It's Snowing...

And it still is. So far we have gotten 6 inches of snow. It has been snowing all day without stopping. The weather man said we are in the worst part of the storm at the moment.

This morning I took our 15 month old puppy, Kipper, outside to let him play in the snow. He loved it. Since we don't have a fence in our yard and we are not allowed to have Kipper outside without a leash on, I had to hold on to Kipper's leash while he ran around the yard. It was kind of hard because every where Kipper went I went too and he has a lot of energy! My siblings had fun throwing snowballs at Kipper, (specifically Tim) Taking pictures of him in the snow, (specifically Arlene) and giving him snow to eat, all which are things Kipper enjoyed very much except maybe the picture taking part.

Tomorrow, Church is changed to 1 o'clock p.m. That is going to be the only service, so that people won't have to drive in the snow at night. It stinks that we are only having one service instead of two but I'm glad that church is not totally canceled.

Have a great day and enjoy this winter season.
  • magnolia
    OOOOOOHHH, can I come over??? ;-) We got some last Sunday, but it all melted away ... it was definitely better than nothing though!!! =) Have fun!
    by magnolia at 12/19/09 4:43PM
  • somebodystolemybday
    We still have some snow, although we are expecting more before the 25th.

    Sound like Kipper had a lot of fun!!

    The changed schedule is good...less travel in that stuff.
    by somebodystolemybday at 12/19/09 7:51PM
  • missy_my
    Yay snow! It was a lot of fun taking pictures yesterday! :)
    by missy_my at 12/20/09 9:47AM
  • middlechild
    Hey Sharon!!! How are you???
    I just realized I hadn't added you as a friend.
    Sorry* :-(
    by middlechild at 12/20/09 5:19PM
  • middlechild
    You are now on my friends list. :)
    by middlechild at 12/20/09 5:20PM
  • leahabigail
    =) Enjoy the snow!!!!
    by leahabigail at 12/20/09 5:34PM
  • jillykinsx3
    by jillykinsx3 at 12/20/09 8:39PM
  • swiftedge
    No, I don't think it does either. It's one of those weird psychological movies. lol.
    by swiftedge at 12/21/09 3:11PM
  • sallyanne
    I love snow and puppies ;)
    by sallyanne at 12/22/09 11:44PM
  • middlechild
    I'm WONDERFUL!!!! :) How is your family doing?? :)
    by middlechild at 12/23/09 9:03AM
  • middlechild
    My family is doing good!! :) *Cool*
    I hope you have a WONDERFUL holiday!! :)
    by middlechild at 12/24/09 9:56AM
  • phyllisophical_mom

    by phyllisophical_mom at 12/24/09 4:08PM
  • juliamiriam
    Great! :)
    by juliamiriam at 12/27/09 5:13PM
  • _sylviaanne_
    Was it a good camp?
    by _sylviaanne_ at 01/02/10 6:10PM
  • frappachino_girl
    hi sharon! i remembered your name!!!!!
    by frappachino_girl at 02/21/10 12:51PM
  • missy_my
    Happy Birthday, Sharon! :)
    by missy_my at 02/22/10 7:45AM
  • magnolia
    Hey, Sharon, have a great birthday!! ºÜº
    by magnolia at 02/22/10 1:03PM
  • ethantweedie14
    I missed it by a long shot, but happy very belated birthday, Sharon!
    by ethantweedie14 at 03/19/10 10:30PM

Gospel meeting and Trip to New England

We are having a Gospel Meeting. Below is the information:

Fall Series at Exton

September 11-13
Speaker: Allen Dvorak of Madison, Alabama

Friday 7:30 p.m. Forgive Your Brother
Saturday 7:30 p.m. Training of the Twelve
Sunday 10:00 a.m. Mistakes Peter Made
11:00 a.m. Becoming a New Person
6:00 p.m. The Power of Hope

217 N. Whitford Rd.
Exton PA

(Some GPS units give a more accurate result if "West Whiteland" is entered rather than "Exton")

for more info, call

After the Gospel Meeting, Lord willing, my family and I are going up to New England for a week and a half. While up in New England, we are planning to site see, spend time with friends, etc. We are also going to camp. I love tent camping. It is a lot of fun!
Do you like camping?

Anyways, that is what we are planning to do over the next few weeks. I hope most of you will be able to come to the Gospel meeting.

