Odds (some VERY odd) and Ends

I suppose if I posted more often, they wouldn't be so long when I do ;) Nothing exciting around here like trips, although we have been busy writing checks to repair people. It seems like everything around here has wanted to quit working....A/C, refrigerator, telephone, Mom ;)

Some of the "odds" :

Our annual hiking trip up LeConte is coming up soon and at least one of us is extremely unprepared. We were in Dick's last night checking out hiking shoes and as I walked by the socks, I noticed a pair for $40. I couldn't believe it, so I got Mark to come see them before we left. They didn't seem like anything that special, but as we looked, we noticed a pair on the rack below for $80! And then, below that, was a pair for $160 !! $160 for a pair of socks ! I wouldn't even pay that for hiking shoes (which may be why I've lost my big toenails for the past few years...) For that much money, I would expect a pedicure and a lift to the top of the mountain ;)

Samuel went with his friend, Will, to a party recently and someone brought in their very "interesting" house pet---a kangaroo ! Apparently, they raise them (along with camels, zebras, and monkeys) for petting zoos. The woman said she'd even had a baby camel in her kitchen before (fyi---I had to ask how big a baby camel is, but she said they're only about 100 lbs ;)
There are pictures below. Samuel was, as usual, too timid to get very close.

My sister, her husband, and friends went to the Alabama game in Georgia a few weeks ago and she saw something she thought she never would. At Sunday morning services, a woman came in with a little lap dog. She put it on a blanket on the pew so it could sleep and fanned it during services. She and the dog were wearing matching hairbows (and the dog also had a dress on; of course, that would be expected at church services ;). When the bell rang for classes to end, the dog barked. We were scratching our heads about these weird Georgia people. I remembered that I knew someone who attended there, so got the scoop from her----those folks were in town also for the Alabama game and they were from ALABAMA !! Uh oh! The acquaintance also reminded me about the verse in the Bible about not giving what is holy to the dogs ;)

Could this be the "Future Inmates of America" club ???

The baby kangaroo
Amy actually got Will to pet the kangaroo.....
.....whereas Samuel was content to just watch from a distance and enjoy his chocolate cupcake !

Samuel in one of his favorite shirts----ELMO, of course !
Mark isn't as crazy about these next two pics as I am.....that's just like a Tennessee fan ;>)

Our sweet little Ben has started cooing and gooing all the time. He's also begun laughing in recent weeks. I know those must be the sweetest sounds in the world!
These next pics are with our adopted "Great (she really is great !) Grandma Robertson" : She is 94 years young and Samuel adores her (as we all do) !

Ben loves his bath.
This is Ben with sweet little friend Micheal. Michael is 3 months older than Ben, but Ben weighs a little more than him! Ben was 3 months old last week and we weighed him at home and he was 15 lbs 2 oz. (May need to rethink this hiking business !!) Micheal has started crawling recently and Ben makes the perfect thing to push up on !

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    by harbermama at 09/21/08 11:17PM
  • harbermama
    (pretend you're on Eastern time.)
    by harbermama at 09/21/08 11:17PM
  • shaneg
    So, how many are you? (and you thought I'd forget your birthday, ha!)
    by shaneg at 09/22/08 3:15PM
  • lindseymarie
    Adorable pics! Little Ben is getting cuter and cuter by the day!
    by lindseymarie at 09/22/08 5:17PM
  • kerrielee
    Happy Birthday.
    by kerrielee at 09/22/08 7:06PM
  • karliemichelle
    i want to pet a kangaroo!! ben is just so cute. i love the pic of him and michael. samuel is cute too, i guess =]!
    by karliemichelle at 09/22/08 8:36PM
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    Happy (late, late, late) birthday!
    by snickers63 at 09/24/08 3:46PM
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    Happy Birthday! You'll get your card when I get home. Sorry it will be late. :-(
    by boromom at 09/24/08 6:08PM
  • boromom
    Can't believe how much Ben has grown!
    by boromom at 09/24/08 6:09PM
  • dsh
    Can't believe the price of those socks!!

