if there is any virtue

Please, examine your internet usage this week.

What are you reading? What are you watching? What are you "googling", and at what do you find yourself staring?
Is it worth your time? Is it worth your soul?

Don't allow bad habits to start (or continue).
Make an internet "to-do" list and stick to it.
Determine when you are most likely to misuse the internet, and plan something worthwhile to do during these times. Away from the computer.
Generally, take measures to keep temptations off your computer screen (internet filter software).
Also, you have the power to hit the power button!

See then that you walk circumspectly, not as fools but as wise, redeeming the time, because the days are evil. Therefore do not be unwise, but understand what the will of the Lord is.
-from Paul's God-breathed letter to the Ephesians

Finally brethren, whatever things are true, whatever things are noble, whatever things are just, whatever things are pure, whatever things are lovely, whatever things are of good report, if there is any virtue and if there is anything praiseworthy - meditate on these things.
-from Paul's God-breathed letter to the Philippians

Don't eat the bread of idleness.
Let no corrupt word proceed out of your mouth (or out of your keyboard).
Don't invite the immoral woman to sit with you a spell.
You know that in the end she is bitter as wormwood. Sharp as a two-edged sword.
  • raifhaus
    What will it profit me to gain the whole world while losing my soul?
    by raifhaus at 08/02/09 1:19PM
  • ewalker
    Good reminder that applies to all in some way. Thanks! We miss you guys!
    by ewalker at 08/02/09 1:46PM
  • jenkegley
    Thanks for the reminder. :-)
    by jenkegley at 08/02/09 1:48PM
  • lizsmith
    Such good advice, Amy! I so admire your spiritual wisdom.
    by lizsmith at 08/02/09 3:10PM
  • nonniiam
    I hope to post some before and after pictures when it is finished. Your quote should apply to all our activties, not just online. Hope you are all getting well.
    by nonniiam at 08/02/09 5:26PM
  • nonniiam
    The wedding is set for sometime next spring.
    by nonniiam at 08/02/09 5:45PM
  • enyek
    Good advice! Probably like most people, I have a little routine of what I check in on: my email, pleo, etc. and if there is something I need to research a bit. But I confess there are times when I get caught up in something completely useless to me...it sure is easy to waste a lot of time! And we need to be redeeming the time. If only we could fully realize how limited our time here is..
    by enyek at 08/03/09 8:12AM
  • jamiemmoon
    Yes... we camped down by the river where you could hear it babbling during your afternoon nap. It was wonderful. The Holders, Hollands, and the Scotts went too.
    by jamiemmoon at 08/03/09 5:37PM
  • heidiw
    Thank you for this, Amy. I REALLY needed to hear what you said. I thank God for you!!! :)
    by heidiw at 08/03/09 10:47PM
  • aprilstarr
    Excellent reminder! I find I just spend too much time wasted on the computer- no doing anything inherently wrong just too much time at unnecessary things!

    Thought about pineapple salsa during the night- haha! I'm telling you, there's just something wonderful about the sound ... can't get it out of your head! ;) At least that's how it was for me! And locally grown pineapples there- wow! That must be amazing!
    by aprilstarr at 08/06/09 1:36PM
  • meg
    Thanks! Now I'm off to do what I intended when I got on!
    by meg at 08/06/09 3:02PM
  • narnianheart
    Hey! Its LauraJane Capehart.
    by narnianheart at 05/20/10 7:23PM
  • CatOwner
    Hey Amy! This is Liz - I'm back after my little break. I've been trying to figure out how to change my name to something "cute." I'd played with every button I could find. Finally, I just opened a new account. I'm now CatOwner. Think it's appropriate? My two are in here right now with me. Annabelle is curled up in a feline ball, and Smokey is stretched out at my feet - so sweet.

