by friedaj at 08/31/09 8:03PM
  • boysrus
    Definitely the Fall!!! I always get overly anxious to get the long sleeve clothes out. Of course with the boys it means going to buy all new clothes, which is fun, but pricey.
    by boysrus at 08/31/09 9:13PM
  • dcroush
    Winter...the cold reminds me of my bitterness towards all those Fall lovers. :)
    by dcroush at 08/31/09 9:57PM
  • matermagistra
    Definitely fall, then summer/spring (tie) and winter is definitely LAST.
    by matermagistra at 09/01/09 9:37AM
  • tesnus
    FALL!!! Love it!! :)

    You know what else I love? Friends coming over and just making my day! Thanks for the company last night, we had a great time! Maybe next time you can beat us in Eurche!
    by tesnus at 09/01/09 9:40AM
  • rissaj
    my mom emailed me the weather for the wedding...if it is what it says it is...it would be PERFECT. It was in the mid 70's I think.

    I need to come get my suitcase, maybe today after work if you'll be home, if you won't be home, no biggie

    Switching clothes out is my FAVORITE, it makes me feel like I'm going shopping!

    Did you get Chloe's dress?

    I guess I could just talk to you tonight...don't want to start working!

    by rissaj at 09/02/09 6:18AM
  • ektustin
    Hey! Got your message. Sunday - how about brownies or cookies or some type of dessert? Thanks! The other - should be great, but I'll talk to Eric, just to be sure! See you tonight!
    by ektustin at 09/02/09 11:46AM
  • ektustin
    smokies sound great, but don't worry about dessert then! thanks!
    by ektustin at 09/02/09 1:39PM
  • meditationis
    by meditationis at 09/02/09 8:05PM
  • snickers63
    Doing well. Keeping busy. Between parents and kids. How did we get to be this sandwiched age????
    by snickers63 at 09/02/09 10:12PM
  • mimi
    This is probably the first time in 10 years we haven't been at your house on Labor Day weekend! Can't wait to see you and Chloe in your dresses at the wedding!!!!
    by mimi at 09/03/09 1:40PM
  • orbitsweetmint
    Fall, Fall, Fall. Love the change in leaves. I want to live in a forest and watch them change colors minute by minute...but there is no money in that.
    by orbitsweetmint at 09/04/09 9:52AM
  • ektustin
    I'll send you a private message, but I wanted to let you know that I won't be able to go to the gym this morning! I'm really sorry!
    by ektustin at 09/08/09 7:07AM
  • dcroush
    I dickered for a cricut!
    by dcroush at 09/08/09 9:26AM
  • shel6y
    Did you get it?????? I am coming over if you did! :)
    by shel6y at 09/08/09 9:30PM
  • dcroush
    Mayyyyyybe. OK...no. Maybe I just wanted to use the term "dickered." I did see a picture of one though...twas intwisting.
    by dcroush at 09/08/09 10:09PM
  • mimi
    I hear ya singing!! I've been singing since 8:15 tonight!!!!! Do I really need to bring a needle and thread?
    by mimi at 09/10/09 9:49PM
  • pappap
    Hope you get feeling better, I don't like ti tease people when their SICK :(
    by pappap at 09/13/09 8:11PM

Did you have a good weekend????

  • hoose
    Mine was emotional and sad, but very spiritually uplifting. How was yours? Can't wait to see you on Friday! :-)
    by hoose at 08/24/09 11:34AM
  • dcroush
    Twas vunderful. Tomorrow shall be glorious, yes? Tacos, good conversations, avoidance of the phrase "It was funny." :)
    by dcroush at 08/24/09 11:36AM
  • rissaj
    ha! I did call you crazy, you didn't answer...
    I made an appt for you at the hair place; I think it's at ten....or something, anywho; your in. You know how my weekend went....it was SWELL!! Someday maybe we can hang out or something...maybe...
    by rissaj at 08/24/09 11:50AM
  • dcroush
    you don't remember the misunderstanding surrounding the phrase "It was funny" in the living room while playing Phase 10? hahaha
    by dcroush at 08/24/09 11:53AM
  • madam_librarian
    A scrappin' day through the fall and winter sounds great!!!! I am going to take some time off before I look for work so right now I am open to any day of the week.
    by madam_librarian at 08/24/09 12:47PM
  • ektustin
    Thanks for the info about the anti-fungal cream. I'll pick some up! Thanks! and don't worry about using up what I gave you; that's why I gave it to you! :)
    by ektustin at 08/24/09 1:21PM
  • crysi
    It was good, but we are having to say good bye to a little family that is moving to Cali. in a few days ;( Maggie and Wyatt were in their wedding and now Maggie is totally in love with their little baby girl, Rose. Sad, but we have to pray for the best for them =)
    by crysi at 08/24/09 1:36PM
  • shel6y
    by shel6y at 08/24/09 4:22PM
  • mimi
    Hope you are feeling better today! Love you!
    by mimi at 08/25/09 7:49AM
  • rissaj
    So.....what GC did you get??? The anticipation is killin me....
    by rissaj at 08/25/09 1:47PM
  • thethreat
    no im sick :( and school is monday
    by thethreat at 08/25/09 9:03PM
  • rissaj
    You left me.... :) missed you after...
    by rissaj at 08/27/09 6:06AM
  • rissaj
    No biggie, hope things got better...just wanted you to know I missed you, I'm here as always.... :)
    by rissaj at 08/27/09 10:51AM
  • rissaj
    I sent you a message; read it! :)
    by rissaj at 08/28/09 6:36AM
  • ektustin
    I need any advice you can give me on decorating the cake, please! I made a test one yesterday and I'm glad I did. I used whipped buttercream icing and it's not holding up for doing the stars, like I'd like.
    by ektustin at 08/28/09 6:54AM