    I enjoyed looking at all your pictures, especially the ones of "Great Grandma Robertson!" She was a member at Riverside Dr. for part of the time that we were there. I can't believe she is 94. She sure doesn't look like it. Tell her we said "Hi" please.
    by dsh at 09/25/08 8:38PM
  • dsh
    It looks like you've had a birthday. Happy (late, late, late, late) birthday!
    by dsh at 09/25/08 8:40PM
  • southernsunshine
    love the pics...me sarah and lauren took a picture for samuel last night!! ill send it to you.. :) miss you guys! :)
    by southernsunshine at 09/27/08 2:20PM
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    Yes, I am! But, important distinction: The SOPHOMORE class officers do the reunions. At least I'm pretty sure they do. :D
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    Absolutely! :)
    by lah90 at 09/29/08 6:32PM
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    So did you see that we are ranked #2...now if we can just hold on! I love the pictures. Especially the ones with the BAMA hats! Missed you at services yesterday. We still need to get together for dinner one night.
    by rolltide78 at 09/29/08 7:24PM
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    OHH FUN...iS BEN GOiN?
    by kaylawayla30 at 09/29/08 8:26PM
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    Well, that gives us two weeks....
    by snickers63 at 09/29/08 8:50PM
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    how long are you guys going to be in the mountains? Where are you going? We going Friday to Severville and will be there for a week. Was wondering if we might get together with you.
    by vickigo at 09/29/08 10:24PM
  • vickigo
    We are planning on being at King's Branch on Sunday also. I certainly hope it works out for us to eat together, then. That sounds wonderful!
    by vickigo at 09/30/08 9:53PM

Family, Friends, and Fun (not necessarily in that order ;)

Sorry for the mile-long post; it may be boring for everyone but grandparents ;) We have been on vacation in the Smokies; we rented a cabin for the week. Mark and I used to do that all the time, pre-kids, and would always have such a nice time. It turned out to be more fun than I originally thought it would be, just different, because we had to plan around kids' schedules (they continued to insist on sleeping and eating regularly). We bookended our trip with visits with family and friends. We worshipped and ate lunch (separate events ;) with Rodney, Tricia, and the kids on the way up. Samuel always enjoys them, although these pics are all of Benjamin with their kids:

with Erin
with Matthew
with Clint
We had specifically booked a cabin with a creek because that was always our favorite thing about our prior rentals (our favorite cabin was no longer on the rental market). We had also wanted something private, so we inquired about what was across the creek, and found out there were no cabins there. When we arrived Sunday evening, we discovered that the creek was dry! (It was inappropriately named "Stream of Dreams" !) Monday, sitting on the wrap-around porch, I kept smelling something I could not quite put my finger (or nose ;>) on. Finally, a herd of cows came into view across the (nonexistent) creek. Ahhh.....now I recognized the smell. They certainly added to the "atmosphere", if you get my drift (which we did when the wind blew just right ;>) Also, I had no idea cows were so noisy ! I knew they mooed, but these also bellowed loudly enough to remind me of some scenes from Jurassic Park. Mark called the rental company about the missing creek, just to let them know we thought they should have told us. Surprise, surprise---they offered to let us move to another cabin on a creek. We hated to pack everything up again, but it turned out to be worth it. The cabin was newer, more private, on a wider creek that actually had water, PLUS there were no smelly cows---what more could you ask for ;>)

One view of the creek at the new cabin
Playing pool with Samuel, whose concept of pool was to kindly retrieve the balls that Mark shot into the pockets---the game that never ends ;>)

Ben watching us eat ice cream at the entrance to Cades Cove. (They have the best soft serve ice cream at the store there.)
Samuel was not a happy camper the day we drove to Cades Cove. We stopped at the horse stables to see about a carriage ride, but decided that would be a waste of money, as he wouldn't get too near the horses. To distract him as we drove through the Cove, we told him to look for a bear. He looked and looked, but no bear, so we bought him this one ^ when we got to the visitor center. He was so happy about it. And, naturally, when we left the Cove, we happened upon a mother bear and her 3 cubs off the side of the road near Laurel Falls !