    Love this post! Hope you have a safe trip back to Guatemala.

    by CatOwner at 06/09/10 3:48PM
  • CatOwner
    I just read on Darryl's FB where you've crossed the border and are driving through Mexico. Safe journey home!
    by CatOwner at 06/26/10 8:02AM
  • lovescats

    I went to open my Pleonast page today, and it's gone. I'm wondering if it had anything to do with my email changing, so the only thing I could figure out how to do was open a new account. So just wanted you to know this is Liz!

    by lovescats at 01/03/12 6:37AM
  • figpicker
    i find that the less questionable things that I let enter my head, the fewer the temptations I have. That does not include the bad things we know to turn away from, just the ones some would OK. Managing that is a struggle at times.
    by figpicker at 09/16/12 6:00PM
  • ncreaves
    I .look forward to hearing details of the trip.yes, Lisa is a jewel and their girls are so sweet. Of course I'm the grandmother so my opinion may be a bit clouded! :) my Dad preached for years just to help with support for foreign works. Never took any support himself. This should be a great memory making adventure and hope some are encouraged LNG the way. josh has wanted to take his granddad for years.i do wish ya'll could visit together.
    by ncreaves at 06/26/13 1:11PM

12/01/07 12:02PM

Hello from Central America!

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Leave a comment below (create your free Pleonast account now), and some bit of info to help me identify you in "real life". (Hmm.. this could be fun.)

  • beck4ben
    Next time your in lankaster, let me know.. my grandparents-in-law live up there :)
    by beck4ben at 12/01/08 5:12PM
  • jee1
    Hello, Amy! This is Beth from Crossfire in TN, now from Starkville, MS. Nathan gave me your website so I can keep up with you. I'll be praying for your visit in the US.
    by jee1 at 12/08/08 9:13AM
  • danielzrib
    Hello, Amy! We just met at the townmeeting. I like the photo of you and David - is that at the ruins by Huehue?
    by danielzrib at 02/11/09 9:06PM

You never know what could happen on Sunday afternoon in Lancaster County...

TOday I hiked up my skirt (girded up my loins?) and waded in the creek with some Amish girls. :-o !

  • mr_and_mrs_berry
    excellent activity on a hot hot day.
    by mr_and_mrs_berry at 08/06/07 8:31AM
  • heycat
    Hi ya, how fun. I can vividly imagine your girls jumping and splashing in the water. Reminds me a rain storm not long ago. :) Missing you all.
    by heycat at 08/06/07 8:54AM
  • mr_and_mrs_berry
    Hi Amy. I don't know your email and I'll bet I'll be outside if you call, but Wed. anytime is fine. If you get on the computer, email us through the website though I think you may have to sign up and then do comments. C and L have dental appts. in the a.m. but I'll be here. Bring over the cousins too if you want and pick some berries to take home. :) We'd love to see you.
    by mr_and_mrs_berry at 08/06/07 10:31AM
  • mamalady
    That sounds great! We'd love to have you. Let us know what sounds fun. We can do some stuff together or you guys can run around and do whatever you wish. I'm sure the Berries will be tickled to have you come over there: )
    by mamalady at 08/06/07 10:51AM
  • autumn_rain
    Ohhhh yay you are coming to see us!!! I can't wait!!! Love you guys!!! Oh I am SO looking forward to seeing you david and y'all sweet dear girls!!!
    by autumn_rain at 08/06/07 11:03AM
  • mamalady
    Don't worry about bringing food: ) I'll prepare food for us. You just concentrate on enjoying the time to do some things. I don't mind a bit; )
    by mamalady at 08/06/07 11:55AM
  • mamalady
    Meaning "us" including you guys, too!
    by mamalady at 08/06/07 11:56AM
  • lastoflakewood
    Aww, Tristan, I wish I could visit up there and see all of you guys.
    by lastoflakewood at 08/06/07 12:20PM
  • holly_ann
    :) Thanks!
    by holly_ann at 08/06/07 5:15PM
  • meg
    That sounds fun! And I can see you doing that! :D
    by meg at 08/06/07 6:05PM
  • marla
    Check this out. Heehee.
    by marla at 08/06/07 9:24PM
  • lromanic
    can't wait to see you Wed. evening!
    by lromanic at 08/06/07 10:27PM
  • mamalady
    Let us know when to expect you: ) Looking forward to it.
    by mamalady at 08/07/07 12:06PM
  • olivian
    by olivian at 08/07/07 1:27PM
  • olivian
    Thanx for updating me to your friends list.
    by olivian at 08/07/07 1:28PM
  • stina
    it's too neat. they have at least four couches. two of them and three chairs are in the living room. off of the living room are a formal and an informal dining rooms, each with at least one table and many chairs. with over 20 people at the house to drink tea there were enough chairs and room to accomodate them all in the living room in one, big circle. the bathroom on the main hallway is a proud favorite of stephen's. he splurged an extra $15 or $20 to get a bronze-look curtain rod and an iridescent, chocolate brown shower curtain. the kitchen is very new looking and has all matching, stainless steel appliances. (although, the fridge is faux, plastic steel and stephen is debating getting a real steel one.) the parlor is the first door off the entryway and provides a great place to throw purses and have private conversations away from the crowd. they are proudly displaying the painting of david's - albeit on the floor leaned against the wall. anyways, it's great.
    by stina at 08/07/07 3:56PM
  • snickers63
    Trade you - picture of Emma and Nana for a picture of your family like the one on Nana's fridge!!!!
    by snickers63 at 08/07/07 9:12PM
  • snickers63
    (Check your mother's email!!)
    by snickers63 at 08/07/07 9:13PM
  • enyek
    The whole Amish thing is really interesting to me.. I mean, we think of them as so quaint, etc., yet they are real people just like us, I think sometimes we (me?) think of them as being fundamentally different. And what we see as so quaint, is actually due to their practice of a false religion, right? I have a hard time with that. How fascinating - I would love to know what they think of us.. from what i understand they think of outsiders as "the English". I am interested to hear any of conversation/studies your parents have with them. Hopefully, I don't know how open the Amish are generally, although I know God can reach their hearts too - even through their extreme lifestyle. It's very neat your parents live so close to them.
    by enyek at 08/08/07 8:22AM
  • meg
    I've been thinking about you guys! Yes, i've smacked CJ around more than Evan, I think, because it's been so long and I'm not as nervous this time. Poor babies!
    by meg at 08/08/07 10:13AM


