I'm baaaaack! (For today anyway).

Haven't posted in almost four months. Don't feel neglected... I'm not much better on facebook. :(

I am loving my Santa Fe. And Randy finally found himself a truck to replace the last one. This one is a Ford F150 and huge in comparison to the Dodge Dakota. And thankfully not silver. I think it's a bronze color. It sure looks good on him.

Scott is now 5'6" and starting high school. His chosen extra curricular is marching band. I didn't realize how crazy busy that would make him until after he was already in it. Now come the high school football games again for Randy and me. Neither of us has attended any in 30 years.

Ana is just a few inches shorter than I am. She is on to he last year of elementary school - I am so glad. I don't think I could have handled her first year of middle school and the drama with Scott's first year of high school and the busyness at the same time.

Too busy this summer for my liking and will be glad for once to have it over.

Many blessings have come our way this year in many forms, and I am glad there is a father in heaven who loves us and looks out for us.
  • maddieandiansmama
    Maddie is in 6th grade this year and we are all having adjustment issues. New school with lots more kids. Ian is in 4th - same school and teacher as last year so we already feel comfortable there! Miss you guys! Hug your hubby for me!
    by maddieandiansmama at 08/29/10 7:59AM
  • pistal77
    wow how time has flown by, the school year esp. the fall will be busy for yall!
    by pistal77 at 08/29/10 2:29PM
  • windham4life
    Can't believe how everyone is growing up so fast! High school?!?! He is taller than me...but I guess most people are. hahaa
    by windham4life at 08/29/10 3:28PM
  • krazyqwilt
    my youngest is leaving in a couple weeks to study abroad in Munich for his junior year of college. Now that's making me feel old!
    by krazyqwilt at 09/01/10 11:56PM
  • csusoftballgirl
    You guys need to come visit CP:)
    by csusoftballgirl at 10/28/10 9:15PM

It's been awhile.

My replacement vehicle is a 2009 Hyundai Santa Fe.

I really like it. My husband used his truck as a trade-in. Now that's love.

Of course now he has to find another truck, 4-wheel-drive this time.

  • jodimn
    Your new car is very pretty!
    by jodimn at 05/10/10 8:34PM
  • windham4life
    sounds nice!!! New cars are so much fun! :)
    by windham4life at 05/10/10 10:17PM
  • ewalker
    Cool! What color?
    by ewalker at 05/13/10 3:14PM
  • misslynn
    I love getting a new car; although, if you have one you really like, it is hard to get rid of. My Honda Accord is 9 years old and still going strong. Yay!
    by misslynn at 05/15/10 4:22PM
  • krazyqwilt
    Cameron has a used Hyundai that we like a lot. His is small for the good mileage though
    by krazyqwilt at 05/18/10 8:10AM
  • adeline
    good to hear from you
    by adeline at 05/19/10 5:58PM
  • brbalu
    See Sarah's entry entitled LOSS 7/6/10. After Sarah told me about this (I don't pay close attention to the paper/news) the first thing I wanted to do was to call Mom. She would have remembered the family. I'm sure Sarah probably went through the same thought.
    by brbalu at 07/08/10 1:10PM


to my van. Randy posted it on Craig's List on Saturday night and it was gone early Sunday night. Scott was three when I got that van in TX. It's like a whole era of my life has gone by. I really liked it's handling and amenities, and I will miss it.... until I start driving something newer.:)

Now the hunt is on for the perfect replacement. What will it be....?
  • hmjmom
    I hope you can find a replacement quickly.
    by hmjmom at 03/22/10 4:00PM
  • curlie
    Aw, I will miss your van!!! You can come visit mine if you want to be reminded of its awesomeness.
    by curlie at 03/23/10 2:16PM
  • misslynn
    I hope you find something to drive that will ease the pain of losing your beloved van :)
    by misslynn at 03/23/10 4:51PM
  • windham4life
    awe, so bitter sweet. :) I'm sure having a NEW(ER) vehicle will make it all worth it!! :) hehe
    by windham4life at 03/24/10 8:00AM
  • jodimn
    I hope you saved your family stickers--that's always how I know it's you :)
    by jodimn at 03/24/10 1:35PM
  • csusoftballgirl
    Found anything yet? I can't wait to see pics!
    by csusoftballgirl at 03/30/10 11:15AM

I am in the market for

A NEW VEHICLE! Not in a hurry, but definitely looking to buy this spring or summer.