This was visiting the farm of an artist we're acquainted with in the Smokies; Samuel wouldn't get too near his horses either !

We all played with water pistols bought on clearance at Walmart---who knew 15 cents could be so much fun! Samuel continually shot HIMSELF, but that's okay since we were shooting him too!

Family self-portrait in the creek

Catching minnows with Dad

....and picking out rocks to take home

With mom in the creek

We had such a nice time that we booked an extra day to our stay ! Coming home, we worshipped and had lunch with Matt and Amanda:
We finished our trip by heading to Mark's parents----4 of his 5 aunts and uncles that live in California and Washington were visiting the week we were gone, so we didn't want to miss seeing them before they returned home. Here are just a couple of those pics:

Mark's dad and Ben

Samuel with great uncle J.B.
Ben with great aunt Laura

We arrived home around midnight Sunday night; we've been "recovering" all week, but it was worth it !

  • dsh
    Nice pictures! I'm so glad you got your cabin by the creek. What a pretty setting!
    by dsh at 08/28/08 9:57PM
  • vickigo
    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the pictures. Our whole gang has a cabin in the mountains reserved for the 1st week in October. Your pictures have me very excited. All my children and grandchildren plan to be there with us. I plan on teaching them how to play some pool and ping pong. There is supposed to be a playground in walking distance. I hope to get some good pictures to share. Vacations are so much fun with little ones! Thanks for posting your pictures.
    by vickigo at 08/28/08 10:02PM
  • sherelyn
    We've got many memories from that area of the state. So much fun and I love the creeks fling over the rocks. Your kiddoes are so cute! I got lots of grandma squeezes in this last week. It was wonderful!
    by sherelyn at 08/28/08 10:24PM
  • snickers63
    Getting so old that I forget that I have grandchildren!!!
    by snickers63 at 08/28/08 10:54PM
  • shaneg
    Oh???? You wanted the creek with water. Well, that will cost extra. Funny.
    by shaneg at 08/29/08 9:52AM
  • boromom
    Great pictures! Glad the week went so well. Hope your trip to AL this weekend goes as well.
    by boromom at 08/29/08 9:45PM
  • curtisamy
    great pics. it was good to spend some time with you all last Thursday night.
    by curtisamy at 08/30/08 12:11PM
  • oli_girl
    Awh, that's my best friend in the first picture!! Boy, do I miss her!! And I can't believe Clint is holding a baby!
    by oli_girl at 08/31/08 12:44AM
  • southernsunshine
    i love. love the pictures. i miss samuel so much. :) me lauren and sarah talk about him often..lol :)
    by southernsunshine at 08/31/08 9:35PM
  • miss_cleo
    It looks like you all had a wonderful time! I can't wait to see you all again!
    by miss_cleo at 09/01/08 9:11AM
  • southernsunshine
    awwww. i actually took the picture of him holding the bear against the fence and put it as my desktop...lol :) tell samuel i miss and love him! :) and you too, of course. :)
    by southernsunshine at 09/01/08 5:14PM
  • sherelyn
    That was a sweet message Samuel sent to Ashley.
    by sherelyn at 09/01/08 8:23PM
  • southernsunshine
    delete it?!?! are you kidding me?!?! that made my day lol..you're right. sarah and lauren are pretty lousy friends... what am i thinking?! :)
    by southernsunshine at 09/02/08 11:34AM
  • lah90
    Awwwwwwwwwwww! I can not get enough of those pictures! Samuel's my background on my computer right now, actually. I miss you all! Come visit the other Hudsons and just swing by FC :) I bet Ben is getting so big!
    by lah90 at 09/02/08 10:40PM
  • nickie
    We went to Gatlinburg over the long weekend. We had cabin trouble too...long story. We did stop at Murfreesboro and had Olive Garden on the way up. I got a hair in my alfredo (ewwww!!) but they gave me a new place (yes, we checked) and my meal was free! ha
    by nickie at 09/03/08 7:57AM
  • nickie
    *plate...not place :-)
    by nickie at 09/03/08 7:58AM
  • lah90
    I can't picture Samuel ever being geeky. Ever.
    by lah90 at 09/03/08 3:12PM
  • acurtis
    Loved the pic on Ashely's blog. So cute. Miss seeing your little guys faces too. You know what that means...PLAYDATE!! =)
    by acurtis at 09/03/08 9:39PM
  • tosti
    Love these pictures! And, yes! We love the blanket! It's so nice and warm, thanks again! :-)
    by tosti at 09/15/08 3:15PM
  • kaylawayla30
    by kaylawayla30 at 09/18/08 5:39PM