They're in the bath right now...
I hear S telling K not to drink the water!
  • olivian
    Awwww......there so cute (and no, I cannot say that enough times.lol.)!
    by olivian at 06/25/07 3:42PM
  • texastwins
    Hi! It's Courtney. I went ahead and did this before I forgot! Just let me know the groups you were talking about and I will join. We really enjoyed dinner last night and I was serious about the house invitation if you would like it! Talk to you soon!
    by texastwins at 06/26/07 10:02AM
  • sharon
    I'm not an op, but I would!
    by sharon at 06/26/07 3:07PM
  • heycat
    Missed you at lunch - is E okay?
    by heycat at 06/29/07 1:45PM
  • lil_miss_track_star
    awww they are so cute! i am really gonna miss seeing yall at church!
    by lil_miss_track_star at 06/29/07 10:13PM
  • kiss_the_rain
    what adorable pictures!!
    by kiss_the_rain at 07/02/07 12:48AM
  • hottpinkblondi33
    those pictures are so cute i hope the girls like where yall are going to be living i will miss yall take care
    by hottpinkblondi33 at 07/03/07 9:26AM
  • skatebordingrox
    Happy 4th of July!
    by skatebordingrox at 07/04/07 1:07PM
  • srholly
    Hey Amy! I hope ya'll are doing well. I got a user name so that I can keep up with ya'll. I hope you add me to your friends list soon so I can track what's going in with ya'll. Take care!
    by srholly at 07/13/07 9:33AM
  • raifhaus
    Yes! If I know you I'll be glad to approve you to view more content on this blog :) Thanks for enjoying my family life as much as I do (usually!)
    by raifhaus at 07/13/07 10:51AM
  • raifhaus
    srholly, I can't guess who you are... give me a hint!!
    by raifhaus at 07/15/07 2:23AM
  • lastoflakewood
    Hope all the moving/packing is progressing smoothly! Do you know exactly where you will be living yet?
    by lastoflakewood at 07/15/07 10:12PM
  • ewalker
    Do you know him? Aren't y'all in kinda the same place...? :)
    by ewalker at 07/17/07 1:22PM
  • onelittlecandle
    I miss reading your blogs! Would you be willing to re-add me to your friends list? I kept seeing your screen name show white but it was always the same blog...I must be slow...took me a while to figure it out. :-)
    by onelittlecandle at 07/18/07 1:41PM
  • srholly
    Hi Amy, it's Stacey H, Adam K-B's friend. I got your message the other day. I am still new at this and didn't know how to respond to it other than to do it here. Maybe I will learn how to use this better as time goes by.
    by srholly at 07/25/07 9:02AM
  • belle
    Same here! :) I would like to be added, if you will! I love reading your updates! :)
    by belle at 08/02/07 12:31PM
  • two
    I miss reading this blog. Could we have an occasional "non-private" post? Just kidding; I understand completely. Most people are good, but they aren't the ones you have to worry about. Since I don't know you and never will, I won't ask you to add me. (That would be foolish of you, and defeat the purpose of the private entries.) I just want to tell you that I have enjoyed reading your posts in the past, and to wish you the best in the future.
    by two at 08/03/07 11:58AM
  • outofafrica
    Hey David & Amy. This is Adam, at long last. I've created a new accout, I'm now "outofafrica," and am trying to use this thing so I can keep ini touch with you. When you have a minute, could I be added to your blog? I'd love to chat from time to time. That is, if I can find you again on here. It's not very user friendly but I'm trying. Hope ya'll are well. Love to the girls from Mr. Adam. Cheers for now.
    by outofafrica at 09/01/07 4:51PM
  • razz
    amy, it's melissa moore... i stayed with you at FC when I came down to visit before I attended there... I love the pictures of your girls, they're so beautiful... could I be added to your blog when you get a minute? Thanks
    by razz at 10/12/07 7:41PM
  • luvnjam
    sorry, I wasn't following directions. I should have been a little creative. Can you guess why I love jam?
    by luvnjam at 02/08/08 11:26PM

