07/19/06 2:16PM

Hey guys. I've decided to get a new weblog. "It is Time". anyway, I will be using this one, but rarely.
Click here to see my new one. :)

we're married!!

So, the wedding went really well. It was extremely stressful towards the end, but it turned out really well. Music was a hassle until he joined the crowd. Which, we did have a crowd. We had quite a crowd. seven groomsmen, seven bridesmaids (five of the bridesmaids stayed at my house) six groomsmen stayed at our apartment, along with James Brown, Misty, and Jason. :)

so, everyone got here wednesday. Which, was a night full of games and partying. I got to meet a ton of people that night.

Thursday was the more hectic day for me. I had to arrange the rehersal at last minute...had to pick up a lot of people who showed up that day, because they didnt know how to get to the winery, and I had to deal with the music. Which, as previously stated was a disaster until Jason came.

Friday! Sarah J. took me to get my hair done. Came back, and us girls danced in my room to Numa Numa. we got dressed...I called my grandma and cried like a baby. A lot of crying was done that day for me. Then, Sarah J. left with all of the bridesmaids except Lindsay. My other bestest friend. SO, Lindsay was with me trying to get me and that dress in the car...she was support driving there...and stayed with me until the ceremony. :)
The ceremony went well. I kind of blacked out, because I dont remember much. I remember Sarah J. dropping Tim's ring, and his dad saying "bingo" when he picked it up. :) I remember Tim crying when he read me his vows, and I cried just as hard when I read mine. Then, the kiss. I was afraid that Tim wouldnt kiss me, because we had talked about that many times before and Tim, being shy, said he wouldnt. But, he surprised me. When Wayne said "you may now kiss your bride", Tim raised my veil, got in the jacket of his tux, pulled out a pair of sunglasses and put them on. Looked at me and said "Gimme some sugar, baby" :D lol, which is an inside joke for us. I was laughing/crying and extremely happy with Tim. :D

After that, everything was downhill. I was so relaxed. Tim, me, and the wedding party all danced to Numa Numa for the reception. It was a long time coming, and we had fun.

Tim and I slow danced to "Come what may" ...in which I then traded partners and danced with my dad, and Tim with my niece.

Then they decorated my car. Which was fun trying to get into, while there were balloons inside, seran (sp?) wrap all over it..and vaseline on the door handles. :D lol ....

The honeymoon was good :) We really enjoyed Gatlinburg. and thank you, Christy Baxter for giving me the number for the couple that goes to church there. We loved them, and they were very hospitable. :) We want to go back sometime when we can do some more things that we were unable to do the first time.