Time Flies.....

when you're having fun.....and/or not sleeping! Benjamin has already turned 2 months old; he weighed 13 lbs 1 oz; that's 2 pounds since his 1 month checkup ! Our little butterball needs to slow down and not grow up so fast. He continues to be a "spitting-up, frequent-eating, sleep-disrupting, sweet and stinky" bundle of joy, and Samuel continues to be a loving big brother. We are very blessed!

Samuel spent Monday at the grands so he wouldn't "freak out" when they gave Ben shots (he had quite a meltdown at Ben's newborn check----why???---we do not know, as is generally the case with 95% of the things our 2-year-old does). Ben's appointment wasn't until after 1 pm, so I looked forward to extra sleep time with him since Samuel left with Mark. After the first feeding of the morning, he was fussy and wouldn't stay asleep. I finally took him to the living room to rock; after quite awhile, he fell asleep. I took him back to bed with me for my extra sleep but he woke up when I tried to put him down. Somewhere in there was another feeding, more attempts at trying to get him to sleep; a couple of hours had gone by, so finally, in exasperation, I gave up and decided to get up for the day. I made a quick trip to the bathroom and came back to get Ben, only to find that he was now sound asleep. I was completely awake by that time, but he slept for close to 2 hours. Of course ;>)
Here are some pics of our recent "goings-on" :

Our little triple-chinner; he's been giving us big "social" smiles for several weeks now, but it seems like we can never capture one on camera; we were close in this pic ^

Samuel usually wears his sunglasses around his neck (see "why??" comment above ^). He was whining in the car about the sun being in his eyes, so he was pleased to find out the glasses could actually help with that !

Our anniversary was last week; Ashley had asked to babysit the boys before she left for college, so we obliged and went out to eat *alone*----I think we'd forgotten what that was like, but it was wonderful ;>) Samuel apparently conned them out of this truck (or maybe it was freely given?); either way, he was quite happy with it. Thanks again !

The next night, we went to the very lovely wedding of Sarah Gwin. I don't think Samuel has ever seen so many dolled up little girls before. Didn't get a picture, but there was a lovely little Asian girl with a beautiful dress on that Samuel just stared and stared at; she stared back and after several moments of looking at each other, Samuel gave her a "hey" flick of his hand (reminiscent of an awkward teenager) and she left ! The above little girl was behind us in the receiving line. Samuel and she also stared at each other, face to face, and then started a game of copycat. She would stomp her foot, so Samuel would stomp his foot; she would pat her hair, so Samuel would pat his hair, etc. This went on for a variety of actions---as if they were looking in a mirror. It was TOO cute; wish we'd had our video camera.
Chloe Gwin shares her doll with a happy Samuel .

Two more little copycats !

Will, Samuel, and Claire on Claire's swingset.

