Lots going on!

Most of you know, but for those who might not, we are moving to South Carolina. Curt earned a promotion and in this case that means moving. We are very excited, but at the same time very sad to leave our friends in Peoria. We have come to love so many here and don't know what we will do without them. The whole moving process is very rushed and crazy. They want Curt down there in June. I'm not sure we can get this house sold, buy a new one and get moved that quickly. Luckily Caterpillar does almost everything for us and makes it as easy as possible. Right now I am in full on house preparing mode. Going to services tonight was the first time I have even left the house since Saturday afternoon (home with sick kids on Sunday). I have laid a new kitchen floor, painted the basement, made and hung new artwork, cleaned, purged and organized like crazy. There is still so much to do to get it show ready. It will be a weird feeling having strangers coming through our house and looking in every nook and cranny. To make things even crazier, Curt had to fly down to SC first thing Monday morning and won't get home until tomorrow night. So I have been left to do all of this prep work by myself. Thankfully Curt's mom was able to come for a couple days to help with the kids while I worked. I am feeling pretty drained right now, but have to keep going. The first of our two potential realtors is coming over Friday morning to evaluate the house. I just keep reminding myself that once I get it all done I will have time to relax and have somewhat of a normal life.

So I apologize to any of my dear friends if you are feeling ignored! I'm kind of buried in this house selling preparation, but will resurface soon!
  • MexicanJewel
    I'm so sorry you are having to do all this on your own! I hope to get better soon so I can come over and help. Love you and hope the kiddos are healthier!
    by MexicanJewel at 03/24/11 7:48AM
  • southern_yankee_mom
    Excited for you and your sweet family! So sorry you are having to do so much of the prep work by yourself. Thankfully Caterpillar does take good care of those they transfer. I truly hope your house sells quickly and you find a new home you love. Miss you!
    by southern_yankee_mom at 03/24/11 2:21PM
  • keithsluv
    Having been through it, I know how stressful that is! We will keep you in our prayers for everything to go as smoothly as possible. As far as relocating goes, that too you will survive...but you will surely still have a special place in your hearty for the Peoria family, as we do, too. Best wishes to you & Curt; tell him congrats from us!
    by keithsluv at 03/25/11 12:04PM
  • purrph1
    That is all very exciting! It is great that Caterpillar takes good care of their employees.
    by purrph1 at 04/01/11 3:39PM
  • worker_at_home
    Hope your move went well. I'm thinking of you as you settle into your new home and community. Best wishes.
    by worker_at_home at 06/14/11 8:40AM
  • dear2deer
    Just saw the "happy birthday" to your mom. That could not have been CUTER!!!! The kids did a wonderful job singing.
    by dear2deer at 11/21/11 9:06AM

My new project...

Most of you already know that this has been in the works, but for those who don't...Olivia Craig Photography is officially open for business. I am so excited, but also kind of nervous. My photography is very personal to me and putting it out there for the public is a little scary. If you haven't already, you can check out my business blog:

Olivia Craig Photography

Also, if you have a Facebook account, I would really appreciate it (if you like my work), if you would go to my business page and "Like" it. That way the word can start to spread. Here is the link to the FB page:

OCP on Facebook

Thank you so much to all of my amazing friends who have given me your business, encouragement and support. There is know way I could this without you!!!
  • stargazermom
    This is so exciting Olivia! Of course I love your work. I will try to spread the message. We really need a family picture too. Maybe in springtime, when the flowers are blooming.
    by stargazermom at 02/10/11 7:31AM
  • redtop
    I would love to do pictures for your family! Thanks for the support!!!
    by redtop at 02/10/11 2:17PM
  • MexicanJewel
    Wooot!!! Rock on sista-friend! I'm sure B will "like" you on fb. = D
    by MexicanJewel at 02/10/11 4:08PM