Have a great day,

  • ethantweedie14
    Are you going to the Bosworths, or not?
    by ethantweedie14 at 09/08/09 5:15PM
  • ethantweedie14
    Unfortunately neither George nor I will be able to come to the gospel meeting.
    by ethantweedie14 at 09/08/09 5:16PM
  • missy_my
    It will be lots of fun! :)
    by missy_my at 09/08/09 7:54PM
  • sallyanne
    Sounds wonderful! Have fun!!
    by sallyanne at 09/09/09 12:22AM
  • laurar209
    Have a fun trip! God willing, I'll see you this weekend at the meeting. :)
    by laurar209 at 09/09/09 1:47PM
  • sallyanne
    Me, too. And you get two camping trips! Lucky girl!
    by sallyanne at 09/09/09 4:03PM
  • redmustang
    i love camping, and i like hiking/camping even more.
    by redmustang at 09/09/09 4:56PM
  • dragon_blade
    Thankies, Sharon! :)

    Have a fun time! It certainly sounds like it'll be nice. xD
    by dragon_blade at 09/09/09 5:01PM
  • redmustang
    Wish I could go, but I am committed to some fund raisers at the fire department.
    by redmustang at 09/10/09 6:37AM
  • _fire_of_fantasy_
    Hiya, this is Sarah Perz from HScamp!
    by _fire_of_fantasy_ at 10/05/09 3:18PM
  • lromanic
    Enjoyed seeing you & your family at Gettysburg and at Exton!
    by lromanic at 10/06/09 8:57PM
  • sirtorin
    Yes, we did make it in time, with a few minutes to spare. =)
    by sirtorin at 10/06/09 9:01PM
  • ethantweedie14
    You're welcome. I just felt like I had to post those baptisms!! What did you think of Vincennes?
    by ethantweedie14 at 10/08/09 5:13PM
  • shbeck
    Hey, this is Rebekah from DOV and HS camp. It was good seeing you at the camp-out.
    by shbeck at 10/08/09 5:49PM
  • swiftblades
    Glad you enjoyed the pictures. :)
    by swiftblades at 10/10/09 9:46PM
  • ethantweedie14
    I thought it was really cool!! The baptism(Hannah Smith) really topped off the really good day!!!
    by ethantweedie14 at 10/11/09 8:06AM
  • paradise_ray
    Hi Sharon! Arlene gave me your pleo name, so I added you! Hopefully now we can keep in touch better! :)
    by paradise_ray at 10/11/09 1:02PM
  • magnolia
    Hello Sharon, this is Kinsi from HS camp. =) May I add you? By the way, I like your picture of the rose-of-sharon flower; that's very pretty. =)
    by magnolia at 10/12/09 8:36PM
  • somebodystolemybday
    Thank you!!
    by somebodystolemybday at 10/29/09 3:25PM
  • missy_my
    Thank You! :)
    by missy_my at 10/30/09 1:56PM

Saturday: Bible Studies

Last Saturday I went to an all day bible study. It was really good! The theme of the classes was our role in the local congregation, "Let No One Despise Your Youth" and responsibility. There was about sixty young people there. It was really encouraging to see so many kids there who want to better serve the Lord.

What are you all planning to do this week? My family and I are planning to go on a field trip during the day on Wednesday.

Hope you all have a great rest of the week!
  • cyber_space_cadet
    That sounds like a great study. Who lead it?
    by cyber_space_cadet at 08/17/09 10:28PM
  • sirtorin
    I'm planning to get oriented with my new job. =)
    by sirtorin at 08/17/09 10:54PM
  • tia
    We're going to Florida... :)
    by tia at 08/18/09 12:16AM
  • somebodystolemybday
    What are we doing this week? Monday we unloaded and stacked around 400 square bales, Today we might go to a farm auction. And for the rest of the week? Not much else other that more hay, most likely....
    by somebodystolemybday at 08/18/09 7:28AM
  • leahabigail
    Hello!! How are you?
    by leahabigail at 08/18/09 6:03PM
  • leahabigail
    :) I'm good!!! YAY for HS camp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    by leahabigail at 08/21/09 4:27PM
  • juliamiriam
    Done!! :D
    by juliamiriam at 08/27/09 7:47PM
  • missy_my
    That's a good way to spend your Saturdays :)
    by missy_my at 08/30/09 3:28PM
  • sallyanne
    We had the Broadus Family travel through and the Raulerson's spend the weekend. Busy days :)
    by sallyanne at 08/31/09 6:13PM
  • somebodystolemybday
    I'm planning on trying to catch up on some much needed sleep, I just got back from Leadership camp!
    by somebodystolemybday at 09/05/09 11:31AM