Rosie endeared herself to Samuel by swinging him around several times (and also swinging him in her lap on the swingset).
  • acurtis
    Oh my, Rhonda, could that picture be any more embarassing? Oh well, it was worth it if Samuel like it =). I know exactly how frustrated you must have been when Ben was asleep after you were finally awake. Why can't they just cooperate sometimes??? LOVE the pic of the boys with their hats on backwards and with their flutes!
    by acurtis at 08/13/08 6:19PM
  • snickers63
    Freely given.... Who couldn't freely give to that face? We enjoyed our night with them, and we are quite capable of babysitting without a teenager in the house!
    by snickers63 at 08/13/08 9:32PM
  • oli_girl
    Awh, that stinks! I was really wanting to see little Ben! Oh well, hopefully soon. :)
    by oli_girl at 08/13/08 10:20PM
  • acurtis
    I showed Adam your blog and he loves all your pictures...even the last one. He thought it was sweet too =) I just think the little man in it is sweet!
    by acurtis at 08/14/08 6:52AM
  • lindseymarie
    Adorable pics, esp. the one where Samuel is wearing his sunglasses and the one of him and Will wearing their hats backward and playing flutophones. (Oh and you are adorable too. :) So how do Ben's sleep (or lack of sleep) pattens compare to Samuel's when he was Ben's age?
    by lindseymarie at 08/14/08 7:22AM
  • kerrielee
    They are all so sweet aren't they and totally agree with snickers comment about Samuel.Hope the sleep situation gets some better,and you can put us down on your babysitters list anytime.
    by kerrielee at 08/14/08 8:51AM
  • snickers63
    Hey - you gotta use what you have to it's fullest... isn't that what we want our kids to do????
    by snickers63 at 08/14/08 12:40PM
  • lol_smile456
    very very sweet :D
    by lol_smile456 at 08/14/08 4:25PM
  • karliemichelle
    very adorable!!! Samuel looks so grown up with sunglasses on!!
    by karliemichelle at 08/14/08 6:26PM
  • hartwebb
    Great pictures, Rhonda. I'm glad I'm beyond that sleepless night stage! Yes, I have another job, a blessing. Yet, scheduling is a nightmare or a daymare in this case!
    by hartwebb at 08/14/08 10:33PM
  • nickie
    Hi Rhonda! It was good to see you all at the wedding. Thanks for continuing to pray for us, that really means a lot. So sweet that Mark tried to rescue the kitten. Jacob has had to stop in the road before so I could try to, at least, pet a kitten. I've decided not to get the kitten though. :-( I'm glad you found me on here!
    by nickie at 08/15/08 10:41AM
  • mattmanua
    School starts Monday. But I'll definitely be free on Saturday if you decide to come by!
    by mattmanua at 08/15/08 2:07PM
  • sherelyn
    Enjoyed the picts of your sweet family! We get to meet our new grandbaby next week, Lord willing. Can't wait!!
    by sherelyn at 08/15/08 3:09PM
  • amandochka
    Yeah...please come by or meet us somewhere. Either way we wanna see you guys!
    by amandochka at 08/15/08 7:59PM
  • grandmadiane
    You were missed at services tonight... hope you had a great trip :)
    by grandmadiane at 08/17/08 11:28PM
  • sarahsellsshacks
    You all were so sweet to come to the wedding! It was so good to see your sweet little family!!
    by sarahsellsshacks at 08/21/08 3:53PM
  • snickers63
    Seems like we have not seen you all in forever...
    by snickers63 at 08/21/08 8:05PM
  • acurtis
    Rhonda, we went to the Discovery Center this morning and they have a new exhibit open upstairts all about...CARS!!! Samuel would go crazy, you might even have to pack an overnight bag because he'll want to stay forever. It was really fun, even for us parttime car lovers. You guys have to check it out. Call us when you're up for it and we'll tag along =)
    by acurtis at 08/25/08 1:23PM
  • mamap
    It was so good to see y'all at the wedding. Sarah has posted some pictures. Love y'all!
    by mamap at 08/28/08 11:07AM
  • snickers63
    No phone call to walk today - it is kind of hot and muggy!!
    by snickers63 at 08/28/08 2:56PM

