It's been over 5 years...

And a baby is now on the way!

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It's a boy. :)
  • ittybitty
    Wow! Congrats!
    by ittybitty at 12/31/14 5:32PM
  • Mercy_Rush
    by Mercy_Rush at 01/04/15 1:40PM
  • sararschick
    Thank you both! :) It's been so long, I don't even remember how to tag people on here. Hahaha.
    by sararschick at 01/05/15 9:23PM

Wedding Pictures! :)

P.J. and I tied the knot a month ago tomorrow (8/8/09) and I'm just now updating with pictures! Things are going pretty well in married life! :) Here's a link... and enjoy!
  • lizsmith
    Hello there, Mrs. McBroom!!!!!
    by lizsmith at 09/07/09 4:05PM
  • sjbgurl
    I love your dress! Beautiful :)
    by sjbgurl at 09/08/09 11:48PM
  • be_with_me_lord
    Wow, congrats!
    by be_with_me_lord at 09/09/09 11:43PM
  • be_with_me_lord
    The place you were married is beautiful!
    by be_with_me_lord at 09/09/09 11:54PM
  • pj
    It has been about 4 months since anyone has written you! haha! do you even check this thing anymore??!! let's see how long it takes you to find this comment.. haha! i see you posted our rock band and guitar hero band name!! "the sweepers".. haha!! I love you!! u like my exclamation points!! haha!!! let's see if you will be able to remember why i just said that!! talk to ya in a couple of hours!! class is about to start!! hugs and kisses!! i love you!!! bye!!!
    by pj at 01/27/10 1:47PM
  • pj
    haha.. more than a year since anybody has commented here.. Let's see how long it takes you to see this. i love you!
    by pj at 02/22/11 10:33AM
  • ittybitty
    ^Just broke the year. Haha. :D
    :) Love y'all!
    by ittybitty at 03/05/11 10:40AM
  • sararschick
    Hahaha. :)
    by sararschick at 03/07/11 8:20PM
  • ittybitty
    by ittybitty at 03/17/11 12:03PM
  • pj
    4 days... not near as long as it did you! =P I love you!
    by pj at 03/25/11 11:46AM
  • pj
    why r u replying with my account on my page? are you trying to confuse me?
    by pj at 03/27/11 7:52PM
  • pj
    oh yeah. i love you by the way.
    by pj at 03/27/11 7:53PM
  • ittybitty
    I'm making it so it isn't almost two months. ;)
    by ittybitty at 05/02/11 7:51PM
  • sararschick
    Haha! Thanks!
    by sararschick at 05/14/11 5:51PM
  • asta85
    hehe sorry it has taken so long to reply, but we really miss you too! Amanda and I will be in Dallas starting 06/18/2011 with a guest room that has your name on it for a weekend trip!
    by asta85 at 06/01/11 5:03PM

Some pictures... :)

^^Managed to find some time to upload some pictures of the ring! Thank you for all your congratulations and comments! I wish there was more time in a day so I could be more efficient in getting back with each of you! More to come later...

Sara is looking for a dress..

So I decided to break in since she doesn't have much time to update since she is busy, busy, busy!!

So how'd it go down?

well.. i got off from work at 7 and decided that that night was the night. I don't think she realized it at first.. I had told her that i was waiting to where i wouldnt be worrying about any tests and that I had one the next day (and i did). Anyways, we went to my house and got her local taxes done (yeah.. she still hadn't done them.. and i was wondering what local taxes were because here in the great state of TEXAS, we don't have local or state taxes). Anyways it was a simple yet romantic proposal. And here is where it started..

I asked her to go for a walk in the park (we hadn't walked in the park yet and we have a really nice park)... so we started off towards that. We got there.. and i had to put my jacket on (it was a slightly chilly night) and i tried to put the ring in my pocket without her realizing.. but it took too long to put it in my pocket cause i was having trouble with putting on my jacket!! But anyways we started walking around the park on a clear starry night(i was looking for a good place to propose. At first i thought about a hill in the park but when we walked up on it there were some people on the other side. and then i thought about the bridge but i didn't want to lose the ring in the water.) and finally made it to a well-lit gazebo. Then i hugged and kissed her for a little bit and then got down on one knee and read her a poem. and here it is:

My life was missing something.
It was a lonely road, at first.
Of course, I had my family,
But for a companion, I did thirst.

One night I was sitting on my bed,
Studying for a class.
When my sister called me up,
And had a favor to ask.

Apparently there was this girl
Who had a plight.
You see, she liked this boy,
But the match was clearly not right.

My sister asked me to get online.
To MSN Messenger she said.
So I got on the computer,
And you probably know where that led.

We didn’t talk much that first night.
Remember I still had a test
And though my grades might not show it
I still wanted to do my best.

On the next night however,
We stayed up for forever,
We didn’t want to leave each other.
No, not ever!!!

Over the months I got to know you better.
Your little quirks.
Your little chirps.
I counted them all as perks.

I loved how you laughed
Especially when I “sung.”
If I had done that anywhere else,
I think I might have been hung.

I finally decided I had to meet you.
So on a plane to Pennsylvania I went.
When I got there, I picked up my bags
And stood and talked on the phone for a moment.

I finally saw you for the first time
As you came down the stairs.
You were so beautiful that
All I could do was stare.

Your eyes danced with excitement.
All you could do was smile.
We hugged and hugged
We did that for quite a while.

