12/25/08 1:24AM

Dear Family and Friends,

Sorry it's been like five years since I've been on here (feels like five years, anyway)!! I wanted to wish all of you a very Merry Christmas, and I wish we could be with each one of you tomorrow! But, I'm holding out for next year.

Much love to you all!
  • cmay
    Merry Christmas, Rachel!!
    by cmay at 12/25/08 11:49AM
  • tommyswife
    Merry Christmas! Hope today was enjoyable for you two!
    by tommyswife at 12/25/08 6:36PM
  • cruisingmom
    Merry Day After. I am looking forward to next year - yippeeeee!
    See you in a couple weeks - yippeeeee again!
    by cruisingmom at 12/26/08 9:08AM
  • kelly
    wow... you posted. i'm on here often just don't post much. i'll try to catch ya soon on the phone to catch up. it was nice seeing your mom yesterday. love ya!
    by kelly at 12/26/08 9:46AM
  • mamahastings
    I hope you both had a great Christmas! I brought molasses cookies in your honor on Christmas day :)
    by mamahastings at 12/27/08 6:07PM
  • madtomkidd
    We missed being with you two, but it was good to see your mom! Cram and finish those classes so you can get back this way soon! (^_^)
    by madtomkidd at 12/27/08 8:27PM
  • cruisingmom

    by cruisingmom at 01/01/09 11:00AM
  • cmay
    Happy New Year!
    by cmay at 01/02/09 8:29AM
  • ashleyb
    hope you had a wonderful christmas and new year!! i'm hoping we get to see you guys in 2009!! miss you
    by ashleyb at 01/09/09 9:39PM
  • kelly
    love you. miss you too, lookin forward to visiting in april.
    by kelly at 02/26/09 10:19PM
  • cruisingmom
    by cruisingmom at 05/16/09 4:38PM
  • cruisingmom
    We are so proud of you Rachel. Hope you can enjoy a bit of down time this summer before you 'hit the books' in the fall! :·)
    by cruisingmom at 05/16/09 4:51PM
  • beckyroo
    Congratulations on graduating! I know you have worked very hard! :-) Glad to hear you will be sticking around here for a little while longer. Hope to see you soon! :-)
    by beckyroo at 06/10/09 1:12AM
  • cruisingmom

    by cruisingmom at 07/30/09 5:25AM
  • kelly
    love you
    by kelly at 08/07/09 9:13PM
  • cruisingmom
    Happy Birthday MySpace Comments
    by cruisingmom at 08/26/09 9:28AM
  • kelly
    happy birthday!
    by kelly at 08/26/09 10:27AM
  • cmay
    Happy Birthday!!
    by cmay at 08/28/09 10:06AM
  • kelly
    almost time for curtain call, still thinking of you, hope ya break a leg.
    by kelly at 10/03/09 9:09PM
  • kelly
    ((hugs)) get your sneakers ready, i'll see you soon.
    by kelly at 12/25/09 7:18AM

Thank you!!

Hello family and friends,

Thank you so much for the wonderful birthday wishes! Thanks Mom and Dad Hastings for the card and singing to me in your message!! Thanks also to Stacey, Rosie and Willow for calling and singing to me, too! You have no idea how I loved hearing your voices! Willow and Rosie - I absolutely LOVE your rendition of the Happy Birthday song. You made my whole day, and you both sang beautifully! :) Thanks Ben, Stacey and Willow for the wonderful card and pictures! I love them, and I will call you tomorrow, Lord willing, or if not tomorrow because I have a pretty heavy class schedule, I will call the next day. I love you and miss you all!

