I feel no shame, I'm proud of where I came from. I was born and raised in the boondocks. One thing I know- no matter where I go I keep my heart and soul in the boondocks.

My favorite new country song is Boondocks by Little Big Town. I'm not that far out in the country but it reminds me of growing up in a rural area.

I didn't get time to post again last week, but I've got some pictures to put up now.

Wednesday night my cousins (4 and 2 years old) went to services with us and spent the night afterward. It was a little humerous when my 4 year old cousin looked at me during his class and asked me, "When am I going to get out of this place?!" Trying to get them to sleep on the air matress was extremely hard because the 2 year old kept wanting to get up. I laid with them for a while but they found every reason in the world to get up. lol. Kids are definitely a full-time job!

My mom was messing around with my camera on Thursday night and took pictures of me with my cats.

On Friday during lunch, Dr. Murphy and Dr. Secor played in a four square tournament with some of the girls from the office and it was so much fun! I've got a ton of pictures of that.
This is me and one of my good friends from work.
The four square group + me

On Saturday morning I went to a Pampered Chef party and I bought this big white china bowl to serve in when we have company over. I took three of the little girls from church to the mall that afternoon and I got my ears pierced. I had them pierced when I was 10 but I let them grow back. I'm a bit more prepared to take care of them at this point than I was back then. The girls were very excited to watch me have it done.

Today I had lunch with them at Steak and Shake after church. Steak and Shake cheese fries are awesome!

I'm going to a jewelry party on Thursday night, and mom and I are throwing a bridal shower for her sister on Friday night. I can't wait to see her again!

Have a good week!

  • ttu_brandi
    Yep, they do it the first weekend in August, for back-to-school sales and stuff. It's no tax on clothes and shoes items under $100. It's not a silly question, I didn't realize it was just a Texas thing! And in reference to your post, I love getting new kitchen stuff! And I've never had Steak and Shake but I've heard so much about it.
    by ttu_brandi at 08/07/05 10:54PM
  • phoenixsong
    I ate at Steak and Shake for the first time in forever last Wednesday evening. I was rather impressed. Do you like their shakes?
    by phoenixsong at 08/08/05 12:46AM
  • hannahrunswithendurance
    i ate at steak and shake last night!
    by hannahrunswithendurance at 08/08/05 9:06PM
  • poppins_mom
    Oh my gosh!! I havn't played 4 square since the 5th grade!!! Awesome!! LOL
    by poppins_mom at 08/10/05 12:55AM