So, I am now officially Mrs. Tim Seaton and we have had a good two weeks thus far. Lindsay missed me so much she came back to see us. Sadly, she leaves today. She's coming back though. Hopefully, to live here with us. :D woot-woot! anyway, I now leave you with mine and Tim's wedding picture.
  • strawberry_patch
    Awww I'm Soooooooo happy for you!!! I miss you too!
    by strawberry_patch at 07/10/06 10:51PM
  • strawberry_patch
    The pics are sooooo good!!!
    by strawberry_patch at 07/10/06 10:52PM
  • mj
    Awww... it makes me wanna cry!! So glad for you guys. :)
    by mj at 07/11/06 6:07AM
  • nerdosaurus_rex
    by nerdosaurus_rex at 07/11/06 10:34AM
  • oldmanshirt
    wow, i dont think id have the guts to say "gimme some sugar, baby"
    by oldmanshirt at 07/11/06 12:31PM
  • anniekittysinger
    im sorry i didnt come
    by anniekittysinger at 07/11/06 4:11PM
  • greenlowrida
    congrats! glad everything went well :-D
    by greenlowrida at 07/11/06 4:56PM
  • dr_corndog
    It was one awesome wedding. Give Tim a hug for me! :b
    by dr_corndog at 07/12/06 8:52AM
  • rockman84
    Whoa, who got married now?
    by rockman84 at 07/13/06 12:57AM
  • carolinabound
    I love the pictures, Sarah. We can't wait to get our cd. Everyone is asking about them. We can' wait until you come and visit!!
    by carolinabound at 07/13/06 7:58PM
  • alliecat
    aww!!! i'm so happy for you! :)
    by alliecat at 07/14/06 12:23PM
  • carolinabound
    Have fun this weekend. Wish you were here...wipes tear, sniffs nose... but glad you're happy.
    by carolinabound at 07/14/06 10:30PM
  • rebekah
    My finger sparkles!
    by rebekah at 07/15/06 1:30AM
  • bandmom
    Hello, Mrs. Seaton! Are you used to that yet? :)
    by bandmom at 07/15/06 6:17PM
  • anniekittysinger
    sarah darlin who is your favorite band
    by anniekittysinger at 07/15/06 7:50PM
  • bonnielass
    Hey Sarah, this is Bonnie, just wanted to say congrats on getting married and am glad to read that things are going well for the two of you...as for Jen and Steve, things are going well for her and she continues to be preparing for the wedding, I threw her a bridal shower yesterday and it went really well, she seemed to enjoy it, and she's going to get married August 5th and can't wait, idk if they have told you, but her and steve plan to go to california after the wedding for four months and then come back here to live for a while... so anwy... I didn't know if you had heard from her so I thought I'd let you know.... hope you have a good week and I'll talk to you later
    by bonnielass at 07/16/06 9:28PM
  • garnetjunebug
    Hey Sarah! Congratulations! I am so happy for you both! Sorry I haven't been on here in a while. How are y'all doing in Ohio? Is it Ohio?
    by garnetjunebug at 07/18/06 10:39PM
  • rebekah
    thanks for the words of encouragement dear!!
    by rebekah at 07/19/06 9:16AM
  • kinkos
    Man, everyone is getting married!
    by kinkos at 08/15/06 11:25PM
  • bobthetomato
    hey sarah, congrats! i guess i don't hafta ask what's up
    by bobthetomato at 09/15/06 11:42AM

Well folks, this is it!!

Five days... and counting with ONE hand!! ;)

This is my last time I'll be able to be online and post as a single gal. So, to make the most of it...I think Inmma tell a funny story ;) (and Tim's gonna kill me)

ok, so it was last night. Saturday night. All was quiet. except my tv/dvd player which was playing Harry Potter...and Tim was in the bathroom grooming himself.
I went to my empty room that only has a mattress on the floor, because everything else has been moved to the apartment. I was slowing drifting off to sleep...when suddenly I heard my cat. I opened my eyes, and for a brief moment I saw a SMALL black thing run right beside me. My cat soon pounced on it. My eyes FLEW open knowing what was going on. My cat had chased a mouse right beside me.
So, naturally I scream for Tim, hoping not to wake my parents. Tim just laughs and stands there, saying "I gotta clean these trimmers" and I'm standing behind him saying "you have to come NOW!"

...Tim gets in my room, and we have an eventful time. My cat ran out (trader/scardy cat!) We chase it all over the room, until it starts charging at me. I scream and jump away, and the mouse darts for my closet...which still has not yet been cleaned. Tim wanted to leave the mouse in the closet, but I refused as how my wedding dress is in there, and I did NOT want to wake up to find holes in my dress.

...hehehehe, so Tim grabs a clothes hanger. ;) this is where it gets fun. I'm crouched behind Tim watching him, looking for the mouse. we're really into it, expecting the mouse to show it's cute face.

It RAN at us! I screamed and apparently, I grabbed onto Tim when I did this...which made Tim freak out. The mouse ran over to Tim, and he's sitting on the ground, right? So Tim jumps up and the mouse is darting in and out of his feet, while Tim starts jumpin around. ..... which, I've stopped screaming at this point, and I'm just watching Tim and the mouse. They're both jumping around each other....I wanted to turn on the music because Tim was TOTALLY doing the riverdance.