I had a really great day. After school David took me out to the yummy Oregano's bistro for dinner. They have this thing called the "Pizzookie" (sp?) that is so decadent, and you get it for free when it's your birthday. It's half-cooked cookie dough served hot with vanilla ice cream on top. Oh, and they have really great pizzas, too. The only thing is I now have heartburn, but it is a small price to pay. :)
  • kayliesmomma
    I love thier Pizzookies...yummmmm! Are you guys going to the singing this friday? Maybe we can do something afterwards if you are!
    by kayliesmomma at 08/27/08 1:00AM
  • cruisingmom
    Sounds good, except the heartburn. Glad your day was good.
    by cruisingmom at 08/27/08 5:14AM
  • mamahastings
    Anywhere named "Oregano's" has to be good! And that sounds like my dream dessert! Glad you were able to celebrate and enjoy yourselves! Love you!
    by mamahastings at 08/27/08 9:11AM
  • madtomkidd
    After that description, I had to look it up... too bad they're only located in AZ! Stacey and I finally tried that Barn Pizza place on the corner of Lower Valley Pike last night... it's pretty good. We'll have to go when you get back!
    by madtomkidd at 08/27/08 9:12AM
  • ashleyb
    happy bday!! glad you enjoyed your day!!
    by ashleyb at 08/27/08 4:35PM
  • kelly
    happy bday a day late, did you get my text? i hate that i'm actually in the same time zone as you and i managed to not call you & personally wish you a happy birthday. hope it was good!
    by kelly at 08/27/08 11:26PM
  • cbridges
    Happy belated birthday! We missed you at the singing. They had written David's name on the board as one of the song leaders.. and when Phil Woolbright went up on David's turn, we were so confused! Phil said "I'm skipping ahead and erasing David's name because he's not here." There were definitely a few sad sighs in the audience!
    by cbridges at 09/02/08 11:58PM
  • cbridges
    PS- we make our own pizzookies at home when we don't feel like driving, waiting and paying for the real one. I highly recommend it! :)
    by cbridges at 09/02/08 11:59PM
  • beckyroo
    Happy late birthday! I remember eating a Pizzokie with you and my mom! :-)
    by beckyroo at 09/03/08 12:23AM
  • kelly
    yummm... sounds good... pizzookies. what time do you guys get out of &/or home from wednesday bible study? i'll probably try to call tonight. love you!
    by kelly at 09/03/08 9:37AM
  • kelly
    i got your message, dont know why my phone didn't ring when you called or i may have had it on vibrate and missed it anywho... i am totally looking forward to visiting you & ed SOON. i miss you both bunches! the time change is happening late this year, i thought it was usually closer to labour day, but it hasn't happened yet. anyways... i'll try calling you sometime soon. miss/love ya!
    by kelly at 09/18/08 7:01PM
  • kelly
    sorry i haven't called you yet... i am looking forward to spending next weekend with you & ed!!! tell you professors to go light on the requirements for next weekend.... it's a holiday :)
    by kelly at 10/05/08 7:53PM
  • cruisingmom
    Love ya!
    by cruisingmom at 10/23/08 9:55PM
  • cbridges
    I'm so glad you're going to make it to the shower. I haven't see you in a very long time! We need to hang out before you escape to Ohio.
    by cbridges at 11/07/08 9:19PM
  • cmay
    by cmay at 11/27/08 7:57AM


As you can see by my new profile pic, David and I recently went to Disneyland. We had an amazing trip! Even though we were exhausted for most of our time at the park, and David wore some horrid blisters on his poor feet thanks to some very mean sandals, we couldn't help but bound our way around the park elated to experience all the thrills and adventures Disney 'magic' offers. We were able to see the new updates on the old Pirates of the Caribbean ride which features about three appearances by the Johnny Depp character, Captain Jack Sparrow. Very cool. Also, David's favorite ride, Space Mountain, just never gets old no matter how many times you ride it. My favorite, the Indiana Jones Adventure, is amazing, and thanks to incredible atmosphere and scenery, you feel like you really are in one of the Indiana Jones movies. After you work your way around the Disney park, you can hop over to California Adventure, and ride the new Toy Story Mania ride which is worth the wait, and is so much fun David can't stop talking about it. There's also Soaring Over California which is beyond great, and I wish we could build this ride in our back yard if we had one. At the end of the day, the fireworks and shows are so incredible, and I can't believe that Disney puts on these shows every single night. BUT, that's why you pay those ticket prices, haha.

