Boys will be boys

Many of you know that I babysit my nephew Mason a couple days a week. He is 4 and a half years old and goes to preschool Monday though Thursday. Everyday when he comes home from school we have to ask him what color he got on. They give the kids certain colors depending on how well behaved they are that day. Green = Great, Yellow = Not so great and Red = Not good at all. If they come home with any color but green, the teacher will send home a note explaining the reason the child got into trouble. The other day, Mason came home on red. The enclosed note read as follows...

"During play centers, Mason was asked to dress the doll. Instead he kept pretending that the doll was peeing on all the other classmates and included sound effects."

1st-this kid cracks me up
2nd-is anyone else concerned with the fact that they are telling the boys to dress dolls?
  • gamomma
    Oh no, you have strep? I'm so sorry! We are always getting that over here. Chad is sick right now but I don't think it's strep. Hope you are on the mend!
    by gamomma at 02/08/08 7:21PM
  • icantbreathe
    Hey I hope you are feeling better! Did you get my e-mail response on Thursday? My e-mail at work has been messed up so you may not have.
    by icantbreathe at 02/09/08 10:41AM
  • floorcoaster
    Hey, I joined the Twilight group. Just what they need, right? Me? The uber-fan? LOL. I left a comment or two for you .... :)
    by floorcoaster at 02/15/08 2:02AM
  • floorcoaster
    Go back to my page - JASPER.
    by floorcoaster at 02/15/08 2:07AM
  • roseofsharon
    This is Aunt Sharon. Wait until two of them "sword-fight" with the pee out on the playground (because they have to go and are not allowed in).
    by roseofsharon at 02/16/08 10:28PM
  • thomassive
    did you and nathan enjoy the movie??
    by thomassive at 03/09/08 10:01PM
  • sarahsmile
    I thoroughly enjoyed Mason in class last Sun. Apple Bottom Jeans!
    by sarahsmile at 03/17/08 4:08PM
  • abs
    by abs at 03/22/08 8:57PM
  • melmibelle
    hey there, just started reading the twlight series, about to start the third book, it's stressed me out, but luckily i got to talk to laura today to ease my worries, heard you were a big fan :)
    by melmibelle at 03/29/08 5:08AM
  • melmibelle
    i feel obsessed, i hate that feeling
    by melmibelle at 03/29/08 5:09AM
  • melmibelle
    yeah i've read all three now, though i've read the last one twice, most of the second one twice and now i've started over reading teh first one. it is really nice to reread them kind o fknowing more because you pick up on so much more of the stuff.
    by melmibelle at 04/10/08 7:00PM
  • thehandoftheking
    by thehandoftheking at 05/10/08 9:45AM
  • curlie
    by curlie at 05/10/08 6:43PM
  • lilbec
    hey teders! im gonna try to start postin on here again. miss ya!
    by lilbec at 06/04/08 8:26AM
  • brainy_chik81
    hello! :)
    by brainy_chik81 at 06/16/08 9:25PM
  • sarahsmile
    Just in the off chance you haven't seen it, look here
    by sarahsmile at 06/25/08 11:49AM
  • dixiechick
    I hope you're feeling better.
    by dixiechick at 07/21/08 12:17PM
  • abs
    I never see you much - I miss you!
    by abs at 01/10/09 8:32PM
  • heatherfeather
    Congrats! My dad said you had your baby :)!
    by heatherfeather at 02/28/09 10:07PM
  • twohandsonthewheel
    Hey, mrs. teda! i guess you don't get on here very much, but i just wanted to say hi. and that it's caley harper and i added you to my friends list. ;)
    by twohandsonthewheel at 10/05/09 6:40PM

Adelaide's Personal Language

Since Adelaide has begun speaking, I find that most people have a hard time understanding what she is saying. I realized that this may be because she has her own way of saying things. The following is a quick tutorial in "Adelaide Language".