I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream

...."for ice cream" is supposed to be the next line, but in our case it's "because we hate our carseats" ! And I hate them too ! We took our first road trip to Alabama to visit family and Dad couldn't come. I dreaded the drive, just under 3 hours, because Benjamin (as his brother before him) hates being in his carseat. Short drives in town are generally screamfests, so I figured how this was going to go. We were supposed to leave Tuesday, but Ben woke up that morning with blood all over the top of his sleeper. He spit up more blood after he got up, so we went to the doctor instead. The doctor thought it might be related to nursing and he ran some labwork; Ben was fine the rest of the day (and has been since), so he was probably right. Ben took a good long nap after the dr appt because they drew blood and I think he "wore himself out" crying. We had to go back Wed morning for a lab recheck (which turned out fine) before we left, and I think the same thing happened because Ben actually slept in the car for the first 2 hours---yay! So, we just need to have blood drawn from him before every car-ride ;>) I stopped to feed him after he woke up and then he pretty much screamed the rest of the way to my mother's house. Samuel only started whining a little before the finish line, so all in all I considered it a very good drive.

Coming home, I didn't get so lucky. Samuel got up so grumpy from his nap that I had two screamers pretty much the whole time...actually, 3 if you count me yelling at Samuel to knock it off ;>) I drove home looking over my shoulder every other second. Even if Ben would fall asleep for just a little bit, Samuel would wake him up with his carrying on. I tried toys, music, snacks, threats, and a "hands on" approach when Samuel was within reaching distance ;>) but all to no avail. Poor Benjamin was due for a feeding about 45 minutes before we got home, but I decided I couldn't stand to be in that car any longer than necessary, so I just kept driving. Of course Samuel did quit about 10 minutes before we got home, but at that point, what was the point---too late to save my sanity! I probably need to get tranquilizers before I do this again ;>) We have a trip to the Smokies in a few weeks, but Mark will be along to share the misery. And I need to find my ipod before then ;>)

Anyway, here are some pics of our trip and our little screaming banshees---they look so innocent, don't they?

Screaming Banshee # 1
Screaming Banshee # 2Ben with Grandma

Ben with Uncle Wayne & Aunt Stacy
Ben with cousin Peyton & Aunt Sherrie Samuel with his bud, cousin Trennis
Trennis, Ben, & Samuel; Samuel was so happy to be able to "take pictures".....even if the camera didn't work !
Samuel with cousin Brooke; Samuel was her little shadow, doing whatever she did. Brooke was a wonderful babysitter with both Ben & Samuel while we were there---as long as it didn't involve prolonged crying or changing diapers ;>)
With cousin Kayla, who just turned 16 & who discovered that "babysitting/babyholding" interfered with her ability to text on her phone ;>) Priorities, priorities.....
"When in Alabama, do as the Alabamians" ......Roll Tide

These next 2 are not from our Alabama trip, but thought they were cute:

Can you guess what Samuel has discovered? Powdered donuts! Obviously, he loved them, but I discovered after he ate the first one, that what he REALLY loved was licking the icing off and moving on to the next one.....a lot of dead donuts there that could have been put to good use ;>)
There IS an Easter bunny.....and her name is Shelby ! (This was a pic Jessica took and I couldn't resist posting it.)
  • harbermama
    Those were the days! I remember them well. However, I think taking tranquilizers before driving is not such a good idea for the future!

    Cute pictures. I love the "future tailgater" one!
    by harbermama at 08/05/08 10:52PM
  • shelbysmom
    Wow...I remember days like that with Shelby. But at least there was only one then! I'm sorry about that...I guess that you won't be coming for a visit anytime soon?!