....I laughed SOOOOOO hard. The mouse got out of the closet and was sitting in a corner, and I was on the floor holding my stomach and laughing at Tim. ...we eventually caught the mouse and took it outside where cats were anxiously awaiting. (They were ALL standing outside the door as if they knew we had a mouse) ... so, I dont know if the mouse survived the night or not.... but it was a funny night!

...and that is the end of my story, and now I must go. For I must pack up my computer and take it over to the apartment along with other last minute things.

Hope you are all doing well, and probably the next time I talk to you, I will be Mrs. Sarah Seaton. But for the last time on pleo, I sign:

  • ominie
    Hahaha, that is hilarious...do you remember me? I saw you on someone's blog and thought I'd visit again. Congrats, I hope the wedding goes real well.
    by ominie at 06/20/06 2:16PM
  • yellowsubmarina
    yes, i'm a cashier, and i'm loving it!! It's soooo much better than Subway (the place i worked at in high school).
    by yellowsubmarina at 06/20/06 3:08PM
  • dr_corndog
    Woohoo! Swimmin'! I'm comin' for sure!!!
    by dr_corndog at 06/20/06 11:27PM
  • ominie
    I don't think you've met me other than on pleo. But you like to write, yes?
    by ominie at 06/21/06 12:45PM
  • anniekittysinger
    so when are you changing your screen name
    by anniekittysinger at 06/22/06 10:12AM
  • yellowsubmarina
    It never hurts to try to get the job again:). Walmart is desperate for employees anyway; they're growing so fast.
    by yellowsubmarina at 06/22/06 2:50PM
  • carolina_sue
    Just wanted to let you know that I'm thinking about you and Tim on the eve of your special day. Sure wish we could be with you to share in your joyful day!! I look forward to seeing your pictures!
    by carolina_sue at 06/22/06 8:10PM
  • king_vitamin
    I share Susie's good wishes for you two. I truly wish I could be there for the "social event of the century." I've been thinking about you for the last couple of days, knowing that you're anxiously awaiting your big day...which is NOW. God bless you both. I, too, can't wait to see your pictures. Love ya'!
    by king_vitamin at 06/23/06 12:56AM
  • nerdosaurus_rex
    YAYYYYY Tim and Sarah!!! I hope it's all wonderful and wish I could be at the wedding! Love y'all!
    by nerdosaurus_rex at 06/23/06 10:09AM
  • alliecat
    funny story- best of wishes to you both!!
    by alliecat at 06/23/06 12:35PM
  • rebekah
    your wedding just started... I'm sorry I'm not there. :( Congrats dearest!
    by rebekah at 06/23/06 1:10PM
  • liljonez
    You're married now!!!!!! Kisses!
    by liljonez at 06/23/06 7:17PM
  • my_little_pony
    by my_little_pony at 06/23/06 10:30PM
  • essie
    Sarah...I miss you!
    by essie at 06/23/06 11:03PM
  • mj
    Woot, you must post your first blog as Mrs. Seaton here soon!! :) This is Misty, btw. Hope the honeymoon's goin' well!!! :)
    by mj at 06/25/06 11:35AM
  • utterly_revamped
    Have great lives.
    by utterly_revamped at 06/27/06 2:38PM
  • sarahpet
    Congrats to you and your husband!
    by sarahpet at 06/28/06 1:44PM
  • jessierose
    That's a great story!! Enjoy married life! Which will probably no problem. ;)
    by jessierose at 06/30/06 3:20PM
  • dr_corndog
    It's the strangest thing...I looked for you on my friends list, only to realize you weren't there! I don't know why I didn't add you months ago. Oh well, that's fixed. Now I just wonder: are you going to start a new account since your name isn't Parker anymore?
    by dr_corndog at 07/08/06 5:36PM
  • andiquote
    I was reading comments and ran past some bibleguy comment about your wedding..I'm not sure reading it if it went like i thought it would or not lol o well enjoy the (nlsl) No-Longer-Single-Life! :P
    by andiquote at 07/10/06 7:04AM


The wedding is closer...two weeks! crazy. :)