"Ah me ode-jew." -- Will you hold me?
"Les goes dows stairs." -- Let's go down stairs.
"My cryvits" -- referring to her private parts
"My roon." -- My room.
"I ee a mermaide." -- I need a band-aid. (who knows)
"Supplies!" or "Some prize!" -- Surprise!
"Munch time?" -- Lunch time?
"Mommy, I ee go big potty!" -- Mommy, I need to go #2.
"Peen budder an jowdy maminch" -- Peanut butter and Jelly Sandwich.
"I fink ees my besfend." -- I think he's my best friend. (referring to Nathan)
"I haf bofend." -- I have a boyfriend. (Calvin Gatewood)
"I laff ewe." -- I love you.

  • thewanderer
    "Wan a pay sumin es?" -- "Want to play something else?", said every 10 seconds last time I was over! She's awesome...
    by thewanderer at 01/25/08 3:15PM
  • curlie
    What a sweetheart! Sounds like she and Maia would get along smashingly. :)
    by curlie at 01/25/08 3:20PM
  • sarahsmile
    Allie's artwork on my bathroom wall:
    by sarahsmile at 01/25/08 4:51PM
  • abs
    by abs at 01/25/08 5:13PM
  • scout_finch
    you told her she could right? this isn't something I didn't know about is it?
    by scout_finch at 01/25/08 5:21PM
  • scout_finch
    Than reminded me of another one: "Hey, who wan a see my roon?" -- Hey, who wants to see my room?
    by scout_finch at 01/25/08 5:23PM
  • bikeaholic
    we have the same kinda thing with Cricket. so many of her words sound just alike you have to figure out what she means from the context. for instance... "monny" can mean
    lesli (don't ask)
    by bikeaholic at 01/26/08 11:22AM
  • bikeaholic
    cal is very lucky that adelaide even gives him the time of day. somehow i doubt he'll realize it before she gets bored and moves onto someone else
    by bikeaholic at 01/26/08 11:24AM
  • dbalentine
    Um we need to talk about Calvin. Somebody else has her eye on him. As long as her "friend" Steven (at school) doesn't know about it.
    by dbalentine at 01/26/08 2:57PM
  • abs
    So Adelaide has a thing for Calvin? I thought she had something going for Chase Ray
    by abs at 01/26/08 3:23PM
  • dixiechick
    I feel like I haven't talked to you in a while, too. I've been doing pretty well. Classes started back 3 weeks ago, so I've been trying to get into the groove and working, too. How have things been with you?
    by dixiechick at 01/26/08 7:36PM
  • sarahsmile
    Yes, I told her she was to inspire me to paint over the stark white walls. I just thought you might want it for photos of her early works. :-)
    How did the curtains turn out yesterday??
    by sarahsmile at 01/28/08 10:13AM
  • dixiechick
    I saw you yesterday morning, but I didn't get to talk to you. I hope you have a great week!
    by dixiechick at 01/28/08 10:41AM
  • sarahsmile
    You're so funny. I am like a cross between you and Jen...It would bother me that there were creases, but I'd not put the effort into getting them back down to iron them. It think the curtains rug and pillows really tie the room together and make it feel like a living room. It was fun to go shopping with Jen because I got to look and pick out stuff and cart stuff around in a shopping cart, but I didn't spend any of my own money.
    by sarahsmile at 01/28/08 3:00PM
  • gamomma
    Thanks for sharing the baby with me yesterday! That was awesome of you! He's just so cute you have to hold him! Did you make curtains for Jen or just help her get them up? I have to make a caterpillar/butterfly costume for Claire by Wed. I don't sew or have a sewing machine so this should be interesting!
    by gamomma at 01/28/08 4:05PM
  • heatherfeather
    Hey muffin...I'm doing great ...My mom has been here since August...She came up and helped me open up a boutique...Wasn't having much luck with jobs and babies aren't in the plans right yet...Anyway we don't have a website, but we do have a page...check us out at would be fun if you could come visit!...sad for us so far the customers we've had are older and larger so I don't know that we will be able to carry things my mom and I can actually wear...However we still like what we buy to sell and you have to go with the flow...Anyway I need to get to bed- ttyl :)
    by heatherfeather at 01/28/08 9:11PM
  • gamomma
    I totally understand about ironing the curtains. I, too, have to have them ironed and hung straight! I'm sure you had a good time rearranging the furniture and decorating with her! Way to be a great SIL!
    by gamomma at 01/28/08 10:53PM
  • heatherfeather
    Thanks for the comment...We think it's cute too! :)...It is going great...The more people notice us the better...And the more positive word of mouth the better...As soon as spring greats here I'm sure we will be really busy! :)
    by heatherfeather at 01/30/08 11:03PM
  • heatherfeather
    P.s. Let me know if you saw any hats you liked and I will let you know prices...If you are in the market :)
    by heatherfeather at 01/30/08 11:04PM
  • heatherfeather
    Awww man we sold that one...Shame on me for not telling you which ones we still had left...We still have the gray and pink jacq., The black, gray and red tweed, and the Teal 3 button....
    by heatherfeather at 01/31/08 9:01AM