It was depressing to leave Anaheim and come back home to reality, but at least home provided David the opportunity to soak his beat up feet in some soothing Epsom salts. If you haven't gone to Disneyland, I recommend it. It definitely has something for everyone, whether you're two or hundred.
  • madtomkidd
    I heard about David's feet, and cringed. It sounds like - otherwise - it was a great experience! We're talking about going to the version on our coast, but it's expensive, so we're probably going to wait. I'd love to see more pics!
    by madtomkidd at 08/20/08 9:04PM
  • cruisingmom
    I would love to return to Disneyland. I was there in 1965 when I was 8. Just old enough to realize I was not tall/old enough to go on the 'good rides'. I remember riding the tea cups. Hope to get back to Disney World some day, as well. I am so sorry about David's blisters but so happy you had a great time, other than that. A cruise is not officially booked but one is always on the horizon. A trip to Phoenix is needed too. Enjoy your last days of freedom from school. Hope your weekend is relaxing and wonderful.
    by cruisingmom at 08/20/08 9:21PM
  • cmay
    I love Disneyland!! I went in 1980 with 2 of my sisters, it was wonderful! It has changed quite a bit since then. So glad you and David were able to go. It gets harder to do after children come into the picture but I would love to go to Disney World. Hoping to go eventually. Thanks for sharing the picture. I hope David's feet are steadily feeling much better.
    by cmay at 08/20/08 9:25PM
  • leighbee09
    rachellll. i love your picture and i love toy story! chris and i went to goodwill today and i found a little kids buz lightyear shirt. if only i were 6 again.
    by leighbee09 at 08/20/08 11:36PM
  • kelly
    i'm excited... i just don't know how many of the big rides i'll get to do, since i'll be seeing it through the eyes of my girls, i'm still excited. fuffer.
    by kelly at 08/21/08 6:38AM
  • cbridges
    What a fun weekend!
    by cbridges at 08/21/08 5:56PM
  • beckyroo
    That sounds like so much fun! Glad you had a good time. Bradley love's the Buzz Lightyear ride. He kept asking to ride it again. I can't wait to ride all of those in December. :-)
    by beckyroo at 08/22/08 6:09PM
  • cruisingmom
    ♫ ♫ Happy Birthday to you
    ♫ ♫ Happy Birthday to you
    ♫ ♫ Happy Birthday dear Rachel
    ♫ ♫ Happy Birthday to you

    ♫ ♫ So today is your Birthday
    ♫ ♫ That is what I've been told
    ♫ ♫ What a Wonderful Birthday
    ♫ ♫ You are one more year old
    ♫ ♫ On the cake there'll be candles
    ♫ ♫ All lighted for you
    ♫ ♫ And the whole world is singing
    ♫ ♫ Happy Birthday to you!
    by cruisingmom at 08/26/08 8:10AM
  • tommyswife
    Happy b-day 2 U!
    by tommyswife at 08/26/08 8:14AM
  • nickkrumrei
    Happy Birthday Sunshine!
    by nickkrumrei at 08/26/08 8:23AM
  • 71lespaulcustom
    by 71lespaulcustom at 08/26/08 8:26AM
  • mamahastings
    Happy Birthday! Hope you got our message. If you could not tell- Willow was trying to sing "opera." :)
    by mamahastings at 08/26/08 11:59AM
  • madtomkidd
    Happy Birthday, Rachel! I hope you get to do something fun/enjoyable!
    by madtomkidd at 08/26/08 1:01PM
  • cmay
    Happy Birthday Rachel!! Have a great day!
    by cmay at 08/26/08 1:42PM

Today was a great day!