One of my bridesmaids FINALLY got ahold of me and told me she wasnt coming. SOOO...I asked Darian to be a Jr Bridesmaid because there was NO way I could have had 4 girls in blue and only 2 in pink. That would have looked odd with the way things are planned...so, Darian agreed and I went shopping with her yesterday and got her a pretty pink dress. It's not the same color as the other bridesmaids pink...nor the same style. But Jr. Bridesmaids never match anyway. :) So, I guess it worked itself out good :)

My second wedding shower is this Saturday...I'm excited :) I'm hoping that afterwords, Kari will stick around and she and I can do something. Dale and Kim are coming, so Tim and Dale can have each other to play games with :)

And all of the wedding is planned. Finally. we have everything. I'm now just waiting until the day before so I can run around and decorate and try not to be stressed about that ;)

Honest, my life is around the wedding and getting the apartment set up. So, I'm sorry if that's all it seems like I post about, but I really dont have much else to say. Other than things are turning out ok. ....it might look a little odd having a college-age groomsman walk down the aisle with a 12yr old...but hey, it works.

anyway, I hope everyone else is doing well. I'm sorry if I forget certain big events, but my mind is so preoccupied...when things calm down, hopefully I'll remember things like the big 20 birthdays ;)

ok...well, I'm off. Things to do, people to see, and places to go (all before Tim gets off of work)


  • bibleguy321
    tehehehe....im glad you're enjoying all the work even with the tough times....theres years of work and tough times to enjoy...hehehe....im just glad it is you and not me :P
    by bibleguy321 at 06/07/06 11:51AM
  • sjbgurl
    yay! :D Good luck and may you have a wonderful life together!
    by sjbgurl at 06/07/06 11:52AM
  • yellowsubmarina
    Have fun at your second shower!
    by yellowsubmarina at 06/07/06 2:43PM
  • carolina_sue
    So. . . are the men coming to your shower this time? Or did we scare them away from any more showers?!?
    by carolina_sue at 06/07/06 10:06PM
  • liljonez
    Thanks for the comment on my blog babe! Don't worry about not calling! I was so busy anyway! I'll talk to you and see you soon, Lord willing!
    by liljonez at 06/07/06 11:22PM
  • king_vitamin
    Boy, time sure does fly, doesn't it? I can't believe you two will be hitched in a couple of weeks. I sure do miss TS!! I'd also like to know if we scared the men away from bridal shower. HA HA HA. Ally gave us CD's of your first shower pix...and they are HILARIOUS!!!! Can't wait to hear all about the wedding. Love ya' tons!!
    by king_vitamin at 06/08/06 12:29AM
  • carolina_sue
    Allison gave two copies of the CD with the shower pictures to Wayne last night.
    by carolina_sue at 06/08/06 4:13PM
  • nerdosaurus_rex
    I'm so glad things are falling into place and you're trying not to stress about the big day... it's going to be wonderful!! I just wish I could be there...
    by nerdosaurus_rex at 06/08/06 4:53PM
  • rockman84
    Hey, tell your future hubby to send a shout to his Bama homie.
    by rockman84 at 06/09/06 12:36AM
  • carolinabound
    I've got the pictures from the shower here. I'll bring them when we come. Katie's dress is almost complete. Jocelynn is coming up next Wednesday. I can check her hem and get that finished. What color did you say your mom got for the wedding? I haven't bought anything yet.
    by carolinabound at 06/10/06 2:38PM
  • jessierose
    did I ever tell you I love the picture of you guys? Well I LOVE the picture of you guys!
    by jessierose at 06/12/06 6:48PM
  • bandmom
    Hi, Sarah! I hope you'll post wedding pictures! :)
    by bandmom at 06/17/06 8:19PM

:) Things are better

I'm still having nightmarish dreams, but the stresses have left me. The week is over, and the weekend is here.