Ah...the artist strikes again...

So this weekend we have friends in town. Our friend Matt from Kentucky Nathan's cousin Rita from Tennessee. Friday, while Nate was on his way home from work, I was downstairs cleaning up a little bit when our cat Harley walks by. I glanced at him and did a complete double take. The entire top of his head was covered in sparkly lime green puffy paint. After a quick intake of breath I yelled "ADELAIDE!" and came around the corner just in time to see her run past the top of the stairs into her room saying "NOOOOOOO!". Matt and Rita ran out of the computer room only to find me running up the stairs to Ali's room saying, "WHERE IS IT ADELAIDE? WHERE IS IT? WHERE'S THE PAINT?" I ran into my room only to find about 2 dozen tiny globs of puffy paint on my bedroom floor. After locking Ali in her room, Matt starts trying to clean Harley off while Rita and I grab cups of water and head upstairs. (I learned last time that the best way to clean paint out of carpet is to douse it with water and suck it up with a wet dry vac) As I'm on my way upstairs, Nate walks in the door. I calmly turned to him and said, "Hey honey, I'm glad your home. Would you mind grabbing the shop vac and coming upstairs?" It ended up being a much easier clean up than the last time. Partially because I had so much help, and partially because it was not even 1/16th as bad as the last time. All ended well and the only remnants of the fiasco is the glitter that is still stuck in the fur on top of Harley's head and ears. The lesson learned: Never underestimate Adelaide and her ability to get into places I think she can't. There is no safe place to store paint in a house with a 2 and a half year old.
  • abs
    I hate the wetness. I got in from the snow today and my legs were bright red cause I was so cold. Ick.
    by abs at 01/19/08 8:16PM
  • abs
    And hahaha your poor cat! It's going to be traumatized to death before Adelaide turns 4.
    by abs at 01/19/08 8:19PM
  • hotlantamom
    She reminds me of Jared!
    by hotlantamom at 01/19/08 8:47PM
  • brainy_chik81
    what's with her anp painting cats?
    by brainy_chik81 at 01/19/08 9:40PM
  • imyourhuckleberry
    You have three options:
    1. Get rid of cats (best choice)
    2. Get rid of paint (my 2nd choice)
    3. Get rid of Adelaide (last resort)
    by imyourhuckleberry at 01/20/08 7:51AM
  • thehandoftheking
    Thanks for the image of Adelaide streaking past the top of the stairs saying "NOOOOOO!"
    by thehandoftheking at 01/20/08 7:17PM
  • ed
    that's funny!
    by ed at 01/20/08 10:50PM
  • sarahsmile
    Hopefully one day she'll be a world famous artist and this will all be worth it.
    by sarahsmile at 01/21/08 10:34AM
  • bikeaholic
    and again you failed to produce pictures of the budding artist's work.
    what gives?
    by bikeaholic at 01/21/08 11:20AM
  • icantbreathe
    Aaah she is too cute. And I am sure that was exactly what you were thinking at the time. :)
    by icantbreathe at 01/21/08 12:17PM
  • dixiechick
    Poor Harley. Although, he allows her to paint him, so it's partly his own fault.
    by dixiechick at 01/21/08 4:30PM
  • floorcoaster
    Aw, poor cat!
    by floorcoaster at 01/21/08 5:26PM
  • heatherfeather
    Add me Teda...You awesome mom you :)...Miss you!
    by heatherfeather at 01/24/08 12:11AM
  • heatherfeather
    Ps hope you are doing great and don't dry up and blow away on me :)
    by heatherfeather at 01/24/08 12:12AM
  • heatherfeather
    Sorry about the paint :)
    by heatherfeather at 01/24/08 12:13AM

