First Snow, First Dates, & Disappearing Acts

Our sweet little Ben was 6 months old this week and went to the doctor today for his checkup and shots. Samuel has been skittish when Ben goes in for shots, but we read "Corduroy Goes to the Doctor" this morning and he seemed okay about it. When they took us back, we could hear a kid across from us crying and screaming his head off. He sounded older, I figured at least 6 or 7, and he was screaming things like "You hate me" and "Yes, I'm going to die" !! So much for my calm kids ;>)----they both looked very scared but at least didn't cry. When the nurse came into our room she apologized about it. She said the boy was 12 !!! (I think he needed something besides a shot ;>)

Anyway, our sweet "little" Ben weighs 3 ounces shy of a whopping 18 lbs ! (Samuel was about 19 lbs on his first birthday !) I can't believe how fast these 6 months have flown by (I probably wouldn't think that in the middle of one of our long, sleepless nights but those are becoming much rarer). Mark's mother was saying recently that Ben is acting like he will be crawling soon and she thinks he'll soon have a tooth. I told her I'm in no hurry for either of those things to happen! What's funny is that with Samuel it was all about "when" will he be doing x, y, or z. Maybe that's natural with the first. Now, with Ben, it feels like water slipping through your fingers----it's just going too fast and you can't hold onto it. Here are some pics of our much beloved "disappearing act" ;>) at 6 months of age:

"Whose bassinet is this; mine or Sophie's ?" (Sophie would say hers !)

This is Melanie & Daniel's newborn, Cole, not even 24 hours old. We're very happy for them. He was so close to Ben's size at birth and he was born on the day Ben was exactly 6 months old, so it just reinforced how quickly these 6 months have flown by !

Mark and I went out last night to a concert. The Canadian Brass quintet was playing with the Symphony. They were our "first date" back in the spring of 1998 when they played the Ryman, so we thought it would be fun to "recreate" that evening. We had a great time (if you ever get the chance to hear them, they are wonderful!) but the "re-creation" was somewhat modified with the passing of time. That first time, we had a leisurely dinner at Demo's before going to the concert. This time, in a concession to nursing schedules, naptimes, & bedtimes, we quickly grabbed something from Wendy's and ate it in the car. That first time, Mark picked me up at my office in his new 2-door sports car; this time, we arrived at the concert in our 5-door minivan ! The jazz in the car's CD player from back then is usually replaced with "The Wheels On The Bus and Other Toddler Favorites". And all romantic thoughts driving home from that first date were replaced this time with 2 kids screaming in the backseat almost all the way home. I don't think either of us would change a thing though !

Grandpa with his boys; he and Grandma were on babysitting detail last night.

We left home around 5 pm yesterday, so imagine our surprise driving back from a snow-free area around 11 pm and encountering all this snow the further south we went. There was a big moon and it was a beautiful drive home (more or less, with 2 screaming kids in the backseat ;>). I got the kids out in it for a short while this morning, so Ben could see his first snow:

I think he looks like a seal in his snowsuit !
Ben was rather "underwhelmed" by it all ;>) He looks like he's thinking "Don't you know what the temperature is...?"

I took Samuel & Ben on a wagon ride through the backyard. No time for snowman building though since we had to go to the doctor's.

This is a pic from earlier in the week. Samuel & Will often love to "lead singing" when they get together !

  • kerrielee
    All very precious!!
    by kerrielee at 12/12/08 5:40PM
  • harbermama
    Happy anniversary or re-creation of your first date. I couldn't believe the snow when we went to the airport last night...we didn't have anything here and it looked like a winter wonderland just that far south of us. I'm sure you had a lot more! And the moon tonight was the biggest I've ever seen! Norm said it was supposed to be the closest it will ever be to earth right now, so I guess that would make it look bigger.

    Does Grandpa always dress up so for babysitting? :-) It IS important duty, I guess.
    by harbermama at 12/12/08 8:51PM
  • harbermama
    I love your little "seal!" He and brother are adorable!
    by harbermama at 12/12/08 8:51PM
  • larry_shannon
    The pictures are great and your boys are precious! Shane told me about your Halloween costumes and I had to check it out. Hilarious! Do you really believe that comment by Shane up there? A man of few words?? Ha!
    by larry_shannon at 12/12/08 9:05PM
  • boromom
    Great pictures! Glad your night out went well. The snow shut down our class last night. For those that can we are doing one tomorrow afternoon.
    by boromom at 12/12/08 10:37PM
  • amandochka
    Thanks for the pics. It's nice to see little Cole too. Maybe I'll get to meet him in a few weeks.
    by amandochka at 12/12/08 11:24PM
  • mpettes
    So sweet! Ben looks very different from Samuel to me. I know exactly what you mean about "date night". All we ever find to talk about is the kids ;)!
    by mpettes at 12/13/08 8:06AM
  • shieldmaiden_rosa
    Very cute pictures, I can't believe how big the boys are getting! Glad you all had a good time at the concert and were able to find that parking!
    by shieldmaiden_rosa at 12/14/08 9:19PM
  • lindseymarie
    Those are the cutest pics! You must have come by to see Cole right after we did--isn't he adorable, and his hair--I've never seen anything like it! You're post was so sweet--I almost got a little teary. You def. have two very precious boys!
    by lindseymarie at 12/15/08 10:58AM
  • derbydi
    Such pretty babies you have!
    Terry Fator is a celebrity ventriloquist. He sings celebs' songs w/his puppets and sounds just like them! He's very good at not letting you see him move his mouth. The boys are excited about going. :-)
    by derbydi at 12/15/08 1:34PM
  • derbydi
    Only in America, Rhonda! ;-)
    by derbydi at 12/15/08 8:18PM
  • shelbysmom
    These pictures are great!! I'm so disappointed that the party was canceled on Saturday. I was excited to see my grape eating buddy again! And I have Ben's gift...whatever will I do with it?! Actually we are thinking about attending services at Westvue on Sunday night if we can work out all the details. Will you guys be there?

    As always, I enjoy seeing pictures of your boys and their gorgeous smiles!
    by shelbysmom at 12/15/08 11:18PM
  • acurtis
    Well, I'm a little behind on reading posts, but I was thoroughly amused by this one. LOVE LOVE LOVE the snow pics. Ben is getting so big! Can you believe he's half way to a year old? Wow! That pic of the cat and Ben is hilarious!
    by acurtis at 12/16/08 2:55PM
  • mamap
    LOVED your description of your anniversary night...SO funny...big changes, huh? ;) Thanks so much for the little extra "note" in the mail...You're very kind...SO wish we could have gotten the "ideal" family pic...Maybe we'll get another chance sometime! Love y'all!
    by mamap at 12/16/08 10:15PM
  • bruski
    Very handsome sons! (I'm partial to sons...)
    by bruski at 12/17/08 5:55AM
  • mpettes
    Just got our card today and LOVED it!!! Thanks so much! Is Samuel laughing at Ben's misfortune? ;)
    by mpettes at 12/17/08 2:43PM
  • kerrielee
    Thanks for our card,it is so cute.They are absolutely precious.Hope you guys have a good christmas.
    by kerrielee at 12/18/08 9:51PM
  • acurtis
    Our pleasure! Cleaning up the sprinkles was my favorite part ;)
    by acurtis at 12/19/08 1:11PM
  • shaneg
    Thanks for the picture. It's on the hall of fame fridge.
    by shaneg at 12/19/08 6:10PM
  • kaylawayla30
    by kaylawayla30 at 12/23/08 4:20PM