I found everyone!

Hello all! Just crash landed on Pleonast!
  • boydman
    Hello Craig! Jeremy Boyd here. Good to see you on here!
    by boydman at 09/27/05 11:38AM
  • meditationis
    Welcome! Remember me?
    by meditationis at 09/27/05 9:33PM
  • palindrome90
    Yeah, Uncle Craig, I think I know those songs you mentioned! I've either heard them on tape, or by singing them myself....but I know I've heard them somewhere. Great songs :)
    by palindrome90 at 09/28/05 5:15PM
  • basil60
    Hey Craig! It's Lisa Boyd! How's it goin'?
    by basil60 at 09/30/05 8:41PM
  • pooky
    Hi Craig, this is Rhonda (VanHoose) Marcus - from Matt and Rachel's wedding... I don't know if you remember me. I hope you are doing well!
    by pooky at 10/06/05 8:55PM
  • southernbelle_bama
    hi, I'm April
    by southernbelle_bama at 11/04/05 9:22AM
  • ijman
    UNCLE CRAIG! :-D it's jordan!
    by ijman at 11/19/05 4:19PM
  • dadmcpherson
    Hey Craig...you on here also? cool. Sermonate me, eh.
    by dadmcpherson at 11/22/05 10:55AM
  • dadmcpherson
    BTW, Craig in my brother (in more than one way). Brother in Christ, Brother-in-law, and this happened whether he wanted me or not. :)
    by dadmcpherson at 11/22/05 10:57AM
  • dadmcpherson
    edit post above, should be... Craig "is" my brother.
    by dadmcpherson at 11/22/05 10:59AM
  • funsahm
    Happy birthday.
    by funsahm at 12/16/05 1:35PM
  • valleryy911
    by valleryy911 at 12/17/05 6:59AM
  • mattdevore
    I hope you don't get sick from the cheesecake as I have been known to do. "Pull over!!!"
    by mattdevore at 12/17/05 9:14AM
  • mattdevore
    I'm glad we got to go to the museum together.
    by mattdevore at 04/12/06 10:43AM
  • deusvitae
    Indeed. I hope you had a safe trip back.
    by deusvitae at 04/12/06 4:58PM
  • rioriver
    Hi, Craig, it's Katie Powell. I just wanted to tell you that I used one of your sermons from the gospel meeting to stick on neighbor's mailboxes to let them know about this meeting. I don't know if it worked, but I'm hoping!
    by rioriver at 04/27/06 2:48PM
  • deusvitae
    Hope you have a happy holiday season and a good new year. :)
    by deusvitae at 12/23/06 9:43AM
  • mattdevore
    Welcome home.
    by mattdevore at 03/04/07 2:00PM
  • cindymarie1970
    How's my favorite brother doing. I hope everything went well over there, can't wait to hear your stories. Why don't you post some so we can all benefit??? Love ya bunches and bunches. *hug, hug*
    by cindymarie1970 at 03/08/07 10:53AM
  • danmadrigal
    Hey - I am helping a church in Alabama find a preacher. If you know someone, let me know.
    by danmadrigal at 04/10/08 8:03PM