I wonder who she gets the sweet tooth from???

This morning while I was still in bed and Nate was getting ready for work, Adelaide woke up and headed downstairs. Nate, thinking Adelaide is still in bed, gets downstairs only to find Adelaide on the counter with sugar covering her nose and mouth holding the sugar bowl and a spoon.

Nate: What are you doing Ali?
Adelaide: Um...I want a drink.
Nate: Adelaide, were you eating sugar?
Adelaide: I'm sorry daddy.

Can anyone guess what Nate did...
  • boo_radley
    No, I lovingly told her that I'd break her hands if I ever caught them near the sugar bowl again.
    by boo_radley at 01/16/08 3:50PM
  • jungleman
    Oh, and Teda... your name means "tiresome, boring, and stodgy" in Esperanto
    by jungleman at 01/16/08 3:52PM
  • abs
    And that's so cute! and I have that "no trespassing" picture up in my room along with all the other pictures from the teen night. We need to do another hunt like that.
    by abs at 01/16/08 4:54PM
  • abs
    by abs at 01/16/08 4:55PM
  • brainy_chik81
    by brainy_chik81 at 01/16/08 5:16PM
  • scout_finch
    No. Actually what he did was nothing. He is such a softy.
    by scout_finch at 01/16/08 7:30PM
  • thewanderer
    How could he do anything? She said "I'm sorry daddy" while holding the bowl and covered in sugar. I don't think I have a defense for that one either.
    by thewanderer at 01/16/08 8:22PM
  • curlie
    I was going to say that he spanked her, but I guess that covers it. :)
    by curlie at 01/16/08 8:23PM
  • dbalentine
    I don't know what you're talking about. By the way, when the pony arrives just sign for it. And tip the UPS guy, too.
    by dbalentine at 01/16/08 9:14PM
  • jungleman
    So Adelaide was thirsty, but he never gave her a drink?
    by jungleman at 01/16/08 9:53PM
  • floorcoaster
    by floorcoaster at 01/17/08 6:15AM
  • thehandoftheking
    You heard Jerry about dads getting played by their daughters, but not caring that much because it's their daughter.
    by thehandoftheking at 01/17/08 6:39AM
  • dixiechick
    Why does that not surprise me?
    Daddy has always surprised me with his soft side.
    by dixiechick at 01/17/08 8:05AM
  • thomassive
    if he never gave her a drink, that sounds kinda like child abuse. is she still thirsty?? i'm really good at pouring drinks out of cans. and one more question, was it white or brown sugar? i've been known to eat brown sugar by itself. it's so good.
    by thomassive at 01/17/08 9:21AM
  • scout_finch
    she wasn't really thirsty. it's a new thing she is trying. you know, bring up something else to take attention off the matter at hand.
    by scout_finch at 01/17/08 11:27AM
  • sarahsmile
    I also try that tactic. "What are you doing Sarah?" "Um...hey does anyone want a cookie?"
    by sarahsmile at 01/17/08 12:12PM
  • ed
    that's hilarious!
    by ed at 01/18/08 7:36AM
  • bikeaholic
    thanks for changing the picture
    by bikeaholic at 01/18/08 1:48PM
  • jaypeess
    ^^same person different that better?
    by jaypeess at 01/18/08 2:29PM
  • abs
    does adelaide like snow?
    by abs at 01/19/08 5:51PM


