Having a really lousy cold/virus has put me in my seat a little more than usual lately. This has allowed me to do a little more reading than usual. This has allowed me to discover a few quotes that I happen to like.

"Some people have no embarrassment gene."

"Buy the best and only cry once."

"If you didn't invite me to the take off, don't invite me to the crash landing."

And, my new favorite because it has such spiritual applications:

(it was used in a self defense situation, but it applies to so many others)

"You will not rise to the occasion, but will default to your level of training."
  • tweedledee
    Wow. I like the last one... but it is scary for me. "To the work! To the WORK!!"
    by tweedledee at 11/17/10 5:01PM
  • snickers63
    Good idea! So far they have not asked for that last check. I guess they know they are dealing with 'picky' Karry. ;-)
    by snickers63 at 11/30/10 10:15PM
  • octaveleaper
    "Some people's weakness is the strongest thing about them."
    by octaveleaper at 12/30/10 1:26PM

Gospel Meeting

Westvue Church of Christ

316 Kings Highway Murfreesboro, TN

October 10-15 with Gary Henry

Sunday 10:00 am - God, Our Savior and Sustainer
Sunday 6:00 pm - What Life in Christ is Primarily About

Evening Lessons: Reaching Forward 7:00 pm Mon.-Fri.
Monday - Forgetting What is Behind
Tuesday - Reaching Forward to What is Ahead
Wednesday - The Mind of the Mature Christian
Thursday - The Prize of the Upward Call...
Friday - Pressing Toward the Goal

Morning Lessons - Seeking God in the Psalms 10:30 am Mon.-Fri.

(good stuff)
  • octaveleaper
    Thanks for the info, Shane. It is David Finney from Dickson. Lord willing I'll see you next week!
    by octaveleaper at 10/07/10 10:42PM
  • octaveleaper
    Thanks for the info, Shane. I think I'll head down there tomorrow.
    by octaveleaper at 11/04/10 8:43PM
  • octaveleaper
    I'm sorry I missed you Friday. It was a tremendous and encouraging night, and I love the very impressive turnout for meetings in the Murfreesboro area. I was wrong about Eastside...I was thinking of Manchester, with Joseph Casimier.
    by octaveleaper at 11/07/10 8:56PM
  • grandmadiane
    You can operate it remotely and, on my TV you can find out who is calling on the phone :)
    by grandmadiane at 11/14/10 7:46AM
  • snickers63
    So you're not dating a chick? Does that mean you are dating an ugly duckling?
    by snickers63 at 11/15/10 10:16PM
  • snickers63
    Glad you cleared that up!!
    by snickers63 at 11/16/10 12:10PM

A Good Day

Today was a good day to eat my peanut butter and crackers lunch on the square and people watch.

Also snooped through the "house" that is being built on the square. Up on the third story there is a L shaped patio with a cool outdoor fireplace overlooking the courthouse and square.
  • mattmanua
    Finally get tired of tuna? Who's building a house on the square?
    by mattmanua at 09/16/10 11:57PM
  • tweedledee
    by tweedledee at 09/18/10 8:01AM
  • snickers63
    You went in the house on the square? I was talking to someone yesterday who is doing some work there. I noticed a few weeks ago something was going on, but did not give it much thought other than "a new storefront in this economy?"
    by snickers63 at 10/07/10 4:49PM
  • snickers63
    Guess it's time for a drive by.
    by snickers63 at 10/07/10 4:49PM

My Poor Helper

About a year ago a lady homeowner backed out of her driveway and crashed into my helper's truck. Yesterday, a contractor we work for backed into his truck. Dathan did nothing wrong. He was parked in out of the way locations both times.

Each one of the guys who has worked for me has left a "legacy" at Gillespie Carpentry. I guess I know what Dathan's will be. (I guess it could be said that I have left each one of them scarred as well)
  • mattmanua
    Not going to ask.
    by mattmanua at 09/14/10 10:42PM

Oh The Urge

The moon is looking full and I'm getting the urge to go out and howl!
  • snickers63
    True enough! And I though I heard something a little while ago.
    by snickers63 at 08/22/10 9:25PM
  • tweedledee
    NOT til Tuesday!!!!!!! ;) I'll join you, if I may?
    by tweedledee at 08/22/10 11:02PM
  • tweedledee
    If you get this before leaving in the morning and if you happen to drive by Rachel's house on your possible route into possibly M'boro, and if you happen to have a tent that two girls could borrow for a night and if you are at all inclined.... could you drop it off at the Reeves' house or if you happen to venture out past DeJarnette and could leave it there... Would you please grant this birthday wish if you could?

    That's a lot of big little ifs! Basically: If you have a tent, may I please borrow it for tomorrow night?
    by tweedledee at 08/24/10 12:23AM
  • tweedledee
    I was babysitting J and D at Kids' Castle and suddenly a large, buzzy creature smacked into me midflight and unfortunately happened to lodge between my glasses and eye. I swatted it and ripped off my glasses and swatted again before it got itself unstuck. W/o glasses I am practically blind so I never saw its form, but it sure did feel ginormous!!!!!! I thought the stinging was first just the force that it hit and the buzz of the huge wings but then it kept it up and a look in the mirror of the car revealed a sting just below my right eye and just above the edge of the eyelid and possibly one on the outside corner of my eye? Luckily I had ice in a lunch box. And survived babysitting another 2.5 hours at the park and more at the house. It was doing well... slightly puffy but pretty good. I felt it start swelling more after services and then at home and I woke to an almost fully sealed eye at 1am and iced it and then again it only had a nice little slit open in the morning and only barely could see the white of my after icing for a SUPER LONG time!! It looked rather gruesome all day but I could keep my eye open and even drove into town. And this morning it was pretty huge but after icing it dropped rapidly to a little bit of puffiness and only looks like I have been crying or something now.... but really I am about as happy as a person should ever be right now in my other eye!! THE END.
    by tweedledee at 08/27/10 5:07PM