I'm not liking these days of too much research on the internet.

I liked going to the dealer with an amount in mind, and a type of vehicle and coming home with a surprise. I think I miss the days when we were a service-oriented people instead of so much do-it-yourself.

I wish that:

gas was still pumped for you with oil check and windshield wash,

change was counted back into your palm and the bills were all facing the same way,

groceries were bagged for you with care that none were squashed or bruised,

you drove up to the curb and groceries were loaded into your trunk for you,

all men still opened doors for women and let them walk in first,

retail people really knew what their products were,

and paint was still mixed or altered by people who were artists at it instead of computers!

  • pistal77
    I don't remember all of those but I agree!
    by pistal77 at 03/17/10 12:02PM
  • brbalu
    Recently went to the store with 2 cooler bags, asked that the frozen and refrigerated stuff be put in them and paper bags for the rest (this place you can at least request paper). Got home to find (since I was obviously not paying attention as they packed) that most of the frozen/refrigerated items fit in one bag. The other bag held 4 frozen pizzas sideways, 2 2-liter bottles of "POP" and a package of what was originally FROZEN raspberries. They were not frozen by the time I got home since the warm "POP" zapped the cold from them.
    by brbalu at 03/17/10 1:01PM
  • misslynn
    Trained my boy to open doors for women, so I hope there are some left in the world who will also do that!
    by misslynn at 03/17/10 5:05PM
  • curlie
    Sounds good to me. :)
    by curlie at 03/17/10 8:44PM
  • weeman3486
    I was raised to be a southern gentleman and I still open doors and all the other stuff that comes with it. Also the reason that stuff doesn't happen much anymore is because we have become a country of laziness and not wanting to put in the extra effort.
    by weeman3486 at 03/17/10 9:54PM
  • roseofsharon
    Scott has a very gentlemanly father. So not only is mama working on him, (I tell him to practice on his sister), but his dad demands a certain level of chivalry from him. I love that!
    by roseofsharon at 03/18/10 12:05PM
  • windham4life
    Good luck with your vehicle research. Buying a new vehicle is always fun. :) Jesse still opens the door for me, and I always appreciate it!! It truly does seem like sales people don't even know their products well these days...
    by windham4life at 03/18/10 9:43PM
  • jodimn
    Great list!
    by jodimn at 03/24/10 1:34PM
  • krazyqwilt
    shopping on a mil. base the baggers work for tips so they do a good job bagging and take it to load in your car....you do spend a few bucks for this but when I do big shopping I really appreciate it
    by krazyqwilt at 03/24/10 7:16PM

What a week (or two).

After announcing that we are all healthy, then we weren't.

I can hardly remember the last time my kids were sick with the stomach bug.

Wednesday right after supper, Scott complained of not feeling well and went to bed. He was very sick Wed. night and stayed home from school lying on the couch both Thursday and Friday. I lay in the recliner all day and evening Thursday with a migrain.

Finally we were able to get out and run a few errands on Saturday. By late afternoon Ana was complaining of feeling poorly. She was sick Saturday night and in all day Sunday. Because of responsibilities that Randy had with the church, I missed both services.

Today they both went to school, but neither is eating their usual fare. They are just barely interested in food.

To cap it off, 12 days ago Ana scalded herself on the hand while making tea. It didn't seem too bad at first although it covered about a 2-in square. We cleaned and bandaged (and treated) twice a day. After all the blistered skin died and came off, I realized it was deeper than I thought, but not below the skin layers - I don't know if that's third degree or not. She was healing nicely, but the surface changed and I took her in to be looked at. They gave us some silvadine cream to treat it with, so she is starting her second week of school with a completely wrapped left hand. Sh'e doing well, but this is going to take awhile. Keep her healing in your prayers. (Mom is pouring the water from now on.)

Hope all is well with you. :)
  • pistal77
    wow, life is truely a rollercoaster ride!
    by pistal77 at 03/01/10 4:37PM
  • windham4life
    oh no!! I hope everyone feels better! Burns are the worst, too. They are so painful.
    by windham4life at 03/01/10 6:53PM
  • adeline
    awww Gld your feeling better though!!
    by adeline at 03/04/10 5:21PM
  • bestill
    Poor Ana! Silvadene is great stuff!
    by bestill at 03/09/10 9:28AM