The family is here, and all of them are sound asleep. It's going on 2:00Am and I'm slowly getting tired, while watching JAWS on tv. ;) great friday night movie, hu? hehe

we've got our apartment decorated, to as much of our limited abilities. We have a leather couch! whoo! and an awesome kitchen aid sitting prettily (is that a word) on our countertop! :D I cant wait to put it to use. Tim did put my dishes in the cabinets. He decorated it and made it all color coordinated. He had fun with it. :) So, the only furniture we have is: 1 couch 2 mushroom chairs and the bed when we move that in. So-far that's it. Hopefully we can get enough $$ saved up to go get a stand for the tv and something to eat on ;)

But things are going well. I wanted to put pics up, but the pics are huge and pleo wont load them for me. So, I'm slowly in the process of trying to resize the pics without them being all distorted. :)

I hope you are all having a good Memorial Day weekend! Take this time to remember the loved ones that are still alive and with us today. So many people are reflecting on the past. Which, is nice at some times, but I think that we sometimes spend too much time remembering the past and not enjoying what we have now.

ok, my eyes have finally reached the "heavy" point, so I think I will go to bed. :)

With love,

  • bibleguy321
    no, i'll make it dont worry...it would be nice if youd tell me the date again tho :D
    by bibleguy321 at 05/27/06 9:10AM
  • essie
    Ooday Ooyay eakspay igpay atinlay?? ;)
    by essie at 05/27/06 1:25PM
  • sjbgurl
    Glad things are going better for you! Have a good weekend :)
    by sjbgurl at 05/27/06 2:22PM
  • carolina_sue
    Hey Sarah! Sounds like your apartment is off to a cute start with its color-coordinated cabinets! I hope you can relax and enjoy the weeks leading up to your special day. So many of the little details that we tend to fret over really aren't important when you look at the big picture. So . . . treasure these special, once-in-a-lifetime moments! We miss you and Tim!
    by carolina_sue at 05/27/06 3:56PM
  • desi
    I'm glad things are pulling together for you. I bet you are really excited now!! :D
    by desi at 05/29/06 8:10AM
  • liljonez
    It was good to talk with you for a little the other night! Glad things are going well! Love ya dear!!
    by liljonez at 05/29/06 10:02AM
  • oldmanshirt
    just dont forget that we owe what we have now to what men have done in the past to ensure it. I'd trade my tv stand for a leather couch any day.
    by oldmanshirt at 05/30/06 7:25PM
  • dr_corndog
    You do that a lot, you know? Leave your computer without putting up an away message. But I don't mind.
    by dr_corndog at 05/31/06 8:16PM
  • megan_leigeber
    are you guys registered anywhere?
    by megan_leigeber at 06/01/06 10:33PM
  • anniekittysinger
    did you an inviation in the mail ?
    by anniekittysinger at 06/02/06 8:45AM
  • essie
    Haha, I didn't even have time to remember the past. I was too busy cleaning up all the housewrecks of the present...
    by essie at 06/02/06 11:29PM
  • jenhusarek
    hey Sarah, I'm so glad u and Tim are doing so great... things are going really good(wedding plans, that is). Steve is in California for the summer, and we both miss e/o like CRAZY! butthe good news is his sister Robin is getting married on Friday, so he'll be coming Thursday and staying til' Tuesday. It doesn't seem that long to other people, but for us... it's so great. We are missing e/o so bad, that even a few days will be great(i think u'll understand the best out of everyone I've told). Things are getting so crazy around here w/ the planning of the wedding...but everything mostly situated. It's actually good luck that he's coming back early, cause origionally he wasn't gonna be here til' the day b-4 the wedding, and we wouldn't of had time to get the license(So we were totally stressing about that. But now it's all good, we're gonna be getting it as soon as he comes back. I'm so happy that u and Tim are getting everything ready for u guys. Steve's getting everything ready for us in CA, so when we get back after the wedding everything will be in it's place. We're gonna be staying w/ his parents til' December,(when we come back) but we'll have all the privacy in the world... and when we go back his parents' will be gone an additional 2wks after us(so we'll have even more privacy for the "honeymoon"). Anyways, I'll let u go but I'll ttyl. Luv ya....Jen
    by jenhusarek at 06/05/06 7:00PM