I do remember our first kiss on that very day.
It was in the car, how unromantic.
But the wait felt like I was alone in a sailboat.
And I had just crossed the Atlantic.

You often since then have asked me why I love you.
And now I will attempt to explain why.
How when you are around,
why I always seem to be on an emotional high.

The first and least important.
Would definitely be your beauty.
Here is a short list of things I like,
that make you such a cutie.

First would be your eyes.
For they tell your tale.
When you are happy, mad, or sad,
I can just look in your eyes and tell without fail.

The next would be your smile.
It brings me so much comfort to behold.
I hope your teeth don’t fall out,
So it can comfort me when I’m old.

I also love your hands.
Maybe to you, chubby and small.
But when I walk hand-in-hand with you,
I know that all of my troubles will fall.

I could talk about the rest of your body.
But some things are better left unsaid.
Maybe in the future I will tell you,
But not before we wed.

And now for the characteristics.
These are what makes you, you.
The list can go on for a while.
But for now, here are a few.

You are kind and caring.
You ask me about my day,
You listen to my troubles
And give a hug to make the pain go away.

You have brains and a good sense of humor.
I am able to talk to you intellectually,
As well as tease you endlessly,
And not to mention tickle you playfully.

As for the most important thing I love.
You are grounded in the Word.
You try with all your might to live faithfully,
And think that doing anything else is absurd.

In this short time, you have helped me so much.
You make me see the error in my life.
You lovingly pierce my heart,
Using the word of God as your knife.

You help me keep my priorities straight and
You remind me that life isn’t about fun.
But that it is about God and your loved ones,
And always keeping the devil on the run.

Now you can see a little more of why I love you.
Day by day my love for you grows by infinity.
As does the reasons why I love you.
That is why it is impossible to name every amenity.

As for the companion that I thirsted for.
“Oh fill my cup let it overflow,
Let it overflow with love.”
As long as you love me, I will never let you go.

I now have one favor to ask,
That you walk hand-in-hand by my side for the rest of my life.
And now for the question you have been waiting for.
Will you marry me and be my wife?

And then she managed to squeak out a yes (she had been crying with joy).. and i put the ring on her finger and got up and kissed her and hugged her for a little while more.. and then we walked around the park a little more and left the park and went and talked to all of my family and she called her family and talked to them. Then it was time to go to bed, so i took her home and we said our goodbyes and that was the end of the night.

And that is how it all went down..
We hope to get pictures taken soon, so hopefully we will be able to do that and get some pictures up.

And that is all for now... Maybe Sara will get a chance to write sometime soon... but she is getting busy planning our wedding now.. so we will see!!

bye for now!
  • lizsmith
    This is so, so beautiful, P.J. - thank your for sharing with us! Hope to meet Sara's love one day - I still haven't met Stacey's love!
    by lizsmith at 04/18/09 7:17AM
  • Mercy_Rush
    I am grateful to you for making such a special thing so much more endearing, because you put so much effort into her poem. I know she'll treasure it for the rest of her life. I hope to meet you two some day.
    by Mercy_Rush at 04/18/09 10:47AM
  • palindrome90
    So sweet! :) "You lovingly pierce my heart, using the word of God as your knife." That's such a beautiful line; I'm really happy for the both of you!
    by palindrome90 at 04/18/09 11:51AM
  • penny4yourthoughts
    that is so beautiful. i am so happy that God sent her such a loving man. congratulations to you both!
    by penny4yourthoughts at 04/18/09 12:20PM
  • lizsmith
    Pretty, pretty, pretty!
    by lizsmith at 04/18/09 12:53PM
  • be_with_me_lord
    by be_with_me_lord at 04/18/09 7:26PM
  • dixiedawn
    your ring is so pretty!!!
    by dixiedawn at 04/18/09 8:24PM
  • big_bertha_blue
    congratulations!! wonderful news. your ring is beautiful!
    by big_bertha_blue at 05/12/09 11:51AM
  • dare2dv8
    hey...just a question...i was wondering if and when the rehearsal dinner is for the wedding. jim and i are starting to make plans for the trip. thanks! love you.
    by dare2dv8 at 06/03/09 9:12PM

I am now...

ENGAGED (as of April 13, 2009, at approx. 11 pm CST)! :) Pictures and details soon to come!
  • be_with_me_lord
    Congratulations! Looking forward to see pics and hearing details!
    by be_with_me_lord at 04/15/09 11:52PM
  • split_rock
    by split_rock at 04/16/09 4:19AM
  • Mercy_Rush
    by Mercy_Rush at 04/16/09 9:12AM
  • blondie64
    Congratulations my lovely friend. love ya
    by blondie64 at 04/16/09 9:50AM
  • lizsmith
    P.J. is a pretty smart young man - Congrats to you both!
    by lizsmith at 04/16/09 10:12AM
  • palindrome90
    Aww, Congratulations!! :)
    by palindrome90 at 04/16/09 10:52AM
  • mill2093
    by mill2093 at 04/16/09 12:34PM
  • singforjoy
    congratulations! that is absolutely lovely!
    by singforjoy at 04/16/09 2:44PM
  • deusvitae
    by deusvitae at 04/16/09 3:46PM
  • lizsmith
    Have a date yet?
    by lizsmith at 04/16/09 4:11PM
  • kiss_the_rain
    congratulations!! Hurry up and update!
    by kiss_the_rain at 04/16/09 4:48PM
  • penny4yourthoughts
    Congratulations!!! :)
    by penny4yourthoughts at 04/17/09 9:13PM