Another prayer request

I really don't mean to only post sad things, but I am asking (once again) for prayers on behalf of my family. My grandmother fell over Thanksgiving weekend and broke her neck. She has been dealing with a form of blood cancer for about a year now. She is too frail to do chemo, and the steroid treatment they were doing is no longer working. She was holding her own against the cancer, but it seems that her fall was the beginning of the end. As of now we don't really have a timeline, but she is in an extreme amount of pain and not always conscious. They have given her a pain patch that delivers a steady stream of pain medication and she is getting morphine doses every three hours on top of that. We should know more when we get more test results back tomorrow. Prayers for her comfort and for strength for my mom would be greatly appreciated.
  • southern_yankee_mom
    Praying for all of you, I'm so sorry to hear that. May the Lord give her strength and comfort.
    by southern_yankee_mom at 12/09/10 6:56AM
  • stargazermom
    Praying for her and your family. I know it's hard.
    by stargazermom at 12/09/10 7:42AM
  • stitchinmom
    I'm praying for her and your family.
    by stitchinmom at 12/09/10 9:34AM
  • littlebit
    by littlebit at 12/09/10 5:13PM
  • tab
    :( I'm so sorry to hear that. Praying for your family.
    by tab at 12/10/10 10:22AM
  • MexicanJewel
    Have been praying. Any change in her condition? Let us know. Love you much!
    by MexicanJewel at 12/10/10 2:29PM
  • bestill
    I am so sorry to hear about your grandmother.
    by bestill at 12/11/10 3:14PM
  • bonkrs5
    I will be praying.
    by bonkrs5 at 12/13/10 2:29PM
  • keithsluv
    Please know your family has our prayers; try to hang in there.
    by keithsluv at 12/14/10 8:29PM
  • dear2deer
    Thanks for sharing your dog experience with me. :)
    by dear2deer at 01/05/11 11:23PM

Coach Chambers

My grandpa, Felix Chambers, passed away last night. I know that some of you were lucky enough to know him. For those of you who didn't have the chance, well, let's just say that one of the great ones is gone. I was trying to think of the words to describe him, his amazing life and his influence on all those around him, but I don't know how to put those kind of feelings into words. Your prayers for my family would be greatly appreciated.
  • nillabarr
    I am so so sorry, Olivia. I know how much he meant to you. Prayers for you and your family to find strength in the Lord as you adjust to his absence. Love you friend.
    by nillabarr at 08/31/10 9:18AM
  • stargazermom
    Oh, I'm sorry Olivia. My prayers are with you today.
    by stargazermom at 08/31/10 1:28PM
  • bestill
    I'm so sorry for your loss. How fortunate you are to have had him in your life.
    by bestill at 08/31/10 9:40PM
  • worker_at_home
    Your memories will be such a blessing during the difficult days ahead. I'll pray for you and your family.
    by worker_at_home at 09/02/10 10:27AM

Another prayer request

This time it is for Curt's cousin Mitch and his family. Mitch is only 31 and last night he had a brain aneurysm rupture. When he got to the hospital they also discovered he has an enlarged heart and fluid on his lungs. The prognosis is very grave, but with God and prayer there is always hope. Mitch and his wife Andrea have two young children and are expecting their third in just a couple of months. Please pray for his health as well as for his young family. I can not even begin to imagine what they are going through right now.
  • stargazermom
    I will pray for him and his family. I vaguely remember Mitch from years ago.
    by stargazermom at 06/21/10 6:49AM
  • MexicanJewel
    Praying! Love you guys lots.
    by MexicanJewel at 06/21/10 9:10AM
  • nillabarr
    So sad and scary. We are definitely praying for him and the entire family.
    by nillabarr at 06/21/10 12:51PM
  • purrph1
    Praying! That is very scary.
    by purrph1 at 06/21/10 2:04PM
  • bonkrs5
    I forgot last night to tell you that we will be keeping them in our prayers, hugs.
    by bonkrs5 at 06/21/10 7:46PM
  • southern_yankee_mom
    It has been forever! :) We are really looking forward to seeing you guys as well! I would really like to do pictures if you can. However I am totally unorganized and we don't have coordinating outfits. Can we do black and whites or sepia tones? Love you!
    by southern_yankee_mom at 06/25/10 11:25AM
  • southern_yankee_mom
    Sounds great!!! How about Monday or Wednesday during the day? I know Jonna is trying to get a play date together with all the kids at a sprinkler park for one of those days. And whichever day we do the park I know the kids will all need naps. Just let me know when and where and we're good to go! Can't wait! Love ya!
    by southern_yankee_mom at 06/25/10 2:44PM