Who invented Tickling?

Here's a completely random thought.. In TRUE FC fashion....
WHO invented tickling?

The answer to this dates back to the time of Israel... well back then he was called Jacob. Well if you dont remember... he was the one who wrestled with an angel becoming the inventor of World Championship Wrestling (hence a jew like Goldberg being awesome "Dem jews can wrastle!")

However, what few know is the source of his victory (in which he gained the cool nickname "Israel") came with a secret knowledge. Like a death blow from a blunt object, mmm... say an Ox goad... Jacob delivered the finishing move before the Pin by using the angel's weak point.... his ticklish spot.

And now you know.... the rest of the story...
  • firebolt
    Wow...I love you Brett!!! :) I've always wondered about tickling and you have no set my thoughts at ease. Thank you! Smile hon, God Bless!!!
    by firebolt at 10/03/03 1:03AM
  • firebolt
    by firebolt at 10/03/03 1:03AM
  • ashli
    Brett, you are insane...why did i ask you....
    by ashli at 10/03/03 1:07AM
  • imelgringo
    that is man eating my guitar.
    by imelgringo at 10/03/03 2:04AM
  • fliegendenfisch
    awww the little unsolved mystery's of our world. Well, now that we know the origin I guess it is only proper to continue carrying out the tradition. whaaa haaa haa ahaaaaaaaaaaa
    by fliegendenfisch at 10/03/03 5:25AM
  • snorman
    ahh brett this is for you *i smack you in the face with a pillow, you didnt see me coming so .. I win!* hehe just thought i would give you that today :-D
    by snorman at 10/03/03 3:42PM
  • klsykrsyfrmsrcy
    i love you brett!! and i miss you too!
    by klsykrsyfrmsrcy at 10/03/03 5:50PM