Sarah was asking people to try eating grilled cheese sandwiches with jelly. I've got something for everyone to try and it's one of my fave things to eat. It's called a Mr. Williams. Okay, so, you take toasted bread (white or wheat)put peanut butter on both sides of the bread, cut up some sausage (kielbasa(sp) is good)top with cheddar cheese (as sharp as you like) and regular mustard. Nate likes to eat what I call the Poor Mans Mr. Williams where you use hot dogs instead of sausage. You could even do a Mr. Williams Jr. which is all of the above on a hot dog bun. Our friend Nick from California introduced them to us a few years back and we have been hooked since. It might take a couple bites before you can appreciate it. I know it sounds insane, but give it a try and let me know what you think. :o)
(for everyone getting confused, this is a sandwich. It is not to be eaten with a fork)
  • thewanderer
    ^^What you really need to do is banana and mayo and peanut butter!
    by thewanderer at 01/11/08 6:07PM
  • thewanderer
    I must confess I've found the Poor Man's version to be not bad.
    by thewanderer at 01/11/08 6:07PM
  • abs
    My dad eats those, Than. The mayo peanut butter bananas things.
    by abs at 01/11/08 8:08PM
  • thomassive
    by thomassive at 01/11/08 8:16PM
  • thewanderer
    But the poor man's mr. W doesn't mix sweet with cheese...
    by thewanderer at 01/11/08 8:24PM
  • gamomma
    But Than do you eat Cheesecake? That is all about mixing sweet with cheese.
    by gamomma at 01/11/08 9:04PM
  • gamomma
    I was watching The Food Network tonight and this guy was visiting dives. One of the specialties of this place was a hamburger with peanut butter on it! The host of the show did not like it, but evidently it's a tradition at this place. Made me think of you and your peanut butter sausage!
    by gamomma at 01/12/08 12:07AM
  • melmibelle
    hey there, well teda ed and i were just talking the other day and you the closest thing to a professional stylist that i know. . . .so i was wanting your opinion on something. what kind of hairstyle do you think would look best on me? i can send you some pics if you want. right now it's pretty long. . .but i want to at least do something with it. sorry to hit you up, but you always look so adorable!!!
    by melmibelle at 01/12/08 12:39AM
  • melmibelle
    p.s. this recipe sounds like some pregnant womans crazy weirdo desires. . . but hey i'm willing to try most things
    by melmibelle at 01/12/08 12:46AM
  • abs
    Your blog is so exciting. Everyone comes on here and posts!
    by abs at 01/12/08 9:40AM
  • curlie
    Is this your way of announcing something....? :)
    by curlie at 01/12/08 9:42AM
  • scout_finch
    by scout_finch at 01/12/08 10:17AM
  • curlie
    Sorry... What can I say? You're family! ;)
    by curlie at 01/12/08 10:38AM
  • imyourhuckleberry
    If Andee ever makes one of those things for me, we're getting a divorce.
    by imyourhuckleberry at 01/12/08 1:51PM
  • thewanderer
    ^^^That cracked me up Jason! Seriously, its not bad.
    by thewanderer at 01/12/08 7:49PM
  • mray
    Hey Teda!!
    by mray at 01/13/08 8:34PM
  • gamomma
    "Baby Adelaide" looked so cute yesterday! I loved that outfit!
    by gamomma at 01/14/08 9:00AM
  • dixiechick
    That picture is really freaking me out.
    by dixiechick at 01/14/08 10:50AM
  • thewanderer
    Luckily for me, I don't have that mental pressure right now. You should still go.
    by thewanderer at 01/14/08 1:01PM
  • gamomma
    We will miss you!
    by gamomma at 01/16/08 1:24PM