Hello everyone! I have to admit that I'm a little intimidated of making weblog entries. I haven't really had anything interesting to say lately, and I feel like I can't think of anything that anyone else would actually want to read. BUT, I wanted to take the plunge, especially since today I actually have something to say! Today it has been four years since I have been married to the most wonderful man in the world! I know this may be debatable with the other ladies, haha, but I can't help how I feel. Thanks Mom and Dad Hastings for having such a wonderful man 25 years ago. It has been an amazing day today, and, I have to say (not trying to brag), we've never been happier. Hopefully God will bless us with another 40+ years together at least. Okay, so I'm going to hit the 'add entry' button now before I change my mind about making a post.
  • cruisingmom
    I'm glad the day went so well. I too am grateful that you were out there, waiting to become our daughter! We are as blessed as David. We just need to get you closer to Ohio!! :o)
    As you can see from my last post, it does not take much. People will cooperate and respond.
    by cruisingmom at 07/31/08 6:35AM
  • mamahastings
    That was a perfect post :) We want to hear anything you have to say! Happy Anniversary! Hope you two have a wonderful day! Willow is sitting here and really wants me to tell you that she can now whistle!
    by mamahastings at 07/31/08 6:48AM
  • cmay
    So excited for you and David! Wow! Four years, so cool and Happy Anniversary!!
    by cmay at 07/31/08 7:05AM
  • bekka
    "HAPPY ANNIIVERSARY" :) the post is good, just keep it up.
    by bekka at 07/31/08 7:46AM
  • madtomkidd
    Obviously, you haven't browsed here much... most folks post with very LITTLE to say, but too many words (hence the name "pleonast").

    It's hard to believe it was 4 years ago but I'm glad you all are doing well!
    by madtomkidd at 07/31/08 8:55AM
  • cbridges
    Aww! Congrats to you 2! Way to post.. we all like reading what you have to say. Keep it up!
    by cbridges at 07/31/08 5:36PM
  • vanessam
    I totally understand the posting issues when i first got pleo i was that way, i felt like so many other people had such insightful and interesting things to say and all i was talking about was my day but then i stopped thinking about it and just wrote what i was thinking about, and you will find that most of my posts( and comments at that) say very little :-) but for me it's kinda that thing of hearing yourself talk!
    by vanessam at 07/31/08 5:50PM
  • vanessam
    oh yeah and Happy Anniversary
    by vanessam at 07/31/08 5:50PM
  • saundrasigns
    Happy Anniversary!!!!!
    by saundrasigns at 07/31/08 7:17PM
  • kelly
    time flys... 4 years.... that's like a presidency. i hope we can talk soon cause i really missed you saturday. i got to talk to amanda for a little over an hour sat. while traveling to the city b4 i went to see mama mia w/ a friend of mine from here. i was totally in the mood for a gno. i miss them. love ya!
    by kelly at 07/31/08 9:39PM
  • kayliesmomma
    Sounds like me, I type out a long entry and think nobody wants to read this, then I delete it..haha. Woohoo, 4 years, soon you'll be like us old married folks! Congrats
    by kayliesmomma at 07/31/08 10:32PM
  • kelly
    i saw you called, ed did too. i'm about to crash, but i'll call you both soon. i'm going to disney land aug 28, mom said you're going soon before that... when? fuffer!
    by kelly at 08/06/08 7:31PM
  • cruisingmom
    Here is a Disney site. You may have already found it... here is the link.
    I'm sure you are getting excited. I'm excited for you.
    by cruisingmom at 08/07/08 6:06AM
  • beckyroo
    Happy late anniversary! I have started to type so many posts and then I just delete them. Hope school is going well. If you need to do another project, my class is always open. This year I only have 19 so far! Much better than last year. :-)
    by beckyroo at 08/07/08 11:19PM
  • ashleyb
    I can't believe that its been four years since i was at seriously one of the few most beautiful weddings I have ever been too! not only was it a beautiful setting and a beautiful bride..it was one of the most loving days i can remember. after that wedding i knew that i wanted to be as happy as you and david were to be together and the cutest part of the whole event is that you two were completley into each other and barely looked like you were the center of attention!! congrats and may God bless you with many many more happy years! and i totally agree with mom hastings that you two need to move closer to ohio :)
    by ashleyb at 08/11/08 8:00PM
  • cruisingmom
    Looking forward to hearing about your visit with Mickey!
    by cruisingmom at 08/15/08 8:07AM