    That is SO SCARY about the blood! Did you get any results back? I've never heard of that happening before. I'm glad that it hasn't happened anymore!
    by shelbysmom at 08/05/08 10:59PM
  • shaneg
    Poor Ben, and Sam too. I don't know how you could even consider another road trip. Not me, no way. I love the pictures.
    by shaneg at 08/06/08 6:12AM
  • acurtis
    You are one brave woman =). I am going to be going to Bama solo in a few weeks, and this story just solidifies the fact that I am going to wait until bedtime so M will sleep on the way there. Maybe. You know we make all these plans and then they never work out the exact way we picture them!! I am so thankful that everything is okay with Ben. And that is so gross about the donuts. I can't stand it when Claire does something like that. It is just nasty to me :P
    by acurtis at 08/06/08 6:33AM
  • amandochka
    I wanna see you when you come to the Smokies!
    by amandochka at 08/06/08 8:18AM
  • dsh
    Such sweet little faces! They COULDN'T be screaming banshees. :)
    by dsh at 08/06/08 8:41AM
  • snickers63
    I'll just remain quiet on the subject, but offer my sympathies as a mother of a former screaming banshee.
    by snickers63 at 08/06/08 10:33AM
  • snickers63
    (aren't you glad your mother does not live in Houston????)
    by snickers63 at 08/06/08 10:33AM
  • karliemichelle
    awww, glad that Ben is okay. The pictures are very cute!!!!
    by karliemichelle at 08/06/08 10:59AM
  • kerrielee
    The thing with the blood scared me to death,glad he is ok.Sorry you have to endure all the noise in the car,that is one of my pet-peeves,can't stand it.Sorry I have no advice,my two loved the car.
    by kerrielee at 08/06/08 11:49AM
  • shaneg
    Oh yeah, poor you too.
    by shaneg at 08/06/08 3:14PM
  • lol_smile456
    love ben's outfit :D Samuel is soo cute and sweet!
    by lol_smile456 at 08/06/08 4:30PM
  • lindseymarie
    Glad all 3 of your survived the trip (esp you!)! You sure did get some cute pictures of them once you got to AL!) Also, glad to hear that little Ben is okay--I have never heard of that symptom of nursing before, but I'm sure it was a bit unnerving!
    by lindseymarie at 08/07/08 9:11AM
  • ice_queen
    Actually, yes. I'm taking her to her new family tomorrow. It's much harder than I thought it would be. But I know they will love her, so that makes it a little easier.
    by ice_queen at 08/08/08 4:49PM
  • acurtis
    You'll have to keep me updated about the swing...ours didn't come with an instruction manual :0)
    by acurtis at 08/11/08 1:34PM
  • karliemichelle
    It seems like yesterday to me too!!! Thanks. :)
    by karliemichelle at 08/11/08 7:58PM
  • kaylawayla30
    hey i know my priorities! ha
    by kaylawayla30 at 08/29/08 3:58PM

Uncle Sam & Uncle Ben

While reading Newsweek, I came across an article with "Uncle Sam" in the title. A thought suddenly popped into my head (it happens occasionally ;>) and I told Mark that if Ben ever has children, Samuel will be "Uncle Sam" ! Mark countered that if Samuel ever has children, Ben will be Uncle Ben and maybe they can get together and eat rice :>) Perhaps we should have rethought those names.....

Our future Uncle Ben & Uncle Sam
On the diaper-change assembly line; Samuel's aiming for a kiss
We're finally getting more "alert" pictures of Benjamin

I thought this was such a sweet picture; Samuel with his little friend Will. You wouldn't know it from the picture, but Samuel was quite an "Oscar the Grouch" just a little earlier !