Three sweetly slumbering...

Photos taken just minutes ago. What sweetness!

I like cameras. Mine helps me see and enjoy a moment- without distraction :)
  • messers
    Just too precious for words. :)
    by messers at 03/28/07 9:30AM
  • meg
    Oh, that is just heart melting!
    by meg at 03/28/07 9:31AM
  • boanerges
    Very nice pictures. Thanks for your "vote." Too bad it won't work this time but we do hope to come up for the friends concert this summer - my cousin Daniel is in the group this year. If you all haven't shipped out by then, hopefully we can catch up.
    by boanerges at 03/28/07 10:31AM
  • pmom
    I love the pictures! They are so sweet.
    by pmom at 03/28/07 11:04AM
  • autumn_rain
    You are tagged!!! See my blog:) what sweet girls:)
    by autumn_rain at 03/28/07 12:01PM
  • nottoscale
    This and the following pictures are hilarious!
    by nottoscale at 03/28/07 12:18PM
  • shaneg
    Oh man! Not only is that just a wonderful picture, but I believe it's my nap time.
    by shaneg at 03/28/07 12:26PM
  • tweedledee
    That is going to be on both sides bordering a bike path on both sides both bordering a 5 LANE ROAD!!!
    by tweedledee at 03/28/07 12:40PM
  • laurar209
    awww... i love emma's fat cheeks!
    by laurar209 at 03/28/07 1:42PM
  • zani128
    Those pics are cute! I know you will cherish them for years to come!
    by zani128 at 03/28/07 2:40PM
  • littlelamb
    How sweet!!!! I love to sneak in during nap time and take pictures!
    by littlelamb at 03/28/07 3:40PM
  • katie_fitz_steinback
    How wonderful for you that they were all sleeping at the same time.
    by katie_fitz_steinback at 03/28/07 4:01PM
  • ewalker
    ...and I hope you got a nice long break ;0) What precious girls!
    by ewalker at 03/28/07 5:42PM
  • skatebordingrox
    cute pics~!
    by skatebordingrox at 03/29/07 12:07AM
  • yo_momma
    very nice pics. all went well with me. I met a guy, whos son is good friends with yall! His dad is from south africa and name is Patty. Once again, "its a some world after all..."
    by yo_momma at 03/29/07 9:20AM
  • riyankery
    Hi Sophie, or Katie, whichever that was!! I am going to school today! I like school.
    by riyankery at 03/29/07 12:02PM
  • nonniiam
    How did you get them all to sleep at once? And did you immediatly lay down and sleep too???
    by nonniiam at 03/29/07 1:47PM
  • nottoscale
    and yet another one:
    Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
    by nottoscale at 03/29/07 6:07PM
  • nottoscale
    Ahhhh yes [upon returning and seeing my above comment]
    by nottoscale at 03/29/07 6:52PM
  • olivian
    Oh,she sooooo cute!!!!
    by olivian at 03/29/07 8:29PM