06/26/08 12:48AM

Hello family and friends! I'm not sure if this is where you post stuff, but hopefully I'm in the right place. I look forward to keeping in touch with you all!
  • truthme
    Welcome to Pleo-world!
    by truthme at 06/26/08 5:55PM
  • cbridges
    Yay! I'm glad you've joined! You posted in the right spot. I was hoping you'd post something soon so we all could comment. I hope all is well!
    by cbridges at 06/26/08 10:13PM
  • racheldee
    Thanks so much for the wonderful warm welcomes! I'm really glad to be here!!
    by racheldee at 06/26/08 11:33PM
  • mamahastings
    yes, right now I am in the baking business and also trying to set up a online shop for some specialty baby items I am making. I have not been doing many wedding cakes, but I have actually been enjoying the small orders. They are less stressful. I could use some help in the garden! It is huge and I am afraid I may be in over my head when it all starts producing!
    by mamahastings at 06/27/08 1:11PM
  • choward07
    Hey Rachel...glad to here from you. Hope things are going great out in Arizona and that it isn't too hot yet.
    by choward07 at 06/27/08 4:58PM
  • vanessam
    hey there! well i hope all is going wlel with you all and that you are enjoying arizona! i hear it is freakishly hot there now!
    by vanessam at 06/29/08 12:27AM
  • cruisingmom
    When you get back it would be great to go ANYWHERE with you!!! Going to see a Met performance would be good too BUT it would be much more fun to go to NYC to see it. Yes??? Have a great day. I will be spending mine helping Kristi (Bailey) Prater's mom looking for a job and an apartment. Rough 'work' but someone has to help her do it!!
    by cruisingmom at 06/30/08 6:56AM
  • jenryz
    Hi Rachel!!!! Good to see you on here!!!
    by jenryz at 06/30/08 12:49PM
  • matermagistra
    Hi Rachel, Welcome to Pleonast!!!
    by matermagistra at 06/30/08 2:20PM
  • cmay
    We're doing pretty good. Sounds like you're busy! Thanks for the comment.
    by cmay at 06/30/08 4:14PM
  • bekka
    wish I could help you the pics. but I had help myself.
    by bekka at 06/30/08 5:48PM
  • bekka
    I'm good, how are you guys doing?
    by bekka at 06/30/08 5:49PM
  • ashleyb
    yea!! i finally get to say hi to you and not through david :) i hope to see you in person soon! how is your schooling going??
    by ashleyb at 06/30/08 7:24PM
  • ashleyb
    sorry i didn't answer your question ...we are doing very well thank you. staying busy with work and house things and trying to get as much outdoor activities in before the winter comes:)
    by ashleyb at 06/30/08 7:30PM
  • cruisingmom
    Have fun camping this weekend. Be careful and have fun :o) Last time Mark and I camped we used the down comforter. It was great. It was not that cold out but sleeping in a tent can get chilly about 4am. That tends to be the time 'nature calls' too!
    by cruisingmom at 07/01/08 6:31PM
  • hastings
    I hope your ready for camping.....I am.
    by hastings at 07/02/08 11:23PM
  • cruisingmom
    I enjoyed the pictures David sent of the camping trip. I was glad to see you were NOT standing out on that jutting rock. If you did step out farther I do not want to know. All of you 'hanging off the edge of the Grand Canyon' cut years off my life :o)
    Hope your summer will hold more fun adventures for the two of you. Maybe we will get that direction before you go back to school. I think we better hurry, eh?
    by cruisingmom at 07/08/08 10:04PM
  • kelly
    just wanted to say hey. i did get your message. i'll try callin you again one day this week so we can chat. miss & love ya!
    by kelly at 07/14/08 10:17PM
  • cruisingmom
    Howdy! Been up to anything exciting lately, besides primitive camping and standing on the edge of cliffs???
    by cruisingmom at 07/14/08 11:01PM
  • cruisingmom
    ♫ ♫ Happy Anniversary to you
    ♫ ♫ Happy Anniversary to you
    ♫ ♫ Happy Anniversary dear David & Rachel
    ♫ ♫ Happy Anniversary to you
    by cruisingmom at 07/30/08 8:48AM