I'm biased, but I thought this was a great picture of "My Guys".(The non-PC caption would read: "Light, Medium, & Dark".........oh, please......weren't you thinking the same thing :>)
Ben on his playmat; notice the big "baby" in the corner---all things Samuel had long ago outgrown are suddenly new and fascinating when Ben has them. Samuel is such a joy though with how much he seems to love Benjamin.
I left the room with Ben on his stomach on the mat and when I came back, this was what I found. (And no, Samuel didn't do it; our little one is already "growing up" !)
THANKS, MICAH (I don't know how to link, either !) for the great tip on how to get those pics on here ! (These pics are copied from our other site, linked at left.) If you want to see them, there are 2 additional posts on that link (of Jessica, Shelby, & Sadie and also of Grandpa's birthday "bash")---just didn't want the post here to be 2 miles long!

  • harbermama
    I love all of the pix of your guys. (Except for the ones on your blog of a certain "Aunt". The grandma and Ben picture is priceless!
    by harbermama at 07/28/08 8:39PM
  • mamap
    SOOOO loved reading this blog and looking at the pictures. The pics of your boys are GREAT! Now, where are the pics of Mom???
    by mamap at 07/28/08 8:52PM
  • mamap
    I especially loved the thought of "Uncle Sam" and "Uncle Ben"! ;)
    by mamap at 07/28/08 8:55PM
  • shaneg
    Yes, I was thinking the same thing. Love your youngins. Yall are doing a wonderful job.
    by shaneg at 07/28/08 9:51PM
  • shelbysmom
    These pictures are great! I love the one of all your guys! Samuel and Will look like they are just lounging on the bench...but I'd be willing to bet they didn't stay still for long!

    Samuel's kissy face is so sweet - what a great big brother!
    by shelbysmom at 07/28/08 9:53PM
  • snickers63
    Okay - I needed a laugh!!! Sweet pics ... and no, I wasn't thinking that!
    by snickers63 at 07/28/08 10:07PM
  • snickers63
    The other Sam says maybe you can name your little girl "Jemina" so they can also eat pancakes with syrup.
    by snickers63 at 07/28/08 10:08PM
  • acurtis
    I wasn't thinking that either, buy, um, that was hilarious. I can't believe Ben is rolling over already. What a strong little boy! And what do you have against mile-long posts? That's my specialty =)
    by acurtis at 07/29/08 6:20AM
  • miss_cleo
    They are adorable, my favorite is of all three, they all seem so happy, and daddy looks very proud of his bunch! Miss you!
    by miss_cleo at 07/29/08 6:53AM
  • lindseymarie
    Love the pictures...and the captions were quite entertaining too. :)
    by lindseymarie at 07/29/08 9:48AM
  • lol_smile456
    awwww! love the picture of "your guys" :)
    by lol_smile456 at 07/29/08 12:48PM
  • mpettes
    Those are great pictures. I'm so glad the posting worked! Isn't that so much easier?!? I'm not very tech savvy, either, just lazy =). Going to check out the other posts...
    by mpettes at 07/30/08 8:09AM
  • kerrielee
    Very cute Rhonda!!!!
    by kerrielee at 08/02/08 8:15PM
  • shelbysmom
    Hypnobabies and home birth! HA HA! Although I do wonder if her calm demeanor could be a result of the daily relaxation that I did while I was pregnant. Then again, maybe that's just her personality! Either way, I am thankful.

    I've been meaning to send you the pictures from our visit. I'll try to do that right now.
    by shelbysmom at 08/03/08 10:31PM
  • jody
    Oh wow, I haven't checked your blog in so long. I didn't even know you were pregnant! Congratulations, that's so exciting!
    by jody at 08/04/08 12:06AM
  • kerrielee
    Yes it is,I am the ultimate Andy fan,it's so bad I have the theme song from the show as my ringer on my cell phone.Glad you liked it.
    by kerrielee at 08/04/08 5:44PM
  • kerrielee
    We should get together and play the trivia game sometime, would be fun.
    by kerrielee at 08/05/08 7:14PM