The 4-H Fair

Last weekend my county had their 4-H fair! It was a lot of fun! My family and I went to the fair all three days, Thursday night, all day Friday and most of Saturday. Our club sells drinks and candy to help make money for our club. We also have a sand art booth. For a little bit on Friday I helped run the sand art booth. That job meant I had to deal with the money, give the kids their plastic containers (that were in different shapes and sizes) to put their sand in and putting or hammering the cap or cork on the top of the kid's finished art. It was fun and challenging to work there because I was the only person working at the booth for most of the time. I was busy most of the time but it was a lot of fun!

For a little bit on Thursday night, Friday morning and Saturday afternoon I helped with parking cars. On Thursday, I helped put schedules in blue bags and on Friday Morning, I collected money. My two sisters, Connie and Arlene also collected money while my brother, Tim helped direct traffic with our Seeing Eye puppy, Kipper, who sat by his side the whole time. Saturday afternoon Tim and I helped direct parking. Tim’s job was to point people into parking spots while I stood in an intersection and directed people to the left if they wanted to park and to the right if they wanted to leave. Doing that was fun but I think my favorite job was collecting the money.
Besides doing all those things, I got to spend time with lots of different people, participate in two of our clubs demos and lots more. The whole weekend was fun.

What did you all do last weekend?

  • sirtorin
    Some of the members of the church here got a little surprise birthday party together for us on Sunday, after the potluck. =)
    by sirtorin at 08/11/09 8:13PM
  • somebodystolemybday
    Our county fair was last week as well, we were there all week...I mostly worked in our county 4-H archery booth. I also ran the "Cloverleaf Cafe" for a day. Basicly it is the same thing as your candy stand, we sell the same stuff. Instead of it benifiting one club however, it benifits the county 4-H.

    Oh, and Ethan collected parking fees at the front gate for 2 days of the fair, he loved that job!!
    by somebodystolemybday at 08/11/09 8:34PM
  • sallyanne
    Went to a gospel meeting :)
    by sallyanne at 08/11/09 8:46PM
  • ethantweedie14
    Yes I did!! You guys were busy at the fair like us!!

    The fair is always fun!!!!
    by ethantweedie14 at 08/12/09 7:09AM
  • sirtarin
    What fun. =)
    by sirtarin at 08/12/09 5:40PM
  • cyber_space_cadet
    Sounds like you were kept very busy!

    We had several guests from Thursday through Sunday. It was busy and fun. :)
    by cyber_space_cadet at 08/12/09 10:07PM
  • missy_my
    by missy_my at 08/17/09 12:09PM


Wow, I have not updated in the longest time...any way my two sisters and I got back from DOV camp about a week ago. It was really fun, encouraging and helpful. Today my brother, Tim, got back from Boy Scout camp and three weeks ago my siblings and I all came home from F.C. camp. That camp was fun too. Now we are planning to go to no more camps untill the end of August, which, Lord willing, Tim will go to a men leadership camp and then at the end of September, my whole family and I will go to Homeschooling camp! That is what I have been doing so far this summer.
Hopefully I can update in less than 17 days instead of more then 17 months! :) Sharon
  • enyek
    I wish we could go to HS Camp!! We really enjoyed it the year we went. Sounds like you've been fun-busy!
    by enyek at 07/25/09 7:07PM
  • missy_my
    nice picture ;)
    by missy_my at 07/25/09 7:47PM
  • ethantweedie14
    So Tim is going to the Leadership Camp in NY?
    by ethantweedie14 at 07/26/09 3:10PM
  • sirtorin
    Camps galore. What fun. =)
    by sirtorin at 07/27/09 12:46PM
  • tia
    My summer was filled with camps too. :) DOV was so amazing!
    by tia at 07/30/09 9:11PM
  • artistic
    Hi Sharon! This is Cydni! Miss ya! :)
    by artistic at 08/05/09 9:52AM
  • sirtarin
    Camp camp camp camp... :P Fun, fun! =)
    by sirtarin at 08/06/09 1:42PM